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How to decorate the interior of a room with an area of ​​14 sq. meters

The arrangement of a room must be approached responsibly and with planning, regardless of its functionality. We propose to analyze the features of the interior design of a room of 14 sq. m., choose the right colors, arrange lighting, and get to know more closely the principles of arranging small rooms in a residential area.

Large mirror above the leather sofa in the living room

For the rational design of limited space, you will have to find a compromise between beauty and functionality.

How to equip 14 sq. m

A room of 14 squares is considered small, but it cannot be attributed to small. Such a room will freely fit all the necessary interior details, the main thing is to place them correctly and select only the necessary elements. You also need to correctly approach the choice of color palette and lighting design..

Painting with a bicycle on the green wall of the living room

For walls, it is better to use light cold shades that visually expand the size of the room.

Red bedspread in a bedroom with gray walls

You can diversify the monotonous interior with the help of bright spots of decorating elements.

Remember a few important aspects of the design of a 14 sq. m., which will help make it comfortable and modern:

  1. A minimum of furniture. Modern design involves the use of a small amount of furniture. One large sofa in the middle of the room should be replaced with many chairs and armchairs arranged around the perimeter. Moreover, the abundance of furniture in a small room will overload the design and make the atmosphere heavier..
  2. Light colors. Depending on your own preferences and the chosen style, you can apply both cold and warm colors, but it is desirable that they be of a light palette. Dark shades should be present, but light shades dominate.
  3. Colored accent. To make a room modern, you need to be able to handle colors. At the moment, the fashionable trend is color accents. This can be a bright detail, a highlight on a dark wall, or light floors. Be sure to select the area or element on which you will accentuate with color..

Wallpaper in black and white stripes on the wall of the living room

Use horizontal or vertical lines to visually adjust the shape of the room

In general, knowledge of the laws of minimalist styles and ownership of the color scheme will help to create the most comfortable and modern design of a room of 14 sq..

What to fit on 14 squares

Consider the methods and features of the arrangement of the room, depending on its functionality. So, on 14 squares, we fit a kitchen, bedroom or living room. If a bathroom or hallway has such a square, the room is considered larger than average, in which case other design laws will apply..

Yellow sofa in modern living room

Living room of 14 squares with sky blue walls

Room Basic principles of arrangement
Kitchen Comfortable kitchen set, correctly positioned lighting, non-marking colors, moisture-resistant and fireproof materials
Living room Minimum furniture, an accent is required, minimalist style
Bedroom Multifunctional headset, high quality hypoallergenic materials, soft light colors.

Now in more detail about how to make a good design of a room of 14 sq. m. taking into account its purpose.

Interior of a room of 14 squares in the art deco style

Art deco bedroom with dark walls


For a kitchen, a 1: 2 room size ratio would be a good option. Here it is possible to install a long kitchen set on the entire wall, to equip the dining area at the opposite one, placing chairs and a dining table there. The window in this case is located in the opposite direction from the door in such a way as to illuminate the entire room..

Linear kitchen set

White kitchen with a comfortable dining area

Kitchen interior 14 sq m with sofa

Opposite the headset, you can put a narrow table and a comfortable sofa

If the ratio of the dimensions is different, and the room looks close to a square, the dining area can be located near the window, not far from the headset. Or choose another option you like. The main thing is that the arrangement of the kitchen elements is well planned and as comfortable as possible..

Round dining table made of wood

Dining area with a seating area

Kitchen layout with linear set

Interior of a square kitchen with a dining table in the center of the room

Living room

14 squares for the living room are quite small, so try to make it as spacious as possible. Light colors and minimalist styles will help with this..

Design of a small living room in a minimalist style

The design idea for this living room is the minimal filling of the space with furniture and decorations.

Light curtains to the floor in the interior of the living room with an area of ​​14 squares

The corner sofa can be folded into a sleeping place, and the curtains are specially made to the floor to add comfort to the room.

Remember to keep furniture to a minimum. For a small living room, one sofa and a coffee table are enough. Optionally, you can place several shelves and a small pencil case. A fireplace will be an excellent addition: it will not take up much space, but it will create coziness and emphasize the features of some styles.

Scandinavian style green sofa in living room

Scandinavian classics – another design option in the best traditions of our time

Photo decoration of the wall above the dark green sofa

The rich color of the sofa upholstery serves as a bright accent in the minimalist interior


In this case, the age of the owner of the bedroom plays an important role. It determines the selected style, arrangement and type of furniture, palette.

Small bedroom with blue walls

The main task of the bedroom interior is a cozy atmosphere, conducive to a comfortable rest

Interior of a small bedroom with a crib for a baby

Successful bedroom layout for a young family with a newborn

There are general rules regarding the arrangement of a bedroom in 14 squares for any age:

  • Light colors. For a teenage and children’s room, you can pick up cold shades. For an adult gentle pastel or warm brown colors.
  • Multifunctional furniture. 14 sq. m. do not give a lot of free space for creativity, so folding furniture with pull-out or hidden storage spaces is suitable for such a bedroom. This is especially true for children.

Design of a bedroom of 14 square meters for a teenager

This room is suitable for a teenager.

Black wardrobe in the bedroom with white walls

The interior of a small bedroom in the style of minimalism

Children's room of 14 square meters with two beds

This room is for two children

Writing desk in the children's room for two sons

The working table in the room is uniform and is located by the window

Children’s room

The design of this room was created especially for the little connoisseur of a stylish interior. Every detail is carefully thought out here and is in its place.

Folding sofa in the interior of a children's room

Children’s room design for a little girl

Dark curtains in the interior of a nursery for a girl

A cheerful turquoise shade was chosen for the walls.

Light brown laminate floor in the nursery

A classic wood-like laminate is ideal for flooring

Unusual bookshelves in the girl's room

Above the writing desk, the original maze-shaped shelves have been successfully placed.

Lilac curbstone in the shape of a cat in the children's room

The girl especially liked this unusual table in the form of an inverted cat.

Knowing the basic laws of arranging rooms of different functionality, now you can independently choose the necessary design, and avoid gross mistakes during work.

Video: kitchen 14 squares in the style of modern classics

Photo ideas for arranging rooms with an area of ​​14 sq. meters

Wall partition between living room and kitchen Mirror wall decor above the head of the bed Design a narrow bedroom for a teenager Bedroom design in modern style Elongated living room design Mirror cabinet in the interior of the living room Duplex ceiling in a small living room Kitchen with dining area by the window Built-in wardrobe in art deco bedroom Living room interior in classic style Art painting on the ceiling of the living room Computer table near the living room window White panels above the sofa in the living room Design of a narrow living room with one window Zoning the kitchen-living room with a bar counter Highlight an accent wall with a simple drawing Gray sofa in a bright living room of a panel house Decorating the wall above the sofa using a painting Living room interior with two sofas Open shelves in the interior of the living room Organization of a workplace in a small living room Corner sofa in the interior of the living room Framed photos on the living room wall Living room design in dark colors Living room interior with dining table Guitar against the gray wall in the living room Built-in furniture with acrylic fronts Artistic painting of walls in the interior of a living room Black curtains on the living room window of a rectangular shape Light green pillows on white sofa Brown curtains on the elongated living room window Small living room with panoramic window Design of a room with gray walls Black TV on a light gray wall Soft poufs instead of a coffee table Original wall decor above the sofa White carpet on parquet floor Living room design with sofa by the window Minimalist bedroom design Decorative pillows on the bed in the bedroom Design of a narrow bedroom with a window at the end Mirror above the headboard in a modern bedroom Bedroom with two Provence style windows Design of a small bedroom in gray tones Bedroom interior with yellow walls Bedroom design for two children Decorating the wall above the bed with an artificial stone Double bed on a metal frame Wooden wardrobe in the interior of a bedroom for a girl

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