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Interior design of a small kitchen with a refrigerator and a washing machine

You will hardly surprise our women with a small kitchen. In the so-called Khrushchev houses, small apartments, the bathroom is also very small, and the question arises, where to put the washing machine? The only option is to install it in the kitchen..

kitchens with washing machine and refrigerator.

Small kitchen design with washing machine and refrigerator.

Interior design of a small kitchen with appliances

When decorating such a room, it is necessary to think over and calculate everything so that, after installing the kitchen unit and equipment, it does not touch the corners and it is comfortable to use a small kitchen. It will not be superfluous to see photos of ideas from designers on the Internet..

Refrigerator in the kitchen.

Small kitchen with fridge and washing machine.

Measure the premises, determine where the dining table will stand and, based on this, determine which kitchen set you need. Usually in such kitchens, linear furniture is installed, when the set is located along one of the walls of the room. Or the corner option is sometimes applicable, when furniture is placed along two adjacent walls. If it is not possible to put the necessary household appliances outside the kitchen, furniture manufacturers offer options with a special niche where you can install a refrigerator or washing machine. Individual ordering of furniture specifically for your kitchen is not too noticeable in terms of the rise in price of the kitchen set. But this option will allow you to use the kitchen area more rationally..

kitchens with a corner layout.

Small kitchen project with a corner layout.

Choice of style and materials

The design of a kitchen with a washing machine and refrigerator in a small room makes you think and calculate the best arrangement. The design of such a room is carried out in two main styles:

  • Minimalism, when the kitchen is decorated with one light color tone of furniture and walls. There should be pastel colors – beige, white or milky. A small drawing on the wallpaper in the same tone as the kitchen set will look good.
  • Modern, warm natural colors with a small bright accent in the form of a backsplash with glossy surfaces and glass that visually expand the space. Eliminate additional decorative elements and bright accents – this will overload the room..

Small modern kitchen.

Art Nouveau kitchen interior with refrigerator.

Give up the front door, for the kitchen it is not relevant and will add extra space in the room, it is better to make the doorway in the form of an arch or put a door – an accordion.

Pay special attention to the choice of materials for wall and floor decoration. Wallpaper should be moisture resistant and easy to clean. It is better to choose vinyl with a smooth surface, they are optimal for the kitchen. Lay a moisture-resistant laminate or linoleum on the floor.

kitchen with appliances.

Small kitchen with appliances without an entrance door.

Ways of location and subtleties of installing household appliances

A small kitchen with a refrigerator and a washing machine means the maximum optimization of the work space..

Depending on how your kitchen set is located, the necessary equipment is installed:

  1. The distance between the headset and the dining table should be within one meter.
  2. Consider a corner dining area with a small sofa and table, under the sofa is a comfortable niche for storing food.
  3. Pay attention to how the doors of the headset open, it will not be convenient to use swing doors in a small room. On the lower tier of the headset, it is better to choose drawers, and on the upper tier – folding ones, although this is certainly not cheap, but very convenient.
  4. Manufacturers now offer many options for furniture – a transformer, you can buy a folding dining table, which you can easily assemble or disassemble if necessary;
  5. The refrigerator is placed on the opposite side of the headset at the maximum distance from the hob.
  6. It is useful to choose furniture with a built-in washing machine in a special niche, it can be open for direct access or with a door that will help you maintain the overall style of the room..
  7. Consider installing the machine under the countertop – this will help you save as much useful space as possible in a small room..
  8. The washing machine can be installed next to the sink, then you do not have to pull additional pipes to the drain.

Built-in washing machine.

Kitchen with built-in washing machine.

Corner kitchen with options for placing appliances

Installing a corner kitchen with a washing machine is a very rational option when arranging a small room. Thanks to the optimal furniture placement, you can easily place the refrigerator in line with the headset, and place the washing machine under the table top. With an angular arrangement of the headset, it is easy to observe the law of ergonomics and create a working triangle for the hostess – a stove, a sink and a refrigerator.

Corner kitchen design.

Corner kitchen design with refrigerator and washing machine.

A dining table can easily be placed against the opposite wall. In such headsets, rotating systems for storing dishes are installed – this is very convenient.

Play of interior shades and lighting

Any small room can be visually expanded with color and lighting..

In such a room, you will have only one free wall, the other will be occupied by furniture, make it as light and free as possible. Give up additional shelves with the necessary little things, then you will visually expand the room.

Lighting for a small kitchen.

A small kitchen should be as lit as possible.

The light source in such a room should not be alone, but with additional illumination: hang a small chandelier on the ceiling, and a sconce at the dining table. Complement the work area with LED lights or tape.

Design Tips & Tricks

Avoid rough texture when designing an interior in a small kitchen that will visually take up your space, it is better to choose smooth, mirrored surfaces.

kitchen set with refrigerator.

Small kitchen set with refrigerator and gas stove.

Do not hang bright curtains on the windows – this additional bright accent in a small room will be inappropriate.

The linear arrangement of furniture visually lengthens the space and is not suitable for narrow rooms.

When choosing bright furniture, choose a solid color with a minimum amount of decor..

Small corner kitchen.

Corner layout of a small kitchen using a windowsill.

Any kitchen area can be designed ergonomically and stylishly. With the correct arrangement of the necessary furniture and equipment, even a small space will be comfortable and cozy..

50 photo ideas for designing a small kitchen with appliances

Built-in washing machine. Kitchen with built-in washing machine.

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