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We create a design project for a one-room apartment of 38 sq. m.

Relatively small area of ​​38 sq. m. opens up ample opportunities for creating a convenient and functional layout of the premises. With the right approach, even in one room, you can fully fit all the functions of a three-room apartment.

Interior of a small living room in light shades

When developing an apartment design, convenience and functionality are in the first place

How to start project development

When developing a design project for a one-room apartment of 38 sq.m. it is important to take into account not only the aesthetic side of the issue, but also to try to make the interior ergonomic, to make the most of the available space. To do this, you must adhere to several basic rules..

Design project of a one-room apartment with an area of ​​38 square meters

The project provides for functional areas: a full bedroom with an office, a living room and a kitchen-dining room

Color spectrum

Use light colors that visually expand the space:

  1. White.
  2. Light gray.
  3. Blue.
  4. Beige.

Living room interior in gray tones in a studio apartment of 38 sq m

Light gray color will expand the space of the room

Light brown laminate on the floor of a studio apartment

Some coldness of the gray interior will soften the honey-beige floor covering

Avoid dark shades such as:

  1. Black.
  2. Brown.
  3. Dark grey.
  4. Blue.

White textiles in a gray living room

A solid color interior will create an excellent background for decorative elements.

Advice. Avoid contrasts, they narrow the space.

Hallway design in a one-room apartment with an area of ​​38 squares

It is appropriate to add lighter shades to a small hallway.


  • Modern, hi-tech, modern, minimalism, Scandinavian, loft, classicism.
  • Ethnic, provence, empire, baroque, art deco, shabby chic.

Single room design in modern style

Contemporary style means austere furniture, clean lines and moderate decor

Red sofa in gray living room

Young modern people will love the loft-style interior

Reflection of a chandelier in the mirror on the living room wall

Shabby chic style apartment interior

Decor elements


  • Mirrors.
  • Several rugs of different shapes.
  • Paintings and picture frames on the walls.
  • Transparent vases.
  • Light air curtains.

Modern apartment with carpet on the floor

The carpet can act as a decoration or be a space divider.

Wardrobe with sliding mirrors in a bedroom studio apartment

Mirrors on the doors of the wardrobe

Decorating the wall above the sofa in a studio apartment

You can hang an open shelf above the sofa and display a collection of paintings or family photos on it.

Lavish decorations are not recommended:

  • Souvenir-laden shelves.
  • Heavy curtains.
  • Large carpets.
  • Bulky flower pots.

Fresh flowers in the interior of a one-room apartment

Tastefully selected indoor flowers will improve the interior of the apartment by an order of magnitude


  • It is matched to the color of the walls, as compact and functional as possible, with low backs and armrests.
  • Wardrobes that contrast with the walls, massive objects, lots of open shelves.

Yellow sofa in the design of a studio apartment

Furniture in a one-room apartment is selected individually, taking into account the people living in it

Design of a one-room apartment in gray shades

The main rule is not a single dead zone, it is extremely important to use every centimeter of the area wisely


It is carried out using light and color solutions. Instead of screens and partitions, transparent shelving is used.

Separating the bedroom space with a sliding partition

It is very convenient to use sliding partitions for zoning.

Design of a studio apartment with open shelving

Zoning a room with bookshelves

Zoning a room with a corner sofa

Sofa as a space divider


  • General + point.
  • General only.

Organization of lighting in a studio apartment

Lighting should not be just enough, it should be a lot

“Redrawing” housing

Young married couples often face the problem of apartment redevelopment, because, despite the small area of ​​housing, you still want to divide a one-room apartment into several functional zones.

Spotlights on the ceiling of the kitchen-living room

Combining rooms allows you to create the most spacious room, as much as possible, taking into account the available square meters

Open plan studio apartment of 38 square meters

One of the significant advantages of an open plan is the absence of obstacles to the spread of light.


  1. Creation of personal space for each family member.
  2. Separation of the child’s and parent’s bedroom.
  3. Organization of a place for receiving guests.
  4. Organization of storage space

Panoramic windows in the living room with a sofa bed

A folding sofa can play the role of a berth, which will create more free space

Techniques used:

  • Full or partial rejection of the hallway, or taking it out of the apartment. In its place, you can organize storage space, arrange cabinets and racks, or organize a recreation and reception area.
  • The feeling of a closed space can be removed with light walls, mirrors and glossy surfaces.
  • Equip a pantry place for a dining area by removing partitions.
  • Multifunctional furniture: transforming sofa, loft bed, built-in appliances. Such interior items will not only save space, but also hide unnecessary things, and make the furnishings more non-standard..
  • Compensate for the coldness of a plain white background with cozy, distressed décor, antiques and curly mirrors.
  • In order for the apartment to create the effect of a single space, all rooms, including the bathroom and toilet, must be decorated in the same style..

Light atmosphere of coziness in a one-room apartment

It is advisable to arrange the entire apartment in a single style.

Combining the bedroom with the living room

In order to fit 38 sq.m. in the design of a one-room apartment. everything you need, you somehow have to combine various functional areas in it. In most cases, this is done at the expense of the bedroom and living room..

Bed in the interior of a studio apartment with an area of ​​38 sq m

The sleeping area can be combined with the living room or separated with the help of furniture, which largely depends on the size of the room

Arrangement of a sleeping area in a one-room apartment

Option for partial allocation of the sleeping area

The storage system located here carries a huge semantic load. She not only contains many things, but also sets the mood in this part of the apartment..

The bedroom is usually not separated using partitions; more often, shelves or other pieces of furniture open on both sides are used for this. There is no point in blocking an already small apartment with unnecessary walls. Another advantage of such zoning is that this border will not interfere with the spread of sunlight from one part of the room to another..

Apartment owners often make the same planning mistake by leaving corners unoccupied. By using them, you can effortlessly save a few precious square meters. Therefore, designers willingly introduce corner tables, sofas, and cabinets into interiors, which are also much more spacious than usual..

Photos of the best interior solutions

Brown furniture in the interior of a city apartment Duplex ceiling with spotlights Design of a room in a single room of an apartment building White round rug Illumination of plasterboard ceiling with LED strips Wood in the bathroom interior White coffee table Living room design in blue tones Black chandelier on a white ceiling Brick in the interior of a city apartment Wooden table for dinners against the background of white walls Interior decoration of a one-room apartment Zoning an apartment with light partitions White brick wall in modern design The use of glass in modern interiors Upholstered furniture in a studio apartment White room with dark sofa Luminaires with copper shades on the ceiling with wood beams Soffits in the lighting of the living room Vertical striped wallpaper in interior design Indoor plants in a modern interior Dining area with wooden table Gray furniture in the living room of a private house Sofa near a large window in a private house Chest as a coffee table Art Nouveau room in gray tones Black furniture in the living room DIY wall decoration above the bed Wood in the interior of the bedroom Armchair with green upholstery opposite the white sofa original decorative partition made of rough wood Zoning the living room with a light screen TV on a red brick wall Sliding glass partitions in the living room Zoning a room using a podium Brown sofa in a white room Gray rug with long pile Decorative pillows on the sofa in the living room Shelves in the hall on a brick wall Bar counter as a room divider Glass top coffee table Black painting on white wall Soffits on hangers for lighting a living room chandelier on the ceiling with plaster stucco TV opposite the bed in a studio apartment Original lamps in the interior of the kitchen-living room

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