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Modern bathroom design – a combination of style and functionality of the room

Modernist trends have greatly changed the interior, the size of bathrooms has increased, new equipment has appeared, and ideas for design have reached such a wide scale and variety that even the most sophisticated connoisseur is amazed by all new trends..

Bathroom interior in modern style

Modern bathroom design combines beauty, practicality and comfort

Previously, aesthetics were not given much importance, but today the situation has changed radically. Everyone strives to implement such a solution that would be pleasing to the eye and would allow one to plunge into a relaxed atmosphere. More and more attention is paid to the modern design of the bathroom. After all, our morning begins from this room, the day ends, in this place we want to plunge into relaxation or cheer up, forget about the hustle and bustle and enjoy the tranquility.

In this article, we will look at the top news and tips in the field of bathroom interior decoration..

What is needed in the bathroom?

  • Bath or shower.
  • Sink.
  • Toilet bowl.
  • Mirror.
  • Shelves.
  • Hooks, towels storage structures.
  • Shelves, cupboards, laundry baskets

These are the basic elements that should be used in the development of a functional room interior..

Modern bathroom design in shades of gray

Each element must be in its own functional area

Hanging toilet next to the mirror in the bathroom

Zones are separated from each other by partitions or zoning using different finishing materials

If the bathroom is combined and the bathroom is, among other things, a toilet, then you should think about organizing a place for installing plumbing. Sometimes there is also a need to install a washing machine, which also creates additional difficulties..

Best ideas for a small bathroom

The bathroom is the most frequently visited place in the house. And, of course, I want it to be aesthetic and comfortable. With a limited number of square meters at your disposal, it is always difficult to find a way to “squeeze” everything you need into a room. As a result, you want to achieve a harmonious and comfortable interior..

Small bathroom design in white

A small area should not become an obstacle to creating a comfortable interior

Bathroom interior with shower

The bathtub can be replaced with a shower stall, which will save space for the laundry room

It is cramped not where there are few square meters, but where the space of the room is improperly organized. Even in the smallest rooms, decoration can become a high-end example of a stylish interior..

Blue mosaic on the wall of a modern bathroom

Natural colors are used to decorate a modern bathroom interior – blue, white, green and beige.

How to organize space in small bathrooms

Even the smallest bathrooms can be made functional and comfortable, the main thing is not to forget about the little tricks:

  1. Install the door with glass insert. This will visually expand the space and add more light..
  2. A light ceiling will create the feeling of tall walls in small rooms. And the introduction of lighting will provide an extraordinary effect of expanding the walls..
  3. In order to save space, you can replace the bathtub with a shower stall or a corner bath.

    Modern bathroom interior in gray

    A corner bath may be the only right solution for a very narrow room.

  4. Don’t be afraid of bright colors! The more vivid the colors, the more “lively” the room looks.
  5. Choosing such finishing materials, you will focus on the introduction of a light interior and take the first step towards creating an individual interior in a modern style..
  6. Corner installation of all elements of plumbing and furniture will create space even in limited conditions.
  7. In small bathrooms, you can resort to installing a sitz bath.

    Bright bathroom in modern style

    Combining several functions in one element allows you to save space, for example, you can combine a shower stall with a bathtub

  8. Light materials will expand the room. Moreover, discreet colors allow you to fully relax. Use neutral colors. Non-acceptance of certain shades by the human psyche can cause irritation and aggression..

Design of a large modern bathroom

With square meters, there is a need to organize space in a large room. A large bathroom avoids space-saving worries. You can introduce decorative elements, sanitary ware of acceptable sizes and shapes in a modern style.

Zoning a modern bathroom with glass blocks

In a spacious room, separate zones can be distinguished – “wet”, toilet, washroom and washing area.

The modern design suggests the use of baroque, antique or oriental bathroom styles. The classic is ideal for shaping the interior of large rooms.

Bathroom interior in English style

The English bathroom attracts with restrained simplicity, elegance and neatness

Two mirrors on the wall of a classic bathroom

Realizing a real classic style is possible only in a room of a sufficiently large size.

Black sink on a wooden stand in an oriental bathroom

To decorate a bathroom in an oriental style, furniture is selected that is close in spirit to minimalism, simple and laconic in shape, without decorations, but always made of wood

Bathroom design in a modern style. Useful Tips

  • Say YES to the amenities! I want both a bath and a shower – feel free to embody the idea. Perhaps you want both a bidet and a toilet? Nothing bothers you. Allow yourself to be comfortable.
  • Two sinks. A popular solution for family rooms. Many spouses prefer to have a custom shell. A romantic morning wash for two? Now it is possible.

    Two countertop washbasins in wood-look surface

    Shapes and colors of sinks are selected based on the style of room decoration

  • Elegance and space. It is not necessary to install elements exclusively along the walls. What if you install a freestanding bathtub with elegant legs?
  • Tiles are just one of the possible finishing solutions. In the driest areas of the room, wallpaper and paint are quite acceptable. Experiment and implement ideas.
  • Symmetry. Stick to a symmetrical arrangement of decor and furniture. Aesthetics are very important!
  • Window. Do not be afraid of moisture and dampness. A bathroom window is an amazing solution to add natural light. By the way, if you are afraid of your neighbors, you can apply matte stickers on the glass. Ceiling to floor windows are also popular..

    Window in the design of a modern bathroom

    The window adds a “zest” to the interior of the bathroom, you can use false windows or a picture of the landscape outside the window

  • Ladies’ joys. Dressing table, chest of drawers? Easily! “Dilute” the interior with an elegant armchair and it will be your favorite place in the house.
  • Storage. If you are attracted by minimalism, then, of course, you can avoid installing cabinets and pedestals. But the organization of the premises is very important. Cosmetics, textiles, household chemicals, linen – let everything be stored in aesthetic cabinets, especially if the size of the room allows.

    Hanging vanity unit with washbasin on the bathroom wall

    Hanging furniture makes the interior lighter and makes cleaning much easier

  • Let there be light! Take care of the zoning of the room, add as much light as possible. Insufficient lighting will be a huge mistake..
  • Bright combinations. By dividing the space into zones, you can use different colors in the interior..

How to decorate a modern bathroom?

Design issues are very important in interior design. With the help of decorative elements, the general mood of the room is achieved and its “image” is completed. No wonder they say that everything consists of little things.

Bathroom decor in a minimalist style

Decorating a small room should be discreet and embodied in the beauty of smooth lines and clean forms.

So how can you decorate your bathroom? Below we will consider the main nuances of style, design and decoration:

  1. Candles are a great way to decorate a bathroom, no matter the size. In a large bathroom, thick candles in massive candlesticks look aesthetically pleasing. You can also use scented candles for relaxation therapy. This element of the interior allows you to get total pleasure.!
  2. Place vases or their tabletop versions on the floor, with flowers or fillings in the form of stones, bamboo, marine elements – they are all beautiful. This decor element will give the bathroom a complete look..
  3. Introduce photocells, music, SPA format benches.
  4. Do not forget about decorating with pictures and photos.
  5. A mirror of any shape and size will be a practical solution and will also create the feeling of a high ceiling. Mirrored and glossy materials bring a modern touch to the bathroom. Consider the installation location of the mirror surface in advance.
  6. Indoor plants will create a mini jungle or cute bathroom garden. Place the pots on the floor, on a curbstone, or hang on the wall.

Two pendant lights above a large bathroom mirror

Each element must be in its place – indiscriminate placement of decorative details can disrupt the harmony of the entire interior


Bathroom lighting acts as a source of light and decoration in the interior, and is also able to visually increase the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.

Lighting type Description
Ceiling The room must have at least 1 ceiling luminaire responsible for lighting.
Wall Designed for highlighting zones and installations in the area of ​​walls.
Floor Acts as a decorative element in the area of ​​floor lighting. With their help, a well-thought-out interior is created and the space and height of the ceiling visually increase..

Bathroom design in blue tones

In a modern bathroom, it is customary to use several lighting schemes – general, and highlighting in certain areas

There are also different types of lamps:

  • incandescent lamps;
  • LED;
  • halogen;
  • luminescent.

Safety and economy are why LED bulbs are so relevant. We suggest using LED strip as decoration. It will serve as a real highlight. Cons: high price.

Modern bathroom with mosaic on the wall

Mirror with LED backlight looks stylish

Secrets of installing light sources in the bathroom:

  1. Light distribution. If there are many light sources, reduce their power..
  2. Zone rooms for proper lighting.
  3. To avoid glare – position fixtures at an angle relative to reflective surfaces.
  4. Do not install light above the mirror to avoid distorting the reflection. Place the lights on the sides.
  5. An interesting solution in a modern interior – lighting in the form of ceramic tiles with a pre-installed lighting fixture.
  6. LED strip is installed around the perimeter of the room, under the bath.
  7. Outputting lighting to different lines will make it possible not to use all light sources at the same time.
  8. Suspended structures for the ceiling in a modern interior will allow not only to introduce light elements, but also to give a beautiful look to the room..

White bathtub in the center of a spacious room

Glass door allows daylight into the bathroom and makes the room more spacious

Use smart solutions and create comfort!

Bathroom furniture

Choose furniture not only for beauty, but also for practicality. We recommend purchasing furniture and materials for the bathroom in trusted stores..

White wall hung toilet with brown trim

The priority is suspended models of compact sizes

Furniture selection rules:

  • Measure the room to determine the size of the furniture. Each manufacturer has its own standards.
  • Choose furniture with quality fittings.
  • Give preference to furniture with legs (make it easier for yourself the cleaning process).
  • Not very deep corner cabinets, cabinets and pencil cases will be an ideal solution in a modern interior.

Modern bathroom design in brown tones

An optimal combination of quality, functionality and spaciousness is important for furniture.

Finishing materials for the bathroom

Before starting work in the bathroom, it is important to take a responsible attitude to the choice of materials for decoration. Below we will consider the options that the market offers today:

  1. Ceramic tiles are a popular material for wall and floor decoration. Environmentally friendly, safe for health, durable, moisture resistant and does not require complex maintenance. At the same time, the tile is distinguished by a relatively low price..
  2. Mosaic. A wonderful solution for the original interior of the walls. Not cheap, but effective.
  3. Decorative plaster. Budgetary and beautiful.
  4. Plastic panels. They are distinguished by ease of installation, ease of maintenance, but not aesthetic. Plastic materials are susceptible to fire.
  5. Dye. Economy option for walls. By combining colors, you can achieve an interesting solution in a modern style. Important! The paint must be moisture resistant.
  6. Marble. Refined and reliable, but expensive! This is a luxury option if the budget allows for such a spend..
  7. Wallpaper. Budgetary and impractical for finishing. There are moisture resistant acrylic and vinyl materials, but their service life will not exceed a couple of years..

Black Natural Stone Tile for Bathroom Wall

Natural stone bathroom finishes turn standard designs into a work of art

Designer bathroom highlights 2021

When choosing a bathroom design in a modern style, remember that the chosen colors should be pleasant and dispose to positive, tune in to relaxation and tranquility. We invite you to draw inspiration from the trends of 2021.

Round Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub emphasizes the solidity and wealth of its owner

Trends of the current year are in pure monochromatic shades, smooth lines without pronounced seams, in practicality, supported by elements of comfort and sophistication..

Bathroom in a modern minimalist style – simple and tasteful. Restrained colors are ideal for opponents of “colorful” solutions and lovers of “stylish modesty”.

When choosing the option of using lilac, lilac and violet shades, remember that these colors set up a creative mood and allow you to plunge into a relaxed, meditative state..

Bathroom decoration in lilac shades

Lilac tones are liked by many people, especially girls and women.

Light elements behind the mirror, play with geometry in furniture, restrained interior with elements of bright colors – this is a bold decision! Are you able to combine classics with hi-tech?

In 2021, designers are advising a combination of ceramics from different collections. Consider as an option decorative mosaic collections mixed with classic marbled tiles. Elements of green, emerald, light green shades are ideal for an atmosphere that sets you up for relaxation.

The simplicity of the laconic design will allow you to achieve the highest level of aesthetics if you use a classic design with a bright element in the form of blue and blue tiles.

Video: 100 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

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