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Laminate on the wall in the interior: features of application and installation

The market of facing materials is annually replenished with new products, but some varieties are given additional properties – for universal use. Among them is the laminate, which was gradually given greater wear resistance and moisture resistance, the locking system was improved and new installation methods were proposed. Today, more and more often you can see laminate on the wall in the interior. It is preferred for its excellent aesthetics, ease of attachment and high performance.

Wall decoration in the bedroom with wood-like laminate

Laminate on the wall – a simple and practical solution for creating an original interior design

Material versatility

To those who have seen the laminate on the wall, it may seem that it is being used for other purposes. But this is a purely mental limitation. Initially, this material was developed specifically for finishing work on any surface. The goal is to replace expensive wood with something more affordable and practical, but with an imitation of its texture. For this, they came up with laminate wall decor, along with practical flooring..

Light brown laminate on the walls of a room in a country house

The cost of a middle-class laminate is quite affordable, especially when compared with natural wood trim

Kitchen wall cladding with moisture resistant laminate

Moisture and heat-resistant laminate has a significantly higher cost

Although the greatest demand was precisely for the floor, clapboard, siding and decorative panels made of eco-veneer remained a similar cladding for the walls. They are no better than laminate wall decoration, and in some ways even inferior. Imitation of expensive wood and quick installation – something in common in many types of finishes.

The use of laminate in the interior decoration of the living room

Due to the huge variety of shades and textures, laminate flooring can be selected for any interior

Lamellas are produced on the basis of compressed shavings and sawdust, decorated with a pattern with the texture of a beautiful cut of a tree, protecting with transparent varnish. Today, wood is imitated even by materials that have nothing to do with wood:

  • decorative plaster;
  • glass wallpaper for painting;
  • porcelain stoneware;
  • vinyl board;
  • cladding panels made of composite materials.

Fans of wood cladding note that in aesthetics, it is in no way inferior to its natural counterpart, regardless of where and how it is laid. Due to its spectacular surface, the laminate on the walls was originally proposed to be used for facing the inclined planes of the attic and attic rooms. The new effect inspired eminent designers, and they began to lay it on all planes:

  • horizontally;
  • vertically;
  • obliquely.

Many questions were raised only by the method of fastening, therefore, new lock systems and installation schemes were developed, for example, on the frame and crate.

Vertical way of fixing the laminate on the wall

Vertical stacking “raises” the ceiling of the room

Laminate horizontal wall decoration may seem more time consuming. But you can collect the usual strips left over from the repair and fix it on the accent wall in the form of a solid panel. The only negative is that you have to somehow close the ends and joints so that it looks quite aesthetically pleasing. To do this, you can pick up a plinth or frieze from any suitable material – from plastic to natural wood glazing beads..

Wall finishing above the bed with laminate panels using mixed styling

Combined installation of laminate flooring

Designers propose to mount the laminate on the wall in the interior like parquet, with a different arrangement of the pattern:

  • horizontally;
  • vertically;
  • diagonally;
  • “Ladder”;
  • herringbone”.

Diagonal laying laminate on the wall with your own hands

The diagonal method is the most difficult, requiring additional trimming and precise fit

Important! Recall that the horizontal pattern on the walls is to visually expand the space, the vertical one, as it were, lifts the low ceilings.

Decorating the wall above the headboard with laminate

When laying horizontally, it is better to arrange the panels in a checkerboard or cascade order so that the joints are in different places

Features of choice

Do not cover all the walls with a wood-like coating – there will be a feeling of being in a wooden box. The area of ​​the interior with wood-like finish looks very organic, especially if it is an accent wall with a certain meaning. This is a great way to decorate when zoning or as a backdrop for a fireplace, equipment or art object..

Wall cladding above the sofa with laminate panels

When choosing a laminate, it is important to consider the overall design of the room so that the finish looks harmonious.

Advice. It is recommended to choose a lighter color for the walls than for the floor..

Living room wall and floor cladding with laminate panels

To decorate the wall on which direct sunlight falls, it is necessary to choose a laminate with UV protection

A decorative laminate wall should be in harmony with the stylistic solution in the interior. In some styles, the “wooden wall” is inappropriate, in others it is preferable – country, Provence, ethno or eco-style. If this is a purely design move, then a beautiful memorable texture is selected. Something “brutal” can be used for urban finishes.

There is also the so-called “port” laminate, which on the wall in the interior resembles boards with inscriptions from the packaging container. It is good in itself, but it is not so easy for him to find an interesting stylistic solution. But in a nautical style, to imitate the cabin of the “sea wolf” or the traveler’s bedroom, this is it!

As for the quality of the laminate, there is no need to overpay for wear and moisture resistance, these qualities are not so important for wall decor. Although if this is a room with high humidity, then not only special lamellas are gentle, but also excellent sealing of the ends.

Finishing the kitchen apron with laminate to match the facades of the kitchen set

To decorate the working area in the kitchen, it is better to choose a product with a protective coating

As it is already obvious, the choice depends on different indicators:

  • method of installation of the coating;
  • drawing or decor;
  • prepared surface (without bumps and curvature);
  • relative humidity of the room;
  • configuration and area of ​​the room;
  • density of the cladding base;
  • stylistic solution.

Advice. This material comes in different densities, so choose lightweight lamellas for wall mounting to minimize weight load.

The expensive varieties that can be offered in the building supermarket, referring to quality and design, are not needed in a living space. It is a good cladding with increased abrasion resistance under a special protective coating. Remember that class 32 or 33 is for office, commercial or industrial premises. The design of a bedroom with a laminate on the wall will show off the light and most affordable sample of class 18 – 21, no more.

Facing the bearing column with a do-it-yourself laminate

The finishing of the column with laminate fits perfectly into the interior of the living room of a country house

The color of the surface affects the overall atmosphere in the room and the amount of light. Dark walls are known to absorb excess sunlight – this is the decor for south-facing windows. For a room with northern windows, it is better to choose the lightest warm shades..

The most fashionable varieties of wall laminate

For an inimitable interior, you can combine stripes of the same size, but with a different texture of wood or a contrasting color.

Today, the most fashionable shades are gray “foggy London” and almost colorless “bleached oak”. The darkest will be the imitation of ebony and wenge, with its inimitable play of chocolate and chestnut shades. This is a great solution for modern solutions with an extravagant design, involving a dark laminate on the wall..

White living room of a private house with lightened laminate on the wall

Light laminate will give the room even more light

The most attractive, in addition to oak and wenge, are considered elite wood species, which are excellently imitated by an artificial analogue:

  • zebrano (with a bright contrasting pattern);
  • scarlet or paradise tree (with high resin content and characteristic pattern);
  • brown ebony (striped, used to make pianos);
  • smart or rosewood;
  • tree of life or bakout with a winding texture, slowly growing, the most valuable raw material;
  • purple tree or amaranth;
  • rosewood or dalbergia with a beautiful pattern, including light stripes on a dark base;
  • reddish bubinga, etc..

Laminated panels not only successfully imitate the texture of the most scarce wood species, but are also available in shades, as if painted. This expands the range and design possibilities for rooms with laminate on the wall..

Wall cladding with laminate with imitation of aged boards

Fashionable colors that imitate old wood

Any wood pattern is reproduced and printed for the decoration of lamellas by a computer method, so the color can be varied. The most popular shades of lamellas are hickory and oak, merbau and walnut, chestnut and maple, acacia and wenge.

When choosing a shade of facing materials, it is important to focus on the general range and color of available wood items. Wall decor should match the furniture, the color of the flooring and the entire decor, like the laminate on the wall in the interior in the photo.

Advice. Even after the purchase of the material has been made, consider different design options before laying on the wall..

Dark brown laminate in the bedroom

A thoughtful combination of dark laminate with a white bedroom interior

Factors influencing the overall design of wood-based panels:

  • direction of the drawing (vertically or horizontally);
  • type of laying (solid canvas, herringbone or ladder);
  • combination with stripes of a different color;
  • facing area (entire wall or fragment);
  • type of lighting;
  • accessories and furniture in the immediate vicinity.

Attention! There is a waterproof and moisture resistant laminate. These varieties have different characteristics, degree of protection and price..

Bathroom wall decoration with waterproof laminate

Choose waterproof panels for bathroom decoration

Pros and cons of wall cladding with laminate

Each facing material has its own characteristics, among which there are obvious advantages and disadvantages..


  • aesthetic finish and a large assortment (drawing e only for wood, but also other natural materials);
  • long-term flawless operation;
  • the possibility of using in residential, commercial and office premises (even with high humidity);
  • a great way to hide wall defects in the form of rusty spots and damp corners;
  • availability, efficiency and practicality of the coating;
  • the possibility of combining lamellas left after repairing the floor in different rooms (applicable on the kitchen apron);
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • material impregnated with fungicides and antistatic agents, which does not contribute to the formation of mold and mildew, repels dust and suspension;
  • ease of care;
  • available installation;
  • light partitions with lamellas when zoning create the illusion of a real wooden partition;
  • laminate on the wall and ceiling in the interior of the attic – the simplest way to finish inclined surfaces;
  • the wall-mounted view lasts much longer than the floor-standing counterpart;
  • environmentally friendly material that creates additional sound insulation.

Laying laminate with a herringbone pattern on the wall of the living room

Easy maintenance is one of the most important arguments in favor of choosing a laminate

For all its versatility, the material also has disadvantages. Among the cons are:

  • not suitable for every style of interiors;
  • suggests a careful choice of the class of coverage for rooms with high humidity, which require equipment with powerful ventilation or an exhaust hood;
  • there are difficulties with the selection of the color and texture of the lamellas, suitable for the floor and color of wooden furniture;
  • difficulties in mounting on a curved wall;
  • lathing and fasteners reduce the size of the usable area.

Note! Many product characteristics are indicated on the packaging and in the installation instructions.

Generally accepted designation marks for the class of laminate for various types of premises

Symbols on the laminate

Installation features

No matter how attractive the wood-like wall decor is, wall cladding is associated with the need for high-quality fastening without traces of nails or screws. The following varieties of wall laminate can be found in retail and catalogs:

1. Glue Its edges are without a lock connection. Lightweight, thin, fixed with glue (universal construction, silicone, liquid nails) on a flat surface.  
2. Clicky Its locking system is improved, differs from other varieties by an improved ridge shape, combines the ability to fix and install with glue and nails.
3. Sheet pile Equipped with a practical tongue-and-groove locking system. Finished panels are attached with small nails or staples of a construction stapler to the crate.

DIY gluing laminate panels to plywood

It is allowed to glue the laminate on a prepared surface with irregularities of less than 3 mm

Types of interlocking laminate panels

For laying laminate on the wall, a click lock is preferable.

Advice. Experts recommend choosing a light, thin and loose material that is easier to maintain during installation. Small segments are easier to combine and lay out in a pattern and less waste when cutting to fit the accent wall format.

Fastening the laminate to a wooden frame with clamps

It is better to fix the laminate on the frame with the help of clamps, which provide reliable fixation and a certain mobility of the panels during temperature changes

If the alignment of the wall is difficult, then it is better to make the lathing along the lighthouses and lay the glue variety on top of the drywall. In this way, you can equip niches and hiding places in the house, for example, under a laminate on the wall in the interior of a bedroom or other personal space..

Examples of design in different rooms with photos

Wall covering made of laminated panels with a natural wood texture – a versatile material for an original design.

Wall finishes along the stairs with gray laminate panels

Successful zoning of a room with the participation of a laminate

Note! The protective varnish of the panels is available with varying degrees of light reflection:

  1. Matte (most common).
  2. Semi-matte (with a slight sheen).
  3. Glossy (almost mirror lacquered surface).

The degree of light reflection is reflected in perception and functionality – there is an opportunity to embody bold design ideas. The most organically perceived laminate on the wall in the interior of the living room and hallway.

Laminate wall decoration in the living room

In the living room, laminate is suitable for accentuating one of the walls.

Important! It is undesirable to use a dark “woody” matte background on all walls that absorb light. Therefore, it involves a careful selection of suitable finishes for combination and the most daring design developments..

Wall decoration behind the bed with laminate panels

In the bedroom, the most often decorated wall is located behind the head of the bed.

The coating is suitable for finishing:

  • attic in a private house;
  • hallway and corridor interior with laminate on the wall;
  • staircase space in a two-story house;
  • kitchens (an apron at the work surface, a wall in the dining area);
  • bedrooms (accent wall at the head of the bed);
  • libraries;
  • dressing room;
  • cabinet;
  • fireplace room;
  • home theater or “fan zones”;
  • billiard room;
  • wine cellar in the basement (moisture resistant, with additional antifungal impregnation from the inside);
  • toilet and bathroom (waterproof slats);
  • when zoning a studio apartment.

Wall decoration near the dining area with laminate

Dramatic highlighting of the wall near the dining table

As you can see, this is a practical universal coating for almost all occasions. It is easy to wash it with a damp sponge and clean it from grease soot in food preparation rooms. However, do not forget about the hood – it will make maintenance easier..

Magnificent laminate on the wall in the interior of the kitchen and hallway, living room and bedroom, other examples of the application of this aesthetic wood-like cladding – in our photo gallery.

Photo: options for decorating walls with laminate

Modular painting on the wall with laminate finish Gray laminate in the interior of the bedroom Bedroom interior decoration with laminate Wall lighting with laminate in the bedroom Smooth transition of laminate from floor to wall Finishing the fireplace portal with laminate Laminate in the design of a bedroom of a private house Living room of a country house in pastel colors Laminate panels on the bedroom wall Laminate on the wall in the interior of the hallway Original lighting in the bedroom of the spouses Laminate in the interior of the corridor of a private house Wall finishing with laminate with a transition to the ceiling Scrap bedroom design Brown laminate on blue bedroom wall Wall cladding and columns in the living room with laminate panels Studio apartment design with laminate on the wall Bedroom decoration in a modern style Wall decoration with wood-like laminate Private house kitchen interior Wall decoration behind the headboard DIY wall decor behind the bed Rustic hallway with simple hanger Beautiful decoration of an accent wall in the living room Wood in the decoration of the bedroom of a country house Laminate on the wall in the design of the hallway Bed on old pallets in a rustic bedroom Wood in the interior of a modern kitchen The combination of green and brown colors in the bedroom shades of brown in the interior of the bedroom Lamps on bedside tables Gray and brown tones in the design of the bedroom Small living room in a city apartment Laminate in the interior of a modern living room Original wall decoration with laminate in the bedroom Laminate as wall decor Laminate on the bathroom wall Interior design of a spacious living room of a private house Bedroom in a minimalist style in a modern country house Imitation of old boards over the head of the bed Bedroom interior in classic style Shades of brown in the interior of the living room Laminate on the wall in the children's room Wood-like wall in a bright living room Bedroom interior in a vintage direction Gray sofa against brown wall Beautiful design of a living room in a private house Bedroom interior in pastel colors Home cinema in a country house Beautiful bedroom in a city apartment

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