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Kitchen set design is an important element of the interior

Kitchen furniture should not only carry an aesthetic function, but also be functional, practical and roomy. Working with an experienced designer, you are guaranteed to get what you want: based on your preferences and wishes, he will create a unique design of a custom-made kitchen set.

large kitchen white set

Visualization of any idea is able to reveal all the positive and negative sides..

However, the services of a designer are not a cheap pleasure and, unfortunately, not everyone can afford them. In this case, you can independently plan and carry out high-quality repairs in the kitchen, having some knowledge in this area. Further in the article we will tell you what you need to pay attention to when choosing a kitchen set, how to combine beauty and functionality in it..

color scheme for the kitchen

If you decide to update your kitchen design, a photo gallery with ready-made solutions will help you a lot in this..

Kitchen set: assembly of purchased furniture

Depending on the price category, kitchen furniture is conventionally divided into the following classes.

set brown on beige

The combination of different shades, the placement of the kitchen unit and the dining area – all this is difficult to imagine without professionally designed projects.

  1. Elite class – kitchens of foreign production of the highest quality (country of origin – Germany or Italy). A feature of this furniture is that by purchasing the selected model, the customer will be brought an already assembled set, which must be installed in the place allotted to him. It is assembled at the main furniture factory of the manufacturer..
  2. The middle class differs from the previous place of assembly. It is assembled at a subsidiary plant in the distributor country, and delivered to the customer assembled..
  3. The budget option is delivered disassembled. The buyer can assemble such furniture on his own or order the services of a professional assembler.
  4. Custom-made set – the cost of such furniture for the kitchen may vary depending on the selected configuration, fittings and sizes. A distinctive advantage is the size that fits perfectly into the room, creating a single structure. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the manufacturer.

black set for kitchen

A modern kitchen should be, first of all, functional and comfortable.

Another important point is the assembly stage of the kitchen set. When assembling yourself or engaging third-party specialists, be prepared that in the event of an incorrect assembly, claims against the manufacturer will be rejected.

Choosing the size of the headset

Correctly selected furniture size is a guarantee of its aesthetic appeal. The kitchen set is a combination of various modules. In addition to design, they may differ in step size and fittings. These indicators also significantly affect the cost of goods: the smaller the step size, the higher its cost.. 

kitchen design 6 sq m set

When purchasing a modular kit, it is very important to make the correct measurements and choose the one that fits perfectly into the kitchen..

Another important nuance is cabinets for built-in appliances. Modern household appliances can differ in their dimensions, therefore, you first need to choose household appliances, and then select furniture by size. For example, the standard kitchen equipment is 0.6 m wide, and the narrow one is 0.45 m.. 

corner kitchen set

Otherwise, you will have to choose household equipment based on its size, and not technical characteristics..

Corner headsets are considered the most popular options today..

Lines in the kitchen

Regardless of the class and type of typesetting modules, they all have common basic elements, which are conventionally called lines.

kitchen set to order

Modern kitchen renovation is designed with an emphasis on minimalism and clean lines.

Below is a table that details these characteristics.

Line Description What is it for
Upper This line includes wall shelves and cabinets. Open shelves can be used to visually “lighten” the top line.. Small utensils;


Seasonings, cereals.

Average This is a work surface. In modern kitchens, a built-in oven is often located in the middle line.. Working and cooking surface;


Apron (you can place small shelves for spices or utensils on it).

Lower This is the base part of the headset, which includes all the elements of its lower part. Hinged doors of the lower drawers are the most budgetary, but not the most convenient option. Optimal – drawers with a pull-out mechanism. Small household appliances;

Bulky dishes.

Vertical A full-height vertical column cabinet can be an excellent alternative to horizontal division. In its middle part (at eye level), you can place a built-in oven. It is not only convenient to use, but also small children will not be able to reach it during operation, providing additional safety.

It should be understood that such cabinets harmoniously fit into the interior of a large-sized kitchen, in small rooms this solution should be abandoned.

Small household appliances;

Large utensils;

Cereals and groceries.

beautiful kitchen design

The modern kitchen interior is filled with stylish materials that emphasize simple shapes, creating a laconic space..

Kitchen set: layout options and placement methods

The shape of the kitchen set directly depends on the layout.

plastic fronts headset

Its functionality and ease of use depend on how successfully you plan the placement of all elements of your kitchen..

Below is a table of various options for the layout and placement of furniture.

Layout Description and benefits Where is applied
Linear All modular elements are located along the wall, creating a single line. This allows several people to cook at once, which is especially convenient when preparing for a big holiday or family dinner.. Narrow and elongated rooms.
U-shaped This arrangement of modules creates the most functional area. However, a seating area and a large dining table, most likely, will not fit into such a room..

An important nuance of such a kitchen is the location of the apron along the entire line of work tables..

Suitable for large spaces.
Corner headsets The L-shaped layout allows all work areas to be located in close proximity to each other. A corner kitchen set can be installed in a room of any quadrature.
Ostrovnaya Often such a layout is used to draw the dividing line between the working and dining areas in the kitchen-studio..

In this version, the hob, oven and sink are moved to the center of the studio kitchen. The rest of the furniture is located along one or more walls..

Strongly not suitable for small rooms.

Built-in appliances

A modern kitchen or studio kitchen simply cannot exist without such equipment:

  1. Cooking surface;
  2. Oven;
  3. Washing machine;
  4. Hood;
  5. Dishwasher.

white set for a large kitchen

To choose the right furniture for the kitchen, you need to ask yourself what purpose it will be designed for..

You can install such equipment both in conspicuous places and hide it behind stylish facades. In any case, you must first purchase equipment, and then order furniture according to its dimensions..

sand color headset

If there is little cooking in the kitchen, then the kitchen furniture should also be minimalistic, containing only the most necessary accessories..


Modern hoods not only remove extraneous odors from the room, but can also ventilate it through special carbon filters. The hood can be built-in, then it will harmoniously fit into a single design concept of the kitchen set.

kitchen set with hood

When choosing a kitchen set, undoubtedly, you should focus on the interior design, the style of the room and its color scheme..

Important! In some old-style houses equipped with gas water heaters, it is strictly forbidden to install hoods in the kitchen. This prohibition is based on safety regulations. Therefore, before purchasing and installing the hood, you should clarify the legality of this action. Violation of this rule may result in a financial fine or forced dismantling of the built-in hood..

How the area of ​​the room affects the choice of a kitchen set

Depending on the area of ​​the room, it is necessary to select the layout of the kitchen set..

The kitchen has an area of ​​5-6 sq. the best solution would be a linear layout. At the same time, you should not purchase many modules, it is enough to use several wall and floor cabinets. If possible, to increase the useful area, you can use the window sill as a work surface.

linear layout headset

It is important that every detail is in harmony with each other, complementing the overall style of the room..

During the design of such a kitchen, you can use the following design life hacks that will help to visually increase the area:

  • Refuse a large number of decorative elements;
  • Use light colors in the design;
  • It is better to choose furniture for the kitchen with a rounded shape, more streamlined;
  • Give up swing doors in favor of drawers.

On an area of ​​8-9 sq. m. you can arrange a corner set. This will allow you to separate the work and dining area, making the most of the free space..

corner layout of the kitchen 8 sq m

Solid wood, laminated chipboard, chipboard with plastic coating, glass, metal, artificial stone are used as materials for furniture..

Large-sized kitchens with an area of ​​more than 12 square meters make it possible to install a headset of any layout. Both a corner kitchen set and an island set, as well as vertical lines, will look harmonious here..

arrangement of a kitchen 12-14 sq m

When choosing a headset, it is important to make sure that all drawers are installed level and open without unnecessary effort, and the hinges and guides are not skewed..

Basic elements and materials of the kitchen set

Important details that you should pay attention to when choosing a kitchen set are:

  1. Facade;
  2. Table top;
  3. Fittings;
  4. Boxes.

gray set in the kitchen

With a large amount of small household appliances and utensils, you need to make sure that for each item there is a place in the lockers.


They are the “face” of the kitchen set, so the total cost depends on the material from which they are made. This could be:

  1. Wood;
  2. Glass (used for the top line, making it weightless);
  3. Plastic;
  4. MDF or chipboard;
  5. Metal.

dark blue headset

Also, facades can be covered with a special film of various colors, matte or glossy..

Glossy facades of bright colors are considered the optimal solution for any room..

Table top

The table top can be made of different materials, which directly affects its functionality. The following materials can be applied.

orange set in the kitchen

The height of the countertop should be such that it is convenient for a person to cook..

  1. The budget option of the countertop is laminated chipboard. This material is not durable, with proper care it can last up to 10 years. An important nuance is the correct processing of the joints. In case of poor-quality processing, water can enter the joints, due to which the tabletop will begin to swell and rot.
  2. Stainless steel is the choice of professional chefs. It is easy to maintain, does not deform during its operation. The disadvantage of this material is not particularly attractive appearance. A steel countertop will be inappropriate in the interior of a Provence or classic kitchen, but it will perfectly fit into the design of a modern, minimalist or high-tech kitchen set.
  3. The most practical option is a stone countertop. It is better to choose an artificial stone, since natural has a porous structure and has the property of accumulating moisture.

countertop for kitchen

It is recommended to select a coating that is resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

Stylistic design options for the kitchen set

The most popular styles for decorating kitchens today are:

  1. Modern is a versatile style that can be easily applied to rooms of any size. The style combines classic restraint and high-tech elements, saturation with modern household gadgets. Such a kitchen is distinguished by its versatility, convenience and a large amount of free space.. 

    modern kitchen

    This is facilitated by laconic furniture and a minimum of massive elements..

  2. Minimalism. The main rule of style is a minimum of details, restrained colors, built-in appliances. An apron can act as a bright detail.. 

    minimalist kitchen

    Glass, metal or monochrome wood can be used as a material for furniture in this style..

  3. Country – involves the use of wood as the main material.

    country style kitchen set

    For country style, wooden facades, wicker furniture, built-in and hidden household appliances will be appropriate.

  4. Retro is a popular trend today.

    retro kitchen

    It is important not to oversaturate the interior with original details..

  5. Ethnic style – rich bright colors and many details. 

    ethnic arabic style cuisine

    The basic rule is to maintain the general stylistic idea in all elements of the kitchen..


Modern production capabilities can make any ideas and desires come true, allowing you to create the interior of your dream kitchen. The optimal solution would be to make a custom-made headset according to an individual size and sketch..

island kitchen set

If it is not possible to purchase custom-made kitchen furniture, you can choose a more economical option and purchase a modular kitchen from the manufacturer.

In this case, special attention should be paid to the correctness of measurements..

VIDEO: Kitchen interior – interesting design options.

50 kitchen furniture designs:

color scheme for the kitchen table sill in the kitchen kitchen design photo corner kitchen design kitchen Design small kitchen design small corner kitchen design kitchen set design kitchen set design kitchen 10-12 sq m kitchen set design photo kitchen set design photo ideas kitchen set design ideas kitchen set design ideas photo lilac color kitchen set design light color kitchen set design kitchen set design corner kitchen kitchen Design white set in the kitchen apron for kitchen blue kitchen set set cream light kitchen set white set in the kitchen tile in the interior of the kitchen how to arrange furniture in the kitchen black and red headset pistachio and purple colors in the kitchen white-blue headset cream kitchen palette lace chandelier in the kitchen kitchen 6 sq m set kitchen design 6 square meters kitchen with a bright set kitchen living room set kitchen living room 2018 mosaic kitchen apron wall cabinet for kitchen unusual shapes of cabinets in the kitchen wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen window decoration in the kitchen kitchen with a light set lighting of the working area in the kitchen kitchen provencal motives black and purple kitchen design light green set scandinavian style cuisine bright kitchen corner furniture in the kitchen option for placing furniture in the kitchen

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