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Small kitchen design – interesting design ideas

It is often very difficult to create a design for a small kitchen. Placing a kitchen set, appliances and furniture on a few square meters is worth a lot of effort and requires good knowledge in the design and furnishing of rooms, in particular kitchens. Also, knowledge in ways to visually expand the space will not hurt. It is important to remember that the design of the kitchen should be not only correct, convenient, but also cozy, so that it would be pleasant to cook and receive guests in the room..

interior design of a small kitchen

Before planning a design for a small kitchen on your own, you need to consider many important points..

Features of such a room as a kitchen

Before you start planning the interior design of a small kitchen, you need to take into account some of the nuances of this room..

  • Finishing materials must have water-repellent and heat-resistant properties due to constant temperature changes and high humidity in the room.
  • The floor covering must meet all the requirements that the conditions set for it in the room:
  1. Resistance to mechanical stress;
  2. Resistance to abrasive cleaning agents;
  3. Exposure to heavy loads.

design of a small kitchen with a bar

The finishing materials used for the kitchen must be well resilient.

Secrets of visual space enlargement

In the absence of the possibility of increasing the kitchen mechanically, one has to turn to visual methods of expanding a small area. Fortunately, there are a lot of such methods, among them there are suitable for every small kitchen..

small kitchen design

In the design of a small kitchen, use neutral calm colors – they visually expand the boundaries of the room, reflecting light well.

Kitchen color scheme

Correct options Wrong options
Use neutral calm colors, preferably no more than two shades. Visually enlarges the space of the room by reflecting light. Complex patterns, designs on textile accessories or wallpaper.
Suitable colors for wall or ceiling coverings: white, beige, cocoa color.

Suitable for furniture: pastel shades of beige, cream, yellow, light brown or blue.

They will not be able to darken the interior of a small kitchen. Small kitchens with dark or bright wallpaper visually reduce the space..
Highlighting one wall (a suitable wall near a recreation area) with a bright accent. This technique refreshes the room, brings zest to the interior, does not damage the space..

Surface finishing

Places such as the apron and the surfaces of the kitchen unit in a small kitchen are best decorated in gloss. This means that the apron and headset will reflect light and thereby expand the area of ​​the room..

glossy surfaces in the kitchen

Glossy tiles on the walls or flooring in the form of parquet in white, cream or other light pastel colors can also help with such a problem..

The benefits of lighting

In a small kitchen, installing a large number of lighting fixtures is a lifesaver..

lighting in a small kitchen

For walls, cream tones, shades of cocoa, universal white are best suited, for furniture – pastel, light brown and yellow paints.

  1. Spotlights. Placed lamps of such a plan around the perimeter of the ceiling, above the hanging set and shelves will be able to visually expand the room.
  2. Multi-tube models. Will help to evenly distribute light over the work and dining area.
  3. Chandelier. An interesting option is to focus on the lighting and choose a chandelier model that will harmoniously fit into the overall style of the room.

kitchen design with chandelier

For a small kitchen, smooth lacquered facades that perfectly reflect light are best suited.

Visual integration of the kitchen with the adjoining room

If there is no desire to mechanically combine the kitchen with the living room or dining room, you can combine it in another way. For example, in the absence of an interior door, paste over both rooms with wallpaper of the same shades, patterns or paint with the same color.

small kitchen dining room design

Such a trick will create the effect of a visual continuation of the room, make it larger, and not vice versa, create two tiny rooms..


To leave more natural light, you need to abandon massive curtains, on the contrary, they will do:

  • Air light curtains;
  • Roman curtains;
  • Roller blinds.

roman blinds in the kitchen

Window decoration with curtains should leave part of it open, so as much sunlight as possible penetrates the room.

The use of drawings and patterns should be approached with care. It will be enough to purchase furniture with small ornaments on the upholstery or several decorative pillows.

arrangement of the kitchen in Khrushchev

Visually expanding the room will help bright spotlights located along the perimeter of the ceiling, as well as above hanging cabinets and shelves.


It is important to think over every little thing when choosing furniture for a small kitchen, to decide on the color, design and shape of the headset for cooking and rest.

set in a small kitchen

Dim, light furniture is what you need for a small kitchen.

Furniture Advantages
The form Oval or round dining table. Foldable, movable or sliding headset models. The absence of clear lines and angles in the furniture expands the room, makes it more spacious.

Foldable products save useful square meters.

Colour Light furniture in delicate shades. Doesn’t look bulky.

Blends with the main color of the walls.

Design Plastic and glass products Transparent items look stylish.

Glass table, chairs, hanging shelves, bar counter form a weightless and light interior.

There should not be too many pieces of furniture, so as not to load and reduce the already small kitchen.

How to place everything?

The key to a pleasant and comfortable kitchen is the correct placement of all components of the room.

interior of a small kitchen

It is very important that the furniture is roomy, but the main thing here is not to overdo it with furnishings – there should be as few of them as possible!

Arrangement of equipment and furniture

When arranging furniture and appliances, special attention should be paid to functional elements, such as:

  • Gas or electric stove;
  • Oven;
  • Washing;
  • Fridge.

arrangement of appliances in the kitchen

A great idea of ​​visually expanding the space is to put the tallest object in the far corner (for example, a refrigerator).

Main technique placement rules

small square kitchen design

The ideal kitchen is planned in such a way that after cooking and eating, all the dishes fit freely into the cupboards..

Plate Installed near the gas pipe.
The distance from the refrigerator should be at least 60 cm, from the window – 20 cm.
Oven Traditionally installed under the slab.
There is another option – it is mounted in the headset at chest level (for greater convenience).
Washing Placed at a sufficient distance from the slab.
The built-in sink in the headset will look stylish along with other elements, but at a certain distance.
Fridge The item is installed in the corner of the kitchen to harmoniously shape the layout..

Secondary technique

Installation of additional devices is carried out if the kitchen set allows it (enough space). For example, items such as an electric kettle, a microwave oven are placed on the work surface or, alternatively, on a small refrigerator. Then you should think in advance about the location and the number of outlets..

kitchen design in the apartment

Today, designers offer a ton of ideas for miniature kitchens..

Options for interior doors for a small kitchen

The correct solution would be to remove the door or replace it with an accordion or coupe model. This method will also save the free space of the room..

Extraordinary storage systems

Many housewives are faced with such a problem as a lack of free space for kitchen utensils and products. However, thinking about how to hide all these items in the kitchen, no one notices that most of the utensils in the room are not used..

how to equip a small kitchen

This means that it can be put in boxes on the mezzanine or in a closet..

Storage Ideas

  1. Increased upper cabinets up to 90 cm, will make it possible to put additional shelves in drawers.
  2. Carousel shelves and special baskets are installed in the corner drawers. The basket module comes in various sizes, which affects the capacity. The disadvantage of this idea is the high cost of structures..
  3. Hook rails optimize daily cooking and are filled with items of use and spices. Usually mounted on an apron, filled with various fasteners, come in any length.
  4. Additional drawers at floor or ceiling level allow you to hold some food and items.
  5. If the kitchen area allows, an island is placed that will serve:
  • Work surface;
  • Dining table;
  • A place for storing dishes and food.
  1. Additional space will be free space under the windowsill.

how to equip a small kitchen

A working area can be installed on the window sill itself, thereby the niche for arranging every little thing will become larger.

Suitable style for a small kitchen

For a small area, it is best to choose a simple style that looks more harmonious. A small room will be complemented by laconic forms and soft lines, glossy surfaces will not interfere.

light design of a small kitchen

Sometimes designers, for the sake of visually increasing the space, lay out all the walls in the kitchen with tiles to the ceiling.

From the existing styles, the following are suitable.

Style Description
High tech The modern style absolutely does not overload the overall design of the room.
Characterized by practicality and functionality
The use of compact and comfortable furniture creates space, even in a miniature kitchen
The presence of “smart” technology will emphasize the style and fit into the design
Modern This style uses as few decorations as possible.
The presence of unusual lines should be simple and convenient
Only modern furniture is selected that matches the overall design
Among the finishing materials are suitable: glass, metal, wood
Minimalism Lack of decor items
Minimum number of colors to use, ideally 1 or 2
The presence of clear lines in this style creates a spacious, light and weightless kitchen.
Loft Respectable modern style, a storehouse for bold, daring, unusual ideas
The presence of an unusual original layout that meets the rules of style
Unexpected finishing materials and non-standard ways of using them
A partition or bar counter is suitable as zoning – rejection of unnecessary walls
Classic Lighting plays an important role, so a large chandelier and additional lighting items are chosen
The technique is hidden in the headset – the main requirement of the style
Light colors are used
Obsessive decor and accessories are unacceptable

Color, accessories and decor of a miniature kitchen

Decorating with decorative elements is a complex and painstaking work, but it emphasizes the sophistication and unobtrusiveness of the overall style. A few laconic paintings or photos are suitable, placed vertically, which makes the ceiling higher. Also, a crystal chandelier can visually raise the ceiling..

mirrors in the kitchen

Due to the mirror tiles or a mirror in a neat frame, the walls will also expand.

The original taste of the creator, the design of the room is emphasized by small details, such as:

  • Wall Clock;
  • Unusual fruit bowl;
  • Flower in a miniature pot.

design and decor of a small kitchen

The main thing is not to overdo it, it will be enough to limit yourself to two or three elements..

Mini kitchen design depending on its type

The design creation depends on the kitchen layout. The shape of the room affects the location of the headset, furniture and appliances..

Square kitchen

A corner set is suitable for square kitchens. It is convenient to divide the place for cooking and resting in it. This option involves the location of the stove, sink and refrigerator creates a working triangle.

square kitchen interior design

This allows the desired objects to be close in any direction.

An oval or round dining table will be attached to a blank wall opposite the work furniture – this will accommodate more guests.

table sill in the kitchen

A folding table or window sill under a dining area is also suitable..

Rectangular kitchen

In a rectangular kitchen, furniture is placed against the walls. The dining table is replaced with a bar counter. To visually expand the walls, you can decorate the apron with mirror elements.

rectangular kitchen design

For walls, cream tones, shades of cocoa, universal white are best suited.

With this layout, it is preferable to hang curtains with a large pattern. Additional lighting should be considered. It is usually installed on an apron. Doors are selected sliding type to save space.

lighting in a small kitchen

In this case, experts recommend limiting ourselves to two shades..

Irregular kitchen

Improper layout implies the presence of niches or protrusions. Household appliances and kitchen utensils can be stowed away in the wardrobe, which is in the recess of the wall. A niche can be occupied by a refrigerator, an extraordinary built-in bar counter.

small kitchen of irregular shape

Another trendy solution for today is highlighting several elements of the kitchen with a bright accent..

Kitchen sets are most often ordered because it is difficult to find suitable furniture in stores. In this case, the doors of the upper cupboards should rise vertically..

how to equip a small kitchen

It helps you use every inch of the room wisely..

VIDEO: Design of a small kitchen – 95 ideas with real photos.

50 modern design ideas for a small kitchen:

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