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Small bedroom design: ways to increase space, modern design solutions

Decorating a bedroom always requires a serious approach, since it is in this room that a person must rest, relax, gain strength. It is especially difficult to plan everything with a small area. It is required to carefully plan the placement of furniture, to functionally use every centimeter of the area, so the design of a small bedroom takes a lot of time.

bedroom design with photo wallpaper

According to psychological tests, what we see and feel before sleep greatly affects its quality..

Advantages and disadvantages of small bedrooms

Often the owners of standard apartments are dissatisfied with the layout and area. Small bedrooms often have narrow windows, low ceilings, and an inconveniently located entrance. But do not be upset: designers argue that it is much easier to design a comfortable and cozy bedroom in a small bedroom.. 

floral bedroom design

The main thing is to think carefully about the layout, lighting, design features.

At the same time, many specialists like to develop precisely the design of small bedrooms, so this process is always interesting, it requires the development of new ideas and creativity. Even in the smallest room, you can easily place a bedroom set, allocate storage space, and sometimes you can still organize a compact workplace.

small bedroom design

To visually increase the space, there is a whole set of methods, which will be discussed in detail below..

Means of visual enlargement of space

There are several most effective ways to visually increase the area of ​​a small bedroom..

Reflective surfaces

A mirror is considered to be an assistant in solving this problem. A large mirror placed on the wall or built into the front of the cabinet door will create volume. At the same time, it is better to place reflective surfaces in front of the window so that they reflect natural light. If for some reason mirrors cannot be used, then they can be replaced with other reflective coatings: glossy furniture, stained-glass windows, panels. 

wardrobe with mirrors in the bedroom

Glass will never overload the space, make the room brighter, more.

Not only furniture or decor, but also finishing coatings can reflect light. Glossy paint began to be applied quite often. When applied to walls, it reflects light rays, but it is not recommended to use too bright and saturated colors: it causes fatigue, does not allow the brain to relax. The condition for applying such a coating is perfectly flat walls. All irregularities, pits will stand out even more under the gloss.

glossy walls in the bedroom

The space can be visually enlarged by glossy stretch ceilings. Especially if the lighting is right.


Wallpaper with a pronounced perspective can become an assistant in visually increasing the space. Manufacturers provide a huge selection of similar wallpapers in different styles, at different prices. Such coatings have images of landscapes, buildings, city panoramas. It should be noted right away that such wallpapers can only be used for one wall, otherwise the bedroom will be overloaded with bright colors. Moreover, it should not be the narrowest wall.. 

wall murals in the bedroom

With a similar design, the bedroom will look even narrower and longer..

Not only with the use of photowall-paper it is possible to visually expand the space. Striped wallpaper will do. A horizontal ornament will increase the width of the room, and a vertical one – in height. But an unnecessarily large and bright pattern should be avoided..

Correct lighting

Lighting plays a major role in the design of a small bedroom. The classic version in the form of a bright central chandelier is not always the right decision. With this choice, it will be difficult to make the room functional and comfortable.. 

bedroom lighting design

For this reason, it is recommended to build an area lighting plan..

Combining with a balcony

The layout is considered successful if there is an exit to the balcony. It can be used to increase space. It will also be possible to install pieces of furniture on the balcony. Plus, there will be a lot more daylight..

bedroom with balcony

In a small room, it is much easier to create a cozy nest, in which everyone will strive to relax after a hard day in the company of a loved one..

Choosing a color scheme

The bedroom is for relaxation. Therefore, the color scheme should be calm. As a rule, light colors contribute to the visual increase of the space. The best choice would be shades of white and beige.. 

bedroom in beige colors

But do not limit yourself to just these colors..

Any color is known to have warm and cold shades. Designers recommend using warm shades if the windows of the room face north and cold, if they face south..

But if you use exclusively light shades in the design of a small bedroom, then the interior will be boring. Therefore, you should definitely add bright accents to the atmosphere. Examples can be seen in the photos below..

small bedroom for a couple

Highlighted can be a wall at the head of the bed, carpet or bedspread.

Practical combinations

Many people do not want to use light colors in their designs, as they find it impractical. No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning their bedrooms. Therefore, you can use other techniques to visually increase the space. Some examples are shown in the photo..

bedroom interior in dark colors

Due to the small space of a small bedroom, the amount of furniture for it must be minimized..

Do not be intimidated by the red color in the interior of a small bedroom. Scarlet shades are able to dilute the design, add uniqueness to the interior, and with the correct arrangement of accents, the color will not irritate the eye.

The saturated color of Marsala looks good. It is suitable for curtains, bedspreads, soft flooring.

The photo shows examples of organic combinations of light pastel shades and rich bright colors..

bedroom design in light green color

Warm shades are best used in a bedroom with windows to the north, cold shades will slightly cool the south-facing room.

Defining style

When designing a small bedroom, a special place is occupied by the choice of style, which can say a lot about the owner of the room. Therefore, before starting work on the design and choosing furniture, you should decide on the style..

bedroom in english style

The style of the room can tell a lot about its owner..

The following table provides a description of the styles.

Style Description
Minimalism One of the most common bedroom styles. From furniture it is enough to install a bed, sideboards, chest of drawers. The style is characterized by clear correct lines, a minimal set or no decor at all. The colors are chosen calm, even the accent should not be a bright color.
Classic The furniture in the classic style is characterized by graceful laconic forms. In this case, the material of furniture and textiles must be natural. It is better to choose silk fabrics. Sculptures, mirrors in original frames, paintings or panels can be chosen as an accent..
Japanese The style is somewhat close to minimalism with hints of Japanese culture. In the interior, you can use various screens, partitions and other items in the Japanese style..

Furniture selection

The next step in decorating the interior of a small bedroom is the choice of pieces of furniture. Often, a small area confuses owners and seems to be an insurmountable obstacle in choosing high-quality and beautiful furniture. Designers advise to pay attention first of all to furniture without legs.. 

blue bedroom design

Such objects are able to visually increase the area, make the ceilings higher.

It is better to place accents in the immediate vicinity of the bed. An excellent solution would be a designer headboard. Also, when designing the interior of small rooms, you should consider a few tips:

  • Combine bedside tables with shelving;
  • Shelves can be either open or closed;
  • The facades of the sliding wardrobe can have mirror inserts or are completely made of mirror coating;
  • Drawers can be built into the bed for storing things.

When arranging furniture, first determine the compositional center. In the case of a bedroom, this will be a bed.. 

bedroom design in classic style

In the middle, it is imperative to leave free space in order to relieve the general situation..

If it is decided to install bedside tables, then they should not be high.

Carefully follow the choice of contrasting colors for walls and furniture. Shades should be harmonious. It is not recommended to use colorful textiles in the design, it makes the room ridiculous.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of functional compact furniture in different styles and sizes. You can also make custom-made furniture according to your parameters. Modular furniture will be an excellent choice for the interior of a small bedroom. Items, if necessary, can be easily moved among themselves.

light wallpaper in the bedroom

If bedside tables are needed, then they should not be much higher than the bed itself..

Creating a working area

In small apartments, it is sometimes necessary to combine several functional areas in one room. Creation of a workplace is considered to be especially in demand. As a rule, a table, a chair and the equipment necessary for the work are enough to organize it..

white brown bedroom

In a small room, harmony is very important, otherwise comfort will not work.

The table can completely replace the increased surface of the windowsill. Also, a folding tabletop can be mounted next to the window. This solution will significantly save an already small space..

You will definitely need to think about lighting for this area.. 

stylish design of a small bedroom

It is advisable that it extends specifically to the workplace and does not interfere, for example, with someone who is already sleeping on the bed..

Windowless room design

There are times when the bedroom is part of some other room. In such situations, it is the sleeping zone that turns out to be without windows and, of course, without natural light. Designing such a small bedroom can be difficult at times. But designers have in their arsenal several ways that allow even such a corner to be made light and cozy..

bedroom design without window

There are several ways to forget that there is no natural light in the bedroom..

  1. A fake window is an original and very effective method to solve this problem. A decor resembling a window frame is attached to the wall, and inside it there can be photo wallpapers, mirrors, family photos. Around the perimeter of the frame, illumination is launched, you can use an LED strip or built-in spotlights.
  2. The glass divider will help maintain the integrity of the interior. Moreover, it is not necessary to use a translucent material. It can be matte material or glass with an ornament, as shown in the photo. Natural light will pass through it and the bedroom will remain bright..
  3. Sliding doors are an excellent functional solution for small apartments. Moreover, they can also be made of glass. Such a design design of the room will allow, if necessary, to separate the sleeping place from the common space. And in the daytime, everything will look the same. For example, how big a living room.

beige tones in the bedroom

It should be remembered that when designing a room without windows, lighting should take the main place..

Lighting must be located at several levels. It is worth carefully approaching the choice of the bulbs themselves. It is better to choose those that provide warm light, it will make the room more comfortable..

bedroom without window

In any case, the ceiling in such rooms is better to be made solid..

Children’s room

Experts offer many ideas for the design of small bedrooms for children. The main difficulties are here. As a rule, they arise when all the furniture necessary for the child is located. This should be a sleeping place, a wardrobe, a desk, and a play area.. 

bedroom design for a teenager

You should choose the most reliable and functional furniture..

Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of multi-level furniture. The photo shows several examples. A sleeping place can be located in the upper part, and a work table in the lower part. The steps, however, may well be retractable structures for storing things. If there are two kids, then you can choose a functional, with a large number of wardrobes and drawers, a bunk bed.

For children’s rooms, it is not recommended to use folding tables, as in adults. It is not always safe for young children. But for teenagers, this method is quite suitable..

cot in the bedroom

In children’s walls, the walls can be divided into two parts by color: at the bottom there is a more saturated tone, and at the top – light and delicate.

This approach will allow you to keep the room in its original form for longer.

Many people think that it is not worth paying special attention to the design of the bedroom. After all, there a person only sleeps and that’s it. This opinion is more than mistaken. After all, this is the place where a person should rest, relax. 

rock style bedroom

This is where every new day will begin.

Their mood largely depends on the environment in which people wake up. Even if the space is small, you should not be indifferent to the interior. Even on a few square meters, you can create a functional and modern room that will delight its owners..

single bed in the bedroom

After all, happiness is not in square meters, but in the aura that hovers there.

VIDEO: Several original design ideas for a small bedroom.

50 design ideas for a small bedroom:

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