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Do-it-yourself bar counter for the kitchen from the countertop: options, sizes, step-by-step instructions

The bar counter is a rather unusual decoration for any home. You need to know some rules, what to combine with and how to use this piece of furniture in the interior. You can make a bar counter from a countertop with your own hands. To do this, it is enough to know some simple rules..

Bar counter in the kitchen.

Kitchen design with a bar.

Everyone wants to create a cozy corner in the house where you can calmly rest and relax after a hard day at work. Therefore, a large countertop in the kitchen is one of the best options..

Designers offer many solutions for the competent distribution of free space. The bar counter will fit well into any room, help save space, and also give some unforgettable charm.

Of course, you can buy a wide variety of product models. But making furniture with your own hands is much more interesting. Especially if you do it with your family..

Diy bar counter.

A bar counter for the kitchen can be easily made with your own hands.

By making a bar counter from a countertop with your own hands, you will definitely surprise your guests. It looks stylish, comfortable, gives some zest to what is happening. Here you can relax, have a good time, as if you were in some expensive institution. Some people consider making a bar counter something difficult, but this is a fairly simple procedure that is available to everyone..

If you have tried to craft something yourself before, then it will not be difficult for you to make a bar counter. To do this, just read the step-by-step guide and choose the right option for yourself..

Kitchen design with a bar counter.

The bar counter adds some zest to the kitchen design.

Do-it-yourself bar counter features

Usually the bar counter is placed slightly higher above the floor level than the usual table. If you make a product with a height of about one meter, then it will be much easier for you to purchase high chairs separately. Do not forget about the size of the plumb line in the manufacture of countertops..

Bar counter with chairs.

Original bar counter with chairs in the interior.

A mandatory attribute of a bar counter is a cabinet located in the upper part. It usually serves the following purposes:

  • do not allow spilled liquid to come into contact with clothing;
  • ensure the correct position behind the counter;
  • gives a modern look.

Additional Information. The locker is an optional element of the bar counter, but it will help to give a special atmosphere. There should be at least sixty centimeters to the bar. This will allow you to sit comfortably and not create additional discomfort. Railings are made from a simple material that is not very expensive. In original models, they are usually made of metals, which significantly increases the cost of the structure..

Bar counter in the kitchen.

Bar counter in the interior of modern kitchen.

To make a bar counter yourself, you should adhere to the rules listed above. It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with the drawings for clarity..

What can you make a bar counter?

You can make your own bar from various materials. You should not choose too cumbersome options. Most of the kitchens are small, so don’t swing around while building. It is recommended to opt for democratic models.

The following are the most popular countertop materials:

  1. Plastic. The cheapest material that is not durable. On the market, you can find various colors with a variety of prints. Perfectly fits into any environment.
  2. Chipboard covered with laminate. A more difficult material for processing, which is characterized by high strength, reliability and durability. There are many different options. The coating imitates wood or marble.
  3. Drywall. Various sizes, shapes, styles are possible. Fits perfectly into country houses or modern apartments. Can be painted in any color to suit any interior.
  4. Wood. Looks beautiful and luxurious. The cost of the material differs depending on the type of wood. Making a countertop with your own hands will be easy if you have minimal carpentry skills..

Wooden bar counter.

Handmade wood bar counter.

Types of bar counters

Depending on the design features, the following types of products are distinguished.

  1. Stationary. Maximum or minimum dimensions are possible depending on the needs. Traditional bar stools are suitable for seating. You can also add supports for legs, back, head.
  2. Combined. It is possible to complement the basic structure with a dining table, which will perfectly fit into an ordinary kitchen. The height is usually slightly lower than the standard and reaches nine hundred centimeters. You can use a standard seating chair.
  3. Two-level. It can also be used in conjunction with a regular kitchen table, which allows you to divide the space in the kitchen. For example, one part will go into the kitchen, and the second into the living room, which saves free space and allows you to effectively use the entire room..

Two-level bar counter.

Design of a two-level bar counter in the kitchen.

How to make a bar counter from a countertop?

The whole process takes place in several key stages, including:

  • preparation of materials and creation of a general design scheme;
  • making the base to which the rest of the elements will be attached;
  • assembly and decoration.

Note! Particular attention should be paid to the manufacture of countertops. This is the main element, on the quality and stability of which the quality of the entire product depends. You can buy a ready-made countertop or make it yourself if you want..

Bar counter top.

The countertop for the bar counter can be made from different materials.

Material selection

The most optimal options for use:

  1. Chipboard. The cheapest option. There are many different processing options. It is very lightweight and can be varnished or painted. The main disadvantage is that chipboard sheets are sensitive to high humidity. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them in rooms where liquid may get on the surface. Buy only thick sheets of this material to increase their service life..
  2. Wood. Environmentally friendly material with attractive appearance. Suitable for installation in almost any room. The cost of such structures is high, since natural wood is highly valued among fans. It is required to carefully care for such a tabletop. It is not recommended to put hot dishes in order not to damage the top layer.
  3. Glass. These countertops look the most elegant. They have an attractive appearance. The structure is very fragile, which requires special attention during maintenance. Scratches and small debris often remain on the surface, so it is worth using specialized surface cleaning products..
  4. Stone. Both natural and artificial products are suitable. They are distinguished by high strength, reliability, pleasant appearance. Virtually indestructible due to its sturdy construction. The cost of natural stone is much higher than other materials. At home, processing is almost impossible without special skills..
  5. Plastic. Differs in a large number of different colors. The most popular option on the market. It is characterized by ease of handling and maintenance. Service life is short.

Bar counter in the interior.

Bar frame.

Project creation

First you need to prepare a model and a drawing. The final complexity of the project, as well as the time spent on manufacturing, depends on which scheme will be chosen, as well as on the materials..

Take measurements of the room in which you intend to install. Be sure to take into account the dimensions of other furniture in the kitchen in order to allocate space for placing the countertop. The drawing will allow you to create a visual picture of what result you want to achieve..

You can use dedicated simulation applications. This will greatly simplify and automate the entire process. So you can consider the situation from all sides and choose the best option for yourself..

Bar counter project.

Before proceeding to the manufacture of a bar, you need to prepare a project.

Thus, the model will allow you to create a rough sketch of what you want in the end. This is the most suitable option for oversized structures..

Dimensions and dimensions

Designers do not highlight any special requirements for these characteristics. General recommendations for creating a bar should be followed:

  1. Usually the height of the structure is at least one meter. In this case, high chairs are used so that it is convenient to reach the table top..
  2. The width must be at least fifty centimeters. Such a tabletop will allow you to place all the necessary elements, lean on your elbows, and also provide all the necessary functionality.

Bar counter height.

The height of the bar must be at least one meter.

Additional Information. Everything else depends on your wishes and imagination. The classic option for placing the tabletop is a curbstone, but at home it is possible to construct ordinary legs.

Manufacturing procedure

It is necessary to adhere to a certain order of actions. First, you need to build a tabletop – the basic element that sets the design and functionality of the entire structure as a whole. It is recommended to choose the most durable materials that can be easily processed at home.

Note! If you do not want to cut out the countertop yourself, it is recommended to buy a finished product. It is sold in any specialty store at an affordable cost..

Some rules should be taken into account when erecting the base of the structure:

  1. You can make a brick base. For this, blocks of special facing bricks of red color are used. Such structures have durability, strength and high resistance to various adverse environmental factors..
  2. A metal frame can be made. This structure is usually attached to furniture that is located nearby to provide the greatest strength..

Bar counter material.

When making a bar, you need to decide on the choice of material.

The work takes place in several stages:

  1. Carrying out measurements, creating diagrams, design. Selection of the optimal size of the structure.
  2. Making the base according to one of the methods described above.
  3. Frame processing.
  4. Installing the countertop on the base.
  5. Production of additional shelves at will.
  6. Adding various decorative elements.

Important! Please note that before starting any work, a primary drawing should be made. Only after that, start making the structure..

Other bar counter options

You can make a bar counter structure from a variety of materials. Consider the common ones.

How to make a drywall bar?

Follow the instructions:

  1. Measure the main parameters of the structure. Consider the location of the tabletop for seating comfort.
  2. The frame is best made from metal blanks. Special scissors and self-tapping screws are used for cutting.
  3. Frames for walls are manufactured separately.
  4. The profile is fixed to each other with screws.

Drywall bar counter.

Do-it-yourself drywall bar counter.

Bar counter made of wood

Follow the algorithm:

  1. Take measurements and mark the area for installing the base according to the drawing.
  2. The bars are attached strictly along the marking lines.
  3. Install table top supports.
  4. For the rest of the fastening elements, wooden beams are installed.
  5. After that, the table top is installed..

Wooden bar counter.

Bar counter made of wood in the interior.

Bar counter made of laminated chipboard

The process of manufacturing a structure from chipboard does not differ from the previous options. You will need to build the frame yourself, and you can buy a ready-made countertop in a specialized market.

Chipboard bar counter.

Bar counter made of laminated chipboard.

Bar lighting and matching equipment

In order for the bar counter to fit best into the interior, you should choose the appropriate lighting for the area. It is recommended to use halogen lamps, which are placed on a special beam above the table top. Small shades are also suitable, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort..

Note! Use special equipment designed to adjust the light intensity. This allows you to create an individual design and atmosphere..

Bar counter lighting.

You can use different ceiling lights to illuminate the bar counter..

What you need to consider in your work?

The bar counter is suitable for rooms in the style of minimalism, art deco, that is, where it is possible to create a special home atmosphere. In almost any room, you can come up with the perfect combination of structural elements. The main thing is to think over every detail to the smallest detail in order to achieve the desired result..

Additional recommendations

Consider the following while working:

  • the height of the structure should not exceed one and a half meters;
  • the best width is up to half a meter;
  • use special fixing blocks for fastening;
  • during installation, take into account the place for mounting the lighting;
  • the countertop can be ordered separately if the material for processing is difficult at home;
  • do not choose the cheapest options.

kitchen with a bar counter.

The bar counter will perfectly fit into the art deco kitchen design.

The bar counter will perfectly diversify your interior, make the room unusual and help save space. The process of making a countertop is simple, but requires special attention..

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