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Great ideas for landscaping a small plot

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The arrangement of a suburban area, which is very limited in area, is a very exciting experience. To create coziness in crowded conditions, designers have come up with many ways. How to successfully arrange the landscape design of a small area in detail in the text of the article.

Small cozy garden on a plot of limited size

To create a landscape design for a small area, there are certain rules for the visual increase in space.

For any city dweller, a country house is a rest from the hustle and bustle of cities, unity with nature, relaxation, tranquility. To create a “piece of paradise” for yourself and your family, you will have to try very hard. When the dacha is small, then it will take a little finance and time to improve it. She can still please the owners.

Registration of a small front area in a suburban area

Individual elements can visually limit the area of ​​the garden, they will have to be hidden or removed

Site zoning

When zoning a small area, you need to think carefully about where and what zones to place. Most of the space is usually allocated for a garden, a vegetable garden. Three times less will be spent on a recreation area, flower beds, and everything else – a house, outbuildings. This ratio allows you to place everything harmoniously and functionally. Instead of a vegetable garden, some make a small pond with green lawns around.

Drawing of a garden plot of a small area

Outline of the zoning of the space of the site

Things to consider when developing a plan with your own hands.

  • The form. It is easier to work with a quadrangular or oval platform than with an irregular shape.
  • Microrelief. A flat area is more convenient than a steep slope, a lot of unevenness.
  • Soil composition. Fertile soft soil is ideal for plants, good for building. The rocky composition of the earth will cause some difficulties.
  • Groundwater. The foundation is laid with a deep location of waters, this also matters for planting trees..
  • Determine the cardinal points in relation to the orientation of the site.

Partition from rubble stone for garden zoning

To divide the territory into zones, it is better to use low partitions made of natural stone

The decoration of a small garden in the Japanese style is very popular. In such a garden, trees, figurines, ponds, rock gardens, stones, etc. will be miniature, then the area of ​​the site will seem large. An abundance of moss, ground cover plants, small flowers will have the same effect.

Miniature composition in the style of a Japanese garden

A bonsai, a tiny gazebo and stones – what is not a “piece” of Japan in the center of a green lawn

Three basic rules

In the landscape design of a limited-sized summer cottage, three rules should be followed:

  1. We remove artificial walls. No “deaf” high fences – they will make the space very cramped. Instead of a large dense fence, you should choose a fence made of a low picket fence, a netting, a wattle fence, along which climbing plants are planted.
  2. We release the center. Large buildings, tall decorations, trees should be placed at the edges. In the middle of the site, you can dig a pond, make an even green lawn.
  3. We create an accent point, a “highlight” of the site. It can be a luxurious flower bed, mainly with light flowers, a small fountain with lighting, a platform with a stone hearth, a bridge over a stream or the house itself..

Creating a perspective of volume in a small garden with vertical landscaping

A vertical support for the climbing plant covered with greenery or flowers creates perspective and the space becomes more voluminous

Cozy lawn for relaxing in the back of a small garden

The illusion of scale – all paths leading to the center of the garden pass through tall plants, only a corner for rest remains open

Multi-level recreation area in a secluded corner of the garden

A visual increase in space can be achieved using multi-level areas

A wrought-iron fence is originally combined with the same benches, table, barbecue. If for some reason the fence has to be made concrete, it is decorated with convex mirrors – visually it will seem that there is twice as much space in the yard as it actually is. Hanging flower beds-pockets are placed on a high fence, in which purslane, begonia, alyssum, fuchsia or even strawberries, lettuce, parsley grow.

Techniques for visual expansion of the area of ​​the site

The limited space of the summer cottage is its disadvantage, which is difficult to hide. But you can emphasize the merits of this place by adding bright details. A colorful playground, homemade benches, hand-painted wooden sculptures, an unusual vegetable garden.

Decorative panel in a round opening of a brick wall

It seems that behind the opening in the wall there is a garden immersed in greenery. In fact, this is a decorative poster that creates the illusion of deception.

Let’s use the garden path. It should be made sinuous so that the distance between objects seems to be as large as possible. Paths can be made of stones, gravel, remnants of bricks, concrete tiles, laid directly on the lawn grass. The location of the arch anywhere in the cottage will give the impression that there is another garden on the other side of it..

A winding path in a small garden design

Winding paths help create the illusion of a large garden

Using an artificial reservoir to visually expand the space of a small garden

Even a small body of water will contribute to the optical effect. Calm water, like a mirror, reflects clouds and nearby objects – the garden seems much larger than it really is

An artificial reservoir with clear water, a waterfall will give the territory “airiness”. If, however, several large mirrors are placed above the reservoir in the corner of the fence, they will not only emphasize the uniqueness of the space, but visually make the site much more spacious. The path leading to the “mirror”, set at an angle, creates the illusion that the garden is much larger than it seems.

A stream among stones and pebbles at a summer cottage

A stream in stones attracts the eye, distracting from the size of the garden

Do not hang mirrors too high to prevent birds from crashing into them. It should be taken into account how the sun’s rays fall on it – the reflected light should not cut the eyes. It is desirable that something beautiful is reflected in the mirror – when you install it opposite the flower bed, the effect of an endless flower field will be created.

Garden furniture should not seem bulky, preferably portable, in light colors. Correct lighting of the resting place will visually give it additional space. Buildings, statues, trellises are also recommended to be made white or silver.

Small-sized utility block for dual use for a small summer cottage

Use combined buildings. The glazed part of this utility block is suitable for a mini-greenhouse, and in the house there is a place to store garden tools

Practical recommendations for landscaping

For landscaping a suburban area of ​​small size, vertical flower beds are suitable – in the form of a tower, a pyramid. Various plants can be planted in wooden barrels, “hemp”, floor vases can be decorated with car tires painted in different colors.

Blooming of a white standard rose in a suburban area

A standard rose is perfect as a distracting accent; during the flowering period it is simply impossible to take your eyes off it

Decorative figurine of a boy for decorating a small garden

Original decorative elements perfectly distract from the modest size of the site

To visually enlarge the suburban area with your own hands, designers recommend:

  1. Remove all unnecessary. Place buildings, if possible, in corners, make fences low and transparent. Plant trees along the fence, so that they cover the fence with their crowns, without cluttering the internal space of the site.
  2. Use a pond, mirror. A pond near one of the walls, a huge mirror above it will significantly expand the space, making it lighter.
  3. Various shades. Cold colors visually remove objects, warm colors bring them closer. During the day, the color scheme is realized with the help of flowering plants, and at night – well-chosen lighting..
  4. Apply screens. They are created for the zoning of the territory, from small arches, trellises with ornamental and vegetable plants, which is especially convenient when the cottage is located on a hillside.
  5. Layered design. The garden, spread over several levels, seems large and varied. You can create cascades by placing tall plants along the walls, low ones closer to the center of the site. Hanging flowerpots will decorate the resting place well. Arches and gazebos entwined with grapes look great.
  6. Expansion of the garden “in depth”. This effect is achieved with the help of volumetric painting of buildings, fences, arrangement of trees.

Small alley of birch trees with white trunks in the design of a small plot

A mini birch alley will create a spatial perspective and add depth to the space

Pergola with blooming clematis in the design of a small garden

Pergola – one of the options for vertical gardening of the site

If the owner of the site has the skills of an artist, and the fence is concrete and gray, then a whole huge picture can be depicted on it. For example, seashore, forest edge, sunset, summer blooming field.

Breakdown of a flower garden in a small summer cottage

A creative attitude to the design of the garden will help a lot when there is a choice between vegetable plants and a flower bed. Well-fertilized and well-groomed beds are in no way inferior in appearance to decorative flower beds. Colored lettuce leaves, even rows of carrots, asparagus beans in the background along the fence. Onions and garlic are easy to combine with flowers that will bloom much later..

Making a flower bed in a small area

Beautiful flower bed with densely planted flowers

It is better to place flower beds in the warmest, sunniest place. You can ennoble them with improvised materials – colored plastic bottles, stones, bricks, the remains of construction waste. Many flowering plants are planted towards fall, when most of the harvest has already been harvested. Morning glory, marigolds, daisies, pansies will do. Gladioli, Alpine forget-me-not, petunia, asters, crocuses look good.

Wooden flower bed on the lawn in front of the entrance to the garden

An islet with flowers in the center of the lawn splits the space, blocking the view, and the garden is no longer visible through at first glance

The flower garden can be shaped to any shape, but simple geometric shapes are preferred to save space. If the roof of a house or one of the buildings is flat, strong, then a flower bed can be made there. It is only important to choose drought-resistant, light-loving plants. A floating flower garden is a great idea. It is located on a “raft” made of foam, can be anchored to the bottom.

We take care of the lawn and greenery

If the flower beds are made a little “raised” above the ground, surrounding them with plank or stone sides and adding soil, then they will be able to warm up more strongly by the sun, blossom and bear fruit better. Caring for them will be simplified – it will be possible to suit for watering and processing without dirt.

Watering lawns is carried out using a diffuser or an ordinary watering can. Timely mowing of the lawn and bushes must be done – the overgrown garden gives the impression of being abandoned. Combing, aerating, pest control, lawn feeding is also desirable..

Small lawn with a lawn on the territory of the summer cottage

A lawn is needed in any garden area, even the smallest

Trees and beds need to be fertilized periodically, and perennial flowers need to be replanted. Pruning trees, periodically cleaning fallen leaves and rotting fruits, allows them not to get sick.

Neat vegetable beds from boards in the landscape design of a small garden

If the beds, then only beautiful

If mirrors are installed in the yard, then it must be borne in mind that the sunlight reflected from them, falling on especially delicate plants, can cause them burns. For the winter, plants that are not frost-resistant should be covered with a spruce tree or special material..

Feng Shui and Home Garden

Ancient Chinese culture believes that in order to create a harmonious atmosphere of a country house, it is necessary for the Chi energy to flow freely. This is done when the balance of the five elements is achieved – fire, water, earth, wood, metal. The Feng Shui landscape radiates the purest energy that fills a person.

Small lawn of a country garden with purple bushes

Place a pair of plants in a calm shade, such as purple, on opposite sides of the plot. Colored bushes echo each other and visually increase the space

Wooden arch in tropical garden design

In the design of a small garden, color plays an important role. Some shades give warmth, others create a cool feeling

Of great importance in such an accomplishment is the color scheme of the space. White and shades of purple soothe, heal people. Red and yellow intensify energy, increase efficiency. It is important not to overload the garden and flower beds with an abundance of colors..

Yin energy colors – blue, purple, black, white. Yang colors include yellow, red, orange. If the balance of Yin and Yang is observed, then in such a wonderful space a person truly relaxes..

A beautiful selection of shrubs for decorating the porch of a garden house

There should be few shrubs, but their colors must be chosen so that the composition delights with beauty all summer long

All plantings and buildings are also carried out on the basis of a harmonious combination of the five elements. High-quality furniture, ponds, beautiful plants, sculptures, mirror mosaics on fences, proper garden maintenance will help maintain a balance of energy and well-being in a country house.

A waterfall of stones in front of an artificial reservoir

Garden design should look like a single composition, not a collection of random elements.

In the design of a small area, it is important to observe moderation, without cluttering it excessively, keeping all the elements in the same style. If you didn’t manage to ennoble the space with your own hands, you can turn to professional designers for help..

Expert opinion Alina Kvileva.

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