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The interior of the bathroom combined with a toilet in every detail

Everyone wants every corner of the home to look stylish and elegant, including the bathroom. It is not necessary to undertake costly repairs in order to get a decent interior of a bathroom combined with a toilet. It is important that all items are functional, the decoration is modern and safe, and the aesthetics are subject to a single design concept. To do this, you need to think over everything in detail, including the general palette, the shape of the plumbing and the location of the main household items..

Turquoise tiles in the interior of the combined bathroom

The combined bathroom can be made beautiful and cozy

Important requirements for the interior of a combined bathroom

If you look at the best developments of leading designers, it is obvious that there are projects for the separation of bathrooms, and a successful design of a bathtub combined with a toilet. Both trends are actively practiced, but with different goals. For example, there is an obvious convenience in separating hygiene rooms for quick access when one of them is already occupied. Some people like more space and a bold bathroom design.

Combined bathroom design in white

Light shades visually move apart the walls of the bathroom

The limited area is the main problem of apartments in the post-Soviet space, especially in the kitchen, corridors and bathrooms. It is for the sake of a small increase in this square that they make the reconstruction of the living space, and most often this concerns the design of the adjacent bathroom. For the sake of this alone, many go for numerous permits to remove the partition between the bathroom and toilet, making expensive repairs.

Compact toilets, sinks, shower trays and bathtubs are the basis of the interior equipment for a bathtub combined with a toilet. But it is also important for them to correctly select accessories and general decoration of the room..

Glass partition in the bathroom

Ditch the old-fashioned curtains, the glass partition is a more modern and stylish solution.

What should be the look of the bathroom and toilet? Most likely, with a relaxing atmosphere – this is dictated by the very functionality of the rooms for personal hygiene. People often come here and spend a lot of time here without even thinking about it. It is logical that the aesthetics of a combined bathroom should be conducive to relaxing in a bubble bath or a jacuzzi with flavored sea salt and pearl bubbles..

Today, not every combined bathroom has a traditional capacity. The bath is often replaced by a mini-pool on the podium or a shower box equipped with a deep tray. But the beautiful design of a bathroom combined with a toilet does not exclude a transparent glass bathtub or a contrasting shower behind a glass door, which can only be distinguished by barely noticeable fittings. And there is the possibility of installing the so-called volumetric “rain shower” installed under the ceiling.

Corner shower cubicle in the combined bathroom

The main thing is that the room is practical and comfortable.

Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity cannot imagine a hygiene room without a complete set of body, face and hair care products. You need a full cosmetic table or a console with drawers. A hinged mirror cabinet or numerous shelves for cosmetics will do, but it is important to think about how to hide a hairdryer and curling iron from dampness, cosmetics from getting wet. This is the main conditions for storing all this feminine “wealth” in any of the options for the interior of the bathroom, combined with a toilet, as in the photo.

No matter how inspiring ready-made examples of the successful interior of a small bathroom combined with a toilet, they choose what suits the individual needs of the owners. Everything here should be at hand. For example, if the room is quite spacious and there is a baby in the family, a changing table will do the trick. In a family where everyone urgently needs to tidy themselves up in the morning, 2 washbasins nearby and one additional toilet will not hurt.

Combined bathroom with two washbasins

For a family with two or more children, two washbasins will come in handy

Multifunctional sanitary ware is the new hit of the combined bathroom design, although it is rarely paid attention to. But this is very convenient when the washbasin is “two-story”, where there is a separate container for washing the feet, and there is another sink above the toilet cistern so that the used water goes to the drain.

Gray tile in a bathroom with a wall-hung toilet

Wall hung toilet saves space

Various models of wash tanks are available, but this is not only a bathtub, a jacuzzi and a mini-pool. In catalogs and building hypermarkets, you can find tanks of various sizes and shapes:

  • rectangular (angular and streamlined);
  • triangular or angular (with a convex larger side) baths;
  • oval and elliptical (for installation in the center of a hygiene room);
  • freeform.

Overhead porcelain sink in a small bathroom

All plumbing fixtures must be combined with each other

A successful combination of multifunctional sanitary ware, containers of different configurations and shower options is the secret of the success of the combined bathroom interior. Perhaps, in order to increase the space, you will have to put the washing machine in the corridor or in the kitchen, and replace the full bath with a “sit-down” version of the shower tray. Sometimes this is the most reasonable decision, especially when once a week the whole family go to a bath with a steam room or visit a pool with a sauna..

Are there any advantages to a combined bathroom

Each owner of a small bathroom and a narrow toilet who decides to merge them should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of combining them..

Dignity disadvantages
Increase in usable area.

More space for original plumbing.

The ability to install household appliances and furniture.

Wider design possibilities.

Pooling funds and efforts for repairs.

1 person occupies the entire bathroom.

Difficulty in the morning if there are more than 4 family members.

The need for permission to dismantle the partition.

Need a combined interior.

Have to queue up to use the bathroom and toilet.

Pictures with monkeys on the bathroom wall

The absence of a wall reduces the cost of surface finishing

Scented candles in the bathroom

Combining two rooms frees up space for accessories

The degree of transformation of the room and the choice of style

When there are babies in the family, the load on the bathroom increases, since they often have to wash and wash their clothes. And it is wrong when one bathes, the other goes to the toilet in full view of another family member, even if they are same-sex children. But sometimes you have to use certain tricks and fence off during hygiene procedures, when there is a joint bath with a toilet, in the design of which partitions are thought out.

Examples of projects of a bathroom combined with a toilet

The transformation of the bathroom should begin with a project that allows you to evaluate ergonomics, take into account all the details and correctly calculate the materials

Repair of a bathroom involves a different degree of transformation:

  • demolition of the partition at the combined bath and toilet with a new design;
  • replacement of pipes and plumbing;
  • DIY surface renovation;
  • high-quality transformation of the hygiene room with the involvement of specialists and designers.

Some of the work can be done independently, especially at the stage of dismantling and surface preparation. It is recommended to entrust the replacement of communications and the installation of new plumbing to specialists. Some of the cosmetic repairs are quite affordable to do on their own in order to significantly save.

Interior of the combined bathtub in brown

The comfortable bathroom has a well thought-out layout with functional areas and empty spaces for free movement

Corner shower cubicle with glass doors

A shower stall will reduce water consumption, which will help save money

The repair looks most impressive, where all the components are subordinated to a single stylistic solution. There are little-known and recognizable design styles for a bathroom with a toilet, but you need to choose what is closer in spirit and aesthetics:

  • urbanism (loft, high-tech);
  • neoclassicism;
  • eco-style;
  • ethnic directions (correspondence to a specific geographic point);
  • modern and postmodernism;
  • country (chalet, provence, Russian tower);
  • historical trends (Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, Empire);
  • expressionism;
  • avant-garde and futurism;
  • marine theme;
  • Art Deco;
  • minimalism (urban, Scandinavian, Japanese);
  • fusion and eclecticism.

The interior of the combined bathroom in the Art Nouveau style

Bathroom in modern style

unreal bathroom interior in bionic style

Bionic bathroom design

In some solutions, bright colors and contrasting combinations are appropriate. Others, such as neoclassicism in the interior of a small bathroom combined with a toilet, are characterized by pastel colors and smooth transitions. A spectacular design with stylistic reference can be ordered from specialists or done independently, inspired by ready-made illustrations.

Classic bathroom design

Making a combined bathroom in a classic style can cause some difficulties due to the specifics of the direction, but the sophisticated, aristocratic look is worth the effort.

For those who are not versed in the style of interiors, it is important to at least distinguish between classics and modern design, although partial eclecticism (mixing) with other directions is also possible. For sophisticated connoisseurs, it is important to maintain everything in a single design key..

For example, in the interior of a small bathtub, combined with a toilet, minimalism is appropriate, which has 2 of the most striking ethnic trends – Scandinavian and Japanese. They can be emphasized with finishing materials and accessories. Scandinavians prefer natural wood, white tiles and modern tanks of an original form. The Japanese prefer bamboo and stone, closeness to nature and flexible lines.

Scandinavian style toilet interior

Scandinavian style is characterized by laconic forms and natural textures

Combined bathroom in Japanese style

Japanese bathroom has simple shapes

A classic bathroom is made up of traditional materials, including marble and its imitation, containers of the usual shape. A light palette that does not exclude linear contrasts in the form of horizontal and vertical lines that expand the space, as well as mirrors. These are lighting fixtures resembling sconces and chandeliers in the form of candlesticks..

Modern design is suitable for any room, including renovation in Khrushchev, if you choose compact containers, shatterproof glass and chrome fittings. But the interior of the bathroom should overlap with the adjoining rooms, so as not to contrast in the atmosphere of the room. A suspended corner toilet and a multi-level sink can become a special highlight, and a panel of mirrors and broken tiles can be used for decoration..

Wall mural in the bathroom combined with a toilet

The bathroom should be pleasing to the eye, even if it is a tiny room.

Historical style is expensive decoration and luxury in everything. Many design options for a bathroom combined with a toilet hide the toilet bowl – the hygiene room looks more like a boudoir of a socialite. You can make an average design or refined, keeping in the spirit of Baroque, Rococo, Empire or palace style, as in the photo.

Latest design trends and original ideas for decorating combined bathrooms

Correct furnishing of a bathroom in the spirit of modernity presupposes compact models, most often equipped with mirrored or plastic doors. But you cannot diversify the design of a joint bath and toilet with cabinets that are not intended for rooms with high humidity. In specialized catalogs, a lot of bathroom furniture is offered, protected from moisture, even with an indication of the style. This is very convenient for those who intend to independently design a small combined bathroom..

Orange towel in the bathroom with a large mirror

A large mirror will expand the space

Place for a washing machine in a combined bathroom

Ergonomic solution for your washing machine

It is better to equip rooms of a small area with glass shelves and cabinets, but their location should be as safe as possible. If it is possible to use transparent plastic, this is even better, although it is less transparent. Glassy sinks, countertops for washbasins, shelves and hinged corners, made in a single key, look elegant.

If you want a creative design of a small bathroom with a toilet without stylistic reference, this is also a good option, but you will have to look for plumbing fixtures of an unusual shape and color. The classic trend is emphasized by a bath, bidet and toilet in marble, malachite or onyx. The modern trend is favorably set off by a jacuzzi with smart options and a toilet with bottom lighting. Original color diode lighting design is recommended.

Light green ceramic tiles on the bathroom wall

Bright colors create a cheerful atmosphere

Sink with rims in bathroom design

Bathroom design depends on the preferences of the apartment owners

We must not forget that aesthetics are secondary, the safety and functionality of the bathroom are the most important. You can make an extravagant glowing floor, but the finishing materials should not be slippery.

Red tile on the wall and floor of the bathroom with toilet

When equipping a combined bathroom, you need to think through every detail

Advice. Coming out of the bath with wet feet, it is better to stand on rough tiles with a stone effect than polished granite.

Bright lighting in a white bathroom

Lighting is an important part of the bathroom interior

Bathrooms are often damp, so make sure there is good ventilation, especially when there are misting mirrors and glass surfaces. They often have to wipe off condensation and water droplets..

Round mirror on the wall of the combined bathroom

In general, combining a bathroom and a toilet can be considered the best use of space.

The best examples of the interior of a small bathroom combined with a toilet, see our selection of photos. However, nothing prevents you from applying your own ideas and dreams..

Video on how to correctly plan a bathroom

50 photos of bathroom interior ideas combined with a toilet

Compact toilet bowl in white Wooden floor in the bathroom Narrow pencil case in the corner of the bathroom Indoor plants in the bathroom interior Bard towels on the bathroom wall Bathroom decoration with wood panels Triangular countertop washbasin Suspended toilet bowl rectangular Combined bathroom design in gray tones Built-in shelves in the combined bathroom Lilac towel on the side of an acrylic bathtub Gray tile in the design of the combined bathroom Bathroom decoration in oriental style Gray floor with matt surface Bathroom ceiling chandelier Moldings on blue bathroom walls Built-in furniture in the design of the combined bathroom Spotlights on the bathroom ceiling Classic style vanity unit with sink White acrylic corner bathtub Floral tile Large mirror in a bright bathroom Variegated ceramic mosaic floor Striped wallpaper in bathroom decoration Dark green natural stone floor surface Shower cubicle with mosaic finish Laminate on the floor of a spacious bathroom Stretch ceiling with a glossy surface Pop art bathroom design Curtains in the interior of the bathroom Pink color in the design of the bathroom Blue panels on the bathroom wall Loft-style bathroom decoration Modern bathroom design in dark color Bathroom interior with mirrored wall Rustic bathroom design Yellow stripes on the tiled floor White ceiling with built-in lights Yellow door in the interior of the combined bathroom Yellow accents in a modern bathroom Corner acrylic bathtub Dark tiles in an oriental bathroom Niche in the bathroom with built-in shelves Place for a washing machine in a small bathroom Wooden curtain rod for bathroom curtain Decorating the walls of the toilet with paintings Two small paintings on the bathroom wall Wicker basket on the toilet cistern Bright bathroom in eco style Black wall in the interior of the toilet

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