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Design of a room for a teenage girl in a modern style

The personal space of a rapidly growing child has to be renewed every 2-3 years, as tastes, needs and demands change. The design of a room for a teenage girl is gradually transforming from a nursery to a bedroom, with all the attributes of femininity and personal preferences. The decor is gradually changing, favorite toys “leave” the room one by one. If you know all the secrets, you can independently equip a teenage girl’s room in a modern style. But it is important to transform personal space, taking into account her tastes and preferences..

White walls in the room for a teenage girl

For a teenage girl, the interior of her room is a way of self-expression.

What is the difference between the furniture and decor of a teenager’s room?

Baby cots and sofas become small over time, the teenager’s legs rest against the sides and back. The time has come for a radical transformation of the interior of the girl’s room. For help or advice, they often turn to professional designers. Everything can be done competently and beautifully, given the important points.

Black and white drawing on the wall of a child's room for a girl

When choosing the design of a room, you will have to combine the wishes of the child, the laws of design and the knowledge of the parents into one whole

Bedspread with pink patterns on the bed of a teenage girl

It makes sense to immediately put a bed designed for an adult, so that later you do not have to change it

In the design of a room for a teenage girl from the age of 14, important principles of the design of children’s playrooms remain a priority:

  • safe and functional pieces of furniture;
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • textiles made from natural fibers or blended fabrics, where synthetics are mixed for practicality;
  • the decor corresponds to age characteristics, something is done by hand or reflects a girl’s hobby;
  • the color scheme is acceptable for perception, without overloading the psyche, with bright emotional accents;
  • zoning rules are followed so that everything you need is at hand;
  • sufficient lighting, including highlighting local areas;
  • the interior of a teenager’s room (girl or boy) is designed in the same style.

The child imperceptibly becomes a teenager and in some respects often surpasses the parents. The furniture in this room must withstand a solid load. High school students play pranks like children, and have the same body weight as adults, especially with a tendency to be overweight.

Interior of a modern room for a teenage girl

The table must be placed in the most lighted place, that is, by the window

Attention! Teenagers often try smoking in secret from their parents. The fire resistance of materials is no less important – upholstered furniture upholstered in non-flammable fabrics.

Mirror on the wardrobe door in a modern nursery

The cabinet should be roomy enough, preferably with mirrored doors

Playing and jumping on a bed net or sofa springs can break and injure teens. Most often this happens when two children of different ages are forced to share a common room. The interior of a room for a teenage girl has a much lower load, but the furniture must be reliable and safe..

Although less space is allocated to the playing area, it is imperative to leave free passages. The young daughter no longer rushes around the apartment with childish fervor, but with sudden movements it is easy to get injured by touching the sharp corners of furniture or interior items.

Age features and design of a nursery for a teenage girl

Adolescence is the most difficult and unpredictable age not only for parents, but also for the growing daughters themselves. Their interests are unstable, mood is changeable, desires are unpredictable. It is very difficult to please with finishing materials and decor when deciding what should be the design and renovation of a room for a teenage girl.

Brick wall in the interior of a children's room for a teenage girl

A teenager is a very picky creature that is extremely difficult to please.

Attention! Parents are obliged to listen to the wishes of their daughter, making some adjustments based on their capabilities. It is not so important what they want, it is important to know that the teenager categorically does not accept. You can give in on color or decor, but independently choose the quality of materials, texture and cost of decorating a teenager’s (girl’s) room.

White bedspread on the bed of a teenage girl

Surely in the girl’s head there is already some kind of idea about her room.

Psychologists have noticed that girls (over 13 years old) dream of revealing their individuality, which should be reflected in her room. The search for oneself is unexpectedly reflected in the decor. On the same shelf, at the request of a schoolgirl, they can adjoin:

  • favorite dolls and romance novels;
  • cosmetics and bead toys;
  • hair styling accessories and children’s drawings;
  • crosses and hearts;
  • paper flowers and pebble skulls.

After a couple of years, a lot is being filtered, the girl’s bedroom can be refurbished in a completely different way, more consciously for her daughter herself. It is important that after the repair and decoration of the room for the teenage girl, the child is quite happy..

White bed on the wooden floor in the nursery for a girl

The size of the room plays a key role in making the final decision. The larger the room, the more options for its design

White furniture in the children's room for a girl

In a small room, pastel colors will look good.

It’s good when you and your daughter have the opportunity to choose wallpaper, furniture, curtains and decor from a catalog or in a store. It is recommended to focus on illustrations of ready-made interiors of a nursery for a teenage girl in the style that is closest to the lifestyle, as in the photo.

What should be in a teenage girl’s room: practical solutions

The design of furniture and accessories for teenagers is more important than other selection criteria such as functionality, quality and sustainability. When consulting with the child, it is important to explain why it is worth choosing this or that model..

Most people like bunk furniture in the interiors of teenage girls’ rooms, so that the bed is above the wardrobe or work desk. They like to climb the ladder and go down the hill. But of the two furniture complexes, it is better to choose the one that combines several functions. This will help save more space in a small room..

Children's room design in the style of minimalism

One wall can be left free for the girl to think about the design herself based on her own preferences

Examples of multifunctional furniture for teens:

1. Computer desk with shelving Straight and angular models, stationery, papers, folders are placed on the shelves
2. Armchair-bed When assembled it takes no more than 1 square meter, when unfolded it is a comfortable sleeping plane
3. Folding sofa Straight and corner sofas with a transformation in 2-3 folds – a complete replacement of the bed
4. Poof-changer Ottoman and coffee table – “2 in 1”, some have a niche or hiding place inside
5. Loft bed Orthopedic mattress in a box on the 2nd tier of cabinet furniture (above the cabinet, working area)
6. Shelves and cabinets with forming sections By moving the horizontal and vertical planes, niches of the desired format are created

Bed in the nursery, built into the cabinet furniture

There should be plenty of storage space in the nursery.

Multifunctional cabinets with movable planes are a priority, as necessary it is convenient to form compartments for things of a certain size. Such furniture is multipurpose, its functionality varies as needed..

Stackable furniture is very convenient to use, it also helps to save free space:

  • nestable stools;
  • stackable plastic chairs;
  • folding boxes that form a collapsible chest of drawers (the blocks can be used as a seat or planes for unfolding large items).

The sofa bed is very comfortable upholstered furniture. But teenagers do not like to fiddle with laying them out, especially girls. The easier it is to fold and unfold the sleeping block, the more likely it is that the older student will not huddle with his legs tucked in, but fully sleep.

Arrangement of a bed in the room of a teenage girl

The sleeping area in the girl’s room must be arranged as comfortably as possible, because the girls on the bed not only sleep, but also watch movies while lying down and keep secret with their girlfriends

Advice. It is better to buy a folding sofa with your child. The sales floor consultant must oblige to show the layout, giving the opportunity to try out to buyers.

Gray furniture in a teenager's room

Someone, instead of bright slide modules, will prefer furniture in soothing shades, to match the wall decoration

In addition to the basic functions of a teenage room and the convenience of furniture in it, it is important to make sure that the whole environment works to preserve health. Desirable:

  • make floor heating systems;
  • consider the possibility of high-quality ventilation or ventilation of the room;
  • heating supply a relay for temperature detection, with the connection of additional heating, for example, from a split system or a heater with a sensor.

Good soundproofing will enable a girl with her friends to listen to music, laugh and joke loudly, without fear of eavesdropping or judging neighbors.

Interior of a nursery for a teenage girl in the style of an acting dressing room

Room decoration for the future actress

A thoughtful design of a room for teenage girls in a modern style is unthinkable without mirrors. At this age, growing up daughters spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, experimenting with fashionable images and their own image..

If your daughter has handicraft skills, loves to make something from beads, paper or a rag, she needs a comfortable workplace for a hobby.

Room zoning and lighting

We can say that the room of a senior schoolgirl is a mini-house, where many functional areas are combined on several square meters:

  • a place for rest and good sleep;
  • a guest area with several comfortable seats in front of a TV or computer;
  • desktop for a computer or laptop;
  • racks or shelves for small items, textbooks and folders;
  • a place for handicrafts or hobbies;
  • sports corner (can be taken out to the insulated balcony);
  • wardrobe or wardrobe with a small fitting room and a mirror;
  • cosmetic or dressing table (console with mirror, dressing table).

It is better to put furniture in such a way as to organize the division into functional zones – this will save space. This arrangement is most justified in the interior of a teenage room for a girl in a modern style. The table top can be replaced by an extended window sill.

Interior of a teenage girl's room in pale purple color

Ideally, the room should have three areas: for study, for relaxation and for wakefulness.

Advice. Do not forget about good lighting, so as not to spoil the child’s eyesight. In order not to strain when reading while doing homework, in the work area you need a table lamp or a sconce that can be turned on with an outstretched hand..

Wallpaper under a brick in the children's room of a teenage girl

The room should have overhead lighting, bedside lighting and good light on the desktop

Teenagers love what glows, glitters and sparkles. Well thought out design of a room for a teenage girl in a modern style on 12 sq.m. (or more) is:

  • ceiling chandelier for general lighting;
  • highlighting of local zones;
  • spot diodes and diode strip as elements of lighting design;
  • practical lamps (floor lamp, wall sconce, table lamp).

In the modern interior of a teenage room for a growing girl, a designer approach to lighting is appropriate. Your daughter will appreciate the effect of the starry sky above the bed or the glowing path on the floor that turns on when you step on the glass tiles..

Workplace in a teenage girl's room

Planning a room for a teenage girl, don’t forget to make room for creativity

It is best to choose the color of the walls or the background of the teenage bedroom with the lighting in mind. On the north side, there is a lack of sunshine, which is compensated by yellow, peach and orange hues. Choose translucent curtains. The southern windows are covered with blackout curtains of cold shades filtering light, the color of the walls is appropriate. On the west and east sides of the house, neutral tones are chosen; multi-layer curtains of the original design are suitable.

Ceiling with stucco molding in the children's room for a teenager

Interesting ceiling decoration in the children’s room

What styles will suit a teenage girl’s room?

The chosen style should not contrast sharply with the overall design of the apartment. But this decision can be more daring if it reflects the character and lifestyle of the girl as much as possible..

  1. Country style is more suitable for a family nostalgic after moving to a big city.
  2. Provence – French elegance and rustic spirit, suitable for romantic natures.
  3. Shabby chic and boho – for lovers of hand-knitted fabrics and extravagant sewing.
  4. Informal urban style New York – for daring lovers of urban “stone jungle”.
  5. The decorative style of Paris design is similar to it – for young women of fashion, with its indispensable attributes of the Eiffel Tower.
  6. Neoclassicism is universal in that its canons remain unchanged in any fashionable fad..
  7. Modernity of the early twentieth century is often confused with the aggregate modern style (because of the name), but each has its own recognizable features, although postmodernism is most appropriate for girls.
  8. Urban loft and ultra-modern high-tech are the styles most revered by teenagers, but not all girls are ready to see an excess of plastic and metal in their room..
  9. Although minimalism is popular, it rarely “takes root” in the mentality and design of a room for a teenage girl..

Design of a children's room for a teenage girl in the French style

French style is suitable for a romantic and dreamy nature

Chairs with contrasting trim in the children's room

Relaxed and simple, but with many colorful decorations, the New York style will appeal to a young fashionista

The choice of stylistic directions is much wider, but it is he who dictates the choice of finishing materials, colors and other subtleties of interior design. It is necessary to take into account the interests and age characteristics of the adolescent. Do not be surprised or horrified if a romantic bedroom during your vacation turns into a “vampire’s den” in a Gothic style. Hobbies for subcultures go away rather quickly, if you do not dwell on this choice, causing even more protest from little rebellious.

Easel in the room of a teenage girl

Room decoration for a young artist

Recommendations of specialists for the repair of a teenager’s room

Some parents find it difficult to decide on a radical transformation of the children’s room, they do not know where to start. But time is running inexorably, children grow up, you have to where to start. The best time is to make a renovation with a new room decor for a teenage girl as a birthday present or for the start of the school year.

Step 1. We decide on the color palette of the interior, taking into account the personal wishes of the daughter and the degree of illumination of the room. Taste preferences should be in harmony with the style of the interior and not strain your eyes. The dimensions of the nursery and the amount of furniture are taken into account. The optimal solution – white walls and ceilings, as well as a classic floor with a wood texture, this is the best background for any setting.

Red curtain in the interior of a white room for a teenage girl

Color palette option for the lover of bright accents

Step 2. The choice of style, taking into account the age, interests and lifestyle of the teenage girl.

Step 3. Distribution of space for zoning and arrangement of the main zones – for sleep and rest. This is the most romantically decorated place in a girl’s bedroom, where it is good to relax, read, communicate on social networks, dream and make plans for the future..

Bed for a teenage girl in the attic of a private house

Romantic bedroom in the attic

Step 4. Arrangement of the workplace. It is best to arrange by the window so that there is plenty of daylight. There should be shelves and light shelving next to the computer desk that can be used as a partition for zoning. Separate the hobby area and “display” shelves or “achievement stand”.

Step 5. Guest area or place of joint recreation. It is better to highlight a separate corner or put upholstered furniture on an island in the center of the room. A folding multi-seater sofa or couch, armchairs, ottomans and benches are suitable. You can’t do without a coffee table and TV (monitor, an aquarium as an alternative). This option is also suitable for a living room combined with a teenager’s room..

Hanging chair in the room for undergrowth 14 years

If space permits, you can hang the original chair

Step 6. We choose a place for the wardrobe, if the room is small, it will have to be taken out of it. You can solve the problem with a built-in wardrobe with sliding mirrored doors. The minimum option is a chest of drawers and a large mirror above it, and take a wardrobe and a niche for outerwear and shoes into the hallway.

Step 7. Sports corner, if there is room left. It is recommended to limit yourself to compact portable exercise equipment that can be laid out in the center of the room and put away after use in the closet.

Slate board in the design of a room for a teenager

Interior of a room with a small sports corner

Step 8. Decorating a room for a teenage girl after completing important design elements, furniture and renovations. It’s good when there is a place for independent creativity – do it yourself part.

There are peculiarities in organizing a teenage room for two daughters and children of different ages. The main thing is that everyone should have their own personal space and decor that matches tastes, interests and age characteristics. More ideas – in our photo gallery.

Video: a dream room for a young fashionista

Photos of stylish rooms for teenage girls

Open raspberry-colored shelves on the wall of the children's room Bed without a frame in the interior of the nursery Vintage armchair in the children's room Red armchair in a white nursery with sloping walls Lounge sofas in the attic room Drawers under the bed by the window Wooden floor in a classic style nursery Yellow pillows on the bed of a teenage girl Curtains with lace patterns on the window of the children's room Swivel chair in the children's room Zoning a children's room with curtains Interior of a spacious children's room Storage system under the windows in the children's room White bed for a teenage girl with bright drawings on the blanket Workplace design with custom shelves Glass decorations in the interior of a girl's room Yellow color in the design of the children's room Loft lettering wall Glass chandelier on the ceiling of the children's bedroom Design project of a children's bedroom in the attic Notes of Paris in the interior of a room for a girl Cozy room for a girl over 12 years old Bookshelves above the work table Zoning a children's room using a podium Hanging chair in the interior of a room for a teenager Young ballerina's room interior Red color in the decoration of the bedroom for a teenage girl Pink walls with a transition to the ceiling in the children's room Lilac walls in the room for a teenage girl Peacock tail headboard Decorating a white room for a child over 13 years old Heap of decorative pillows on the sofa in the nursery Lilac bed for a teenage girl Decorating the wall with framed nursery photos Square shelf on a brick wall Hanging wicker chair in the nursery on the second floor Multi-colored shades on a chandelier in the children's room Children's room with a balcony The original design of a modern children's room Nursery interior in beige colors Cabinet furniture in retro style White bed in a blue nursery Mirrors on the wardrobe doors Interior design of a nursery in a modern style Shades of lilac color in the interior of the nursery Green in the design of a living room White sofa in the children's room Shades of pink in the design of a girl's bedroom Decorating the ceiling with multi-colored fabrics Do-it-yourself headboard lighting

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