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Brick wallpaper in a modern interior

Imitation cannot be better than the original, but not when it comes to brick-like wallpaper in the interior. Pasting a wall with roll materials is less costly, repairs are made in 1-2 days, and a thin layer of finishing does not take away part of the usable area, like natural masonry. Visually textured wallpaper is no different from a brick wall. But the choice of color and pattern of the masonry is much greater. Professional interior designers will share their secrets on how to create a stylish harmonious interior.

Black floor lamp on the background of wallpaper with brickwork

Nowadays, imitation of brickwork is characteristic of democratic interior styles.

Why choose an imitation brick wall in a modern interior?

Various options for imitation of brickwork are a favorite way of creating an accent wall among eminent designers working in the styles of loft, hi-tech, fusion, country, minimalism. But even this list of such conceptually different styles does not limit the possibilities of using this wall cladding. Anyone who wants to create an inimitable author’s interior can use this technique – it will turn out as in the photo.

Imitation brick wall with vinyl wallpaper

Not everyone can afford to lay out a real brick wall, and creating an imitation using wallpaper is available to everyone

Loft-style bedroom with brick wallpaper

Certain interior styles simply cannot do without brickwork.

The brick wall is surprisingly eye-catching, although to some it seems “bare” or “rough.” But this “unfinished” cladding has a mass of adherents. The massive release of wallpaper with a similar imitation, known since post-Soviet times, greatly facilitated the repair..

Wall-paper “under masonry”, which were in use about 15-20 years ago, did not differ in variety and quality. On sale were red-brown rolls with and without ivy sprigs. Modern imitation bricks have undergone a serious design revision to maximize the range.

Important! The decorative properties of the surface after wallpapering can be much higher than the masonry itself. Therefore, if you have a real brick wall that does not suit purely aesthetically, starting plaster and wallpapering with a more suitable design is enough..

Earlier, when the design concept assumed a real brick wall, a real master of his craft was required, who worked with bricks. Today, you do not need to own construction skills, it is enough to have a little experience in wallpapering walls. The visual effect can be achieved when light plasterboard partitions are made when zoning – “brick” wallpaper creates the feeling of a real wall, like a photo example.

Retro style interior with imitation of old brickwork

Lightweight frame partition with brick-like wallpaper

Gray and Black Brick Wallpaper

Brick wallpaper is used to decorate a wide variety of rooms.

A solid or fragmentary brick wall is a subconscious feeling of reliability, stability, security. Somewhere inside, everyone feels that “my home is my fortress”, regardless of whether it is a cottage, a summer residence or an apartment. This was laid down in childhood – from a fairy tale about three pigs. A spectacular way to expressiveness or creatively zone a large room in any setting – wallpaper “brick wall” in the interior.

Where brick wallpaper is used

Finding wallpaper for decoration is much easier than finding a suitable brick. Not everyone knows that it can be different:

  • white (silicate) and red (clay terracotta);
  • construction and refractory;
  • facing and decorative;
  • textured and shaped;
  • dense (hyper-pressed) and porous;
  • smooth and broken (or torn);
  • single, one and a half and double.

Imitation will not feel cold when touched, so they are preferable to bricks in any living room, even in a nursery. All types of textures are reflected in the pattern of facing rolls, including different colors of bricks – from white to black, as in the photo.

White wall with brick wallpaper in the interior of the living room

Imitation of a white brick wall in a classic style living room

Wooden bench on the background of wallpaper under a red brick

Red brick wallpaper looks good with the appropriate attributes – a fireplace, aged wood or suitable furniture

Depending on the style of the interior and the functionality of the room, it is possible to choose an imitation of masonry to your taste. For example, “whitewashed brick” wallpaper is often chosen for an urban bedroom, and a rough wall made of red or colored building materials for the kitchen. Any non-standard interior option with brick-like wallpaper is appropriate in the hallway. In the living room, you need to carefully select wallpapers that resemble decorative masonry so that it looks organic.

Wall with photo wallpaper for brickwork in the living room of a private house

Realistic wallpaper in an industrial style living room

Kitchen apron from wallpaper with imitation brick

Vinyl waterproof wallpaper can be used to decorate the kitchen backsplash

Brick-like paper wallpaper “breathes”, providing air circulation with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. But coated with a colorless varnish, laminated surfaces are easy to wash and clean from the fatty suspension formed during cooking. Therefore, “washable” wallpaper is preferable in the room where food is prepared:

  • in the kitchen;
  • in the dining room;
  • in the living room combined with the kitchen;
  • the attached area of ​​the loggia;
  • studio apartment.

Wallpaper does not burden the building, so they are preferable in frame buildings and small country houses on unstable soils. If the house is still shrinking, it is partially built, and you already have to live in it, then you can use non-woven rolls, not paper rolls.

Bedroom interior with bricks on the wallpaper

Wallpaper with blue brickwork in the bedroom of a young family

Those who like to experiment with the design of living space are advised to try the interior with paintable brick wallpaper. You can often change the color of the walls, but it is better to start with white or sand, gradually adding a darker shade..

Brick wallpaper in the design of a children's room

The image of white brick is perfect for a child’s room.

Imitation of a shabby brick wall using paper wallpaper

Modern living room with snow-white furniture on the background of a brutal brick wall

Imitation will decorate not only the house, but also the premises for your own business – a hairdresser, a small cafe or a bar. This finish is no different from a real brick wall, with the exception of significant savings in finishing. Moisture-resistant rolls can be used to finish any auxiliary room without good heating:

  • halls;
  • pantries;
  • corridors;
  • hallways with doors directly to the street;
  • recreation with stairs;
  • bathrooms.

Therefore, if you really like such a coating, there is an opportunity to choose a different color and texture – each room has its own “brick” wallpaper. All of them are available in price and method of pasting, although they differ in cost due to a different base and coating..

Black table lamp on bedside table in bedroom with brick wallpaper

The most effective are textured coatings with a rough top layer.

Brown sofa on the background of a black wall with wallpaper for brickwork

Spectacular wall with black bricks

Clock without numbers on the dial in the interior of the kitchen

In the kitchen, brick wallpaper can be used to highlight the dining area.

A brick wall is in perfect harmony with any hearth, be it a Russian stove or a fireplace – it all depends on the design style. Another brick wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen is an excellent decor in the apron area and food storage areas.

Advantages of wall decoration with brick wallpaper

Choosing between natural building materials or finishing materials, everyone knows that the present is better than imitation. But in relation to brick and brick wallpaper, rather, an exception to the rule is triggered. Based on the above, the advantages of roll materials are obvious, but there are also other “pluses” that were not mentioned..

Cream-colored sofa in front of a brick wall

Modern technologies allow you to make very realistic wallpapers with a volume effect.

1. Minimum load Architectural norms imply control of the load on the foundation, and the weight of roll finishing is minimal, relative to any masonry from building materials.
2. Room redesign without problems When reconstructing or redeveloping a room for the construction of a heavy brick wall, permission from the city authorities will be required; for a light plasterboard partition faced with “brick” wallpaper, it will not be needed.
3. Ease of operation Laying walls requires the skill of working with bricks and hiring specialists, and even beginners who carefully read the instructions can cope with wallpapering the walls..
4. Fast repair The time spent on laying bricks and observing technical standards is much higher than wallpaper cladding.
5. No condensation When the room temperature drops sharply, the bricks “freeze”, forming condensation, which does not occur on paper rolls.
6. No restrictions The construction of a brick wall can be limited by the size of the room and the weak supports of the building, which is not important when working with wallpaper.
7. Decorating Aesthetically, the choice is not limited by anything, large catalogs often indicate the style of interiors, decorate rounded walls and smoothed corners.
eight. The ability to hide defects For a neat geometric pattern, a smooth wall is needed, but a pattern for a rough masonry will easily hide all wall defects, and protruding bumps or chorbs will give the rolls realism.

Wooden frames near the wall with black brick wallpaper

Sticking wallpaper under a brick is no different from working with ordinary wallpaper and you must also take care of them

Original interior solutions

The imitation of a brick wall has recently been used only for public spaces and the decoration of ancillary spaces. Today, such wallpapers are applicable not only for kitchens and bathrooms, hallways and corridors, but also for living rooms. At the same time, we can safely say that such decor can claim to be the basis of the design concept. Stylish solutions with a “bare” texture of “brickwork” wallpaper will add variety to any interior.

Whimsical red armchair on brick wall background

When choosing a color scheme, take into account the surrounding finish, the size of the room and the lighting of the room.

Hallway with white brick walls

For a narrow corridor, light shades are preferable.

Experts say that it is not necessary to paste over wallpaper in a brick in the interior of the kitchen – it will “ripple” and bring some kind of coldness. This is a great decor for one work wall or cooking area when it is a studio apartment’s dining room. Where people eat, it’s better to do something different, such as wall painting, wall murals, and broken tile mosaics. If the wallpaper itself is very bright, it can be shaded by painting the rest of the walls or decorative plaster, opened with colorless varnish – it will be easier to wash.

In the kitchen, not only a brick wall will look great, but also inserts in the form of an apron near the stove and work surface. By the way, it is better to take not paper washable wallpaper, but a textured version of fiberglass for painting, which is distinguished by fire resistance. You can even make some kind of graffiti-style inscription if there is little decor in the room..

Dining area in the Mediterranean style kitchen

For a Mediterranean-style interior, you need to add bright accents

Snow-white living room interior in a Scandinavian style

White wallpaper with brickwork will expand the living room in a Scandinavian style

Use “brutal” gray brick wallpaper in the kitchen interior in the loft and high-tech style. They are in perfect harmony with chrome furniture fittings and a bar counter. For a classic design and a Provencal style kitchen, it is better to take an imitation of whitewashed bricks. But the best photo wallpaper “brick wall” with upholstered plaster.

An experimental game is acceptable in the living room – choose any texture, color and size of the brick. It all depends on what kind of furniture will be, the style of the interior and the color of the equipment. Large plasma panel looks great on an accent brick wall.

An excellent design technique is an imitation of a fireplace against the background of a brick wall. If the room has a real fireplace, then it is better to take a real refractory brick. For decor in the electric fireplace area, you can limit yourself to wallpaper, but take measures so that they do not heat up.

Chandelier with black shades on the ceiling of a modern living room

Decorating with wallpaper the portal of a decorative fireplace

Dark floor in the hallway with white walls

Light bricks in the interior of the hallway

All design options are possible in the hallway – a room that is traditionally associated with interiors with brick wallpaper. If the design is created “from scratch” or without reference to style and decor, then you can build on the range of wall coverings. Everything else, except for interior doors, if they already exist, should be in harmony with imitation of masonry.

In the bedroom, the “brick” is not used as often as in the above premises. Nevertheless, it will be organically perceived in an urbanistic or minimalist interior – for decorating a wall at the head of the bed. The same advice applies in one-room apartments, where a large folding sofa is used for sleeping..

Living room in gothic style in dark colors

The heavy interior of the Gothic style will be diluted with glass objects

Bright bedspread in a bedroom with white walls

Bright bedroom in the style of minimalism

This design technique is used to decorate a work area at a computer, for zoning a study or work space, in a dressing room or a play area in a children’s room equipped with sports equipment. See good examples in our photo gallery.

Video on how to make imitation of brickwork from putty

Photo: brick wallpaper in the interior of various styles

White brick wall in the interior of the living room of a city apartment Imitation of brickwork using non-woven wallpaper Making the opening between the windows with brick wallpaper Design of an elongated hallway of a country house Living room design with brick wall in the interior Shabby brick in the interior of the living room Decorating the wall above the headboard with brick wallpaper Brick in the interior of the bedroom Design of a living room of a private house with imitation of brickwork Original coffee table on wood-like laminate Bedroom design in shades of gray Decorating the wall behind the sofa with paper wallpaper Highlighting an accent wall with vinyl wallpaper for a brick Brickwork in the interior of the bedroom Black wood beams in a white living room Brick wall decoration in the dining area of ​​the kitchen Dining table for the whole family on a brickwork background Brick wallpaper in the interior of a children's room Leather furniture with black upholstery in the living room of a private house Red sofa on a brickwork background Black armchair and brickwork Shabby brick wall in modern living room design Gray living room interior with sofa Paper wallpaper with imitation brickwork Wall with wallpaper imitating brickwork Brick wall decor with original items Decorating niches in the wall with brick wallpaper Book shelves in the living room interior Decoration of the dining area in the kitchen of a private house Brick walls in a modern interior Retro armchairs on brick wall background Vinyl brick wallpaper on the living room wall Realistic photomurals with imitation of brickwork Bedroom design in vintage style White kitchen living room with brick wall Crimson armchair in a dark bedroom Washable brick wallpaper in the design of the living room White brick in the interior of the living room Vase with natural flowers against a white wall Guitars on the wall in a teenager's room Brick accent in the interior of a white kitchen Brickwork in kitchen decoration Kitchen-living room with imitation brickwork Brick wallpaper in the bathroom Wall in the hallway with brick wallpaper Green table in the dining area Yellow furniture on the background of brick walls Wood in the interior of the living room of a private house Black chandelier in the living room design Living room with panoramic windows in a country house

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