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How to choose the right style for your kitchen design

The kitchen is where the family spends a lot of time eating. Therefore, when designing this room, it is necessary to take care not only of a visually comfortable space, but also to make it as convenient and ergonomic as possible. You can use completely different styles for this. Each of them is characterized by its own characteristics and creates an individual space, which should differ in certain features..

Kitchen interior style.

Every element in interior design must match style.

It is important to remember that there are no details in design. Each element must correspond strictly to the style so that the room has a harmoniously single space. Each style is characterized by:

  • finishing the floor and ceiling;
  • ways of decorating walls;
  • furniture;
  • textile elements;
  • lighting method;
  • color range;
  • decor elements.

The whole set of the above parameters should form one whole, harmonious room.

Style in the kitchen.

Before you start decorating the kitchen after renovation, you need to choose the appropriate style.

What style to choose for the kitchen

Before you start decorating the kitchen interior, you should choose a certain style..

There are certain subtleties in the choice that must be taken into account. Here are the styles that can be found in the interior of the kitchen and how they can be implemented, presented below..

kitchen minimalism.

A minimalist style headset is suitable for a small kitchen..

Styles saturated with a large variety of small elements are not suitable for small areas of the kitchen. In this case, you should not use the classic style, country and provence. It is advisable to give preference to modern solutions bordering on minimalism.

Whereas for a kitchen with a large area, you can choose absolutely any style solution..

Large kitchen interior.

Interior design of a large kitchen.

Popular interior styles for kitchen furnishings

If we talk about what is currently in trend, then from the classic styles these are Provence, Swiss or Alpine chalets, country.

Fashionable kitchen styles.

Today, Provence, Swiss or Alpine chalet, country styles are considered fashionable..

Modern kitchen styles are quite popular. It is worth giving preference to high-tech and loft directions. But, in addition to fashion trends, you need to pay attention to the specifics of the room itself and to the style solution of the whole house..

what style to choose for the kitchen.

in addition to fashion trends, the design of the kitchen should be combined with the general interior of the apartment.

Classic style

The classic style is characterized by the following features:

  • it is advisable to decorate the floor with tiles that imitate natural stone;
  • walls for large areas can be finished with Venetian plaster, for small areas – wallpaper with decor;
  • furniture should have classic facades with milling elements and possibly inlay;
  • textile trim should be made of rich fabrics that imitate brocade;
  • color palette in calm restrained shades of brown, red, dark green, light green, beige, milky;
  • the materials used should be as natural as possible and visually perceived as expensive.

This interior option is suitable for both large and medium-sized rooms. But the classics are hard to implement for small rooms..

Classic kitchen design.

Classic style kitchen.

Modern style

Modernity was born at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is quite versatile and has different design options. But still the main features are:

  • an abundance of wooden elements with textured transitions in the form of milling;
  • the contours of all products should be smooth and form soft outlines;
  • on the walls, it is desirable to have an ornament in the form of exotic flowers and intertwining branches, as well as insects – butterflies and dragonflies;
  • the use of glass in the decor can make the style more expressive;
  • to visually expand the space, glossy and polished surfaces are used, as well as transparent and translucent materials;
  • the amount of textiles used should be small;
  • it is desirable that the window openings are large;
  • mosaic, stained-glass windows, overhead metal decorative elements in the form of openwork forged grids – a distinctive feature of Art Nouveau;
  • the color palette should be close to the natural color scheme – milky, beige, brown, terracotta, soft yellow and green colors – the best option for the Art Nouveau style.

Modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen design.

Hi-tech style

Hi-tech is one of the modern styles that manifests minimalism in its design as much as possible. Here is a description of the interior element in this case:

  • the materials used should be emphasized synthetic – plastic, glass, plexiglass, metal, both matte and glossy;
  • contours should be linear, strict geometry should be in everything;
  • complex multi-level lighting is welcome;
  • the minimum number of decorative elements;
  • the main motto of such a space is laconicism, minimalism, functionality.

High-tech kitchen.

High-tech kitchen.

Country Style

Country music creates a fairly comfortable and cozy space in the kitchen. In order for the room to match the style, it is necessary:

  • floor covering with ceramic tiles imitating wood or with imitation of clay shards;
  • use simple paper wallpaper with floral ornaments on the walls;
  • the textile decoration of the room should be quite intense and represent curtains with ruffles and lambrequins, numerous pillows decorated with ribbons and floral ornaments;
  • all materials used must be natural and environmentally friendly – stone, wood, linen, cotton, paper.

Country cuisine.

Country style kitchen with an island.

Country style in Russian

Country in Russian, in other words, is also called a rustic style. The basics of its design are similar to the usual country style. But there are some peculiarities:

  • the use of more wooden elements – for example, wall cladding, various utensils decorated with ornamental compositions;
  • textiles made of coarse twill or dense flax, having the color of a plain unbleached linen or plain cage.

Russian cuisine.

Country kitchen design in Russian.

Style French Provence

French Provence is quite original, but it should be realized exclusively in an apartment that has a large area and a spacious kitchen. This French finish is characterized by:

  • a calm color palette with a gravitation towards milky and light beige tones in combination with pastels – pink, yellow, red, pistachio, blue and lilac;
  • an abundance of ornaments, both on the walls and on textiles;
  • the pattern should be small flowers, branches, birds and insects;
  • the number of decorative elements is quite large, which significantly hides the space – therefore, this design is preferable only for spacious rooms.

Provence kitchen.

French Provence style kitchen.

Alpine chalet style

Alpine chalet is another of the options for country style, characterized by its own specifics:

  • the maximum number of wooden elements, both on the walls and floor, and on the ceiling;
  • the obligatory presence of ceiling wooden beams;
  • the use of exclusively natural environmentally friendly materials that emphasize the naturalness of the style;
  • the color range is limited to exclusively natural colors – shades of milky, beige, brown and natural green.

Alpine chalet kitchen.

Alpine chalet style kitchen design.

Loft style

Loft – this style has recently gained quite a lot of popularity. But to make it as real as possible is easiest in rooms that were originally intended for industrial buildings. Here you should put on display everything that is customary to hide in all other options – pipes, exposed brick and concrete not plastered walls.

loft kitchen.

Design of a spacious loft-style kitchen.

An important point is that in order to make a loft-style kitchen, you will have to invest enough financial resources in it. This is due to the fact that interior elements should be non-standard, and designer to form such a space.

Loft style in the kitchen.

Loft-style kitchen decoration.

It is worth considering that life in such a room may not seem comfortable to everyone..

Style Japanese minimalism

Japanese minimalism is characterized by the minimum number of elements introduced into the room. But they should be as functional as possible. This is a certain difficulty, since it is not always possible to find a suitable kitchen set and dining furniture..

Japanese in the kitchen.

Japanese minimalist kitchen.

The color scheme also tends to have a minimal amount of colors that are muted shades of browns and beige whites. Small in area bright color accents in green and red-burgundy colors are allowed.

What you need to remember when choosing an interior for a kitchen

Before you implement a certain style in a room, you should consider:

  • small areas of the room allow you to use minimalistic finishes;
  • the most expensive will be – loft, high-tech, modern, classic;
  • for the Scandinavian style, large windows will be required in order to let in the maximum luminous flux into the room;
  • in modern styles, you will have to organize multi-level lighting.

Expensive kitchen styles.

The most expensive styles for the kitchen are considered – loft, high-tech, modern, classic.

How to choose a kitchen style according to its size

For a small room, choose the finishing option that does not require a large number of elements and complex shapes. It is also worth using the lightest colors possible – they will visually expand the space. Sand and shiny smooth surfaces will also affect the perception..

Kitchen interier.

Interior design of a small kitchen.

If the room is large, then there are no restrictions on the choice of design – it all depends on individual preferences.

How to choose a kitchen style depending on the age of its owners

Types of kitchen decoration and design implementation depend not only on preferences and financial capabilities, but also on the age group to which the owners of the premises belong..

If the room belongs to young people, then you can experiment with it, choose and implement all the latest technological developments..

High-tech kitchen.

High-tech kitchen interior design in beige tones.

For older people, you should use the most cozy and comfortable options. These are chalets, provence, country, rustic. They will not annoy and depress, causing depression..

Stylish designs

Before putting your ideas into practice, it is advisable to get acquainted with the opinions of family members and come to a single option. The kitchen is a common place, so everyone should be comfortable here..

So, for a private house, you can try to implement a classic, loft or high-tech style..

Rustic cuisine.

Rustic kitchen interior.

Suitable for standard-sized kitchens – Provence, shabby chic, chalet.

For small kitchens, an example of which can be seen in Khrushchevs, minimalism, Scandinavian, Japanese will look beautiful.

Design Tips & Tricks

Choosing in what style you can make a kitchen, you should rely not on fashion trends, but on your own taste and preferences. If a person is a follower of traditions, then for him the style should be timeless. Better to use traditional methods and classic variations.

Kitchen Design.

Mediterranean style kitchen.

For those who like to experiment, you can use the most non-standard combinations and trendy novelties..

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