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How to design a living room in a classic style

Increasingly, people began to turn to specialists in the field of design in order to get a unique and beautiful design for their apartments and houses. Modern trends in interior fashion are often expressed by extraordinary solutions. The hall is one of the main rooms in which people receive guests, dine at a wide table, and also just spend time in a warm circle of family. The interior of the living room in a classic style has become less and less in demand. And in vain, because aristocratic England or mysterious Egypt is able to fully settle in a spacious city apartment. Classic style gets new formats.

White living room in a classic style

The interior of the living room in a classic style will create a cozy atmosphere and emphasize the great taste of the home owners

Common features

The main characteristic features inherent in the classics are the flashy richness of the decoration and, of course, the special features inherent in each direction. This type of registration is subdivided according to the countries of origin..

Bright living room with white walls

The classic design is perfectly suited to white, which makes the room light and spacious.

In addition to those voiced earlier, the classics can be:

  • Roman;
  • gothic;
  • Greek;
  • Romanesque;
  • baroque;
  • Renaissance;
  • rococo;
  • empire style;
  • modern classic.

Such an extensive list hides its own characteristics and features of each direction. Some are similar, others are radically different from the first. But they have something in common. They are united by the presence of white color, which is an indicator of purity. For example, “Baroque” has milky shades of furniture, walls and ceilings, the “Renaissance” is characterized by a yellowish-white finish, expressed by facades with golden frames. Even “Gothic” is not an exception. Its elements are also made in white shades, allowing the observer to indicate his belonging to the ageless classics..

Beige wall decoration in a classic living room

Soft beige color adds coziness and warmth to the living room

The design of the living room in a classic style fits perfectly into such a room. Rich decoration, royal, aristocratic attributes find widespread use here. Your guests will appreciate the ambiguity of the spacious hall with Greek columns that are the majestic pillar of the arched opening.

Country houses, the halls of which are decorated in Roman or Greek style, do not leave indifferent the owners. Large, spacious rooms allow you to organize the interior decoration, fully expressing the features of these areas. The presence of a balcony or bay window in the hall will add the required chic.

Lilac curtains in the interior of a classic living room

Pastel shades of purple – lilac, lilac and lavender look cute and sophisticated

The widespread use of expensive finishing materials has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere of the room. Noble wood, ceramic tiles, natural stone, combined with expensive textiles are obvious attributes of any type of classic.

The combination of jewelry borrowed from different species is able to bring neoclassicism to life. Wide window openings provide bright light. Gold-plated patterns on the wallpaper of the walls, reflecting highlights in the sun. Richly embroidered upholstered furniture, crowned with light graceful folds, will add eccentricity. Expensive, luxurious curtains, descending from the ceiling to the floor itself, surrounded by magnificent grabs, will save you from bright light. High light colonnades holding the bay window from the inside of the room, made in the best traditions of the Greek and Roman descendants of architects, will ideally highlight the belonging of such a design..

Living room with gray walls and ceiling

Gray is not often found in classic interiors, but it looks quite impressive.

Interior of a classic living room in a private house

All shades of brown are closest to the classic style.

Correctly arranged decorative lighting will decorate the columns several times. Monolithic statues characteristic of the Roman type will organically fit into the space of the hall.

The gothic sharp vaults of the windows will find unique uses here. Stained glass windows will add some charm and uniqueness to the interior decoration. The “Gothic” ceiling is made in the same way with sharp corners. Elongated shapes, pointed objects, dark tones of color shades – these are the main properties that are inherent in “Gothic”.

Furniture and accessories

The following can serve as accessories of the classic style, depending on its type:

  1. Beautiful chandelier, handpicked from wrought metal, hung with Bohemian crystal.
  2. The same colors of different elements of the interior decoration. All kinds of glasses, pillows, watch cases, book bindings. The same shade of color is chosen, which is repeated by each piece of furniture.
  3. Carved furniture fronts: a bed, a separate mirror, mannered armchairs, a harmoniously hung curtain right behind the berth.
  4. Fireplace, which is decorated on top with an interesting composition of architectural forms inherent in ancient Greece. White pilasters that adorn the arches of the fireplace will become an eye-catching accent in the living room..
  5. Stylistic paintings of English hunters of the last century, captured together with pedigree dogs, against the background of a killed trophy.
  6. Elements of gilding of various accessories of the decoration. Furniture parts, paintings, chandeliers acquire a rich look.
  7. Illuminated wall niches with beautifully bound books.
  8. A wide arch framed by Greek Ionic columns will create a stunning effect.

Upholstered armchair in the hall of classical design style

Furniture items can be massive or sophisticated, but always graceful

Classic living room interior with blue walls

Suitable for upholstery in silk, cotton or satin in discreet tones

Classic style living room decoration

Classics require expensive and beautiful decor items

Classic styles have extensive embellishment and decoration possibilities. Thanks to the historical origin, the emerging foundations, as well as the mannerism of each, a lot of possible elements appear that complement the decoration. With correctly installed lighting, highlighting the most worthy places in the room, you will plunge into the past, get acquainted with its laws, feel its atmosphere.


This type of hall decoration has absorbed all the advantages of the past and modern times. The austere, graceful furniture elements of the interior are ideally combined with modern color shades. The table and chairs of the aristocratic class coexist with strange paintings of abstractionism. The decorated room of strictly light colors, filled with chic armchairs made of smooth textiles, is in tune with the fireplace, laid out with stylish masonry “Loft”. The combination is not compatible.

Bright living room in neoclassical style

Furniture is selected to a minimum, you cannot overload the interior

Wooden wall decoration in a neoclassical style living room

The center of the living room composition is the sofa, which forms a kind of island in the interior of the room.

For example, a hall decorated with “Modern” can contrast well with the decoration of one of the walls “High-tech”. Ceramic floor tiles with a dark brown carpet finished with white plaster, a multi-level ceiling equipped with neon lighting around the perimeter, a wall composition consisting of decorative columns made of PVC elements, with golden wallpaper in the middle, goes well with finished plastic panels the wall opposite. This is the whole essence of neoclassicism.

Polyurethane skirting board on the living room ceiling

On the ceiling, a wide plinth, as in luxurious antique interiors

Important. The choice of an element borrowed from another type of room design should be based on the principle of maximum compatibility. No need to take very flashy accents, bright colors. First of all, the design should complement each other, harmonize.

Rare grandfather clock in a neoclassical living room

Furniture made of expensive types of wood and antique interior items are suitable for neoclassicism.

Egyptian design

The Egyptian design of the classic interior of the living room looks very beautiful.

Wall in the living room with imitation stone finish

Egyptian style in the design of a modern living room

Reference. The very first columns appeared in Egypt. At that time, a local architect named Imhotep, around the 30th century BC, erected a tomb for the pharaoh, during the construction of which he first used such an architectural element as a column. Later, the peoples of Greece adopted this architectural ensemble, which is still used today..

Furniture with gold trim in an Egyptian style living room

Typical for the style is the use of gold furniture or interior items of a similar design.

Give your living room a mysterious, mysterious atmosphere. To do this, it is necessary to use the explicit attributes of Egyptian wall painting. Of course, you don’t have to carve them out of stone. It is enough to purchase a thematic wallpaper with applied pictures of ancient Egyptian gods and rituals.

Dining group in the Egyptian style living room

A painting depicting a pharaoh is a good solution for interior decoration in the Egyptian direction

The columns here are somewhat different from the usual white compositions. They are performed mainly with a smooth texture, golden-black tones. The capitals are made elongated towards the ceiling, with smoothly flowing contours. On the wall from the capital along the perimeter, a similar pattern is organized along the entire length.

Spotlights will be very appropriate. Be sure to purchase warm glow bulbs for them. Together with the golden finish of the decoration, they will harmoniously complement the hall..

Living room wall decoration in Egyptian style

Replace dressers and wardrobes with antique chests to match the style

The option with the use of decorative embossed plaster looks very interesting. Invite a master who can easily decorate one of the walls with sculptures of gods and pharaohs. Small elements of rock art inherent in Egypt will become an exclusive accent of a classic style living room interior.


Gothic is a very specific design option for a classic living room. Mystery, inappropriate darkness and sheer luxury are the hallmarks of this interior..

Interior of a dark living room in the Gothic style

Traditional Gothic interiors can look overly gloomy

The color palette is extensively represented by dark shades. Use black, purple, burgundy tones. For example, the flooring is done with purple carpet. A matte texture would be appropriate here. At the same time, the walls are painted black. To diversify the monotony of the wall space, it can be decorated in places with decorative plaster or unusual reliefs.

Wooden furniture with carved patterns in a gothic living room

In a modern version, the Gothic style is gradually moving away from the gloomy appearance.

Pay special attention to baguettes. Wide textured products, the design of which resembles the Greek parts of the columns, will perfectly emphasize the majesty of the “Gothic”.

The ceiling is an important accent of this style. Ancient castles used to have intricate ceiling spaces. Steep vaults and sharp corners adorned it everywhere. For a city apartment, this effect is also possible to achieve. I finish the ceiling with a dark shade, for example, brown. In addition, protruding patterns are applied. The latter are selected in arched shapes, with strange swirls..

Glass decorations in the interior of a gothic living room

Gothic-style interiors are not cheap because natural materials are expensive.

Much attention is paid to furniture. Wooden cabinet fronts are purchased in black colors. All kinds of patterns will harmoniously express the character of the Gothic interior. To fully integrate the hall into the image, the inner parts of the cabinets are framed with burgundy textiles..

Dark Green Gothic Living Room Walls

Furniture items should be as similar as possible to those used in the Middle Ages

Special attention is paid to the lighting of the living room. A gloomy room needs to be given a lot of light. Wall sconces are selected according to the design. The candle holders will fit perfectly. The central chandelier must be forged, three-dimensional.


This classic living room style is the complete opposite of Gothic. Bright, light, dazzling with different colors. The color range is predominantly white. Gilding is very appropriate here..

Beautiful ceiling in a baroque style living room

Getting into the living room of the Baroque style, one gets the impression that you are on the verge of fantasy and reality

The flooring is made of parquet, parquet boards or ceramic tiles. Cheaper finishing materials will not work here. If your choice is on parquet, be sure to buy it with some kind of smooth pattern. Ceramic tiles are suitable here with a complex pattern. The perimeter of the floor is framed by a frame. Additionally, the parquet is covered with a patterned textile carpet.

The doorway must be dismantled and replaced by an arch, on the sides of which Roman columns are arranged. The adjoining walls are decorated with wood paneling, the tops of which are crowned with soft glow lamps.

Rich wall decoration in a baroque style living room

To get a living room in the Baroque style, you need to create a single composition in which all objects will complement each other.

Living room lighting in baroque style

The color palette is very rich, but all colors are natural – silver, gold, white, emerald and yellow

The ceiling will look good in a two-level design. The level boundary does not have to be straight. Make it using a semicircle, intricate smooth lines..

Furniture purchased here is very expensive, luxurious, made of carved, bleached gilded wood. Soft textile upholstery should stand out brightly.

Sofa group in a baroque style living room

Furniture should be massive, pretentious, with smooth lines and carvings

The accentuating object of the “Baroque” can be a beautiful fireplace. It is decorated with a shade of color different from the walls so that it attracts attention. Of course, building a natural fireplace is not possible here. Therefore, the solution will be to make a dummy, or buy a biofireplace.

A well-decorated, classic-style living room is a great place to spend long winter evenings. Reread our article again. Understand the main points she says. Create creative home renovations yourself and you’ll be proud of them for years to come. Create with us!

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Wooden structures on the ceiling of the living room Sofa sofa in the interior of a classic living room Hall-living room in a private house Design of a beautiful living room in the spirit of the classics Narrow dressers with carved elements on curly legs Arch with columns in the doorway of the living room Modern living room decoration in classic tradition Elements of the Gothic style in the interior of the living room of a private house Framed photos on a wooden table Decorative columns in the design of the living room of a country house Bard curtains on the living room windows Living room ceiling with carved wood elements Wooden beams on white ceiling Decorative niches in the stone wall of the living room Decorating a classic living room in dark colors Sculptures in the interior of the living room Mirrored ceiling in the living room of a city apartment White tulle on the wall of the living room with a high ceiling Dining table on a curly leg Large mirror above the fireplace in the living room Book shelves in a spacious living room Modular paintings in the living room decor Cozy atmosphere of a country living room Upholstered furniture with genuine leather upholstery Blue armchairs in the main room of a private house Parquet floor in the interior of the living room White ceiling with polyurethane stucco molding Round mirror in the fireplace portal Relaxation area with comfortable sofas Decorative fireplace finished with polyurethane moldings Classic sofa with lilac upholstery Glass chandelier on white ceiling Elongated living room decoration Lighting a room with spotlights Sulfur walls in the interior of a living room Chandelier with candles on the living room ceiling Wooden subfloor in the living room Black piano in the white room fireplace decoration with natural stone Large glass chandelier in the hall of a country house Four oval mirrors above the sofa Old furniture in the interior of a modern living room Ceiling perimeter illumination with LED strip Sofa group in a classic living room Marble fireplace in a private house room Smooth cream-colored walls Gray color in the design of the living room in a panel house Dining group with soft chairs Upholstered furniture with gilded legs Design of the living room of a private house in the neoclassical style

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