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Modern interior design ideas for the living room in the old Khrushchev

Today, many Russians live in small-sized Khrushchev houses. In apartments of this type, the arrangement of rooms is not very convenient, the ceilings are low and, in most cases, the living areas can hardly be called spacious. Some owners are doing remodeling to improve the comfort of their home. Particular attention should be paid to the design of the living room, where household members spend most of their time, often receive guests and gather with the whole family. Designers use many effective techniques to transform a small living room into a stylish and comfortable one. You can also take on some of the design tricks that will be covered in this article..

Beautiful vinyl wallpaper on the living room wall

To hide the shortcomings of a small room, you will have to work on every detail of the interior.

The modern interior of the hall in Khrushchev should be as functional, stylish and comfortable as possible. In the living room, you can rationally organize the space so that it has a dining room, work and sleeping area. Design plays an important role. It is important that the premises correspond to modern trends, be stylish, practical and comfortable. You can achieve such a result if you carefully approach the layout and design, taking into account every detail..

Interior design secrets and stylistic tricks for the hall in Khrushchev

To correctly organize the living room space, you need to use various design techniques. Since low ceilings are often found in small apartments, it is worth using tips that will visually increase the height of the room. You can visually raise the ceilings with the help of lamps that direct the light upward or with LED lighting located at the edges of the ceiling.

Kitchen-living room design in Khrushchev panel house

Small spaces require a special approach to planning and interior decoration

In some cases, for additional space, the living room is combined with an adjoining kitchen or loggia. For the furnishing of the hall, it is advisable to choose low furniture. It is also important to correctly place the lighting system, successfully select the prevailing color scheme, and carefully consider the arrangement of furniture. For renovations, you should adhere to a certain style and use the appropriate finishing materials..

Stylish solution for the living room

Several interior styles are optimal for the design of a hall with an area of ​​16 – 18 m2:

  • modern minimalism;
  • classical;
  • high tech.

Minimalism achieves maximum functionality, while the furnishings look prestigious and neat. Laconic furniture with simple shapes is suitable for this style. The interior should be dominated by plain surfaces of coatings and a minimum of decorative details..

The interior of the living room of the Khrushchev in the style of minimalism

Modern minimalism can create space in a small room

Brown cabinet doors in the living room of Khrushchev

For decoration, it is better to choose light colors, ideally white, visually expanding the space

The classic style has an atmosphere of elegance, complemented by aristocratic notes. Many interior items resemble antiques. It can be carved wooden parts, bronze or gilded fittings, crystal chandeliers, figured furniture, silver candlesticks, vintage ornaments, patterns and other decorative elements. If colored upholstery and patterned textiles are used, then they will stand out beautifully against the background of a simple, monochromatic finish. Conversely, laconic furniture and accessories are complemented by finishes with a beautiful decorative effect..

Design of a small living room in a classic style

Calm colors, curved furniture lines and expensive textiles

Wall in a classic style in the interior of a small living room

Always fashionable classics are luxury and comfort, as well as an indicator of the excellent taste of the apartment owners

The high-tech style is distinguished by regular lines and clear forms. White, gray, coffee are used as the main color and contrasting accents are added. Mandatory high-tech elements are metal parts, glass and mirror surfaces. Extraordinary, futuristic decorations, ceiling, wall or floor lamps, paintings and living green plants are suitable for decor..

High-tech gray curtains on the window of the Khrushchev living room

Hi-tech, first of all, is a logical and well-thought-out organization of space

Bright living room of the Khrushchev in high-tech style

Here all things are located in their places, and polished surfaces add light to the room.

Layout and lighting

To significantly increase the living room area in Khrushchev, redevelopment is often done. For this, in whole or in part, the walls of the living room are demolished, which adjoin the kitchen or hallway. In some cases, only part of the wall is removed, and an arch is installed in the place of demolition. If in this way the kitchen was combined from the living room, then a bar counter can be placed in place of the demolished wall.

Living room interior in Khrushchev after joining the kitchen

Combining the kitchen with the living room will make it possible to create a comfortable dining area

Zoning of the kitchen-living room in Khrushchev

You can separate the working area of ​​the kitchen using an interesting design that is in harmony with the two-level ceiling in the living room

The space also increases if you remove the partition between the hall and the loggia. There are many different options for redevelopment in Khrushchev, in each case an individual project is created taking into account the wishes and needs of the residents of the apartment.

Organization of a study on the balcony of Khrushchev

Even a small balcony can be a great addition to the main room.

A multi-functional living room should have an appropriate multi-level lighting system. A large chandelier is usually installed in the center of the ceiling as the main night light source. Spotlights or LED lighting are intended for additional lighting. In separate areas, you need to place wall or floor lamps. It is desirable that the brightness of the lighting fixtures can be adjusted.

Lighting the living room in the Khrushchev brick house

One ceiling chandelier will definitely not be enough, you need to add wall lights or floor lamps


For the design of vertical planes, in a room with a small area, it is better to give preference to light and pastel shades of finishing materials. If you want to paste over the walls with wallpaper, then the patterns in the decoration should be small, without bright details. A good option for a living room is to combine different wallpapers. Thus, you can create original panels that perfectly match the classic style..

Turquoise sofa in the interior of the living room in an old panel house

Warm and calm atmosphere reigns in a beige living room with a turquoise sofa

Wallpaper with geometric pattern in blue tone on the wall in the living room

Blue color will fill the Khrushchev living room with coolness and freshness

Yellow wall in the living room of Khrushchev

If the living room windows face the north side, you can add warmth to the room with the help of yellow paints

Painting walls with interior paints is a relevant and affordable design option. In this case, it is necessary to first putty the surfaces in order to achieve an even and smooth base. You can also use drywall for this purpose..

Selection of textiles and other decorative elements

Each detail should be in harmony with the overall decoration and correspond to the chosen style. It is better to use small details as decoration. Bulky paintings, figurines, figured structures, vases and other objects will look ridiculous in a small-sized Khrushchev and reduce the space.

Combined curtains in the interior of a small living room

Curtains in natural colors help to relax from the bustle of the city. You can use combinations, for example, green with beige

Purple color in the interior decoration of the living room

In modern interiors, the usual long curtains are often dispensed with, replacing them with practical Roman models or blinds.

For windows, it is advisable to choose light, translucent, tulle curtains. If you prefer thick curtains, then they should be plain or with small patterns. Large drawings and prints are not recommended for small spaces. You can complement the living room interior if you place nice pillows on the upholstered furniture. They can be of the same color with the upholstery or act as accent accessories. A beautiful rug or practical flooring will add more coziness.

What are the disadvantages inherent in rooms in Khrushchev, and how can they be corrected

The main disadvantages of Khrushchev apartments are their small area, low ceilings and walk-through rooms. To change the situation, you can redo the standard layout. It is also possible to visually enlarge the space using simpler techniques..

Walls with vertical lines in a living room with a low ceiling

Vertical lines on the walls will visually raise the ceiling of the living room

How to visually expand the boundaries of a small room? There are several rules to help make your home more spacious:

  1. In the design, you need to use light, muted shades..
  2. It is not recommended to choose textiles or wallpapers with large patterns..
  3. Vertical wallpaper patterns will increase the height of the room..
  4. Ceiling and walls in the same color scheme add space.
  5. Multifunctional furniture and sliding doors save space.
  6. Mirror and glossy bases visually expand the space of the room.

Stretch ceiling with a glossy purple surface

Mirrored wardrobe and glossy ceiling made the room much more spacious.

Important. It is not recommended to use many different colors in the interior, it is enough to choose two basic matching shades.

Mirrors will make the area brighter and more spacious. Mirror surfaces can be part of cabinet furniture or installed separately on walls or ceilings.

Zoning and organization of space in the living room

In the home, it is necessary to highlight each functional area and properly organize the space. You can separate the zones using partitions, niches, cabinets, decorative columns, plasterboard structures. Light curtains can be used as partitions.

Zoning the kitchen-living room with flooring

When dividing the kitchen-living room, it is appropriate to use a floor covering: put ceramic tiles in the dining room and work area, and laminate in the recreation area

The original interior design of the living room in Khrushchev

In this room, the partition between the living room and the hallway was demolished, and the space was divided by a decorative column and a practical shelving.

The easiest way to zoning is to use, different in color and texture, finishing materials for each separate zone. If the room has high enough ceilings, then podiums can be installed.

We place accents in the interior of the living room

If light colors are used for the predominant part of the room, then several small, bright objects of the same color range should be selected as accent details. You don’t need to choose too many decorative details for a small space. This can disturb the harmony and visually fragment the space. Therefore, it is enough to choose 2 – 4 decorative elements. It can be original poufs, pillows, vases, paintings, photos in beautiful frames and other items that will stand out favorably against the general background..

Yellow accents in the living room design

Sometimes it is enough just to paint some detail in a bright color and the room will immediately become more attractive.

Original panel above the sofa in the living room

Unusual decorative objects help to diversify the interior.

How to create an original design for a living room in Khrushchev

Even in a small room with low ceilings, you can create a modern, unique, stylish and functional interior. Of course, in the design of rooms with a modest area, you need to adhere to certain rules in order to save space and the room does not turn out to be cramped. But even in this case, it is possible to create a beautiful and original design..

Decorative columns on the wall of the living room in the old Khrushchev

You can diversify the interior with built-in niches, overhead columns or ceiling beams

There are many different finishing materials available today, a wide variety of textiles, interior decor and furniture. Therefore, it is not so difficult to emphasize the individuality of any living space..

Decorating the wall above the sofa with an artificial stone

Stone trim will look good on an accent wall

If you doubt that you can effectively organize the space, make the living room in the Khrushchev as comfortable and modern as possible, then in this case it is better to seek help from professional designers. Experts will design the layout, offer various options for the interior furnishings, take into account all the nuances and provide a finished project. If you want to independently organize the design of the living room in Khrushchev, you can first look at the photos of the finished projects in order to understand the main points and look for interesting design ideas.

Video with an overview of the interior of the walk-through living room in Khrushchev

Photos of successful interior solutions

A variegated carpet on the floor of the living room in a classic style Modern cabinet furniture in the living room of the Khrushchev White brick wall in living room design Gray rug with long pile Modern living room with elements of Japanese style Minmalism style room design Bard color in the interior of the living room Two-level ceiling with stretch fabric Real photo of the living room interior in Khrushchev White sofa in a narrow living room Open shelves in the interior of the living room Zoning a room with a light partition Living room design with dining area Circle with LED lighting on the ceiling of the living room Living room design with one sofa Decorating with pictures of the wall above the sofa Yellow furniture in a small living room White corner sofa Narrow room with white walls Paper wallpaper in a classic style room Decorating living room windows with combined curtains Blue curtains in the living room design Floor lamps with red shades Yellow pillows on a gray sofa Living room design in modern style Black TV panel against a white wall The glossy surface of the stretch ceiling Purple color in the design of the living room Beautiful furniture in classic style Art painting of the walls of a classic living room Beige brick-like accent wall finish Living room design with two sofas Bar counter instead of a window sill in the living room Living room design with walls of different colors Beige walls in the walk-through living room Plasterboard structures in the design of the living room Decorative lighting on the ceiling of the living room Residential balcony in Khrushchev panel house Classic chest of drawers made of natural wood Modular painting over a beige sofa Photo wallpaper in the interior of the living room Small living room in Provence style Dark gray sofa in the Khrushchev's room Design of an elongated living room with a low ceiling Red sofa in a room with gray walls Bookshelves under the living room ceiling Round mirror above the sofa in the living room Wall decoration with stone wallpaper Kitchen-living room in light colors Zoning a room with a low rack

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