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Blue color in the interior: where is it appropriate, what is it combined with?

Shades of blue are located in the color spectrum between green and purple. It affects the individual’s nervous system ambiguously: it helps to relieve nervous overexcitement after a hard day, relax, tune in to a peaceful, philosophical way, create a feeling of detachment from the real world. It must be remembered that this tone has both warm and cold shades..

Sofa with blue upholstery in the interior of the living room

The use of blue in the interior must be careful and thoughtful.

Classic blue is called “royal”. If you look at shades close to purple, then it is blue, sapphire, cornflower blue, Prussian blue. From green to turquoise and aqua.

The impact of blue on the human psyche

The human eye has long been accustomed to all variations of this color. He just can’t get bored. Psychologists say that a morally tired individual will go exactly where there is blue in the interior. They believe that he personifies silence, lightness, calmness..

Small sofa against a blue wall

The impact of blue depends on the shade: light tones give peace and tranquility, dark ones – depth and excitement

Many office spaces are decorated in this particular tone, only variations and play of light can change. If you choose dark blue, then the attitude towards him changes dramatically, he personifies excitement, mystery. This color scheme is chosen by individuals who prefer loneliness, childless married couples.

Two modular paintings on the blue wall of the living room

Vibrant decorative elements help soften the impact of blue

The color blue in the interior has the following stimulating properties:

  1. Stimulates increased brain function.
  2. Helps to develop creatively.
  3. Relaxes.
  4. Enhances visual, auditory, tactile activity.
  5. Relieves hunger.
  6. Makes you more sensual.

Living room design in classic style with blue walls

A classic living room in blue is a very bold decision

Important. There is a category of people who can be fanatical about a particular shade. Blue color in the interior is not recommended for melancholic people, depression, melancholy, the appearance of gloomy thoughts are possible.

Billiard table in a room with blue walls

Pure blue interiors are not so common.

Combination with third-party tones

Despite the fact that blue is quite a bright, multifaceted shade, it can go well with many colors:

Colour Characteristic
White The combination of blue plus white has long been considered a classic. Any shade of blue can be. With this style of decoration in the room, you can create an atmosphere of lightness. If blue and white are correctly combined, there will be an almost physical sensation of coolness. Bright small details will complete the composition..
Black Only an experienced and talented master can harmonize the combination of these shades. It is not recommended to decorate a room only with them. If you like the idea, there is a desire to try, then special attention should be paid to the correct lighting. Lamps with warm, diffusing light are preferred..
Yellow A favorite for an eclectic, welcoming style. Yellow, like blue, can be cold and warm. If the room is decorated in a rustic style, then the combination of cornflower blue plus light yellow will be very successful.
Orange The ideal partner for blue. In this tandem, one should be warm, the other cold, and vice versa. For example, neon orange will be in harmony with sapphire or turquoise. If you choose between muted tones and undertones of orange: salmon, peach, amber, then bright blue will be preferable.
Red A combination that excites the imagination and the nervous system. One color should be dominant, the second is better to use pointwise.
Brown Looks good next to blue. A room decorated in the style of this color scheme looks expensive and noble.

White sofa in living room with blue floor and wall

The combination of blue with other shades is the embodiment of calm and serenity

Yellow armchair in living room with blue sofa

Yellow is great for diluting a cold interior created by a dark blue tint.

Many designers like to play with tones of the same color. Blue is able to pleasantly surprise them. Light can be used for painting walls, dark – furniture.

Interior decoration

Modern designers love to work with blue in the interior. It is suitable for any room: kitchen, living room, bedroom, hall. Cold ones look great in spacious rooms where there is a lot of sunlight. If the windows “look” to the north or west, then it is better to use the blue color in the interior in small quantities..

Living room design with stairs in blue tones

Shades of blue saturate the interior with freshness, give it depth and lightness

As paradoxical as it may sound, the deep shades of this color are perfect for painting the walls of small rooms. He will make her cozy, warm. For example, it could be a bedroom. If the area is large, a lot of dark blue will make it gloomy. In this case, blue, aquamarine, indigo will look much more advantageous..

Soft chairs with blue upholstery in the dining area of ​​the living room

Blue shades can give a room depth and make it visually more spacious.

When drawing up a design project, it is necessary to pay close attention to the lighting of the room. This is especially true for the office, living room. The main chandelier can be supplemented with small, spotlights, sconces, and a floor lamp. Blue will perfectly complement the interior of a room decorated in an oriental style. Blue shades will lift ceilings higher. If you want to visually expand the room, then you can paint one of the walls in natural blue, the rest in more neutral and calm tones..

Light blue floor in a modern living room of a private house

The palette of blue is quite varied and rich.

It is not recommended to force a room decorated in a given color scheme with a large number of furniture accessories. The predominant cool blue gives the impression of cleanliness and sterility. The effect will be enhanced by dishes of gray, silver tones. This solution will perfectly fit into the style of minimalism, high-tech..

Living room design

The living room is rightfully called the “soul” of the house. They receive guests, relax, celebrate holidays. Experienced designers recommend using several tones in the design at once. If the walls are light blue, then the furniture elements can be selected darker. Wallpapers of a rich tone will gently dilute lilac, pearl, gray. One large or 2-3 small accessories of this color will give the atmosphere a peculiar look. Blue accents can be diluted with the prevailing gray or beige.

Living room interior in shades of gray and blue

The popular gray-blue tandem is very easy to perceive

Modular paintings on a dark green living room wall

Blue-green combination brings calm and serenity

Denim style modern living room design

Denim style is an interesting option for the living room

If there is massive blue furniture in the living room, then it must be diluted with pillows, lamps, vases, covers of other colors.

Bedroom design

As noted above, blue in the interior is ideal for a bedroom. He will make it more comfortable, create a relaxing atmosphere. But, do not use dark shades when decorating, they will be annoying. Chocolate, beige, white are in harmony with it. For the play of light, you can install a mirror.

Bedroom interior with blue curtains

The blue-brown combination is natural, so mountains and sea, sky and trees, flowers and land can be combined

Any bedroom can be given originality, uniqueness, if you choose the right color scheme of bed linen. For example, blue sheets are combined with beige, gray, brown.

Blue wall in the interior of the bedroom

Blue-blue combination will visually expand the bedroom space if blue is used as accents

Black bed on a metal frame

Small Scandinavian style bedroom

Thin, romantic natures prefer a combination of blue, gray wallpaper with beige furniture and accessories. It is absolutely not necessary to glue or paint all walls with a given color; it is enough to correctly place several accent objects (furniture, pillows, curtains, bedspreads, covers). It can be diluted with yellow, green, beige..

Kitchen Design

In the past few years, it has become very fashionable to decorate the kitchen in blue tones, any is suitable. They refresh the overall look of the space, fight hunger. But, you should not only use it in the interior, even in different variations, it quickly gets boring.

Kitchen set with blue facades

Choosing the color of the night sky for kitchen interior decoration is not the most standard solution.

The interior of the kitchen-living room in blue and white

Kitchen interior with a dirty blue color, thanks to the prevailing white background, the room does not seem small

The most commonly used combinations are:

  • Wallpaper blue, light blue, cream, kitchen furniture – beige, chocolate.
  • Wallpaper cream, peach, kitchen furniture – beige, silver, gray. You can dilute the interior with yellow curtains, pillows.
  • Wallpaper beige, kitchen furniture – cream, accessories blue.
  • Wallpaper and kitchen furniture gray, beige, cream, bright shades in the form of curtains, covers, countertops, tile apron.
  • Wallpaper blue, gray, cream, kitchen furniture – yellow, orange.

Linear kitchen with blue furniture

Chic kitchen set in classic style

When creating the color scheme of the kitchen, you need to remember that this is the place where all family members spend a lot of time, so it should suit everyone.

Children’s design

A large amount of blue in the interior design of a child’s room is not recommended. Despite the fact that this shade is considered masculine, many of its tones are perfect for a princess room. All blue options can be safely diluted with white. With the right decoration, you can easily create a nautical style in the room. It is also relevant for placement in the area of ​​intellectual work for better concentration and attention..

White crib for a baby in a room with blue curtains

Blue tones are often used in the interior of children’s rooms.

Children's room design with blue walls

A great option for decorating a baby’s room

Bright rug on the floor of the children's room

The choice of the main color for decorating a nursery depends on the nature of the child.

To prevent the interior from being too heavy and gloomy, it can be diluted with red, orange, green. If the area being designed is intended for a schoolchild or student, then you can safely use rich shades, for younger children, blue, gray, beige are preferable.

Bathroom design

The classic bathroom color is white. Therefore, it is not often possible to find this room decorated in blue. After all, not everyone knows that accents of this color make any interior more vibrant and lively. This is especially true for small rooms. With its help, you can visually expand the space, raise the ceiling.

Bathroom interior with blue tiles on the wall

A bathroom in blue will appeal to energetic and emotional people

Water is always associated with the sea, the sound of waves. If you place even a small amount of aqua-colored accessories in the bathroom, the sensations will intensify. The blue tone will be well diluted with chrome faucets, handles, a heated towel rail. Or you can just skip a few gray stripes along the wall..

Blue panels on the bathroom wall in a private house

White plumbing looks great on a blue background.

The classic blue color in the interior will be successfully diluted with turquoise. To make the bathroom create a nautical mood every time, you can lay it out with blue-green tiles. The furnishings will become fresher and more dynamic. It can be supplemented with marine-themed accessories.

The dark blue bath is ideal for active and freedom-loving individuals. A room of such a plan is associated with night time, mystery and tranquility, and will be conducive to sleep. Gold and silver inserts, ornament, drawings will make the furnishings of the room more luxurious and expensive.

Striped walls in the bathroom of a country house

The combination of blue and white is equally suitable for both men’s and women’s interiors

Most people cannot even imagine how multifaceted and diverse blue is. It can affect the human psyche in different ways, even control his mood and emotions. The presence of this shade in the interior of the rooms speaks of the color “taste” of the owner, the ability to correctly and competently combine bright and calm tones, while maintaining the luxury and nobility of the interior. With it, you can not do repairs every 2-3 years, you just need to dilute with bright little things.

Video: interior design ideas in blue shades

Photo: 50 ways to use blue in the design of rooms

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