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The subtleties of kitchen design in black and white

Most often, young families spend a lot of time in the kitchen. On the Internet, various options for decorating the interior of the kitchen space with modern styles are extensively presented: from high-tech “Hi-tech”, with its glossy furniture facades and chrome-plated shine of metal, to pretentious, undisguised luxury of the room in the “Art Deco” style. All these furnishings have one thing in common – a variety of colors and interior decoration elements. But what if you remove the bright accents, leaving the black and white shades of the interior? This design is an excellent option for arranging the kitchen of a large metropolis. Today’s article will tell you in detail about all the nuances that can be encountered in the process of interior design of a kitchen space..

Linear kitchen set with black facades

Black and white kitchens are more often chosen by supporters of laconic, but, at the same time, expressive solutions.

Design Tips

There are a great many design options for a black and white kitchen. Almost any style can be combined, and even combine several, creating your own special, unique.

The color saturation of the kitchen can be selected both strictly black and white and with accent zones. The latter can be wall decoration, kitchen furniture, dishes and other items suitable for these purposes..

Small kitchen with black furniture

The black and white palette is quite versatile, it is suitable for both small kitchens and spacious interiors.

White dining table near black wall

With the help of these two tones, you can visually correct some of the imperfections of the room, for example, push the walls or raise the ceiling.

The practice of our design specialists allowed us to collect several tips:

  1. Black patterns look very nice on glossy white surfaces. For example, part of the wall under the kitchen apron is finished with ceramic tiles with a floral pattern, or with any other that matches the style.
  2. Using colored lighting. Spotlights above the white kitchen workspace are mounted with multi-colored glasses that can be easily replaced in the process with a different shade. Thus, you have the opportunity to diversify the interior of the room..
  3. Ornamental plants, fruits, harmoniously hung still lifes can diversify the space, giving freshness, sensuality.
  4. A bright carpet can be laid on the surface of the floor covering. This element can be either the only accent element or be used in conjunction with other decorative objects..
  5. The use of patterned household appliances, wallpaper, front facades of furniture, can perfectly complement the design of a white kitchen.
  6. Soft parts of dining chairs, benches located in the bay window of an armchair, a sofa, effectively perform in bright colors.

Black chair in a white kitchen

If you find it difficult to determine the color ratio, take a white shade as the base so that the kitchen does not come out too gloomy.

Kitchen set in black and white

White wall cabinets and black cabinets – a universal solution

Slate surface on the kitchen wall

A slate board can be used as a black surface

When buying a kitchen set, finishing materials for the floor, walls and ceiling, as well as decorative elements, it is necessary to be guided by the principle of alternating white and black. Designers also call this method “zebra”. Shades of white and black should be applied alternately. For example, if the flooring is white, then the lower cabinets should be made black, while creating gaps.

Another option is also possible. Zonal layout. For example, the lower part of the kitchen space is dark, while the ceiling, as well as the upper kitchen unit, is light. Or the entire kitchen set is purchased in black, and the floor, walls and ceiling are arranged in a light shade.

White cabinets on a black kitchen wall

If three walls of the kitchen are painted white, and one – black, then the latter will visually deepen and the kitchen will seem larger

Diamond tiles on the kitchen floor

Choose practical, non-embossed tiles for your floor to make it easier to keep your kitchen clean.

The usual design of the flooring with square or diamond-shaped ceramic tiles can be transformed step by step with a non-standard solution. Correct tile shapes are diluted with multi-step installation. It is also appropriate to use incorrect laying of floor material of different sizes..

Black and white kitchen design

When decorating a space with any particular interior style, preference should be given to modern, strict options. For this, the following are ideal:

  • “high tech”;
  • “minimalism”;
  • “loft”;
  • “Scandinavian”.

The peculiarity of these types of interior design lies in the mannerism of finishing, as well as the choice of finishing materials. Strict features, correct lines, coupled with cold shades, can give a certain charm to a white kitchen. The glossy texture of the surfaces allows light to be reflected, thereby creating the visual effect of expanding the room.

Industrial style kitchen interior with black chairs

Loft-style kitchen with black accents

Loft style black and white kitchen design

Scandinavian theme is suitable for a small space

Depending on the size of the kitchen area, pay particular attention to the need to expand the space. To do this, they adhere to one rule: the stronger the reflective effect, the less space it will seem to take this or that element. Most of all, this rule applies to black..

High tech

For lovers of high technology, this design option is considered the most successful. Kitchen furniture is selected without a headset in the form of cabinet door handles. Smooth, even furniture fronts should be in harmony with the walls and ceilings.

White bar stools in a high-tech kitchen

The color scheme of the hi-tech style is, in principle, very restrained, and the black and white combination is the main one here.

Modern bar stools in black

High-tech has no room for pretentious elements or colorful ornaments.

Pay special attention to the countertop. Beautiful options for a white kitchen desktop are sold in a natural finish, made of natural stone (granite). Polished to a shine, the black countertop will perfectly match the light ceiling. The property of natural granite is such that it is highly capable of reflecting finishing elements. At the same time, the white ceiling will visually dilute the dark tone of the countertop with a white tint..

The flooring is made with a dark texture. Laminate, ceramic tiles, parquet or parquet boards, as well as some types of linoleum are well suited here. The surface texture of the floor finishing material can be both smooth and embossed. An interesting solution would be to lay a lush carpet. Just keep in mind that it is better to place it away from the place of preparation and eating, as the product will easily get dirty..

Red pendant lights in a black kitchen

Bright accents in the form of red chairs and lamps will look appropriate.

There are no special requirements for the walls. They are plastered in white. Painted glass wallpaper is also suitable, which can be repainted in a different shade, or renewed walls worn out from time to time..

When arranging a white kitchen with an island part of the countertop, it is better to arrange its counter with a smooth, solid wall, and the upper part (directly to the work surface), duplicate the same as in the main cooking area. If it was a natural stone, then spend extra money to repeat the noble outlines on the island element of the headset.

When installing a bar counter, the requirements for the table surface are the same. Install Natural Granite Cover.

High-tech C-shaped kitchen set

Hi-tech prefers solid forms, and often all furniture is a single complex

White set with glossy facades

Facades should be glossy, with or without chrome handles

Pay special attention to lighting. It should be enough. Several levels of artificial light have a beneficial effect on the interior of a white kitchen. Spotlights above the working area, coupled with a central chandelier, must provide a given brightness. If you plan to use the kitchen space for relaxation, reading books (for example, if there is a bay window), additional light sources are installed directly for such an area. In this capacity, wall sconces are suitable, or ordinary table lamps placed on bedside tables..


This style in black and white design is similar to high-tech. The main difference is the almost complete absence of decorative elements of the internal arrangement. In order to give a certain beauty to the premises, “Minimalism” uses accents. They are performed with all sorts of patterns that are composed of flooring materials or walls..

Minimalist black and white kitchen design

Extreme conciseness and thoughtfulness distinguish minimalism from other styles

Shiny minimalist kitchen facades

In the interior, only two or three shades are allowed at the same time.

Red stripe on white kitchen apron

There may be very little of the third shade, especially if it is a bright red color.

Dining furniture in the kitchen space is selected similar to high-tech. Glossy, smooth surfaces will give this design a genuine gloss.

Both of these styles: “high-tech” and “minimalism” fit perfectly into the premises of city apartments, bringing the necessary coolness to the hot climate of their summer cities.

The color scheme of “Minimalism” implies a clear emphasis on one color. For example, the flooring is made of white ceramic tiles. The walls are covered with light wallpaper, and the ceiling is equipped with bleached plastic panels. The emphasis is on the kitchen unit. The table top, cabinets, facades of household appliances are strictly black. This design is ideal for kitchens whose internal usable area is not large..

Four copper lamps over a white bar

Shiny shades attract attention and dilute the monotonous union of black and white shades

Black marble countertops

White kitchen with black Scandinavian minimalist worktops

But for a larger room, an option arises to arrange the space the other way around. At the same time, the kitchen set will be a white accent. Walls, ceiling and flooring are strictly made of black materials. At the same time, the dining area is ideal for focusing attention on it. The purchased furniture made of white plastic, coupled with chrome-plated steel and polished countertops, will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. Additionally, sections of the floor of the walls, as well as the ceiling, can be finished with light materials. A smooth or textured laminate is suitable for the floor. Ceramic tiles will also not spoil the feeling of the high cost of the interior. On the contrary, it will add richness to the atmosphere..

Wall mural on the kitchen wall depicting a woman's face

Straight lines and smooth monochromatic textures create a very calm environment

The gorgeous gloss of a modern minimalist kitchen

The minimalist kitchen is easy to clean, so order always reigns here.

Another interesting idea is the rolling pattern arrangement. There are a lot of options for solving. For example, ordinary contrasting stripes on one of the selected shades. They originate with ceramic floor tiles. Smoothly transitions to the wall, and then, is reflected on the ceiling. This method may well replace the need to use bright shades of color in the interior..

If you still want to add a little variety to the interior, diluting the black and white range with bright accents, then do the following. Buy brightly colored furniture. Plastic is ideal, as its colors have a wide range of options. A photograph, hung on a black wall, with a red frame, will perfectly decorate your visit to the kitchen. Decorative crockery, harmoniously hung on the walls or placed on open shelves, specially designed for decorative elements of the kitchen, is also suitable..

Brown wood table on ceramic floor

Wooden furniture fits perfectly into the black and white interior

Paintings with yellow squares on the kitchen wall

Black and white combination always looks stylish and fashionable, including in the design of the kitchen

The flooring is a good place to experiment. When decorating the floor with light dark ceramic tiles, add bright color inserts. They are no less able to transform the space of the kitchen, giving the necessary freshness, originality.

Important. Lighting is the main element that will convey the stylistic message of the kitchen well. Create accents by illuminating almost any decorative part of the room, as well as the kitchen work area.

Bright lighting in a black and white kitchen

In dim lighting with harsh shadows, the kitchen will not look cozy. Ideal light for black and white kitchens – even and soft

In order to create an interesting, beautiful and unique kitchen design, it is a good idea to design a project. Draw several options for the arrangement of the interior decoration. Arrange furniture, add contrast, and see a few options.

Video: a selection of black and white kitchen interiors

Photo: 50 options for combinations of black with white in kitchen design

Light brown apron over black countertop Two stylish green bar stools Black and white corner kitchen set Matte black cabinets White teapot on black table Pendant lights with black shades Massive kitchen island with storage system Bar stools on a metal frame Washing machine in a kitchen set Cup with apples on the bar Brown bar stools Bard peonies in a glass vase Modern high-tech kitchen Combination of a kitchen island with a bar counter Illumination of the working area of ​​the kitchen-living room Black kitchen island on brown floor Wooden furniture in the interior of the kitchen of a private house Bar counter with marble surface Unusual use of black in the interior of the kitchen Cut-out lamp above the dining table Bar stools on chrome coasters Blue curtain on the kitchen window Round bar island with range hood Ribbed ceiling of the kitchen-dining room Sink in a marble countertop kitchen island Decorative lighting inside cabinets with glass doors Bunk chandelier above the dining table Dark coffee table Black and white check tiled floor Small kitchen in the style of minimalism Washing in front of the kitchen window in a private house Classic kitchen in black and white Striped rug on plank floor Design of a small kitchen in a minimalist style Zoning the kitchen with flooring Black oven mitt for hot dishes Luminaires with large glass shades Red pillows on white sofa Bright U-shaped kitchen Design of a narrow kitchen of a city apartment Chrome wire bar stools Linear set in a narrow kitchen Black apron with a glossy surface Dining table with wood top Photo wallpaper over the sofa in the kitchen-living room Zoning kitchen-living room furniture Glass wine glasses on the bar shelf Interior of a spacious kitchen-living room Design of a narrow kitchen with a linear set Small round dining table

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