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Corridor and hallway design, finishing features

The hallmark of any home is the hallway. It is with her that the dwelling begins, she is the first to meet upon arrival and creates an impression of the taste and financial capabilities of the owners. Despite the cramped space, the design of the hallway and corridor should be beautiful and comfortable. It is necessary to link such a simple and unpretentious room with the general design of the apartment..

hallway design in white

The rare owner of a city apartment can be congratulated on the possession of a spacious hallway of the correct shape..

The hallway and corridor are striking representatives of specific premises. Finishing work that is being carried out must meet a number of requirements. They are mainly related to the choice of material. It is necessary to use only durable, wear-resistant coatings that are resistant to various mechanical influences, dirt, sand.

wallpaper for a small hallway

The entrance hall is the first room that everyone who enters the household or apartment sees and deserves an appropriate arrangement..

The entrance hall and the corridor are the first premises where a person from the street gets into. In this regard, the degree of their pollution is overestimated. To keep the room clean, it is necessary to regularly clean. It is important to use a floor covering that will make this easy and simple. At the same time, it must tolerate well the effects of moisture and cleaning agents..

hallway design

The correct design of a corridor or a wide hallway determines not only the comfort of residents and their aesthetic pleasure, but also psychological harmony.

If we are talking about a hallway in a private house, then the requirements for the flooring are more stringent. And this is not surprising. To get to the apartment, the owner overcomes the staircase and the flight of stairs. In private ownership, these elements are missing. As a result, he immediately gets into the hallway from the street. As for the walls, they require a special approach in the finishing process. It is better to choose non-marking material. Caring for him should be as simple as possible.. 

modern hallway design

In some cases, the surface must be cleaned daily. Especially when there are pets or small children in the house.

It is necessary to choose the color of finishing materials according to the overall design of the house. The interior of the hallway should be in harmony with other rooms. This will create an attractive picture of the home’s image. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a private house or an apartment in the city..

modern hallway photo

The wrong approach to design in this part of the apartment can nullify efforts to create a holistic interior and ruin the first impression..

Finishing directly depends on the type of corridor.

Corridor view Finishing features
Square Neutral and colored shades, patterns, stripes, squares, geometric patterns and wallpaper look harmoniously. The ceiling can be made stretch, suspended or simply pasted over with wallpaper.
Narrow and long The room must be divided into zones. This can be done using arches, various finishing materials..
Angular It is necessary to correctly emphasize the advantages of the premises, hide the shortcomings. The classic version of the furniture is installed.

modern hallway design

Whatever modern hallway design ideas lie at the heart of the project, in the pursuit of beauty, the main thing should not be forgotten – the purpose of this part of the home.

Entrance area in the apartment: how to equip?

The interior of the lobby should be easy to use and practical. The beauty and attractiveness of the design fades into the background. A stylish entrance hall can be uncomfortable for the owners and cause a lot of trouble. If the storage system is not thought out, then it will take a lot of time to decide where it is best to arrange them. As a result, there is a chance of being late for work. In addition, the interior of the room will become cluttered and unsightly..

modern hallway interior

Before planning the design of this room, you should pay attention to what function the corridor performs.

As a rule, the entrance area is in small apartments. The configuration of the room is extremely inconvenient. As a result, its arrangement becomes a real problem. You can cope with them if you correctly approach the solution of the problem. Before starting the arrangement of the hallway and corridor, it is necessary to prepare a clear plan. It will indicate how all areas of the apartment are located, depending on their functional purpose. This will allow you to properly distribute the space..

hallway interior design

We all have different needs, lifestyles and tastes in interior design..

The place for storing shoes in the hallway should be close to the door. It is worth installing a pouf or chair next to it. It will help you put your shoes on quickly and easily. Hangers with hooks should not be placed far away. An outstretched arm is sufficient distance from the shoe area. You can put on a jacket or coat just before going out. A pair of open shelves looks good. They are used to store various small items, handbags.

pouf and shelf in the hallway

Often the only way out for avoiding clutter in small hallways is more than an ascetic setting of this room..

Small room: what to consider when arranging?

A large lobby is rare in modern apartments. The entrance area of ​​the dwelling is limited in many cases. Its size and area are modest. It is always difficult to place the necessary furniture in it.. 

small area hallway design

In such a space, only hooks are placed on which clothes are stored, and a shelf for shoes..

Experts recommend decorating small corridors in a minimalist style. It will allow you to rationally use the space, make it comfortable and beautiful. It is appropriate to use custom-made furniture. Its dimensions and volumes will be optimal for this hallway, as shown in the photo.

hallway interior in minimalism

Thus, the owners will be able to realize their interesting ideas for the arrangement..

A small hallway should contain only the necessary furniture. Do not overload it with various objects. You can store things in a compact and spacious wardrobe. It is good if it is equipped with sliding mirrored doors, as shown in the photo. They will visually increase the area of ​​the room. Place shoes, slippers in the shoe rack. This design looks modern and original..

The visual perception of the hallway forms the shade of the walls, objects and lighting. For a small hallway, light colors are well suited. They allow you to create an attractive interior of the corridor.. 

light hallway photo

It is important to note that such furniture gets dirty quickly and requires careful maintenance..

The entrance hall can be separated from the main living area of ​​the apartment. A glass sliding door leaf is perfect for this. It is transparent and the luminous flux will penetrate the corridor without obstacles. 

hallway design ideas

Thanks to this, the space will visually increase..

Basically, there are no windows in the hallway that fill the room with natural light. This must be taken into account when arranging. It is compensated by artificial sources, a large number of lamps are installed. Otherwise, the lobby will be gloomy, which will visually reduce its area.. 

hallway lighting

If correctly designed, then any entrance area will acquire a stylish and beautiful look, it will be comfortable.

Narrow room

The narrow hallway has a number of disadvantages. They are especially noticeable in the process of its design. Modern design ideas will allow you to hide them, the room will become cozy and original. They are shown in the photo below..

design for a narrow hallway

To begin with, it is necessary to allocate functional areas to the room: for storing shoes and clothes.

The placement of furniture and other furnishings is being considered. There must be free space. In a narrow hallway, basic measurements are disproportionate. You can smooth out this minus with finishing materials. If you combine surfaces correctly, then the room will have a new look..

The use of mirrors and photowall-paper is excellent for this interior. They are placed on long walls. If an interior door is provided, then it is better to refuse it.. 

arch and mirrors in the hallway

The arch-shaped opening will look more harmonious.

As for the shade of the walls, the elongated ones should be light, and the short ones darker in tone. This will visually change the configuration of the corridor. Instead of a narrow one, it will acquire a square shape. A luminaire is placed in the center of the elongated wall. It will allow you to create an edge-black effect in the room. This design idea always looks good..

Angular shape of the room

The corner hallway is not the most layer configuration option for the room. It’s easy to fit a wardrobe into such a small room. The main thing is to choose the right shape. Corner furniture is a good option. It is characterized by increased capacity, takes up little space and allows you to store not only things, but also other items, as shown in the photo.

corner hallway design

An excellent interior solution for the corridor will be a wardrobe, which will ideally help to hide various clothes and accessories from strangers..

If the wardrobe is decorated with mirror inserts, then the space will visually have no losses. The selection of furniture on the market is huge. This allows you to choose the option that will be optimal for a narrow entrance area. Its area will be rationally formed.

light corner hallway design

In order to visually expand the hallway space even more, to make it visually more spacious, you can order a sliding wardrobe with a mirrored door.

Staircase in the hallway

The staircase in the hallway can be an important element. There is a space underneath that is easy to use. It is perfect for organizing a storage system. On this site you can place, as shown in the photo:

  • Shoe shelves;
  • Small locker;
  • Poof, armchair;
  • Hooks for clothes.

clothes hanger under the stairs

Before starting to equip the staircase space, it is necessary to determine what the structure is for.

If it combines a hall and a corridor, then it can be used as a recreation area. For this, a small sofa and a coffee table are installed in it..

Khrushchev’s apartment: hallway features

Apartments built during the reign of Khrushchev do not have a well-thought-out layout. She is quite uncomfortable and typical. It is presented in the form of a narrow room with doors that lead to living rooms. To equip a corridor, you can use these ideas:

  • Redevelop;
  • Install a shoe shelf, fasten hooks for things on the wall;
  • Change the visual perception of a room.

hallway design in Khrushchev

The final design idea is to create a special color scheme.

Mirrors are used to decorate the walls. The ceiling is finished with a high-gloss finish. The tint of the walls and furniture is light. If the area does not allow installing the cabinet, then mezzanines can be fixed on the ceiling surface, which are designed to store things, as shown in the photo. 

decoration of the hallway in Khrushchev

All this will allow you to visually expand the entrance of the housing..

Private home ownership

A country house is different from an apartment. Its construction is carried out according to an individual design decision. As a result, the premises of the building have a non-standard layout. The corridor was no exception.

In such houses, it is necessary to install metal doors. It opens directly to the street, which creates a temperature dissonance inside and outside the house. A double door is also perfect for this case. One of them is usually wooden.

hallway design in a private house

Do not use drywall or paper materials in such corridors. They are not resistant to moisture.

It is better to finish such rooms with practical materials. Paint is suitable for the walls, and tiles for the floor..

Furniture made of wood or chipboard in country houses is not appropriate. Exposure to moisture will lead to the fact that it quickly loses its appearance and becomes unusable. It is better to choose metal products decorated with forged elements.. 

wrought iron hallways

Such an environment will be aesthetic and functional..

What furniture to choose?

Today, modular furniture or ready-made structures are often used for arrangement. Such walls are an excellent place to store things, shoes. If necessary, you can arrange a women’s corner. It provides for a roomy chest of drawers and a mirror. 

arrangement of a small hallway

Furniture in a small hallway should be predominantly light shades..

The lobby is an important part of any apartment. Despite its modest size and non-standard configuration, the correct design can turn it into the main advantage of the house.. 

arrangement of the hallway photo

If you show your imagination, your hallway will be comfortable, stylish and beautiful..

50 ideas for modern corridor and hallway design:

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