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There is little space in the bedroom: where to put the bedside table or what to replace it with?

Bedroom – a specific place in the house where an atmosphere of peace is important. Everyone equips their personal space to their liking, but it is important to focus on the design style and functionality of the furniture. Bedside table for bedrooms refers to small forms, but the interior design depends on its appearance. There must be a place near the bed where a vase, a table lamp, a laptop, a mobile phone are placed.

Purpose of the bedside table in the bedroom

The bedside table for bedrooms belongs to small forms, but the interior design depends on its appearance

Purpose of the bedside table in the bedroom

When going to bed, many are forced to look for a place next to them where they can attach a tablet with a charger, glasses, or a book. It is difficult to do without a small free plane at hand. In addition to the purpose that justifies its name, a coffee table or bedside table is used for different purposes. They put here:

  • fresh bouquet of flowers;

bedside table in the bedroom

table in the rest room for various things

  • morning cosmetics (to put yourself in order after washing);
  • a cup of aromatic coffee brought by the “second half”;
  • nice gift or souvenir, etc..

white bedside table

bedside table in a light color room

If nothing is placed on the bedside table, but used as needed, it will be an excellent decoration for the bedroom. For the same purposes, several varieties of small forms of furniture are used. They will harmoniously complement the interior of the living space:

  • bedside table;
  • banquet;

curved bedside table for books

table in the bedroom wall-mounted version

  • pouf like a table-upside down;
  • a stool of an unusual shape;
  • shelf fixed to the bed;
  • stand for a laptop;
  • stern shelf;
  • coffee table;
  • a pedestal for a statuette;
  • console with low legs;

bedside table with cupboards

table near the bed with original furniture

  • floor lamp with shelf;
  • shelf for landline and mobile phones;
  • folding shelf by the closet, bed or sofa;
  • a small “transformer” or a block of modular furniture;
  • a wooden cube or other homemade product;
  • any other item adapted to the bedside table.

Purpose of the bedside table in the bedroom

Green bedside table

Sometimes it is necessary to keep medicines taken in bed at regular intervals on hand in order to care for the sick. Which to choosebedside table for bedroom, largely depends on its functionality, aesthetics and interior style. The dimensions must correspond to the dimensions of the room. In a narrow room, you have to be content with one shelf under a wall sconce or window sill.

bedside table in light colors room

light bedside table in a room with a large window

Structurally, bedside tables and curbstones are produced mobile on wheels (mobile) and fixed (stationary). Less common are folding tabletops (integrated) and transformable stands.

With a good imagination, small furniture is used to replace a desk or dressing table. An oval mirror on the wall with an elegant console is a fashionable solution that has replaced the obsolete trellis (or dressing table) and cosmetic table. Trolleys and add-ons for breakfast in bed are in demand.

bedside tables for the room

stylish tables in the lounge in black and white

This is interesting: At the beginning of the twentieth century, the British and French in the morning read fresh periodicals over a cup of tea or coffee. So the “coffee” table, considered chic among aristocrats long before the appearance of newspapers, became a “magazine” table. And the newspaper used to be called “le magazine” in French. Later, magazines were called multi-page periodicals, and newspapers were called editions of 2-4 pages. The fashion for coffee tables supplanted bulky dressers and bedside tables, they were used in hospitals and hospitals. In the second half of the twentieth century, stands entered furniture fashion as TV stands.

Purpose of the bedside table in the bedroom

table for storing various things in the bedroom

Furniture designers and interior designers periodically offer new solutions that combine “two in one”. They are used in the interior as bedside tables or curbstones for bedrooms. The most popular today are:

  • table-safe;

unique design bedside table

antique safe in wood processing as a bedside table

  • floor lamp with shelf;
  • showcase table;
  • candlestick-type table;
  • mirrored console table;
  • trolley table on wheels;

bedside table on casters

mobile version of bedside tables

  • a tray on legs (for coffee in bed);
  • a small shelving unit with a folding plane;
  • sculpture table with glass top.

bedside table design option

a table in the relaxation room in an unusual and modern style

Note: For a sophisticated female bedroom, it is worth purchasing a glass table with a sculpture that looks like a real art object in a regular room. Eminent designers have offered exquisite products for a long time, but they are still at the peak of popularity among lovers of beautiful gizmos.

Stylistic solution of small furniture

The choice of style of interior design largely determines the appearance of furniture for bedrooms and other rooms..

bedside table from a famous designer

one of the many options for trendy bedside tables

  1. Even someone who does not understand this issue is unlikely to confuse a classic sideboard with an avant-garde coffee table made of plastic pipes for a techno style..
  2.  For English classics and conservatism, they select wooden bedside tables with a wooden facade, reminiscent of old bureaus on high carved legs..
  3.  An exquisite bedside table with mirrors, rhinestones or gilded carvings is selected for the glamorous bedroom of a society lady..
  4.  Neoclassicism gives preference to the classics in a new rethinking, for example, a console under a mirror will replace a mirrored dressing table.
  5.  For bedrooms in the historical style, expensive elite imported furniture is purchased. Such models cannot be confused with anything – they are graceful and noble, they look expensive. Luxury apartments will be complemented by a white or light bedside table (sideboard) with wood carvings in the Baroque, Rococo or Renaissance style.

Stylistic solution of small furniture

Bedside table (curbstone) with woodcarving in the Baroque, Rococo or Renaissance style

Young people prefer styles:

  • techno;
  • high tech;
  • loft;
  • avant-garde;

bedside table with drawers

light bedside table (curbstone) with two pull-out compartments for things

  • futurism;
  • urbanism.

For such interiors, plastic, chrome pipes, fabrics made of metallized threads, attributes of urbanization with an unexpected design solution are used. Instead of a bedside table, there is a luminous panel hanging from the wall by chains. The unexpected solution in the form of homemade furniture is even better.

bedside table in the bedroom with a computer

a table with a monitor stand for your convenience in the rest room

Recyclable furniture is popular – two or three “bald” car tires, spray-painted, joined together. Original furniture is complemented by a worktop made of metal, glass or laminated chipboard.

The minimalist style rejects the excess of furniture, using the bare essentials. Here it is enough to restrict ourselves to a folding tabletop, a glass trolley on wheels, which can be easily rolled from the stove with breakfast and returned to the kitchen..

Stylistic solution of small furniture

Original furniture is complemented by a worktop made of metal, glass or laminated chipboard

Modern stylistics allows new materials and uniqueness of forms. If you manage to find something very original on sale, you should make yourself such a gift. It can be a “smart” bedside table with electronics that moves on command from the remote control.

bedside table in the bedroom on the wall

wall-mounted version of the bedside table with shelves

There are also more original solutions, such as a glowing cube – a floor lamp that changes color over time and as it warms up. It is also used as pedestals bedside for bedrooms.

For a fusion-style room, beds are often chosen that look more like a sofa – with eco-leather trim with a classic diamond cut, it looks amazing.

classic style bedside table

18th century bedside table

In the interior, the sofa bed is complemented by round or square benches made in a single key. Even better – genuine leather upholstery.

An Art Nouveau bedroom looks particularly luxurious, and here it is important to choose a table in exact accordance with the rest of the furniture. The headboard and the bed frame are often made forged, with the characteristic “stroke of the whip” characteristic of the style; the table should be the same in design..

Stylistic solution of small furniture

The headboard and the bed frame are often made forged, with the characteristic of the style “stroke of the whip”

Ethnic styles welcome small-scale products with hand-painted facades. Real masterpieces are sometimes exhibited in antique shops.

Even if your room for sleeping and resting does not have a certain stylistic solution, it is always obvious from the furniture which is preferred. The conclusion suggests itself: what kind of bed, such is the table, taking into account the style and functionality.

bedside table in a spacious bedroom

bedside table in the bedroom with a panoramic window and a minimum of furniture

There is little space in the bedroom: where to put the bedside table or how to replace it?

Often a multifunctional product such as bedside table nowhere to put in the bedroom. If there is no space to the right and left of the bed (sofa bed), there is always some free space. Then it doesn’t matter where the curbstone will stand in the bedside area of ​​a small room..

There is little space in the bedroom: where to put the bedside table or what to replace it with?

If you have to choose between a bedside table and a floor lamp, try to find a two-in-one model

The most common technique is a mirrored wall and glossy stretch ceilings, which visually expand the room. It is better to use a classic coffee table on wheels, which “walks by itself” around the bedroom. If a sofa bed is used in a small bedroom, then it will often have to be moved, then the wheels of any furniture are irreplaceable.

Tip: If there were no moving elements at the table or cabinet initially, the casters (rollers) are purchased at a furniture store. This will provide a mobility function.

bedside table with curved legs

miniature table in the bedroom with a drawer

Instead of a bedside table, when there is no other solution, use hanging shelves, and instead of a table lamp, use a sconce. The main thing is that they are at a safe distance and made of materials that cannot harm a sleepy person getting out of bed. Children and adolescents sometimes fall out of bed in a dream, then it is better to refuse the table, and buy a sofa bed with shelves on handrails or with a side.

Attention: Safety is a mandatory requirement for all bedside items without exception!

If you have to choose between a bedside table and a floor lamp, try to find a two-in-one model. Original lamps with a bookshelf appear on sale quite often..

There is little space in the bedroom: where to put the bedside table or what to replace it with?

If you approach this issue creatively, it is easy to make the bedroom original and comfortable yourself.

A regular chair, where clothes are hung before bed out of habit, can also be used as bedside furniture, especially if the chair is compact, with a small crossbar instead of a backrest. Folding laptop stands are very popular with young people and business people. They are available with options for style and design details. This item is an opportunity to show your talents and make with your own hands a convenient and compact replacement for a traditional sideboard or a compact table for your bedroom..

bedside table with pull-out lid

comfortable bedside table with a pull-out tray for dishes in the bedroom

Designers periodically offer extravagant solutions – instead of a table, put a grandmother’s chest, a case or a suitcase, a drum or an easel. But this is a decision for the bohemian elite. If you approach this issue creatively, it is easy to make the bedroom original and comfortable yourself..


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