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Stretch ceilings in the children’s room: the best photos and design options

Loving parents planning renovations in the children’s room are sure to consider the option of installing stretch ceilings. This is a quick and neat way to completely transform a nursery, turning it into a real work of art. Usually the child’s room is not the largest in the house. Therefore, when designing a stretch ceiling in a children’s room, small design tricks are always used to add additional volume to the room. This is a glossy reflective surface, and the technology of “floating” ceilings, and “deepening” the space of 3D photo printing, and other techniques.

Option for a stretch ceiling for a children's room

Stretch ceilings in the children’s room

In this article, we will not talk about pompous multi-level options, but consider simple and effective solutions for PVC ceilings that will not leave your child indifferent..

Stretch ceilings in the children's room: the best photos and design options

Stretch ceiling ideas with a small children’s room

Glossy ceiling with small lights

What could be simpler than a light glossy canvas with a couple of atmospheric children’s lamps on it? The highlight of this design is the special “height” of the room, which is achieved due to the mirror surface of the ceiling.

Design of a glossy stretch ceiling in a children's room

The idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bdesigning a stretch ceiling in a children’s room

Tip: Without original lamps, this option will be too simple and not childish.

  • Two-color single-level. The single-level ceiling consists of several PVC panels, welded together. Such a simple, budgetary and original ceiling solution in the nursery allows you to zone the room without installing combined or two-level ceilings. Stretch ceiling with bright decorations in the children's room

    The original design of the stretch ceiling in the children’s room

    It assumes minimal sinking, and therefore is excellent for housing with low ceilings. By freely combining textures and colors on one canvas, you can divide the nursery into zones, visually correct the dimensions, and support the color scheme of the room.

    Children's room in light colors with a stretch ceiling

    Stretch ceiling in the interior of a children’s room

  • Carved. Canvases with cut holes are a new development in the field of stretch ceilings for children. If you want to surprise your heir and his guests, then a two-level ceiling with slots is what you need. This design assumes a slight lowering of the lower panel compared to the upper ones, and therefore is suitable for small rooms with low ceilings. Holes are made in the lower part through which parts of the upper “patchwork” multi-colored cloth are visible. Multilevel stretch ceiling for a modern child's room

    Modern design of a children’s room

    So with little tools, you can get the 3D effect. The use of various textures looks impressive: the lower film is matte, and the upper one, which looks through the holes, is shiny. By combining different colors, you can achieve interesting effects: separate the central or corner zones, expand or narrow the room.

    Stretch ceiling of different colors for a children's room

    Children’s room with a bright stretch ceiling

Tip: It is with the help of cut-out technology that you can create tear-drop streamlined shapes that cannot be achieved using drywall and other materials. If you use film LED lighting, the lighting in the nursery will become a real miracle..

Glossy stretch ceiling with small lights

Stretch ceiling with spot lighting


Stylish stretch ceiling for a large children's room

Spacious children’s room with an original stretch ceiling

The starry sky in the nursery is a traditional, often used solution for small children’s rooms. The kid is not at all scared to fall asleep and it is pleasant to fantasize in a room where the muffled light of small electric “stars” pours from the ceiling. This effect is achieved by attaching an optical fiber to the upper side of the ceiling sheet. The starry sky looks good as the upper tier of a multi-level ceiling. It is now popular to place an illuminated moon or other planet on the ceiling in a nursery. This is an expensive but very original solution..

Stylish stretch ceiling for a children's room

Interior of a children’s room with a stretch ceiling

Tip: For the sky, choose a canvas with a print. Then during the day the view of the nursery will be as picturesque as at night. Another plus: the LED attachment points will not shine through the printed canvas.


Stretch ceiling with a beautiful bright pattern for a children's room

Stretch ceiling design for a children’s room

In this case, the ceiling surface does not seem to touch the walls, because it is separated from them along the entire perimeter by a backlight line. This extremely popular, simple and original solution was made possible by the spread of illuminated corner and straight aluminum profiles. An LED strip is placed in the gutter around the perimeter of the room, which is covered with a translucent carbon profile. A wide variety of colors and illumination powers are available. The child independently using the remote control will be able to adjust the illumination in the room from bright light to a night light.

Beautiful stretch ceiling for a child's room

Modern and stylish children’s room

Tip: The ceiling hover effect is especially stunning when combined with blue sky photo prints.

Partially luminous

An interesting effect is obtained if you use a translucent PVC film in combination with LED strips. LEDs are glued to the upper level of the ceiling. A light-transmitting canvas is placed at a short distance under them. You can arrange either the entire ceiling or partially. Highlight the play area, part of the ceiling above the entrance or closet, the center of the room, or, conversely, the perimeter. The distance between the light sources and the canvas is necessary so that the lighting is even, uniform.

Luxurious stretch ceiling with partial lighting for a nursery

Children’s room with a luxurious stretch ceiling

The luminous ceiling can also “change” by simple adjustment from the remote control, depending on the time of day and the mood of the little tenant. It is reasonable to arrange a luminous ceiling, if there is little sun in the nursery, it faces north or west.

Tip: Glowing “windows” in the third opaque layer, with photo printing or monochromatic, is a good solution.

Photo of the original stretch ceiling for a bright nursery

Design of a stretch ceiling for a nursery in a marine style

Volumetric 3D

With the help of 3D effects, you can create a truly fantasy interior in your child’s room. Often, when decorating a nursery, a main theme is set in which the whole room will be solved. It can be space, jungle, depths of the sea, pirates, fairy tree – whatever your child likes. With 3D ceilings, you can successfully support all of this ambiance. If we are talking about a pirate ship, then ceiling elements in the form of sails are suitable. The girl’s room will be perfectly decorated with butterflies, flowers, rainbows on the 3D ceiling.

Stretch ceiling with volumetric details for a children's room

Modern style stretch ceiling for a children’s room

Tip: The main thing is not to overdo it, that is, not to overload the room with complex volumetric structures.


Stretch ceiling with original lighting for a child's room

Interior of a children’s room with an original stretch ceiling

Combinations of plasterboard elements located under a stretched PVC ceiling panel are widely known. Two-level structures are perfect for zoning such a multifunctional room as a nursery. Now such designs are used less and less when decorating for children. Various arcs and circles go out of fashion, and individual elements in the form of waves and clouds, etc. in the nursery look unnecessarily cumbersome and do not give a feeling of lightness and flight. Designers recommend wider use of bright reflective backlit inserts. And limit the number of drywall boxes.

Stretch ceiling with cartoon characters for the children's room

Children’s room with a fashionable stretch ceiling

Tip: It is quite possible to implement several ideas in one room. For example, you can use the “sky with the stars” in the sleeping area, and cut bright drops in the play area of ​​the room. At the same time, it is worth leaving the ceiling a strict light, “hovering” above the student’s desk.

Stretch fabrics with photo printing

Glossy stretch ceiling in a light tone for a children's room

Light stretch ceiling in a small children’s room

Bright photos on the ceiling are a great idea for a nursery. This is the most simple, inexpensive and impressive way to decorate the ceiling in an unusual way. Photographs on the PVC ceiling are an increasingly affordable solution that continues to remain original. You can always use a new photo and achieve a new effect with it. The champion of using as a print on the ceiling in a children’s room is always clear sky. But even this, to put it mildly, is not a new plot, it can be successfully played with the help of modern lighting, plasterboard borders, unusual shapes at the levels below.

Matte stretch ceiling for a spacious child room

Interior of a spacious children’s room with a matte stretch ceiling

Tip: Little kids really like the ceiling with images of their favorite cartoon characters, cars, airplanes, a magic forest, etc. A simple cute background with butterflies dancing on it will expand the child’s room, turn it into an open magic space.

Stretch ceiling with vivid photos for a children's room

Stretch ceiling with bright and beautiful photos

Two-tone PVC ceiling and floating effect

Soldered two-tone ceilings are indispensable in apartments where there is not a large headroom. They are inexpensive and perfectly perform the zoning function. Successful design options are obtained by combining colored ceilings in two or more colors with LED aluminum profiles. So in a small room with low ceilings, you can achieve both a floating effect and multicolor. Modern ergonomic requirements for the design of a child’s room require thoughtful multi-level lighting. Colored soaring ceiling is a good way to meet the requirements and at the same time make the design of the room original..

Multilevel stretch ceiling for a large child

Photo of the interior of a large nursery with a multilevel ceiling

Stretch dark ceiling with LED profile lamps

Option for a stretch ceiling for a children's room

Stylish stretch ceiling for a children’s room

Butterflies or wheelbarrows are no longer suitable for a teenager’s room. We have to look for other options and plots. We offer an impressive design: geometric shapes from spectacular LED profiles on a dark glossy ceiling! Profiles can be used to make triangles, rhombuses, luminous stripes intersecting with each other. When developing this bold design, coordinate it with the young tenant of the nursery. Perhaps he will give you fresh valuable ideas..

Combined stretch ceiling for a modern nursery

Modern children’s room with a combined stretch ceiling

Tip: Compositionally support the dark ceiling with a plasterboard or light “floating” border around the perimeter.

Stretch ceiling is a godsend for decorating a children’s room. It absolutely meets the sanitary and aesthetic requirements. The device of PVC ceilings involves a huge number of techniques and technologies, from which it is always possible to choose a PVC ceiling option for a nursery that is affordable for parents and to the taste of the child. Consider fulfilling his dream of the perfect room where he will grow, study, sleep, be entertained, and dream.!

bright stretch ceiling in pink for the nursery

Children’s room in pink with a bright stretch ceiling

With new materials and technical solutions, you can bring to life any, the most incredible and extravagant idea for installing a stretch ceiling in a children’s room.

Stretch ceilings in the nursery – stretch ceiling with a twist

Stretch ceilings in the children’s room 44 photo ideas:


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