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What should be the design of a hookah bar

At the present time, such oriental fun as hookah is becoming more and more popular. In the Ancient East, special attention was paid to him and ceremonies were arranged. Sometimes opium was added to tobacco, and it was believed that only people from the higher castes could be admitted to them. There were special places for this action – incense burners. Nowadays, this is not a sacred ritual, but only a way to have a pleasant pastime, for which there are hookah bars.

hookah bar design

If you decide to create such an establishment at home, or on a commercial basis, we will help you figure out what is needed for this..

What you need to start

To begin with, it is worth determining the budget for this event. Purchase a room, equip it, buy all the necessary elements for smoking, hire people who know the specifics of the case. All this requires investment, and further actions, and therefore the result, depends on how much you plan to spend..

hookah design ideas

The hookah bar came to us from the East.

There is a start-up capital. Before starting work, you need to settle all the formalities. What is the official part?

We comply with the formalities

To start, you need to complete a number of documents. First, let’s look at the legislative framework. Distribution of tobacco products (which is the basis for hookah smoking) is prohibited by law. You will need a license to sell them..

hookah bar interior design

The mysterious, mystical East turned from ordinary smoking a special ceremony, unhurried and pacifying.

Next, you need to register the institution as an individual entrepreneur or LLC, since only a legal entity can buy a license. Having come to smoke, a person will want to drink a cup of tea with sweets, or maybe something more serious. Therefore, hookah bars are often combined with a cafe, offering the visitor a kitchen as well. If you plan to add alcoholic beverages to the menu, you will also need a license to sell alcoholic beverages..

hookah bar decoration photo

A modern hookah room is a luxurious recreation area, an area for receiving friends, relatives, a corner where relaxation and complete relaxation prevail.

So, to open a hookah bar you need:

  1. Permits from SES;
  2. Licenses for the sale of tobacco products;
  3. Conclusions on the fire safety of the premises;
  4. Licenses for the sale of alcohol (if necessary);
  5. Documents on registration of LLC or individual entrepreneur.

hookah design

In some countries, hookah has a different name: shisha, nargile or hookah. Many foreigners understand only such names of the hookah..

Technical highlights

With the documentation sorted out. But before moving on to the design, you need to check the compliance of all technical characteristics with the norm.

design of a hookah photo options

The main attraction of the hookah bar is the hookah itself, especially if it is a design work.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the presence of a high-quality, correctly located hood. Although smoke is an invariable attribute of a hookah bar, it is better to reduce its amount in the room to a minimum..

hookah design options

An unusual design hookah can complement the interior.

Next, you should take care of the electrical wiring. Think about how the light will be located throughout the cafe. In closed booths, it is better to make calls to call the waiter, which also require power supply.

design of a hookah bar with booths

The interior of a hookah bar requires the use of metal (copper, brass), stone, wood, glass and silk textiles..

Consider the floor plan carefully and determine if redevelopment is required. Check if the sewerage and water lines are located correctly so that in the event of a breakdown you do not have to damage the designer’s work.

hookah design options

It is advisable to maintain the style of a modern hookah room in the exotic, luxurious spirit of Persian fairy tales in order to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of oriental flavor.

Getting started with the decor

Now you can proceed to the most interesting part for creative people – creating a decor. But here, too, not everything is so simple. First, you should think about what materials you need for this and make an estimate. In accordance with this, determine what kind of furniture and accessories you need, what will be the decoration of the walls and ceiling, how to decorate tables and sofas and other nuances.

hookah design photo decoration

You need to have a ready-made idea, and an idea of ​​what your hookah bar will be like in finished form.

In order not to miss anything, and to approach the decoration of the establishment as accurately as possible, draw up a design project. It will display all the details of your renovation, from creating communications to decorating tea accessories..

hookah interior photo design

The combination of rich colors, soft lines and colorful unique patterns – this should be the ideal hookah bar.

We draw up a design project

This process consists of drawing up documents that include all the technical characteristics of the premises and design solutions for the design of the cafe. This is a useful part of the work, which in the future will help to avoid various inconsistencies between technical and decor moments..

hookah design ideas

Incredibly bright and colorful hookah with many oriental lanterns.

Drawing up a design project begins with drawing up a technical task in accordance with the design ideas (processing walls, ceilings, laying tiles, etc.) Then it remains to purchase the necessary accessories and decorate the already finished base..

hookah interior ideas

Use lots of soft, small pillows – this is the hallmark of an oriental flavor.

Suggesting ideas

The design of the future hookah bar depends on its purpose. Conditionally, they can be divided into two types: hookah of pure and mixed type. In the first case, the establishment is intended for smoking only, and can only have tea in addition. Basically, they are equipped with ottomans so that you can lie on them, sometimes thick rugs and a large number of pillows are placed on the floor..

hookah design ideas decoration

This is the look of a traditional hookah – smoker.

The other type is the most common. In essence, these are cafes offering other conditions besides hookah: cuisine, drinks, music, entertainment. In this case, there is no limit to imagination, a cafe can look from a simple lounge area to a club, with the provision of appropriate services.

hookah bar design

The main pride of the hookah is the hookah itself.

The choice is yours. But let’s talk about the style, and consider several options that are suitable for the design of both types of hookah.

hookah bar design and decor

Despite the pretentious color, he does not need excesses.

East style

The most common and suitable option to decorate a hookah in an oriental style. And this is not strange, because his homeland is the Middle East..

oriental hookah bar design

Hookah room decor should promote relaxation and rest.

For this, it is necessary to create zones separated from each other by curtains. Better to make them double: use light tulle or organza for the first layer and heavy velvet for the second..

The oriental style is perfectly emphasized by horseshoe-shaped or curly arches. When decorating a hookah, in this topic, you should pay attention to the presence of a large number of textiles: multilayer curtains, pillows, embroidered sofas, and even the ceiling can be decorated with a fabric with drapery.

hookah decor

The interior of the hookah bar is emphasized by soft carpets with large pile and arabesque pattern (medieval ornament, with the inclusion of plant and geometric figures.

Another feature of the eastern orientation is the ottomans, a large number of pillows on them, and the floors are covered with carpets. Taking into account these nuances of the eastern current, you will definitely achieve the highest quality result..


Moving away from the classics, let’s turn to the present. A hookah bar in a modern style is the embodiment of all the benefits of civilization. It will be more strict. There is no place for a large number of accessories and textiles..

hookah design ideas photo

This style combines comfort and minimalism..

The use of the loft style for decorating a modern hookah is well suited. It is characterized by dark colors in the interior, monotonous painted walls, a large amount of free space and a minimum of additional accessories. You can purchase a projector and wallboard to broadcast movies on a specific day of the week.

design of hookah decor photo

The use of armchairs and a low table will fit perfectly.

If the hookah bar is not on the ground floor of the building, and is located in a good area, it would be wise to use large windows, which will make the room as bright as possible..

If you want to diversify the establishment with details, you can apply decorations in the style of cubism or minimalism, hang paintings by contemporary artists, purchase an unusual designer hookah made in the modern style..

hookah design ideas photo

Make no mistake by overloading the interior of the smoking room with accessories and bright little things..

Home hookah

To equip a room for smoking and rest at home, you do not need to purchase a license and register an LLC. This is a great idea for hookah lovers and friendly get-togethers..

hookah house design

It is best to arrange such a room in a private house..

You can place it in a loggia, in the attic or in a gazebo on the street. The wooden base will give a special atmosphere and will absorb the pleasant smells of smoke, which will firmly consolidate the status of the room – “hookah”. In this situation, do not forget to take care of good ventilation of the room. In the summer season, the attic is an especially hot place, since the bulk of the warm air accumulates under the roof. Therefore, it is necessary to install a good air conditioner here to create a comfortable environment..

hookah house decoration

In the apartment, you can also set aside a place for a hookah bar, but only if it is multi-room.

You can decorate this room in accordance with any of your desires. It will be most comfortable to combine it with a home theater, put a large comfortable sofa, or bean bag chairs.

If the apartment has a loggia, it can also be used for this purpose. Panoramic windows, a good view and soft armchairs will make your stay as comfortable as possible. You can use wicker chairs, a matching table and a lot of greenery, combining your home hookah with a place for tea.

hookah bar in the apartment house

The attic is a great place for an oriental incense house.

What to choose

Summing up, we recall that in order to open a hookah bar, you need to obtain permission to sell tobacco products, register the establishment as an LLC, comply with all sanitary and fire safety conditions and obtain an appropriate conclusion.

When choosing a style, be guided by the campaign budget, the needs of the prospective clients, and your own ideas. Let’s summarize what is needed to implement the proposed ideas for the arrangement.

design of hookah ideas interior

A cozy corner for relaxing with a hookah has found its place in the interior of a modern house..

Idea Color solution Accessories
East style Red in combination with gold, black and yellow, burgundy. Ottomans, lots of pillows, draped or fringed curtains.
Modern Cool tones: gray, blue, blue. Use all shades of brown, orange, black. Paintings by contemporary artists, jewelry in the style of cubism.
Home hookah Warm pastel colors. Or fresh vibrant colors: purple combined with green, orange, blue. Any details that contribute to your relaxation and relaxation.

There are many ideas. You can take advantage of the suggested ones and upgrade according to your own taste. Most importantly, do not forget to take care of a high-quality hood indoors..

VIDEO: Hookah room.

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