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How to express your individuality in an unusual kitchen design

You won’t surprise anyone with the usual interior. More and more creative ideas appear in catalogs, which, moreover, attract with their functionality. We offer to arrange an unusual kitchen design together and surprise guests. To do this, we need to figure out what nuances we need to pay attention to, and how to give the interior this very look..

Unusual kitchen island with built-in hob

It is quite easy to create an unusual interior – you need to discard all stereotypes and make the kitchen the way you want it to be

Important aspects

The first rule is functionality. Creative design can be practical; moreover, it should be that way. We do not recommend sacrificing practicality for the sake of beauty. Now manufacturers offer many options for comfortable and beautiful kitchen furniture, alternative materials for wall decoration and other areas. Extravagant projects are mainly made to order, individually. But we can, having gained the experience of professionals, arrange a creative interior.

Kitchen design with mirrored surfaces

Kitchen island with mirrored fronts

Thus, the main nuance worth focusing on is the combination of functionality and extraordinary solutions..

The interior of a spacious kitchen in an unusual style

Unusual design idea

How to make your kitchen special

The concept of “unusual” for each person represents a different range. Someone will manage with a bold combination of colors, and someone will not even be enough even extravagant furniture. Here you should focus on your own ideas for an unusual design. We offer several options that will help transform the space and make it extraordinary..


Let’s start incrementally. The modern design delineates a wide range of different proposals. A multi-level ceiling can also be considered unusual for this room, since it is not yet widely used..

Kitchen design with an unusual ceiling

Combined ceiling with wooden elements

Consider several design options for this zone, starting with the simpler ones, getting to the most extravagant:

  1. Multilevel structures. This option requires drywall. It is rarely used for this room, as it is hygroscopic and fire hazardous. However, it works well for this area. The essence of such an idea is to build a multi-layer structure, choosing elements of various shapes, in which hidden lighting is often mounted..

    Tiered ceiling in the kitchen of a modern apartment

    Multilevel designs allow the use of different surfaces in any combination

  2. Stretch ceiling. This option is often combined with the previous one. The PVC film, which is used to create this design, should be used carefully in rooms of this kind, since it deteriorates from exposure to high temperatures. If you choose a peculiar color, such as white or black, then the stretch ceiling will become a real highlight.
  3. Mirror surface. This is a bolder and more unusual solution. Not everyone will dare to mount a mirror in this area. This is expensive and is only suitable for kitchens with high walls..
  4. Unusual designs. In addition to drywall, other materials can be used to create volumetric figures in this area. Often they are equipped with hidden lighting, which makes them more special. If the idea with multi-level ceilings is mainly limited to the creation of several even layers, then in this case your imagination is not limited, and you have the right to create any element.

Here are, perhaps, interesting and functional proposals for finishing this part of the room..

Kitchen ceiling decoration with wood panels

Thoughtful multi-level design helps to visually increase the height of the ceiling

Advice! Do not make too extravagant a design for the ceiling in the kitchen, this will weigh it down and create an overall unpleasant atmosphere in the room..

Glass ceiling kitchen design

The glass ceiling not only looks original, but also fills the kitchen with light

We decorate the floor

In addition to the usual ideas, such as laying the floor with tiles, laminate, linoleum or parquet, we can offer one more original idea..

Relatively recently, an amazing offer appeared on the market – a self-leveling 3D floor.

Interior of a modern kitchen with self-leveling floor

The self-leveling floor looks expensive and original

The self-leveling floor consists of three layers: a concrete base (base), soil, and the self-leveling floor. The last layer can be polyurethane, epoxy epoxy-urethane, methyl methacrylate. The essence of the 3D self-leveling floor is that a 3D picture is installed between the last layer and the ground.

Kitchen interior with volumetric 3d floor

The main advantage of the self-leveling floor option is the variety of patterns and patterns.

With the help of this technology, it is possible to embody any ideas. The advantage of such a coating is also its durability, strength, resistance to external mechanical stress. These qualities are very important for the upcoming operating conditions..

Self-leveling floor in a classic style kitchen

The desired picture can be matched to absolutely any style of kitchen

Advice! Combine this technology with a warm floor, as the proposed look is rather cold compared to other coatings.

Glossy surface of self-leveling floor

The combination of a glossy floor with rough wall masonry and raw wood is unusual. And here is the kitchen?

Original loft-style kitchen

And the kitchen is hidden behind a folding panel. Ideal solution for a loft, where the kitchen is often combined with the bedroom and living room

What to think of for wall decoration

Glass panels will be an interesting idea. They are often 3D or geometrically abstracted. Thus, you will be able to replace conventional ceramic tiles..

Kitchen interior with unusual wall decoration

Kitchen design with volumetric 3D wallpaper

For some styles, faux brick or stone will also work. Having designed a kitchen apron in this way, you will be able to bring exotic notes to the general atmosphere. This solution is suitable for loft and Provence styles..

Original wall decoration in the dining area

Any wall design, invented independently, in principle, claims to be unusual and uniqueness

Kitchen wall decor with original clocks

Black wall with white arrows of unusual clocks

Advice! Trying to give your kitchen a special touch, give preference to one zone. Having made a bulk 3D floor, a mirrored ceiling, a kitchen apron with a bright image, you will overload the overall atmosphere of the room..

Custom kitchen accent wall decoration

Unusual mosaic on the kitchen wall

Let’s experiment with furniture

What else will make your kitchen interesting? Furniture, of course. Here manufacturers have tried, and every consumer will find a model that will appeal to him. You can also make any model you like in the catalog to order. An interesting solution will be the invention of your own furniture project, which will be made by a master. We offer an overview of the areas with which you can experiment.

Kitchen interior with wooden furniture

Handmade chic kitchen set made of natural wood

Kitchen island

Not every apartment boasts large dimensions, but many projects are already introducing new technologies designed for large spaces. One such innovation is the kitchen island..

Kitchen interior with an unusual kitchen island

An interesting addition to the kitchen island – an oval black table on an original base

Kitchen island with irregularly shaped black surface

Black top made of tempered glass

By itself, such an idea in the ways we are used to design is already considered unusual. But if you want to diversify it, choose an island with an unexpected shape. Flower or other configuration.

Kitchen island with thin legs

An interesting model of a kitchen island in a modern style

Kitchen island with induction hob

An elegant induction hob is installed in the center of the worktop and is used for both cooking and dining

Kitchen set

This is the most essential element. If you make it not the same as usual, it will be possible to diversify the interior of the room. What can you play with? Here are some examples and variations:

Experiment aspect Variants
The form Corner, rectangular, round, with and without pull-out systems
Material Wood, chipboard, plastic, granite, marble (for countertops)
Finishing method Postforming, 3D stickers, photos, painting
Color solution Bright contrasting combinations or, conversely, a monochromatic coating

Original dining table top

Not every kitchen has a countertop like this.

Experimenting with these parameters will help you add some interesting flavor. Find a modern set of quality materials, while you can experiment with shape and size. Replace your familiar wall cabinets with shelves. It should be noted that such a replacement is less spacious. But this is an additional reason not to make a trash storage here, and get used to modern design methods..


Chairs and a sofa of extraordinary shape will definitely make the resulting interior a subject for discussion. Find a model that matches the rest of the furniture. The table is of great importance here, the height and other dimensions of the chairs depend on its parameters..

Kitchen table with red top

An interesting combination of white and red colors for a small kitchen

It should be noted that sofas and corners are a thing of the past. But for lovers of such options, there are modern analogues. Round and square corner sofas tied with expensive fabric will definitely not age the overall look of the room.

Multi-colored chairs in the interior of the kitchen

Unpretentious chairs can look out of the box if they are painted in different colors.

In the modern interior, the previous version is being replaced by chairs. You will find many variations of them: with a high, or vice versa, a low back, original shapes and materials. In connection with the spread of fashion for bar counters, corresponding chairs are gaining popularity. Bar stools are also great for a kitchen island.

Bionic style relaxation area design

Furniture in the bionic style looks very unusual

Color scheme

Another way to achieve originality is with bold color schemes. By playing with color, you will be able to achieve variety in the design of the room. There are some interesting solutions that will make the kitchen look fresh and modern..

Bright accents

The first thing that characterizes a bold modern design is the presence of bright accents. You can highlight one wall with a bright color, thus achieving an accentuation of attention on this object..

Yellow kitchen cabinets on the background of a white wall

Bold accents can be used even in a small kitchen, but here they have to be combined with white.

Any piece of furniture or its element, such as a tabletop or chair covers, can play the role of an accent. Tableware or textiles will also bring bright notes..

Gray kitchen with yellow cabinet

Yellow accents refresh the environment perfectly

Important! For this technique to function fully, the rest of the room should have calm tones..

Space style kitchen interior

A whole galaxy on the facades of the kitchen island

Contrasting combinations

You have to be careful here. To apply this technique, study the laws of color matching. This will help the color wheel and table presented in design magazines and books..

Color wheel for the selection of shades in the design of the kitchen

Using the color wheel, the combination of colors can be chosen as correctly and harmoniously as possible.

Despite the fact that you are trying to achieve a contrast effect, the combination should be harmonious, not discomfort to the eyes and not cause negative emotions..

Red bar stools in kitchen design

A successful contrasting combination of red chairs with a white set

Handmade jewelry is a great idea for decorating any surface. If you love tinkering, you will definitely like this method, and with regard to the interior, it will make your kitchen unusual. Remember, your own custom design will bring even more originality..

Video: unusual kitchen design

Photo: interesting solutions for the original kitchen interior

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