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What is needed for a site landscape design project

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The owner, starting to build a country house, is already thinking about the backyard decoration, outbuildings. Experts recommend thinking over the components of your property in advance. This can be done with a master plan for land ownership..

Landscape design project for a small summer cottage

A landscape project will help you realize your design solutions

A competent project of landscape design of the site will help to correctly distribute valuable square meters, taking into account all the surface features, and reduce costs.

Project development

The landscape design project involves 2 main stages.

  • Preparation.
  • Development of.

You can contact a specialist who will do the job quickly, according to the standards. But it will cost at least 10 thousand rubles, the amount depends on the size of the site.

Geodetic GPS receiver during measurements of a summer cottage

Professionals use precision equipment in their work, but their services are expensive

Landscape design is a complex, but interesting activity, the imagination and participation of the owner are of great importance, many develop independently, relying on the main stages of the process, the finished work of professionals, their advice.

Distances between objects in the garden

When designing, normalized distances to objects are taken into account

Preparation for creating a project includes:

  • accurate measurements of areas;
  • analysis of existing plantings, their sanitary, decorative condition;
  • study of the chemical composition of the soil;
  • analysis of the general relief;
  • analysis of available communications;
  • the level of natural illumination of the area;
  • degree of soil contamination.

The development of a landscape design project for a site begins with the creation of a general sketch. It should be clearly visible where which zone is located.

Sketch for the project of landscape design of a garden plot

At the second stage, a sketch is created that shows the division of the site into functional zones.

Main characteristics of the site

Regardless of whether a large piece of land or a small one, there are certain criteria that are recommended to be taken into account.

  • The shape of the surface to be developed: rectangle, triangle, trapezoid
  • Soil type. Ideally, if it is black soil. Here it is necessary to take into account how the owner plans to spend time in the country. If this is a place for rest and barbecue, the composition of the soil does not matter much. If the owner is a gardener or gardener, there are plans for harvesting, and the soil is clayey, sandy, high-quality fertilizers or mixing the existing land with imported fertile soil will help to cope with the problem.

    Garden layout schemes

    The main types of planning a suburban area

Laws of registration of summer cottages

No matter how a person tries to establish his own laws everywhere, this does not concern nature. Design experts advise to rely on unspoken patterns.

  1. Triangle (section) law. For example, a flower bed will look harmonious if you remove all the same elements, divide it into zones. Or when dividing the land into parts, it is recommended to allocate 2-3, all of different sizes. In the color scheme, the principle is the same, one color is the main one, the rest are additional. This rule is relevant for all work: design, decoration.
  2. The law of the circle. Works well for color distribution. For example, if you divide it into 2 parts, divide the colors into cold and warm, this is a composition. You can mix shades from a neighboring group, but in minimal quantities.
  3. Square law. Relevant with a clear location of buildings on the site, planting plants. It is important to observe the orientation to the cardinal points here. For example, the pool is recommended to be located on the south side, tall plants should be planted on the north.

Low-growing plants and flowers in garden beds

An ideal garden should combine all three patterns.

Competent zoning

For a country house to be comfortable and safe, buildings must be correctly positioned in the general project.

Experts recommend dividing the territory into 2-3 parts.

The layout scheme of the garden plot of an elongated shape

An example of zoning a summer cottage

First zone: outbuildings (garage, sauna, barn, toilet). Clarification: if the toilet is outdoor, it is recommended to place it as far as possible from a well with drinking water.

Outdoor wooden toilet with an open door

It is better to hide the yard toilet in the depths of the site.

The second: decorative landscape, recreation area (gazebo, barbecue area, flower beds). It can be located in the far corner of the cottage..

Retaining stone and outdoor fireplace in the background of the summer cottage

Buildings made of natural stone fit perfectly into the landscape design

Third: gardening, horticulture. It is recommended to place crop beds or fruiting shrubs as close as possible to a well, a well with clean water.

Garden beds on raised wood beds

An interesting solution – a compact vegetable garden in high flower beds

It is better to locate the second and third zones in the illuminated corners of the cottage. On any private territory there are shady places, shade-loving plants are planted there.

In the process of landscape design, it is advisable to immediately develop a general scheme for comfortable movement around the perimeter, think over convenient “routes” to frequently visited points. In large areas, such a scheme is more difficult to develop than in small ones..

Creating garden paths

When planning the location of garden paths, it is necessary to take into account the composition and relief of the earth, even in a small depression in the spring, when the snow melts, in the summer after rain, puddles will form, which may increase over time. Periodically, you need to level the ground cover. This is an option for ordinary, summer cottages.

Garden path from wood cuts

Wood mosaic looks gorgeous, but requires constant maintenance and has a limited lifespan

If the property is planned to be used all year round, garden paths can be laid out with bricks, tiles, stone. The choice of finishing material depends on the wishes of the owner.

Garden paths made of natural stone

Stone paths are much more durable, although much depends on the type of rock used

Paths at the summer cottage can be arranged in different ways, intersect, branch, connect and disconnect.

Registration of “wrong” pieces of land

A narrow domain landscape design project is quite difficult to create. It is possible to make it convenient and functional, but the aesthetic side of the issue will be more difficult to solve. If the length is sufficient, you can place both a shed and a recreation area, a garden, a vegetable garden in the area..

If you want to decorate the dacha yourself, it is recommended to use the advice of experienced designers for working with narrow areas.

  • The surface is divided into 2-3 parts of the correct shape. For example, define them by placing the main buildings and plantings in these places. Can be divided with a hedge.

    Narrow site landscape design project

    The layout of a narrow area should visually expand its boundaries

  • The arrangement and design of the paths on the irregular form of dacha ownership has its own subtleties. Avoid straight lines, smooth curves will mask the main flaw of the surface, add elegance to it. The decoration should be peculiar, unusual. For example, instead of tiles, the path can be laid out with wooden rounds.

    Garden path made of fine stone with wooden borders

    The tracks look original using combinations of different materials

Registration of a plot of 6 acres

With a competent approach, even on 6 acres of land, you can place several main suburban areas.

600 square meters is not so much, so you need to seriously approach the development of landscape design, use every free meter.

An example of the layout of a summer cottage with an area of ​​6 acres

And on six acres you can place everything you need

A popular design style for a small summer cottage is geometric, that is, buildings and plantings form any geometric shape.

The main task of the developer is to correctly set up a residential building. It should be positioned so that the shadow does not fall on the rest of the area. Most often, this is the north side. Additionally, the structure will protect the plantings from the wind. Opposite it, you can place the rest of the outbuildings.

Landscape project of a plot of 6 acres with a two-storey house

The northwest corner is the best place to locate a house on a small plot

The garage is placed at the beginning of the land ownership, so that the entrance takes up as little private territory as possible.

The improvement of a summer cottage of 6 acres has its own characteristics, it is better to follow the general recommendations of experienced specialists.

  • Installing a fence – marking clear boundaries. In a small space, a feeling of constriction, crampedness is created. If there is nothing without a hedge, it can be decorated with live plantings, for example, lianas..
  • To create the feeling of a wide space, you should not plant plants in straight lines, it is better to distribute around the entire perimeter.
  • Lawns will visually expand the space. They can be located in the center, or in front of the entrance to the main house..
  • Clear, straight tracks would be out of place. Smooth lines, “forcing” the gaze to follow the soft arc line.

In order for the dacha to look harmonious, you need to correctly calculate the size of a residential building, a barn, a toilet, a place for a garden and a vegetable garden. The optimal size of the house, according to experts, is 5/6 meters, you can build a small terrace. If the owner does not plan to keep animals, there may be one farm structure in which a shower and storage will be combined. If the toilet is outside, so as not to be conspicuous, you can plant shrubs or trees around.

When organizing a garden, it must be remembered that over time it will grow, you should not plant a large number of seedlings in a small area, 5-6 pieces are enough.

Photo of neat beds in a small garden area

Neatly decorated garden beds

Vegetable beds are placed in a sunny place. It will not be possible to land a lot due to the limited footage.

The recreation area is best located near the garden. Trees will grow, casting more and more shadows. You can build a small gazebo or just set up a table and benches.

Registration of a plot of 10 acres

A summer cottage of 10 acres allows the owner to arrange it in any style direction, placing everything necessary and necessary. In this case, it is possible to use the help of specialists or to develop a landscape design project on your own..

At the beginning of the design work, you need to decide on the style. The architectural form of housing, the choice of trees and flowers for the garden, plants for the garden, decorative elements, geometric patterns of planting will depend on it..

Flower garden near the house in the English style

Organization of a recreation area in the English style

On 10 acres, the English style looks harmonious. Its distinctive feature is the natural placement of elements. All vegetation: trees, flowers, shrubs, greenery, is planted in tiers. But, there should be a lot of plants, due to this the relevance of symmetry disappears. Paths, paths – winding, neat, if the relief is changeable, a natural reservoir is built.

There is no need to pick up plants, almost everything will do.

Japanese style is relevant for a summer residence of 10 acres. It provides for the presence of an artificial reservoir, it is allowed to install several decorative elements, stones, lanterns are hung near a residential building.

Japanese-style rock garden

The beauty of a Japanese garden lies in the balance and harmony of forms.

There should not be a lot of decor, restraint is an important characteristic of the Japanese. Plants are preferable calm: juniper, dwarf pine.

Mediterranean direction is suitable for property registration. It is characterized by wicker furniture, pots of flowers, stone-paved paths, a gazebo “immersed” in greenery, a small fountain.

Resting place in the garden among the abundance of plants

The Mediterranean style is characterized by an abundance of plants placed in flower beds, in pots and on pergolas

For most people, the concept of “dacha” is associated with the concept of “vegetable garden”. Modern design solutions do not imply the presence of traditional beds in the project, therefore, in order not to violate the style order, experts offer alternative options.

Vertical vegetable garden A modern analogue of traditional planting. Pallets, shelves, pots, buckets are used to place plants..
Modular beds They are more compact, more neat and tidy in appearance, easier to clean.
Vegetable garden in the garden Vegetable seedlings are planted in flower beds, next to flowers.

Registration of a plot of 15 acres

If a plot of 6 or 10 acres is considered small, modest, then a property of 15 acres is already a medium-sized property, on which an individual can afford to place almost anything. Ideal shape – 30/50 meters.

Layout scheme for a garden plot with an area of ​​15 acres

Scheme of a plot of 15 acres: 1 – house, 2 – garage, 3. – utility block, 4 – parking, 5 – terrace, 6 – barbecue area, 7 – playground, 8 – greenhouse, 9 – garden with tall trees, 10 – alcove

Landscape design of such a footage implies a residential building, a garage, a barn, a recreation area, a garden, a vegetable garden, a playground.

The entire perimeter must be consistent with the same style. It depends on the geometric shape. If it is a regular rectangle, you can safely design it in a classic, regular style. It is characterized by straight lines, everything must be exact, symmetrical.

If the property is irregular in shape, such as triangular, a landscape style will do. In this case, the laws of symmetry are irrelevant. But, do not think that you can do everything as you have to or work out, a competent organization is necessary. This type of design assumes the presence of an artificial reservoir, bizarre, unusual shape of flower beds, decoration with natural materials.

A corner of a young garden on a plot of 15 acres

Young plants are planted taking into account their growth

If buildings and decorative elements are distributed correctly, there will be room for a pool or sports field. It is better not to plant trees around the living quarters, over time they will block out natural light, you can replace them with shrubs: jasmine, juniper, lilac. In the garden there are currants, gooseberries, raspberries. An apple or plum tree is planted next to them..

The recreation area can be located in any part of the property. Someone likes it to be in the sun, others, on the contrary, relax in the shade and coolness. When installing the barbecue, designers recommend taking into account the side of the world so that the wind does not “drive” the smoke into the living space.

Placement and decoration of the garden

The most beautiful gardens in China, so before you start planting your own, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the recommendations of this people. It is believed that this place should look like a single organism, everything is natural, organic.

Stone waterfall and wooden bridge in the Chinese garden

Each element of the Chinese garden takes a specific place and has its own meaning.

Edge trees are planted in a strict straight line, in the middle are low specimens, the paths are smooth, soft. The priority is red, blue, white, pink. In the central part, they construct a do-it-yourself arch of flowers.

Using sculptures in design

Garden sculptures are made of ceramics, bronze or polymer resin. Some owners make their own figurines from wood or steel..

Sculpture in the form of a snail near from hell path

Sculptures will add originality and uniqueness to the garden

They can be just a decoration, or carry some semantic load, be useful: a vase or a fountain. It is not necessary to decorate the perimeter with large specimens, miniature ones are also suitable.

Useful Tips

Each property is beautiful in its own way. Decorations give it its originality and individuality: figurines, stones. The main thing here is not to overdo it with the quantity, 2-3 medium ones are enough, or 5 small elements per hundred square meters of land.

Modern owners tend to lay out free, ground space near buildings with stone, tiles. Designers are advised to leave green corners, lawns. Sowing them with special, lawn grass is quite expensive, experienced summer residents have found a replacement – escaping bent grass. In plant growing, it is considered a weed, but, as practice shows, the lawn “spreads” ideally. If you devote enough time to decorating the land, you can save a decent amount of money by consulting with professionals or experienced summer residents..

Lawn in a garden landscape on a plot of 10 acres

The perfect lawn needs good maintenance

If all the free space is occupied by trees and plants, there is no room left for flower beds, they can be perfectly grouped with vegetables. For example, cucumbers are planted in the center, tomatoes around them, flowers around the edges. This type of planting organization is increasingly used by modern designers, claiming that in the near future it will become the main one..

Unsightly country objects can be masked with climbing plants. They perfectly decorate the gazebo, hedge.

Trying to make the suburban area unusual and peculiar, there is a chance to overdo it with details or decorative elements. Therefore, in the process of work, you need to stop for rest, view the result of your work from all sides, consult with specialists, more experienced neighbors.

Expert opinion Alina Kvileva.

Video on how to independently draw a landscape design project

50 photos of the best completed landscape design projects

Polycarbonate gazebo in a garden landscape Cozy backyard in English style Sculptures in landscape design Sculpture of a swan in the garden Flowers from an old bike Pond and wooden bridge in the garden Resting corner in the back of the garden Small back garden Clinker garden path Scandinavian style garden Garden chairs on a green lawn Stone pond in garden design Relaxation area with soft armchairs in the garden Arch with climbing plants in a garden landscape Beds with lilac flowers Retaining brick wall in the garden Cozy corner to relax in the back of the garden Blue spruce in a garden bed Garden with flowering plants Flowerbed with pebbles in the autumn garden Photo of a successful landscape design project Hedges and bamboo in the garden A pond in the middle of the garden and a residential building in the background Pool with blue water in front of the garden gazebo Playground in the garden landscape Flowerbed with decorative chips mulch Outdoor gazebo with barbecue Sculpture on an island in the middle of a reservoir at a summer cottage Garden path made of large flat stones Top view of the English garden Garden with an old well Stone waterfall on the shore of a garden pond Rest area with wooden deck Flower beds with flowers along the edges of the garden path Stones and an old vase in a garden bed Top view of the recreation area Landscape design project on a plot of 10 acres Brick BBQ at the back of the garden Alpine slide in front of the house Retaining walls made of flat stone Garden fireplace in the recreation area Sod and birch bushes in the garden landscape Oriental garden with gazebo Globular plants in a garden landscape Forged garden furniture at the recreation area Old bicycle as a flower bed Garden path made of red concrete Young plants in a garden landscape A flower bed with conifers at the junction of the paths

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