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Kitchen-living room 18 squares. Design Tips

The design is of the utmost importance. A well-thought-out finish allows you to hide the imperfections of the room and focus on its merits. If the kitchen and living room are combined in one room, you should carefully consider the design. It is important to visually delimit and designate each zone, but observe the general style of the space.

Kitchen-living room design in gray

An area of ​​18 square meters is enough to organize a comfortable kitchen-living room

How to arrange a kitchen-living room 18 sq. m.

To create a comfortable room, where several rooms with different functional purposes will be combined, requires every effort. In addition to personal taste preferences, you need to consider the features of the space, the pros and cons. Color contrast can be used to indicate zones..

Interior of the kitchen-living room in 18 squares with a sofa

Combining rooms expands the functionality of the room

Transparent furniture in the interior of the kitchen-living room with an area of ​​18 sq m

Any redevelopment must be carefully considered.

Before starting the main repair work, you should carefully study the location of communications, window and door openings, and the load-bearing wall. Consider the following:

  1. Redevelopment should be previously agreed with the relevant authorities, and permission should be obtained for it..
  2. Get acquainted with the nuances that imply strict prohibitions.
  3. Decide in advance on the presence of a gas point. The presence of a gas stove suggests the impossibility of combining the kitchen and living room. This should be abandoned.

Only after solving the above issues, you can proceed to design development.

Zoning the kitchen-living room with a bar counter

At the stage of project development, it is necessary to take into account how the kitchen area will be separated from the living room.

White kitchen-living room with an area of ​​18 squares

Arrangement of the kitchen-living room interior requires knowledge of certain design tricks

Successful zoning of the kitchen and living room

Zoning allows you to combine several rooms in one area, without losing the individuality of each. It is recommended to determine in advance the location of the segments, including the dining area, recreation area. There are certain guidelines to follow. But you can add personality and make additions according to your preferences..

Wooden chest in the interior of the kitchen-living room

Usually in the kitchen-living room, there is a work and dining area, as well as a place to relax.

Classic kitchen interior

It is important to follow the “working triangle” rule when planning the cooking space.

Helpful hints:

  1. Find out in advance what exactly you will be doing in the kitchen and living room..
  2. Decide on the distance you need to comfortably move around the existing area. There should be enough space to walk comfortably, perform various manipulations. Shouldn’t be crowded.
  3. Make a plan of the room, marking the areas you use most often.
  4. Draw frequent travel routes based on your plan. Evaluate how comfortable they are, whether they will not be cramped.
  5. It is recommended to arrange furniture so that it does not occupy extra squares, but saves space.

Corner white sofa

Each functional area has its own set of pieces of furniture.

Important. To make the style uniform, you should purchase furniture of the same shade for each site..

Rustic kitchen-living room interior decoration

Provence style kitchen-living room design

Furnishing options

The highlighted segments must be different to denote each zone. But it is recommended that a consistent design be followed to create integrity. Therefore, you should not purchase items that differ in style. Uniform furniture design will create the effect of completeness.

Kitchen-living room interior with balcony door

Furniture, decoration and decor – everything should be combined with each other

When choosing furniture, you should consider many important nuances. It is worthwhile to decide in advance on its quality, appearance, so as not to waste the best time and money, if a selection error is made. Rely on the following guidelines:

  • The material depends on the chosen style direction. Some interiors involve the use of exclusively natural raw materials. Get models that are easy to care for. It is important that items can withstand high humidity environments..
  • Give preference to ergonomics and simplicity. The selected models should not become an obstacle for comfortable movement in space..
  • Choose multifunctional furniture. Models that are easily transformable will do. Such a solution will save more free space and will not take up extra squares. The room will look spacious.
  • For zoning, you can use special partitions. They are solid, portable, stationary. The choice is huge, which allows you to find the right option for a specific case..

White kitchen linear layout

Convenience and capacity are the main qualities of kitchen furniture

Refuse to place the chandelier on the border of the zones. It is recommended to choose small luminaires for each segment.

Color decoration

Competently selected shades are able to delimit several areas connected in one territory, visually make the space larger, lighter and more spacious. The tone used in the room depends on the style. If you prefer Provence, then light shades will prevail. Hi-tech allows the use of contrasting, bright colors.

Paper wallpaper on the wall of the working area of ​​the kitchen-living room

Different wall finishes are the most affordable way to divide space

As a finishing material, you can choose wallpaper or paint. For the kitchen, you should choose coatings that can withstand certain, difficult conditions. This applies not only to the wall covering, but also to the ceiling and floors. It is not recommended to use a kitchen carpet. This option is not practical. Its frequent contamination and difficulty in maintenance will cause a lot of trouble. For a living room, carpet is more suitable. It will look organic, appropriate.

Zoning the kitchen-living room with a carpet

A large carpet will look stylish in the sofa area.

There are several different color options:

  1. Light and warm palette for paint or wallpaper.
  2. Combination of contrasting and catchy tones.
  3. Classic design in black and white.

The final choice will depend on the basic design of the room. It is important that everything looks harmonious. Inadmissibly large difference in palette between segments.

Dark beige curtains on the windows of the kitchen-living room

Window decoration plays an important role in creating the design of the kitchen-living room

A varied layout of the kitchen-living room of 18 sq. m.

There are various types of layouts that allow you to conveniently place the necessary items and comfortably move around the territory. The options most suitable for the indicated area are shown in the table:

Views Description
Square Items are arranged according to the indicated form. It is possible to change the placement of furniture at your own choice.
L-shaped The most common layout. Allows you to use the corner, which increases the useful use of available space.
U-shaped Assumes only one free wall. The other three take up the necessary items, the dining area.

Corner kitchen set with white facades

L-shaped layout is versatile, compact and convenient

Design of a kitchen-living room with an area of ​​18 square meters with a U-shaped layout

It is reasonable to use a U-shaped layout with a room width of at least 2.5 m; with a smaller size, the working area will be simply cramped and inconvenient

If you have enough territory, you can arrange an island that will serve as a working area or a dining segment. In a small kitchen, such an idea cannot be realized. But if there are enough meters, it is worth choosing the indicated option..

Kitchen-living room design 18 squares with an island

Passages around the island must be at least 1 m wide

Small dining table in the kitchen-living room

An 18-square kitchen can accommodate both an island and a dining table, but only if they are small

If the kitchen set is placed in one line, then you should distinguish between the work area and the segment for rest. As a division, you can use the island or the bar.

White linear kitchen with peninsula

A linear kitchen can be made more convenient by adding a peninsula

The planning can be done independently or with the help of professionals. They will help you to correctly place accents and evaluate the available space. You can start zoning only after determining the layout.

Important. Competent placement of objects will create practicality and comfort in one room. When installing furniture, remember that it should not create obstacles for movement..

Decorating the wall above the sofa in the kitchen-living room

The choice of furniture depends on the style and personal preferences.

Subtleties of room zoning

A bar counter is often used as an element for dividing a room into segments. It can be stationary or retractable. Can be used as a work surface or dining table.

Kitchen-living room design with a small bar counter

A small bar counter in the form of a peninsula can serve as an extension of the working area and be used as a table for morning coffee

If you don’t feel like installing partitions, you can create borders using color or furniture items. You can choose a corner sofa or several soft armchairs set in a semicircle. The color palette should not create sharp contrast between zones.

A popular zoning method is a tiered ceiling or floor covering. Tiles are often used in the kitchen; a laminate or carpet is suitable for the living room..

Zoning the kitchen-living room with a light partition

Lightweight wooden partition harmoniously divides the room into two functional areas

The most popular methods for dividing space should be noted:

  • bar counter;
  • dinner table;
  • dividing island;
  • floor with different heights;
  • partitions or screen;
  • multilevel ceiling;
  • sofa.

The final version should be chosen based on convenience and personal preference..

Small dining table made of natural wood

The bar counter, located at an angle, successfully divides the room of an irregular shape

Lighting is another important aspect

Lighting is of the utmost importance. If you make a mistake, the care will become bleak and cold. Combining the living room and kitchen involves the creation of a work area, a dining segment and a place to relax. Individual lighting should be selected for each area. No chandelier at the junction of the segments. This solution looks tasteless..

Three pendant lights on the ceiling of the kitchen-living room

Pendant lamps above the bar are also involved in the zoning of the kitchen-living room space.

The workspace requires maximum lighting. Better cold light, spotlights in a stretch ceiling. Additionally, you can place lighting below and on the shelves for the evening. Choose bright warm light for the dining area. The resting place should have dim and light lighting..

Recessed lights on the living room kitchen ceiling

Spotlights look good on a dedicated ceiling beam

Decoration of various areas

Finishing allows you to visually delimit several rooms without violating the overall style. It is important to take into account the characteristics of each segment for the correct choice of material. Not any coating is suitable for the kitchen. Floor cladding is best done with tiles with a special surface that does not slip. Selected coatings should be as easy to maintain as possible.

White ceramic tile backsplash

On the kitchen backsplash, tiles, stone trim or porcelain stoneware are appropriate

Photo gallery

Kitchen-living room with corner set

Dining area design with wooden table Kitchen-living room with one window Wallpaper with geometric patterns on the kitchen wall Wooden table in front of the kitchen window Cupboard with shelves for kitchen utensils Open rack for kitchen utensils L-shaped kitchen set Modern furniture drawers

Kitchen-living room with a partition

Pictures in the decor of the kitchen-living room Table setting in a modern kitchen-living room Blue curtains on the kitchen window Blue sofa in the kitchen-living room lightweight partition between kitchen and living room white wooden partition Brown laminated flooring White set with built-in washing machine

Other ideas for a kitchen-living room of 18 squares

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