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Why do you need a bathtub skirting board?

Bathroom skirting boards are required at the joints between the wall and the bathroom, the wall and the washbasin. The floor and ceiling options play a more decorative role. Although, the former can help with the bay, preventing water from entering the neighbor’s apartment located below.

We will consider different options for this part and figure out what the skirting should be, how to choose the most suitable material, carry out the installation correctly and cope with possible problems that arise during installation.

Bathroom skirting board

Bathroom skirting board tightness and decoration

Why do you need a bathtub skirting board?

Any beautiful tiles, plumbing and design in general will spoil the impression if there is a gap between the wall and the washbasin or bathtub, and the corners are unevenly finished. It seems that the disadvantage is not that significant. However, those who have encountered a similar problem understand that, along with the aesthetic side, a crevice in the bathroom is the source of more serious trouble. In places where water seeps:

ceramic skirting board in the bathroom

toilet in a room with a ceramic border

  • fungi and mold appear, centipedes and wood lice start up;
  • stains appear on the floor;
  • the bay of the downstream apartment occurs.

The appearance is also seriously deteriorated. The contrast with the trim looks not at all attractive. Why does he appear?

ceramic skirting board in the bathroom

bathroom with sink and mirror

The reasons for this lie in mistakes at the stage of construction and initial improvement. Gaps are formed due to:

  • uneven wall surfaces;
  • improperly selected bath;
  • illiterate installation of the frame, due to which distortions appear.

But this problem is not difficult to solve. The gaps are closed using building materials, sealants, glue and bathroom skirting board.

Bathroom skirting board

Bathroom skirting installation ideas

Bathroom skirting board: requirements and types

The final stage in the decoration of the room is the installation of the plinth on the bathtub, floor and ceiling. It gives the bathroom a perfect finish. Since the room is characterized by high humidity, finishing materials must meet the necessary requirements:

plinth in the bathroom

bathroom with mosaic tiles

  • do not let water through – they must easily tolerate moisture;
  • be resistant to aggressive cleaning agents;
  • durable;
  • have antifungal properties.

ceramic skirting board for the bathroom in the house

one of the options for the visual design of borders in the bathroom

The most acceptable options for bathroom skirting boards are:

  • ceramic;
  • plastic;
  • marble;
  • self-adhesive.

Bathroom skirting board: requirements and types

Types of bathroom skirting boards

We will study the characteristics of each separately, and the features of the installation mechanism.


If gaps of more than 2.5 centimeters have formed, then laying ceramic tiles will be the best solution.. It has many advantages:

  • resistance to aggressive environment;
  • reliable structure;
  • preservation of the original appearance for a long time, more than 10-15 years.

Bathroom skirting board

Ceramic bathroom skirting board

At the same time, it has a high price (higher than that of tiles). In addition, it is not easy to lay. For work, you will need the following materials:

  • sealant, tile adhesive;
  • Bulgarian;
  • putty knife;

bathtub skirting board

modern shower curb in a light tone

  • construction gun;
  • plinth;
  • mallet made of rubber.

All gaps are sealed with a sealant, equalized with a spatula. If the gap is more than three centimeters, then an additional rag is required or formwork is being prepared.

glued plinth in the bathroom

bathroom floor curb

After the sealant has hardened, measurements are taken, the plinth is cut off, armed with a grinder, and the cut points are sanded with sandpaper. Then glue is prepared, applied to the baseboard and attached. If necessary, level the surface with a rubber mallet. After a day, the upper and lower edges are sealed with a sealant.

how to make a plinth in the bathroom

installation of a self-adhesive border


Bathroom skirting board from PVC becomes an ideal solution if the gap size is from one and a half to three centimeters. In addition to strength, it has an aesthetic appearance. Sometimes even floor options are used for the bath. But, and special types are equipped with rubber sides, which easily cope with the function assigned to them.

Bathroom skirting board

Plastic skirting board for bathrooms

With a wide gap, a wide plastic profile is selected. Then it is more difficult to hide the gap with this material, but if desired, it is possible.

Among the advantages of the material, the following stand out:

  • moisture resistance;
  • flexibility;
  • variety of shapes and colors;
  • low cost;
  • long service life.

plinth made of wood in the bath

curb to the bathroom in a curved shape

At the same time, before making a decision, you need to keep in mind that this material will turn yellow in two years. The installation requires the skills of a builder. Otherwise, if the sealing is carried out poorly, then water will continue to seep into the cracks..

To carry out the installation, you will need tools:

  • solvent;
  • masking tape;
  • roulette;

hermetic plinth in the bathroom

bathroom with colored tiles and glass door

  • polyurethane foam;
  • hacksaw;
  • hairdryer;
  • sealant;
  • knife.

Before starting work, you need to completely close the bath, dismantle the previous seal to the end, clean, treat the surface with a solvent and dry the surface.

ceiling plinth for bath

corner curb in the bathroom under the ceiling

Then measurements are taken, and the necessary parts are cut off. If the corners cannot be made, you can use specially designed docking materials..

Having tried on the workpiece and making sure that everything converges, masking tape is glued along the edges, stepping back a few millimeters. If pipes pass here, then special slots are made.

Bathroom skirting board

Ceramic skirting board as a type of joint sealing

First, the seam is foamed, after which they take the prepared strips and press them tightly, fixing them for 7-10 minutes. You do not need to touch the surface for another half hour, and after this time, the resulting excess is carefully removed.

All joints are treated with a sealant, and after drying, the adhesive tape is removed.

For small gaps, the skirting board is attached to the sealant without the use of foam. Then it is applied along the entire length of the plinth and attached.

skirting board for bathroom and kitchen

ceramic skirting board with ornament


It is a natural mountain material. It is always unique, and the highest quality is the one with even veins and a similar color. It is the best solution for a high-quality, effective, reliable finish for many years.. It is used when you want to emphasize the luxurious design of a room. But it becomes advisable to use if the bathtub is made of marble..

Bathroom skirting board

Marble bathroom skirting board

Then the combination is perfect. The same material can be used to finish the floor and ceiling. Among the disadvantages, only one is noted: the high cost.

Self-adhesive tape

This view bathroom skirting boards made of polyurethane. Such a tape does not allow moisture to pass through, does not rot and maintains performance regardless of the temperature drop.. Other advantages of the material include the following:

colored skirting boards for the bathroom

bathroom curbs in different colors

  • it is from it that it is easier to carry out the installation;
  • there is a large selection of colors;
  • different widths can be selected;
  • ease of care (just remove plaque with household chemicals without abrasive substances).

To install such a skirting board, no additional materials are required. You just need to prepare the surface well so that it becomes clean and dry. After that, the protective layer is removed and glued to the surface, gradually unwinding the tape.

Bathroom skirting board

Self-adhesive bathroom tape

Usually, they choose one color with a bath. In order for the choice to be correct, measurements are initially taken.


This look can also be added to the floor options. But it must have anti-corrosion characteristics. Such a plinth is not scary:

  • temperature drops;
  • blows;
  • abundance of moisture.

Often metal skirting boards are used in aluminum cladding. As with marble, it is expensive. That’s why it is rarely installed in an apartment. However, the material is effective, original and beautiful. It is often used in public places, bars, restaurants and healthcare facilities..

Bathroom skirting board

Metal skirting board for bathroom

Surface preparation

Whatever materials are planned to be used, they first carry out preparatory work.

Surface preparation for installing skirting boards

Installation option for bathroom skirting boards

In case of re-installation, completely dismantle the previous layer and clean the surface. If there is mold, it is scraped off with a spatula and treated with an antiseptic. Then remove the fat film by rubbing with a sponge soaked in alcohol. Finally, dry the surface with a hairdryer. Optimum tightness is achieved by filling the gap with silicone sealant. It is applied evenly over the entire joint surface. A large gap is filled with polyurethane foam. You can also use a rag.

classic skirting board in the bathroom

corner joints in the bathroom with plinth

Help for beginners

For those who do this work for the first time, it may not always turn out perfectly. If the corner is uneven, it is treated with silicone sealant. After that, the corners look nice. Better to apply sealant with your finger.

Only white fillets are available for sale. If a color other than white is used, this may seem like a problem. But, they solve it with ordinary paint. Water-based or acrylic is suitable. If the skirting board is painted, then this must be done before installation. Then you don’t have to worry about splashing onto the walls and ceiling. At the same time, the sealed joints are painted over after the fillets are installed..

Bathroom skirting board

Bathroom skirting board option

If the skirting board is mounted on the floor or ceiling, and after installation there are strong gaps, they are treated using a finishing putty first. It penetrates into the thinnest cracks. After that, a sealant is used. For uneven ceilings, it is better to use gypsum plaster or plaster, which eliminates large gaps. To ensure that the seal is not visible, it will work if the strokes are carried out vertically, rubbing into the seam.

plinth for bathtub

ceramic border in the shower room under dark tiles

The putty is applied with a brush, not with a spatula. All excess is removed with a sponge. The putty is sanded with fine sandpaper when it dries. Before applying paint, dust is removed from the surface, and then a primer is applied. As it is used paint, which is diluted with water (2 * 1). After drying, the second layer applied will become the finishing.


Taking into account the peculiarities of the interior, the material from which the bathtub is made and other parameters, the most suitable option is chosen. If the materials are selected correctly, and the installation is done with high quality, bathroom skirting board able to turn into a real highlight for the whole room.

Bathroom skirting board

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