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We make paintings for the interior with our own hands

Since olden times, people have been decorating their homes with paintings. They are ordered from artists, purchased at exhibitions, in stores. And to do it yourself is not difficult at all, because there are so many ideas. A little inspiration, patience, materials and your own masterpiece, reflecting the mood, personality, ready.

White living room with a painting on the wall

Do-it-yourself paintings will make any interior original

DIY paintings: paint with paints

The classic way to create pictures for the interior with your own hands is to paint them with paints. All you need is a sheet of paper, your imagination and paint. It is most convenient for a beginner to work with gouache, watercolors, leaving oil and acrylics to more experienced artists.

Golden arrows in the author's picture

An author’s canvas can be quite simple

The question arises: how to draw if you don’t know how? It’s okay, at present the Internet is full of master classes for beginners who step by step schedule actions and steps. You can start by drawing simple watercolor flowers..

Painting a picture with a piece of corrugated cardboard

Interesting drawings can be created using improvised tools, such as paints and a piece of corrugated cardboard

Original painting with white flour on a black background

Or a plush toy and flour

There are also ready-made drawings, schemes that you just need to colorize. The principle is similar to coloring, where each number has its own color..

It’s easy enough to draw a birch grove. Draw the outline of the trunks with a pencil, leave them white, and paint over only the background with a light blue tint. On the trunks, using a thick piece of cardboard, add torn black strokes. Your winter birches are ready.

Abstract paintings. Master Class

Abstract art is not just blots, random strokes, it reflects: inner feelings, spiritual reality, non-figurative depiction of objects, phenomena. Let’s look at a few examples:

  1. Ombre is a smooth transition between tones of one or more colors. With the help of a brush, draw a line of a bright color on the canvas, followed by a line of the same color, only lighter in tone (add a little white) and so on, gradually increasing the concentration of white.

    Technique for creating abstraction on white paper

    Abstraction is always in fashion

  2. Stencil. Pieces of masking tape are glued to a blank canvas, like a stencil, in different directions, shapes. From above they are painted with any colors, and after drying, the tape comes off.

    Painting a picture with masking tape

    To create such a picture, you need minimal skills in painting.

  3. Blot. Paint is poured onto the canvas, then, taking into account the slope, it spreads, forming a blot. To obtain a similar effect, you can use a tube, the air blown through it will disperse the paint.

    Bedroom decoration with an original picture

    Blot painting on the bedroom wall

  4. Hand prints. Painted palms are applied to the canvas, leaving an imprint. Capture your family in this way, or the stages of growing up of a child.

    Modular painting with handprints

    Stylish color panel with contrasting handprints

  5. Geology. Stripes of different color and thickness on a vertical canvas, like a cut of a mountain mineral, dawn over a relief area.

    Painting of colored stripes for interior decoration

    Just draw colorful stripes as your imagination dictates.

Picture frame

For the image you created, you need a frame. Of course, you can buy or order ready-made, but it’s more interesting to do it yourself.

Interior decoration with an old frame

Interesting composition based on an old window frame

A variety of materials are suitable for frames:

  • the cloth;
  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • cardboard and others.

Use any materials at hand as a decor for the frame, for example: coffee, stones, shells, metal fittings, twigs, buttons.

Frame for a picture from scrap materials

Cardboard frame creation process

Decorating a frame for a picture with your own hands

Simple frame made of wood cuts

Using decoupage, apply ornate patterns to the wooden frame, or wrap the frame with a decorative cord, glue pieces of colorful shells.

Modular pictures

Modular paintings have become quite popular, where a single composition is divided into segments located approximately two centimeters apart.

Models are distinguished by size, direction, number of parts. A composition consisting of two images is called a diptych, of three – a triptych, and so on..

Decorating with modular wall paintings in the living room

Diptych successfully “disguised” the television panel

Choose the image that matches the direction of your interior. It can be a bright addition to a calm living room environment, made in pastel colors, a relaxing background with a sea sunset view for a bedroom, a juicy accent for a kitchen..

Bicycle on a modular picture in the interior of the living room

You can take the finished image, print it on paper or fabric, and then cut it into fragments and fix it on the base

Try to make modular paintings yourself. Prepare some wood frames or foam sheets. Suitable for decoration: fabric, knitted fabric, photo wallpaper. We cut them into pieces, then glue them, or pull them onto the frame. Voila, your masterpiece is ready.

Images for the kitchen

The priority is to use bright, rich colors, natural materials. Correctly selected shades, awaken the appetite. You can create a panel for the kitchen from the following materials:

  1. Buttons. Stick them like leaves to a painted tree. Lay out in anchor shape, for nautical kitchens, fruits or intricate patterns.

    Interior decoration with a picture of colored buttons

    Beautiful picture of colorful buttons

  2. Groats, dried flowers, spices. Star anise stars, pasta, cinnamon sticks, dried leaves, coffee, lavender will be used.
  3. Cutlery. For example: curved, flower-shaped, forks, knives with decorative handles, bundles of spoons.

    Picture of cutlery for kitchen decor

    For a beautiful frame of the composition, use a baguette for pictures.

  4. Print still life. The easiest way is to choose a ready-made, attractive photo, print it and place it under the frame..

Textile paintings

Any hostess, without difficulty, will make paintings for the interior with her own hands using textiles. It is not difficult to form an applique from fabric, and many people have embroidery skills. It is not necessary to immediately grab a complex embroidery, start with a simple.

Bedroom decoration with a picture of textiles

Original decoration of the bedroom wall with a textile picture

Try to make a composition from wool, for this there are ready-made kits. Pieces of wool of different colors are alternately laid out to the sticky felt surface. The finished canvas is placed under glass.

The process of creating a painting from natural wool

Real masterpieces can be created from wool

Make bright applications for the nursery, in the shape of animals, birds from felt. This material is easy to use: ready-made paper stencils, attach to felt and cut out blanks. We attach them to the base with glue or sew with threads.

Picture of threads

Interlacing of colored threads, creates a gradient and volume. For work you will need: small carnations, a hammer, plywood, threads.

Drawing a template on planks to create a picture from threads

Plywood or board needs to be sanded

Plank painting with nails and thread

The nails are driven in so that the caps protrude above the surface and are located at the same level

On plywood, you need to draw the outline of the future image, carnations are stuffed around the perimeter. Threads are stretched between them, which look like a light spider web..

Pulling colored thread between small studs

The threads are pulled between the studs, forming an original ornament

Threads can be used to sew sections of fabric, forming a pattern. They can “paint” the picture like felt-tip pens, pasting over the contours.

DIY painting of nails and threads

You can experiment with patterns in the form of various geometric shapes.

Pictures of white threads on dark plywood

There are a lot of options here, you can create simple compositions

World map made of nails and threads on a plank surface

Or make a whole world of threads and nails

Quilling. Master Class

Fancy-shaped patterns, carved leaves and flowers are quilling. Working in this technique is fun, but requires perseverance..

Materials for creating a picture using the quilling technique

All quilling materials can be purchased at a craft store

You will need:

  • thin strips of paper;
  • tools for working with paper: needles, scissors, sticks;


  • canvas.

Diy quilling scheme

A drawing for a picture can be printed on a printer

Strips of paper are rolled up in various shapes: curls, spirals and glued to the base, making up a composition.

Examples of performing elements in the quilling technique

Any composition in the quilling technique consists of separate figures

The process of making a butterfly using the quilling technique

An example of creating a butterfly using the paper-rolling technique

DIY paper crab

A similar picture is suitable for decorating a children’s room.

Homemade painting using quilling technique

This painting of the author’s work will decorate any room in your home

Interior illuminated paintings

Lights flickering in the night create an atmosphere of mystery. They are created using LED strips and interior fixtures attached to the frame. It’s easy to add backlighting. Fix the LEDs along the perimeter of the canvas, along one of the edges, or along the contour of the image. In addition to the decorative function, backlighting helps to highlight the picture against the general background, to present it in a more favorable light..

Do-it-yourself illuminated paintings for interior decoration

A simple idea is to stick your favorite photos on the glass, insert them into the frame and illuminate the perimeter with LED strip

Tilt-mounted mirrors with led lighting simulate the effect of infinity and futurism, like a bottomless well. And a scattering of light bulbs on the canvas, like a night starry sky.

Paintings from semi-precious stones

Stone is a natural material often used in art. Colored stone chips will add relief to the picture. Decorating with amber will fill the image with warmth and soft glow, comfort. Semi-precious stones will shimmer enchantingly in the sun, adding luxury and chic to the interior..

DIY painting with semi-precious stones

First, a painting is done on canvas with oil paints, and then each pebble is sewn by hand

Black color

It seems that black and white photographs, monochrome abstractions, decorative graphics convey a gloomy mood. However, it is not. In the interior, they can become a win-win solution, filling the void with sterile white walls or diluting colorful patterns with their severity. Black is versatile, luxurious in any form.

Black and white photographs in the interior of the living room

Photos can be placed on wooden shelves

Geometric drawings

Stylish patterns catch the eye, transform boring plain walls, dilute Scandinavian or minimalist style. Geometric prints are indispensable in kitsch and pop art.

Modular paintings with geometric patterns

Suitable option for a minimalist living room

Again, it all depends on your imagination. Using a ruler (masking tape), we smoothly outline horizontal / vertical stripes, intersections, geometric shapes, then paint. Light, calm patterns are good for decorating a bathroom or bedroom, and flashy, bright ones for decorating a hallway.

Don’t be afraid to bring your ideas to life. Draw ideas, fantasize, collect materials for creativity. Give your home a unique style, put your soul into your own creations.

Video: Three Simple Empty Wall Decor Ideas

DIY paintings: photo ideas

Abstraction for decorating the interior of a living room Do-it-yourself panel from pieces of multi-colored foil Photo of the spouses on the dresser in the living room Painting of beans in a wooden frame Body painting with red flowers A twig with flowers in a painting using quilling technique Picture in a frame made of polyurethane moldings Painting on the kitchen wall in a panel house Three-dimensional picture of food Button anchor for decorating the interior of the kitchen Painting with handprints and feet Painting with abstraction with your own hands Author's painting on fabric canvas Two peony flowers in a white vase Heart of red buttons for interior decor Painting a picture with napkins DIY paper butterfly heart Modular picture from the remnants of paper wallpaper Simple paintings on pieces of plywood made of threads and small carnations Deer head made of black threads and carnations Painting with a silhouette of a horse made of twine Round wood panel with your own hands White drawings on a wooden surface Decorating the interior with wooden crafts Modular paintings from fabric scraps Decorating the headboard with a homemade painting Homemade mural on the wall in the white bedroom Painting from textiles on the wall of the living room of a private house Painting with a leaf in a black frame Modular paintings with famous aphorisms Three-dimensional painting of living plants Plant leaves in wooden frames Examples of creating portraits from scrap materials Living room interior with large painting on the wall Decorating with pictures of the wall above the bed Living composition of green plants A sheet of crumpled paper in a frame on a dresser Beautiful heart in a stylish frame Volumetric painting of green moss Picture of wooden slats for home decor Framed paintings from cutlery

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