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Beauty, comfort and functionality – corner sofas in the interior of a small room photo examples

large-corner-sofa-minimalist-ideas-13-on-sofa-design-ideasSmall footage of rooms is the trouble of standard buildings. To use space rationally, you have to create universal rooms. One of the options for optimizing space is to use corner models of cabinet and upholstered furniture in the interior:

  • Cabinets;
  • Wardrobes;
  • Sofas;
  • Kitchen corners.

This type of furniture makes a small apartment look more cozy. Pull-out sofas help to make living in one-room apartments more comfortable and cozy. They help to save more free space, due to the fact that they serve as a comfortable seat when receiving guests, and at night they play the role of a sleeping place for the owner..

halston_corner_sofa_charcoal_lb1_1_1Even the smallest corner sofa folds out to create a comfortable double bed with a flat surface. Books or transformers cannot be compared with corner ones in this capacity, where three equal large pillows act as a mattress. What the photos of his various models show repeatedly.

During the day, this sofa serves as a great place to relax, replacing chairs and leaving room for movement or study. At night, it will occupy almost all the free space of the room, creating a wonderful sleeping place..

What upholstery to choose

In the interior of very small rooms, the corner sofa should become the main piece of furniture. The location of other furnishings will depend on its unfolded dimensions. Furnishing a room for one person, you can use a corner non-folding model.

Immagini 030The most suitable option is a soft corner, which is based on the basic shape of an ottoman on high metal legs. Photos of corner sofas in the interior of a small room show that this model fits organically into the interior. The shine of its high legs makes the piece of furniture easier to visualize..

The sleeping place of the ottoman can be varied by manufacturers between 1- and one-and-a-half. Despite this, given the assortment of upholstery fabrics, the availability of bolsters and decorative pillows, as well as the variety of designs for the backs and armrests, the choice is quite large, as evidenced by numerous photos on the Internet..

Soft corner in the nursery

In the children’s room, the advantage should also be given to the fabric upholstery of the sofa. Leather and leatherette are not suitable for sleeping on sofas with such upholstery. Despite their presentable appearance, they are suitable for use in apartments as furniture for living rooms or kitchens.

FBLEC2 - ACA_SILVERCYPRUSPURPLEDue to the fact that children grow up quickly, their wardrobe is updated at the same rate. This gives an advantage to the room setting, no tall cabinets are required. All the child’s things will easily fit into the drawers of the chest of drawers. As you can see in the photo, a children’s room for two can be very small.

Combined furniture must be used to furnish a small children’s room. A corner sofa with a chest of drawers built into one berth is a perfect example. The layered arrangement of sleeping places gives, for the perception of the room as a whole, space. This is also facilitated by the absence of high furniture in the interior.

Fabric sofas for the living room

The typical layout of apartments does not differ in the variety of room arrangements. Most often, you have to use a walk-through room under the living room. The interior of the room can be different, but a person leaving his room, by a strange coincidence, always appears at the moment when the climax comes in the plot of a film, program, TV show. This is annoying. To avoid this, a sofa zoning the room, and not placed along the wall close to it, will help..

Fantasia-Corner-SofaCorner 4-room apartments in brick houses have three doors, 2 of which lead to adjacent rooms. Here, so that no one interferes with the viewing of the program, a corner sofa is perfect. It is not necessary to use a folding sofa in the interior of the living room..

A large monolithic sofa, consisting of several seating areas separated from each other by stitching, is perfectly complemented by comfortable loungers on the outside of the armrests. As the photos show, this option for a resting place is complemented by a shelf built into the armrest, on which you can store a book..

This place is not meant for sleeping. The advantage of this symbiosis of a lounger with an armchair allows you to comfortably position your tired legs after a hard day. This is facilitated by the smooth bend of the part extending from the seat. The advantage of this resting place over an ordinary sofa or armchair is that there is no constriction of blood vessels, the circulation of blood flow is freer, which means that the legs will not become numb even if the body is in one position for a long time..ebony-corner-right-aran

Sofas with attachments

There is another solution to the living room interior with a corner sofa lounger. An excellent place for receiving guests will be a recreation area where the sunbed consists of two parts. The advantage of this sofa is that during an official meeting, it turns into a strict sofa with a pouf that complements the interior. In the absence of strangers in the house, a movable pouf, which coincides in height with the sofa, will turn any part of it into a comfortable place to relax in a reclining position.

The peculiarities of the lounger are that one of its edges has a rounded shape with a sloping slope near the floor. This shape of the pouf is great for resting your legs and not hampering blood circulation..

Corner sofas can be divided into 2 categories: monolithic and composite. The advantages of split sofas are that, if necessary, each of the parts can serve as a separate piece of furniture, with a certain arrangement.

drewc_metallicgreyThis furniture option allows you to create 2 separate sleeping places for guests staying overnight. Monolithic corner sofas (sliding or with attached parts) sleeping space can create just as much. It all depends on the choice of sofa design.

Sofa with large coffee table

Provided that the sofa is folding, the living room will perfectly match its name. An additional advantage for the living room is a corner sofa with a large leather upholstered coffee table. The attached part of the sofa with the dimensions of the berth can perform such an appointment in a normal setting..

The arrival of guests in a large composition will not catch the owners of the living room with this option of a corner sofa by surprise. As shown in the photo, such a corner sofa has 3 pull-out berths, and a coffee table will serve as the fourth. The main thing is that the space of the room is enough to accommodate so many sleeping places..

DNE-C1 - CA_Barley-Silver-with-Ronda-Teal-cushions_Dark-FeetA great advantage of the movable part is its height, which is ideally adjusted to the height of the sofa, which, without pull-out loungers, will make it possible to create a bed for a couple who decide to visit their friends living in another locality. In addition, the table is made in the form of a drawer, where several sets of sleeping accessories can easily fit.

Stackable sofas for very small rooms

A compound sofa can be based on two ottoman bodies, where an armchair with an expanding seat to the back will serve as a connecting element. It is difficult to use the corner piece individually as a seat, but it gives space for easy change of the connecting corner of the sofa from right to left, and vice versa..

In order to change the interior, you do not have to move heavy furniture entirely, which is difficult to do in a limited space also due to insufficient space for maneuver. Moving the sofa piece by piece has a big advantage. It is simply not realistic to carry out a similar procedure with a sofa that has fastenings under the trim. Two identical parts of the sofa give room for a flight of imagination in the furnishing of the room.corner-sofa-14


Corner sofas transformers are distinguished by their small dimensions and several options for expanding the berth. Large pillows at night turn into an elastic mattress, this explains the simplicity of their shape. Decorative cushions eliminate this disadvantage and make the sofa comfortable to relax in a sitting position..

The wide side of the sofa can serve as an independent sleeping place. If you need to create a double bed, the second part of the sofa moves forward, and its back fills the space between it and the wall. It turns out a wide berth. Constant manipulation of assembling and disassembling such a sofa can lead to its premature failure..

Utah-CornerProvided that such a sofa is purchased as a bed, it is better to assemble it only when it is necessary to clean the room, meet guests or in other emergency cases. With the constant use of a corner sofa as a full-fledged bed, there is no need to cover it, it is enough to remove bedding for a day in a drawer under the sofa, and cover the surface with a blanket.

Only the use of a corner sofa in this version will not correspond to the purpose of saving space in the apartment..

Zoning the only room in the apartment

There are several ways to visually divide a room into zones:

  • Sleeping;
  • Working;
  • for relax.

SAVNCRNSRLTH_BYRONTUMBLEWEEDOne of these methods is to install the sofa not against the wall, but in the center of the room. Its back will become the border separating other areas from the recreation area. One trick to help create coziness in this area is that none of the backs of the sofa should be up against the wall. There should be a passage between the wall and the backrest, and the armrest may well border the wall. With the help of a sofa, you can vary the space reserved for each of the zones located in the same room.

Corner sofas in the interior 45 photos:

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