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We create a practical, stylish design for a studio apartment of 25 sq. m.

One of the most demanded types of real estate is studio apartments. They are popular with young people. For little money, young people, families without children can buy comfortable, spacious housing. Such apartments represent an integral space, unlimited by additional walls. Make a small dwelling of 25 sq. m functional, practical is not so easy. To do this, it is necessary to apply modern zoning methods, advice from professional designers. The most useful recommendations can be found in this publication..

Interior design of a studio apartment 25 sq. meters

A studio apartment with an area of ​​25 squares, of course not a mansion, but you can live here quite comfortably

Important nuances

The first step in arranging a studio apartment is to create an interior project.

Design project of an elongated studio apartment

The design project will allow you to see the future interior before the start of the renovation

Important. A pre-created plan will significantly improve the quality of the repair, reduce the time it takes to complete it..

Layout of the apartment with the arrangement of furniture and household appliances

It will be easier to place furniture on the diagram from the size.

When creating a project, it is imperative to have certain technical papers. The technical plan will show where the main communications are located. You can get it in the ZhEK (e). Based on such a plan, you can build a detailed project on a piece of plain paper. In it you need to indicate the exact location of outlets, communications, mark the position of furniture, interior zones.

Zoning the space correctly

Ideally, a 25 sq m studio design should include several main areas: a kitchen, a work area, an entrance hall, a bedroom, and a sanitary area. Each of the zones must be separated from the other. This can be done in different ways..

Glass partition in the interior of a studio apartment with an area of ​​25 square meters

Zoning with a glass partition

The most popular are discussed in more detail in the table:

Zoning method Peculiarities
Partition It can be built from glass, brick, drywall. The simplest option is drywall. The construction of such a structure does not require a special permit, high material and physical costs.
Furniture It is better to zone a small space with open-type furniture. Pass-through shelving is ideal. It will separate zones, accommodate certain things, and will not take up much space..
Screen A good way to separate the sleeping area at night. You can hide the screen during the day.
Finishing You can separate the kitchen from the living room-bedroom by using different finishing materials and colors. It is better to use tiles in the kitchen, in the living part of the room – wallpaper, decorative plaster, paint.

Zoning a common room with a screen

It is convenient to separate the sleeping area during sleep with a screen, which is easy to clean during the day

Open plan: all for, against

The use of capital partitions does not always make the interior of a studio 25 squares attractive. Sometimes such designs are too burdensome for the space. Open plan is in vogue today. It allows you to make repairs with minimal costs, implement many original ideas, effectively use quadrature.

Kitchen working area along a brick wall

An open floor plan would be the perfect solution for a bachelor’s apartment

The open plan is ideal for single people, young families without children. In a studio apartment, it is enough to equip only a kitchen, a bedroom for a comfortable stay. The number and type of zones will depend only on the characteristics of the owners’ lifestyle.

Frosted glass partition on casters

The privacy problem can be solved with a sliding partition

A significant drawback of an open plan is the almost complete lack of privacy. If several people live in a studio apartment, such a need will certainly appear. You can solve this problem by purchasing a mobile Japanese screen. It is inexpensive, easily fits in a large wardrobe, on the balcony.

The second tier is a rational solution in case of a lack of space

If the design of a studio apartment of 25 sq m is being developed for a young family with a child, you must definitely take care of the correct arrangement of the room for the baby. It is unlikely that it will be possible to carve out a place under normal conditions. In this case, the rational solution would be to build the second tier.

Wooden ceiling in a studio apartment

It is possible to arrange a more or less full-fledged second tier with a ceiling height above 3.5 meters

The advantages of this solution are obvious:

  1. Expansion of usable area.
  2. The ability to equip a separate room for the baby (this is necessary when the baby reaches the age of four).
  3. Saving. For little money, you can get a two-room apartment. This is a great solution for a young family for the first time..
  4. Originality of the interior – bunk studio apartments always look unusual.

Interior of a studio apartment in two tiers

Most often, the bedroom is set up upstairs.

However, the second tier has several disadvantages. For its construction, you need to make sure that the building is safe. It is not always possible to build a second tier. It also requires large material costs. But the costs are much lower than purchasing a full-fledged two-room apartment.


It is difficult to imagine a practical, attractive design of a studio apartment of 25 sq m without compact, multifunctional furniture. Furniture structures, the correctness of their choice play a huge role in the design of a small apartment.

Interior transformation with combined furniture

Convertible furniture in various designs helps a lot to save space

Useful tips when choosing furniture for the interior of a studio apartment:

  • The sleeping area should be equipped with a transforming bed, a sofa bed.
  • If a place is provided for receiving guests, it is better to decorate it with upholstered furniture with low backs. A few rounded poufs, a small coffee table on wheels is enough.
  • Household appliances should be purchased built-in type. This will significantly save space in the kitchen area..
  • The kitchen set should be small, include only the necessary elements. Extra lockers, shelves are better not to buy.
  • To make the design of a studio apartment of 25 square meters harmonious will allow the choice of furniture in a single style direction. This is especially important in an open-plan home. The style should be as simple as possible, uncomplicated..

Zoning a room with a wardrobe with sliding doors

Sliding wardrobe can serve as a space divider

Studio apartment in loft style

Studio apartments are often chosen by young, single people, students. They will like the functional, as simple as possible, fresh design of the studio 25 sq. The loft style fully meets these requirements:

  1. Light colors in the ceiling decoration. The ideal solution would be to paint the ceiling with white paint. You can also install a glossy white stretch ceiling. He will visually make the room higher, make it possible to equip additional lighting.

    Ceiling in a loft style living room

    You can decorate a loft-style ceiling using a metal mesh stretched between wooden beams

  2. Brickwork. Imitation of brickwork can be used to decorate one of the walls.

    Brick wall in an industrial style studio apartment

    The brick will also look good at the base of the bar

  3. Simple furniture with regular shapes. Furniture can have glass, metal elements. It should be compact, not have too bright details..

    Dining table in front of panoramic windows

    Dining area with simple chairs and a small round table

  4. Unmasked communications. Pipes, gas water heater, battery can not be hidden in furniture, not masked with a drywall box.

    Open door to the bathroom in a studio apartment

    Exposed ceiling wiring adds style

  5. The use of stone, wood in the interior. Natural materials are safe for health, look expensive, retain their attractive appearance for a long time.

    Wooden floor in a loft style living room

    Specially aged boards are laid on the floor

Using the Scandinavian style

The laconic design of the studio apartment will come out using the Scandinavian style. This interior solution is suitable for middle-aged people. This is a strict, restrained style. It is characterized by an abundance of white in the finish. Ceiling, decorative cornice, sometimes walls are made white. So that the ceiling does not merge with the walls, they can be decorated with a small ornament. The plumbing unit can be decorated more brightly using azure, green colors.

Scandinavian style white living room design

The pure white color, typical of the Nordic style of interior decoration, gives a sense of spaciousness and freedom

Dining area in a studio apartment of 25 squares

Wooden elements complement the style and create a mood

Scandinavian style should have a lot of wood. The tree should be chosen in a light color. They decorate the kitchen countertop, doorways, dining area. The upholstered furniture of a studio apartment should also be light, have a simple shape. A folding sofa of a milky shade will perfectly fit into the space. At night it will act as a bed, during the day as a guest sofa..

Lighting in a Scandinavian style studio apartment

Two lamps on wires highlight the dining area

Jacket on a hanger-rack in a small hallway

The hallway is made in less soiled dark colors

There should be few decorative elements in the interior. You can limit yourself to a few paintings, a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. An important point is the issue of lighting the space. There should be a lot of it in the Scandinavian style. For lighting, you should use recessed spots, ordinary lamps, spotlights built into furniture, ceiling structures.

Minimalism style

The elegant design of a studio apartment of 25 square meters can be obtained using the minimalism style. When choosing this style, be sure to heed the following guidelines:

  • The color palette of the interior should consist of white, gray shades. Light gamma will make it possible to visually enlarge the space.
  • It is better to replace the wallpaper with paint. Paints come in different shades and can be easily applied to the walls yourself. The most important condition for using paint is an absolutely flat surface. The walls will need to be pre-aligned.
  • The minimalistic design of a studio apartment of 25 square meters will emphasize oak parquet. It is better to install it in the sleeping area. In the hallway, in the kitchen, it is advisable to use a more practical coating. Floor tiles work well.
  • The illumination of the space should be excellent. One ceiling chandelier is definitely not enough. Lighting devices should be located above all working, dining surfaces.

An example of a comfortable interior design

Scheme of a studio apartment with an area of ​​25 sq m

Apartment plan and furniture arrangement

Zoning a studio apartment with a glass partition

The kitchen is separated from the living room by a small partition made of glass blocks

Original armchair in the interior of the living room

The minimum amount of furniture – only the most necessary

Minimalist gray kitchen design

The interior is designed in a calm gray shade

Dining area with yellow chairs

Yellow accents successfully dilute the monotonous interior

Video review of a studio apartment with an area of ​​25 squares

Photos of practical interiors

Elongated room with a sliding partition Black color in the design of a studio apartment Bed behind a sliding glass partition Soffits on the gray ceiling of the living room Gray sofa along a brick wall Multicolored soft poufs for guests Workplace in a modern studio apartment Design of a modern studio apartment with a bar counter White triangular coffee table Hanging shelves above the bar Multilevel plasterboard ceiling in the living room interior Chrome plafond floor lamp Glass chandelier in two levels Bookcase as a space divider Wardrobe with pull-out units for outerwear Orange sliding partition Glass coffee table Bar counter in the opening of the partition Arrangement of a study on the loggia Fur pillow on a rocking chair Gray and white rug with geometric patterns Light wood floor Partition made of rough-finished wood Linear white set Brown floor in a room with dark walls Pop art style living room interior Room design with green floor Sleeping place behind a narrow partition Lightweight partition made of thin strips Wall decoration with paintings and photographs Gray concrete in the interior of a studio apartment Yellow walls in the children's room Arrangement of a workplace in a closet Play area in studio apartment Zoning a room with a sliding partition Corner kitchen set in white Small breakfast table next to the window Red in bathroom design Design of a combined bathroom in a modern style Light curtain on a glass partition Making a relaxation area in the living room Decorative pillows on a white bed Sliding partition made of aluminum profile with frosted glass Decorating a partition with a built-in clock Spotlights on the bathroom ceiling Yellow chairs as bright accents in a gray interior Zoning the kitchen-living room with a bar counter Niche for a bed in a studio apartment Four paintings above the sofa in the living room Small kitchen area in a studio apartment

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