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Standard sizes of kitchen tables: size, shape, how to choose the right one?

Entering a kitchen furniture store, the visitor’s eyes run up from the variety that he sees. Vendors provide different styles, table shapes, shades and materials. There are round, square or rectangular tables. They come in different sizes and sometimes it is very difficult to know if the table will fit in the kitchen..

Black kitchen table.

The kitchen table must fit into the design of the room.

When choosing a table for the kitchen, several factors should be guided, namely, whether the product suits the style of the room, whether it is large enough for all family members to comfortably accommodate. Of course, the budget also needs to be considered..

In this article, we will tell you if there are standard sizes of kitchen tables, what product shapes can be found, and consider other nuances that will come in handy when choosing a table for the kitchen..

Kitchen table size.

The size of the kitchen table will depend on the number of family members.

Standards in kitchen table sizes and a variety of countertop shapes

There is no such thing as a standard table. But there is a standard in which a certain number of seats at the tabletop are calculated for each person. Consider these standards:

  • In order to be able to purchase a dining table at which a selected number of people will sit comfortably, you need to remember that at least sixty centimeters of width are allotted for each person. In this case, the tenant is comfortable to sit at the table, his movements are not constrained.
  • Taking into account all those who will sit at the table, the place that should remain in the middle of the tabletop is calculated. At least eighty centimeters should be in the middle of the table in order to arrange the dishes.

Kitchen table width.

when choosing a kitchen table, remember that one person needs 60 cm wide.

There is such a thing as a standard table shape – a rectangular table top. It is the rectangle that provides the maximum comfort for guests, and at this time the most people can sit at the tabletop..

The height of kitchen tables is usually the same everywhere, it is calculated so that all residents or guests can sit comfortably at the table without feeling inconvenience.

Standard table shape.

A rectangular table is considered standard.

Which shape is better to choose

We have to take into account the dimensions of the room in which the table will stand. You will have to forget about some forms if the room is too small. Other options are able to make the most of every millimeter of free space without taking up too much space. Consider the features of the most popular and common options below.

Square table in the kitchen.

For a small kitchen, a square table shape is suitable..

Dimensions of rectangular and square tables

Most apartment or house owners prefer to choose a standard, rectangular shape. Slightly less common is a square one, because, unlike a rectangular one, it is not able to accommodate a large number of people. For example, a rectangular table will accommodate six people, while a nearly identical-sized but square-shaped table will only accommodate four people..

Rectangular table.

Standard rectangular dining table.

Note! If you liked a rather narrow table, do not worry that it will not be comfortable to dine at it. The main thing is that the width of the table top is greater than or equal to seventy centimeters, then there will be no problems with placement.

Sizes of round and oval tabletops

This option is not suitable for a small room. The oval shape literally requires free space, so it is advisable to buy a similar countertop if the room is at least medium in size..

round table in the kitchen.

Round and oval countertops are suitable for spacious rooms.

An oval or round table top certainly looks impressive and even gorgeous. It is comfortable to sit at such a table and people are not limited in placement. Someone may well be able to move closer to another person to make it more convenient to conduct a conversation.

Note! Some round or oval tables look clumsy because of the legs that are placed in the places of the intended corners. Because of this, the table loses its grace, it looks too bulky. It is advisable to choose a table with only one leg installed. Do not worry that it will roll over, because the leg is stable..

oval dining table.

Oval worktop in kitchen interior design.

Convertible table in the kitchen interior

A lifesaver for small kitchens. There are several designs that can be converted into compact models at the request of the owners. The most popular option is considered a book-table, but there are other designs..

On the Internet, you can find ideas similar to the tables used on trains. At the right time, the tabletop is simply lifted and placed on a stable leg. There are standard tables where you just need to pull out parts of the table from both sides.

transforming table in the kitchen.

For small kitchens, a transforming table would be an excellent solution..

Finding a compact product that can be transformed according to the needs of the residents is not a problem. However, some options will require an individual order from the master..

Kitchen table dimensions

Now buyers are given a huge number of options to choose from, but it is important to choose the one that will be comfortable for the whole family to dine at. When choosing, parameters such as width, depth, height are taken into account..

Kitchen dining table size.

The size of the kitchen table is selected taking into account the size of the room.

Sometimes you have to book a table, because there are no suitable sizes on sale. But what are the standard sizes? How to choose the size and dimensions of kitchen tables is described below.


If the width or length of the table is not particularly controlled due to the difference in shape, then the height from the floor to the table top is controlled by GOST. The number of this document is 13025.3-85. there are painted standard ones that are most comfortable for all people. The calculation takes into account the average height, which means that too tall or vice versa, a short person will not be able to feel comfortable.

The standard height of the kitchen table.

The standard height of the kitchen table is 0.72-0.78 meters.


This parameter can be calculated, and according to the generally accepted standard, it is selected relative to the height of the average person – 1.65 meters. This height is ideal, because it allows you to comfortably accommodate even a person whose height is above average.

Usually the table height is 0.72-0.78 meters. If this height is not enough and you need to make a product to order, then use the following formula – B = (PCP * VGOST): PCT:

  • B is the height.
  • PCP – average height of family members.
  • VGOST – table height according to GOST (75cm).
  • PCT – the average height of an ordinary person is 165cm.

Convert all numbers to centimeters or millimeters, then calculate the ideal height for your family.

folding table.

Folding rectangular table in interior design.


When choosing a rectangular table, it is important that the width is at least seventy centimeters. It is this parameter that allows all family members to comfortably fit. In this case, the length can be any.

round table in the kitchen.

Kitchen design with a round dining table.

How to choose?

The standard height of the table is enough for fairly tall and short family members. Therefore, it is quite possible to get by with standard sizes and buy a finished product. It is important to pay attention to the fact that everyone can comfortably accommodate.

Please note that 60 centimeters of the width of the table should be set aside for one person, then nothing will hinder his movement. There should also be room for serving and arranging dishes..

Dining table standard.

The ideal dining table size is one that allows all family members to sit comfortably.

What else to consider

Be sure to consider the material, it must be suitable for the interior of the kitchen. If you buy a plastic product and put it in the kitchen with a countertop made of natural stone or wood, then this option will simply spoil the harmony of the room..

Kitchen table material.

An important factor when choosing a table is the material of the product..

Best table size

Ideally, all family members go to choose a table. Then you can check in practice whether everyone is comfortable sitting at it. Also, the ideal option is to choose a transforming table. It doesn’t have to be a book-table, there are other, more interesting options. However, by choosing such a product, you can be sure that not only the inhabitants of the house, but also guests will be accommodated behind it..

Oval table in the interior.

Oval extendable dining table with metal legs.

Rectangular table.

Rectangular table in natural wood kitchen design.

Additional recommendations for selection

You can measure the old table and take into account some parameters. For example, an old item is too small, so use a measuring tape and add the required number of centimeters. This way you will know what size is right for the family..

Wooden dining table.

Dining table design in standard sizes.

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