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Kitchen design in the apartment. Popular design styles

In most families, the kitchen is central to the home, as it is used in addition to eating and communicating. Therefore, when creating the appearance of such an important room, it is worth considering the features of its design and popular types of decoration..

stylish kitchen

The kitchen should be such that it is not only convenient, but also pleasant to be on it.

In what design options are modern kitchens created??

Classic style

The most popular trend in the kitchen interior is classic. This design will never go out of style, it does not get boring, therefore it is chosen for a long period. The classic is characterized by a calm color, laconicism and versatility..

classic kitchen style

A classic-style kitchen is good because it never goes out of style, it is cozy, functional and, if necessary, adapts well to any stylistic changes..

The distinctive parameters of the classics are:

  • Rational organization of the kitchen space;
  • Reasonableness of interior elements;
  • Competently selected furniture of various shades.

Even with a small kitchen space, it is possible to make high-quality custom-made furniture, get beautiful kitchen facades in a single style..

classic style in the kitchen

Classic-style interiors are always decorated in natural colors.

In the case of creating a classic decor in a spacious kitchen, as a rule, choose a set of dark shades made from solid wood. In a small kitchen, it is recommended to select a set made in light colors without massive decorative elements. The most popular palette for the classics – from beige to brown.

classic style kitchen interior

The brighter, richer or darker the shade, the neater and less it needs to be used, for example, only in the form of accents..

Provence style kitchen design

It is considered to be one of the most fashionable design trends. For people who do not have fundamental knowledge in the field of decor, the implementation of this option may seem rather complicated..

Provence style in the kitchen

Provence style kitchen – light and airy design.

Elegant Provence must be embodied in light colors of the interior, observing the basic principles of combining shades.

set provence

In an apartment with a small kitchen, it is also more than appropriate..

Country style kitchen interior

A distinctive feature of country is natural materials and natural shades. Integral elements – wooden tables and chairs, ceramic dishes, curtains made of natural linen fabric.

country kitchen

“Natural”, “rustic”, warm and homely, many epithets can be chosen to match the country style in the interior.

Thanks to natural material and massiveness, country music ideally “fits” into a spacious room.

country kitchen interior

The kitchen looks as natural and beautiful as possible.

Minimalist kitchen interior

This decor became widespread in the 60s of the last century. The emergence of modern technologies for furniture production has made it even more relevant. Its difference is the glossy, reflective surfaces of the facades. This design combines versatility and durability..

minimalist kitchen

A kitchen set in the style of minimalism is suitable for a small kitchen in Khrushchev, and for a small studio apartment, and for a combined kitchen-living room.

The convenience of the location of the kitchen unit and household appliances creates an ideal space for preparing various dishes.

kitchen minimalism

Laconic furniture visually dissolves into space, and there will always be order in the kitchen, made according to a well-thought-out design.

Modern kitchen interior

The design of the kitchen in the apartment implies the absence of unnecessary trifles, and the design expresses practicality.

modern style in the kitchen

Modern kitchens represent a modern style, distinguished by the original plastic of honed lines.

Features of modernity:

  • Built-in household appliances and lighting;
  • Fairly high furniture sets;
  • Roller blinds or blinds on the windows.

The fundamental feature of modernity is functionality, which stands out for the maximum possible comfort in the kitchen..

modern kitchens

Modern kitchen design is a modern, fresh breath of the interior, in which it is easy and pleasant to be, which inspires an active life and the achievement of new goals.

Organization of the interior of a small kitchen

Kitchen interior design in a small studio – 6 professional recommendations.

  1. Contemporary kitchen design is a fusion of different manners and trends. Light minimalism or Scandinavian style with components of other stylistics is perfect – from simple classics to hi-tech.
  2. Try not to overload the interior in any way. The best way to decorate a small kitchen is with a calm base background and colorful décor elements..

    studio kitchen design

    Almost any style is suitable for decorating a kitchen, the main thing is to beat it correctly.

  3. Cover the walls with wallpaper that is intended for painting. The optimal number of color changes for such wallpapers is 7-8. Thanks to this, it is possible to freely change the tone of the walls, in case you get bored with the bright design.
  4. Visually connect the kitchen and guest room areas using a variety of shades and textures. For example, match the tone of the apron in the kitchen work area with the cushions for the sofa, the tone of the countertop with the color of the chairs..

    light studio kitchen design

    In order for the image to be complete, it is important that all elements are performed in the same style..

  5. Would you like to visually “hide” the kitchen and rivet the eye to the guest room? Get a discreet kitchen set with crisp white wood fronts. The apron is also standard, in the color of the walls or kitchen cabinets. Add more colorful elements to the guest rooms. Conversely, a set with colorful glossy fronts balances the most neutral guest room design.
  6. A common problem with compact studio apartments is a rectangular configuration and a single window. With such a layout, the kitchen area is located in the most unlit part of the apartment..

    large kitchen studio

    Don’t neglect built-in lighting systems.

Kitchen design in a wooden house

In order to correctly choose a headset, accessory, type and tone of materials for walls, ceiling and floor, it is worth making a choice in favor of the optimal interior design of the future kitchen.

natural kitchen design

Most often, the traditional Russian style or country (rustic) style is used to decorate kitchens in wooden cottages..

A wooden house is no different from others, you cannot use both trendy high-tech and extravagant pop art. Does it make sense to paint over a natural wood base with a multi-layer finish? After all, there is always a large number of dissimilar exclusive design solutions..

kitchen in a wooden house

Timber houses are prone to shrinkage over time. Therefore, all communications must be installed, taking into account the natural process.

Eco style will be a great option for nature lovers. It is recommended to install live plants as accessories. Stone sink, solid wood furniture – are integral characteristic elements of eco-design.

kitchen in a wooden house

In a wooden house, it is important to maintain an average level of humidity. Sudden changes have a detrimental effect on the life of the material..

Kitchen for a studio apartment – which set to choose?

For a small studio with an unusual layout, the best option is custom-made furniture created according to personal sketches, since ready-made budget kitchen sets, as a rule, are made without observing the rules of ergonomics, and the distinctive features of the studio space are not taken into account.

studio kitchen design

Kitchen-studio favors the communication of households with each other, home celebrations and parties.

The built-in kitchen looks very compact. With the help of a drywall construction, you can distinguish between the corridor and the kitchen.

partitioned kitchen

Choosing a style for your kitchen is an extremely exciting activity..

A properly thought-out storage system from various lockers, as well as compact containers will help to avoid chaos..

For a small space, it is recommended to choose a pair of wide front modules of the headset instead of several narrow kitchen cabinets.

beautiful kitchen

It is worth going through all the options, getting acquainted with examples of successful interiors in various styles and only then making your choice.

Glossy flat facades equipped with an open / push system – an excellent decoration option for a small studio apartment.

glossy kitchen set

Excellent design is essential for a perfect kitchen..

A small-sized kitchen set with wardrobes stretched to the ceiling is very spacious and fits perfectly into the studio kitchen. Two-tier cabinets allow you to place all the spices, dishes and other necessary items. 

studio kitchen design

The uppermost shelves are best used for storing holiday sets and those things that are rarely used..

The advantage of this design is its functionality, and a smooth visual connection of the facade with the ceiling cornice, making the ceiling seem a little higher.

kitchen set design

When choosing the size of the kitchen, completely focus on the growth and habits of the hostess.

If the height of the wall cabinets is small, you can visually lower the ceiling by constructing a suspended plasterboard structure. Thus, the kitchen blends seamlessly with the rest of the interior. Household appliances, such as a refrigerator and an oven, should be built into tall, multi-tier tall cabinets. In addition to electrical appliances, they will contain the bulk of the products: cereals and spices..

kitchen with island design

The beauty, comfort and durability of the kitchen depend on you.

VIDEO: Kitchen styles in the interior.

Popular styles of kitchen decoration in an apartment – 50 photo ideas:

acrylic kitchen English style kitchen bar kitchen light kitchen design bright kitchen lighting white tiles in the kitchen white set in the kitchen kitchen Design red and white headset kitchen with dark floor kitchen with bright accents kitchen with white set big kitchen kitchen with sofa kitchen Design spacious kitchen kitchen design photo modern kitchen style convenient kitchen design small kitchen design kitchen design with sofa kitchen interior photo kitchen design style light kitchen design modern kitchen design kitchen set kitchen decoration spectacular art deco design kitchen with a bright apron blue kitchen set narrow kitchen design kitchen interior photo kitchen interior in light colors Provence style kitchen kitchen in the studio bright kitchen design multilevel ceilings for the kitchen kitchen with a comfortable sofa white brown kitchen white kitchen decoration kitchen made from natural materials light kitchen design red and white kitchen design white kitchen set kitchen with sill countertop bright spacious kitchen bold kitchen design modern kitchen set black in kitchen design

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