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Tulle in the hall – photos and news 2021

Room decoration begins with the harmony of shades, textures and unity of style. The ready-made design is taken as the basis for correctly selected materials. The arrangement of the hall is no exception. The most visited room often brings together family or a close group of friends. Here, every detail is designed to give the mood that the owners of the house share with their guests. The main rule of selection is the general harmony of design and textiles in general, having studied the photos of the new products of 2021 tulle in the hall, you can make the right choice.


Initially, tulle is a specific type of fabric, openwork fabric, with lace inserts. Today, this is the name of a day curtain, characterized by translucency, loose weaving, high drapery and lightness..

Window decoration, selection of colors and textures – directly depends on the area of ​​the room and illumination. First of all, it is a solution to the design of the room and the correct perception of the space. If the windows face the south or east side and the hall is sufficiently lit in the daytime, then the matter is chosen a little denser in texture or in dark colors. This dims glare. The area should allow this, in a small room such a technique will visually make it smaller.

To expand the space, it is better to stop the choice on light flowing matters. If the window is small, you can visually enlarge it by lengthening the cornice and hanging wider curtains. A popular design technique for low ceilings is vertical stripes on tulle.


Curtains are sold both ready-made and in rolls per meter. When buying finished products, it is important to consider the length of the cornice and the height of the ceilings. If tailoring to order is planned, the design is first agreed, textures are selected. Then the types of fabrics are selected according to samples that can be felt, to determine the transparency. The final choice is agreed with the designer and the seamstress, the photos of the finished projects are viewed, the details are discussed: the method of fastening, additional drapery elements, whether the hooks will be used, and so on..

Only after clarifying all the nuances, the professionals start to work. This is the key to a high-quality result..

Types of tulle fabrics

The production of fabrics is carried out on a large scale and has a wide variety of compositions, tones, patterns. The consumer today chooses the color, type, sewing option.


For tulle, cotton fabrics, veil, organza and semi-organza, muslin and fine silk are used. Tulle in the living room acts as an independent part of the design, or is the background for thick curtains. The window can be decorated with several layers of transparent tulle, which is combined in style and type of fabric. Synthetic fibers, which are included in the composition, make care easy and significantly reduce the cost compared to natural fabrics.

In an effort to create the integrity of the space, it is necessary to clearly understand the role of window curtains. This is the background for the interior, or they are designed to form a single ensemble of all the fabrics in the room, or maybe they are the center of attention. Photos of new products in 2021 will demonstrate a wide variety of stylistic directions.


Choosing a tulle according to the style of the hall

The classic design is most often used for a hall or living room, compared to other rooms. Organza is suitable for classics; curtains can be decorated with lambrequins. Tulle in the hall should have a number of drapery elements that directly depends on the size of the room, that is, the smaller the room, the less decorative ensembles should be.

Modern style and minimalism are distinguished by the simplicity of the design elements of the living room or hall. These directions are characterized by the absence of intricate ornaments, there are simple lines, calm tones, single bright accents are possible. The requirements for curtains in such a room are also small, calm colors are chosen: vanilla, beige or muted versions of other tones that are present in the rest of the textiles. A dense drapery is possible, but without frills and intricate lines, simply and concisely.


Tulle in the living room in the high-tech direction, fabrics with a metallic sheen, no frills in colors and patterns. Simple shades of the monochrome spectrum will be appropriate. If a drawing is provided on the fabrics of the interior, then abstraction and geometry will be more appropriate..

Photos of various stylistic directions, new items 2021

Design features of 2021

According to the trends of 2021, the tulle for the hall can be complemented with curly lambrequins. Curtains on the eyelets are still in trend, but now demands are made on the fabric itself and its quality. The fabric should look expensive and sophisticated, natural fibers in the composition are preferable.

Grommets are preferred when it is necessary to achieve functionality and ease of opening the tulle on the cornice. Such a mount is appropriate, where there is an exit to the balcony and it is constantly required to move the tulle apart. The curtains on the eyelets hang in straight folds that easily take a given shape. The photo shows how evenly the folds are distributed..


For luxurious spaces, go for glamorous fabrics with delicate patterns and modern prints. A good solution would be a chameleon fabric, it easily changes its shade when changing the quality and direction of light, so you need to approach the selection with caution, considering the advantages and disadvantages of the options.

Austrian and French curtains are in vogue; fabrics of different density and composition are used for them. The peculiarity of this type of curtain is that, with the help of guides, they rise, draping with curly horizontal folds. The wave can be lush and voluminous or slightly noticeable, present in completely lowered curtains, or formed when they rise. New 2021 French curtains are shown in the photo, the design is closer to the classic style.


The originality of the textures and shapes of curtains is in fashion. They will look refined and stylish if the design is done by a professional. The right textiles will add the finishing touch.

Tulle is a highlight of the interior, a new trend of 2021

The pattern on the tulle is not the least important when choosing. It can be a classic floral pattern or a strict geometric print. The last word in technology and design is the photo-tulle. Any high-resolution image can be transferred to matter. Tulle will look better in combination with plain light wallpaper and calm tones in the interior. The perspective of the selected image will expand the space of a small room..

A tulle for a hall with a photo print is usually hung on the entire wall, the volumetric image achieved with the help of computer graphics will create the feeling of a real poster on the wall. Seriously approach the selection of the image, it must withstand the style, be combined with interior items in colors and shades, not look superfluous and tasteless. Tulle with a bright image and rich colors is suitable for a living room with dim natural light and will mask small windows.


New photo tulle 2021

Fabric care

It is important not only to choose the right tulle in the living room, but also not to forget about caring for it..

Care Tips:

  • You need to take off the tulle and wash it two to three times a year, while adhering to the recommendations for the temperature regime. For a shiny wash, add a spoonful of vinegar to a quart of water.
  • Shake out the tulle before washing, freeing it from dust, otherwise it will quickly take on a grayish tint..
  • If you plan to wash in an automatic machine, then it is better to use a special detergent for delicate washing with the least foaming. It is more correct to refuse spinning.
  • Difficulties arise with ironing large items. Therefore, it is preferable to dry in an upright state, avoiding folds and creases. It is difficult to select the temperature regime for delicate fabrics when ironing, they are easy to ruin. Use a vertical steam iron when the tulle is already hung, setting the temperature for delicate fabrics.

Textiles and curtains

When choosing shades and patterns for curtains, keep in mind the combination of textiles. The tastefully decorated living room has echoing patterns and tones throughout the room’s fabrics. For example, pillows on the sofa repeating patterns on the curtains or the color of tulle that matches the color of the rug is a sign of a design approach to the interior of the room..


Design Tips:

  • Refuse dense and dark fabrics if the light entering the window is clearly not enough.
  • For an energetic mood, it is better to give preference to bright colors, warm shades will give coziness to the hall.

Cold tones will create an atmosphere of calm and coolness. Dilute white curtains with accent details.

  • Tulle and curtains can be combined in texture and colors with upholstered furniture.
  • A large drawing is suitable for a large hall, and a small print for a small living room. The vertical strip will visually raise the ceilings, the horizontal strip will expand the space.
  • The style of the interior and the fabric for the tulle must withstand the cornice. A pompous baguette will fit into a classic and luxurious interior. In a minimalist room, the cornices are almost invisible, or the mount is hidden behind a special niche in the ceiling.
  • If the tulle is interesting for the hall in itself, you don’t need to hang the curtains. And, conversely, for graceful curtains, it is better to choose a laconic background in the form of a plain light tulle. If the originally designed curtains with lambrequins are supplemented with tulle with a clear pattern or contrasting tones, then the interior will be oversaturated and tasteless.

Regardless of the functions of tulle: whether it gives the hall luxury, whether it acts as a background for the interior or simply complements the design, the choice should be balanced and appropriate. Textiles give a feeling of comfort, create the right atmosphere, so it is important to achieve the unity of shades and interior elements.

Tulle in the hall photo news 2021: 40 options

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