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Fashion trends in kitchen design

Functionality and comfort completely determine the interior decoration of any kitchen. All pieces of furniture and household appliances should be useful, this is their main task. At the same time, there should not be too much furniture, since the main directions in the interior of a modern kitchen are minimalism, hi-tech, eco style. This means that you should not overload the space with unnecessary details and should only use simple shapes and lines. The interior design of the kitchen in a modern style is an inextricable unity of many directions, a combination of current fashion trends that allow you to create a truly harmonious and functional environment..

Modern linear kitchen

When it comes to the interior of the kitchen, practicality and functionality come first.

Basic principles of kitchen design

Modern kitchen design has some of the characteristics of the most popular stylistic trends:

Organization of space Spacious working area; it is possible to connect the kitchen with another room, for example, a living room; zoning.
Dishes Solid color, without bright lurid elements, it is better to hide in drawers or pull-out panels.
Technical equipment Built-in appliances, maximum convenience and comfort when cooking.
Color palette Light calm shades.
Accessories and decor elements Minimum of decorative elements.

Open shelf instead of kitchen cabinets

Distinctive qualities of a modern style – clear lines, minimalism and non-standard decor solutions

Selection of furniture and appliances

The appearance of the room, decorated in accordance with new trends, involves embossed and voluminous objects made of practical materials. When arranging massive things, make sure that the room is as spacious as possible. For this, you can use block furniture..

High-tech modern kitchen design

There will always be order in such a kitchen.

Gray kitchen cabinets with built-in appliances

Modern design involves the use of built-in technology and all kinds of devices

Functional features include various drawers and baskets, wall shelves and accessories (rails) for easy storage and quick search of kitchen utensils, which accumulate in incredible quantities in every housewife. The current kitchen environment does not imply that all surfaces are cluttered with blenders and toasters..

Kitchen set with drawers and baskets

Drawers for convenient storage of kitchen utensils and food

Pull-out unit with trash drawer

It is necessary to rationally use every centimeter of free space

Household appliances play an important role in the interior decoration of a modern kitchen, designed to save time and turn routine duties into a pleasant and exciting pastime. It is difficult to imagine the technical equipment of the kitchen in a modern style without functional mechanisms that seemed fantastic a couple of decades ago: microwave ovens, multicooker and stoves with touch control, refrigerators that perceive voice commands.

Peninsula kitchen without wall cabinets

In modern kitchens, overhead hanging cabinets are often dispensed with.

Mobile table in a small kitchen

Mobile mini-tables are very convenient as an additional working area.

21st century kitchen has become a space not only for cooking and eating, but also a place of solitude or work..

Design features of a small modern kitchen

If in a large room you can arrange pieces of furniture and household appliances in any convenient way, then in a small room the choice is much less.

Design of a small kitchen in a modern style

Small kitchen design starts with creating a comfortable working area

  • The best option for arranging furniture in a small room is an angular layout, when the working area is created along two walls located perpendicularly. In this case, one of the sides is made longer, it is here that a high cabinet and / or refrigerator is installed. It is better to place the sink and stove opposite the window, so that during long routine work you look not at an empty wall, but at the landscape.
  • Another way to decorate and furnish a small kitchen is a single-row layout, when the main appliances, storage units and work surfaces are located along one wall. In this case, the main element will be the kitchen apron, which can be made really stylish and functional, even if the wall is short..
  • The interior of the kitchen in a modern style assumes the location of the dining table at least one meter from the working triangle: stove-sink-refrigerator. This condition must be met even in small rooms..
  • It is recommended to give preference to light colors, wall cabinets with glass doors, so the room will seem more spacious.

Organization of lighting in a small kitchen

Bright spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling will help to expand the room

Small kitchen with glossy facades

Glossy facades perfectly reflect light and visually increase the space

Such tricky tricks will save space and visually expand it..

Modern kitchen materials

Recently, designers prefer to use environmentally friendly materials that do not harm humans and the environment, so you can use plastic, as it always looks relevant, but still it is better to refuse it..

Bar counter on thin legs in the interior of the kitchen of a country house

Almost every finishing material is able to add its own peculiarity to the interior.

Optimal choice:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • gypsum;
  • glass.

Despite the fact that wood is usually part of classic or rustic interiors, its combination with other materials will add warmth and comfort to the room, revitalize its space. Metal is ideal for high-tech style, shiny surfaces will add chic and elegance to any design.

Wooden table in the kitchen of a private house

Warm and cozy kitchen with wood trim and furniture

Glass makes the space more airy and light. You can hang cabinets with translucent doors, decorate the kitchen with glass lighting fixtures, accentuate the window, install a skinal (apron) made of colored glass. Such accentuation looks especially advantageous if the window is large enough and a lot of light comes from the street..

Suitable for flooring are carpet, laminate or parquet.

Color and light in modern kitchen

Better opt for light colors that increase appetite. Do not get carried away with bright accents that will distract from your meal. The best will be to play with shades of the same color or decorate with several small details..

LED lighting on the kitchen ceiling

Modern kitchen interior is based on 2-3 colors

Modern kitchen interior in white

In the snow-white interior, the eyes rest, and the soul calms down

Modern kitchen interior is unthinkable without white. The most popular color combinations:

  • white and red;
  • white and purple;
  • White and black;
  • white and green;
  • white combined with metal.

The combination of white with yellow in the interior of the kitchen

The successful combination of bright colors with white visually increased the space of the kitchen

Lighting is a key design element of the current generation. Everything, even the smallest and most insignificant corners of the kitchen, should not sink in the twilight. With the help of lamps, you can easily zone the space if the room is multifunctional.

Built-in spotlights in the interior of a small kitchen

Kitchen lighting should be bright enough, especially in the work area.

Design of a modern kitchen combined with a living room or dining room

These combined spaces are incredibly popular, especially if the rooms are small. The interior can be unified or divided into functional parts, for example, using lighting or different colors..

Kitchen-living room design in modern style

The open-plan kitchen looks modern and respectable

Linear set in a modern style kitchen-living room

The room seems brighter and more spacious, everything is in plain sight

Dividing the kitchen-living room into zones using a bar counter

A bar counter is great for zoning a small room.

Different flooring materials can also be a great way to zone a room..

The original method of dividing the space into a work area and a living room (dining room) can be considered the installation of a bar counter, equip one wall (the one that is closer to the kitchen) with additional shelves for dishes.

Accessories and textiles

Various decoration options are acceptable, but do not be overly enthusiastic. The main thing in modern style is moderation. This principle is also true for textile elements. In the kitchen, its abundance is completely inappropriate.

Modern kitchen design with roman blinds

Roman blinds – a practical solution for decorating a kitchen window

Kitchen design with a bar counter in a modern style

The modern interior excludes unnecessary details, and each item has its own place

The following are often used as accessories:

  • fresh flowers to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere;
  • a panel or picture on the wall in the dining area;
  • a basket or a beautiful vase with bright fruits;
  • pillows on a small sofa or armchair;
  • embroidered tablecloths, napkins or potholders;
  • containers for spices;
  • decorative vases;
  • light curtains on the window with a simple pattern or blinds.

Another important decorating principle is that all elements should be clearly visible, you should not hide them behind the doors of cabinets and pedestals..

Decorating a modern kitchen in a private house

Use bright patterns and designs more carefully – in most cases, a couple of accents are enough

Yellow lemons in cups on kitchen countertops

Fresh flowers and fresh fruits will be a good addition to any kitchen.

Modern kitchens are a combination of harmony, comfort and delicate taste. A spacious room without unnecessary details will be a great place for fun family dinners, and the work area will be convenient for every hostess. This design looks not only laconic, but also elegant..

Modern kitchen with brick wall

You need to think over the design of the kitchen so that each family member feels comfortable and cozy

Video: modern kitchens in white

Photo: modern design ideas

Modern kitchen design with dining area Small kitchen with a U-shaped layout parallel layout in a small kitchen Design of a small kitchen with a large window Compact minimalist kitchen Red color in the interior of the kitchen White kitchen design with island Kitchen island with black countertop Open shelves around the kitchen window Ventilation boxes on the kitchen ceiling Stainless steel in the interior of the kitchen Kitchen wall decor paintings Acrylic bar counter in the kitchen-living room Lacquered surface of the kitchen island Fresh flowers on the bar Washing in front of the kitchen window of a private house Modern kitchen design with a sink by the window Bar counter in a small kitchen Purple fronts of kitchen cabinets Two-row layout of the kitchen space Linear kitchen with a balcony in a panel house Kitchen design with corner layout Blue glass vases Light green chairs in the kitchen of a country house Corner kitchen with brown fronts Bar counter with wooden top Wooden floor in a spacious kitchen-living room Kitchen-living room design with two windows High-tech island kitchen design Elongated kitchen with turquoise fronts Gas stove in the corner of the kitchen Spacious kitchen island in white Yellow color in the design of the kitchen Kitchen interior decoration without upper cabinets Stylish kitchen in a country house Kitchen island made of natural wood Compact work area in the kitchen-dining room Zoning the kitchen-living room with a bar counter Hood over the kitchen island with drawers Black chairs made of quality plastic Linear kitchen in black Round table with two chairs Green apples on wooden table top Black lights on the kitchen ceiling Two lamps of different colors above the bar Design of a working area in a studio apartment Kitchen interior after combining with a balcony Gray sofa in front of the bar Snow-white straight kitchen A dining table instead of a window sill in a small kitchen

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