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Brown sofa in the interior

The most common part of a living room interior is a sofa. You can hardly find a living room without this detail. Today, stores offer many models of sofas, so sometimes you don’t know which one to choose. White and black options are popular. However, the most common and sought-after is the brown sofa in the living room interior. We offer to purchase a similar model, and we will help you equip it.

Leather brown sofa on the background of a wooden door

Brown is associated with wood and earth, denotes reliability and stability

Retro style living room interior with brown sofa

Furniture with brown upholstery creates a cozy home environment

Variety of materials

Before going to the store for a purchase, you need to choose the right material, because a brown sofa can be made from different raw materials. We have compiled an overview of the most suitable fabrics for upholstery, as well as analyzed their pros and cons.

Brown velor sofa in the living room of a private house

Velor upholstery is practically indistinguishable from velvet and is quite pleasant to the touch

Material Peculiarities Dignity disadvantages
Velours Pile fabric, created by weaving 5 strands: 4 vertically, 1 horizontally Gives pleasant tactile sensations, the basis of high-quality velor is natural raw materials Does not lend itself to wet cleaning
Flock Pile, non-woven material, consists of a fabric base on which the fibers are glued Easy to clean, resistant to sharp objects, durable, elastic Soaked in odors
Chenille Produced with jacquard weave on fluffy yarn Does not deform, abrasion resistant, does not fade High cost, not moisture resistant, susceptible to sharp objects (scratches are clearly visible)
Faux suede Budget option for pile upholstery fabric Low price, elastic, durable material Amenable to deformation during operation
Artificial fur In appearance it resembles the skin of an animal Waterproof, durable, environmentally friendly Only amenable to dry cleaning, susceptible to external mechanical influences
Jacquard Lint-free fabric, half of artificial threads, half of natural, obtained by weaving 10 transverse and longitudinal threads Very durable, has a beautiful appearance and intricate patterns, looks like silk High cost of upholstery
Scotchguard Printed cotton fabric impregnated with dirt-repellent agents Resistant to grease, dirt and water, easy to clean High cost, impregnation can dissolve in hot water
Tapestry 100% cotton fabric made on a loom using an X-weave Environmentally friendly, wet-cleaned, has a large number of unique patterns Hooks are quickly formed, fading, shedding during washing
Artificial leather Airtight artificial smooth material Moisture resistant, easy to clean, does not fade, durable Quickly scratches, flammable, cracks over time
Leather Non-woven fabric without artificial additives Strength, wear resistance, environmental friendliness, air permeability, beautiful appearance High price

Light brown sofa with flock upholstery

Flock upholstery is durable and durable

Dark brown sofa with genuine leather upholstery

Genuine leather upholstery fits perfectly into classic interiors

Based on this table, you can easily select the material for creating a brown sofa. Now he can proceed to its arrangement.

What to combine with

In addition to the fact that we choose the fabric for the upholstery, it is necessary to select the elements of the living room that are in harmony with the brown sofa. Since we are starting from this central part of the premises, then the design of the remaining zones will be selected in accordance with the furniture..

Light brown armchairs in the living room with a dark brown sofa

For a dark brown sofa, you can pick up chairs with light brown upholstery

Country house living room interior with brown sofa

Charismatic combination of a brown sofa with an almost white upholstery of a “soft” coffee table


The floor on which the sofa is located can be of any material. Usually, if the upholstery is leather, the flooring is tiles. It can be marble or ceramic. Choose according to your own preferences and available budget.

Brown sofa with leather upholstery on the carpet in the living room

A dark brown sofa on a light brown carpet – a warm neutral atmosphere, slightly diluted with cold accents in the form of blue pillows

Living room interior with brown sofa on light gray floor covering

If you like a light floor, a brown sofa will look chic here.

If the upholstery is fabric, it is better to cover the floor with a carpet or wood..

Brown sofa on laminate floor

A successful combination of several colors in one living room

On a note! The floor should be a few shades lighter or darker than the sofa.

Variegated rug with black and white geometric pattern

Light brown sofa on a colorful carpet

Don’t forget about color. Furniture shouldn’t blend in with brown floors, so learn to play with shades.


Oddly enough, the ceiling also plays an important role. It is desirable that it be traditionally white. If this option is not to your liking, choose a different color, as long as it is light and cold. This color scheme will set off your furniture and accentuate its well-deserved central place..

Two brown sofas in a room with a white ceiling

Shades of brown always look great in combination with a white ceiling.

Wooden beams on the ceiling of the living room with brown sofa

All shades of brown are harmoniously combined with wood elements, including decorative beams on the ceiling

Living room lighting with brown sofas

Brown sofas in a classic style living room interior

By choosing a dark or warm shade for the ceiling, you will smear the picture, make the room visually smaller, and the sofa will not stand out properly..

As a finish, an excellent option would be PVC film (stretch ceiling) in combination with drywall, plain wallpaper or paint.


The brown sofa in the interior should stand out. Therefore, it should not be allowed to blend in with the surrounding surfaces. Therefore, the walls also need to be made different in several tones or to choose a completely contrasting shade..

Brown faux leather sofa against the light gray walls of the living room

It is not difficult to choose combinations, because dark and light brown tones look favorably against a background of pastel and bright shades.

Brown sofa with fabric upholstery in a living room with beige walls

A soft and calm environment created by the successful combination of a brown sofa with beige walls

It goes well with brown blue, gray, white, red. They will create a nice backdrop and will contrast with the furniture, making it stand out. However, do not forget that the color of the sofa is of particular importance. When combining colors, remember that they should not overlap the main element..


Textiles are of particular importance in the arrangement of the sofa. If you decide to use it to create an interior, do it tastefully. First you need to pick up cushions. There are several important points to consider here. The color of the pillows should match the base correctly. It is desirable that they are not flashy, and in harmony with the brown color..

Bright pillows on a brown sofa in a bright living room

Emphasis on brightness. Brown looks interesting in combination with bright shades, for example, with light green, turquoise and pink sofa cushions

Pillows with flowers on a brown sofa

Add lamps with interesting lampshades or fresh flowers to the room, and you will see how your living room will be transformed

The second point is quantity. An overabundance of cushions is a common mistake. Remember that everything should be in moderation. Position the pillows so that they do not overlap the beauty of the sofa.

Combination of a brown sofa with yellow armchairs

Yellow and brown, both colors successfully complement each other, creating comfort and lightness

What styles is it suitable for

The brown sofa will fit in with many modern styles. First of all, he is an example of the classic style. Here he will fit into a calm and laconic atmosphere. For this direction, leather upholstery or fabrics without lint and shine are suitable..

Shades of brown in a classic living room in browns

Brown shades are perfect when you want to emphasize the classic style of the living room.

Wooden table in front of brown sofa

The sofa with brown upholstery is ideal for retro or eco-style

Such an element will perfectly fit into Provence, especially if it has a somewhat aged and worn look. In this case, it is better to select light and delicate models that can emphasize the comfort and warmth of the living room..

Industrial style sofa design for retro interiors

Loft-style sofa, stylized as a vintage freight car

A dark brown sofa is perfect for a Scandinavian style. Combined with a crisp white rug, dark laminate flooring and a fireplace, it will create a chilly northern atmosphere..

Dark models also accept minimalism. Do not forget that in this case the floor covering must be chosen a few shades lighter. White ceramic tiles are suitable for minimalism..

Bright living room interior in minimalist style with brown sofa

In minimalism, a brown sofa will add luxury

As you can see, a brown sofa is well suited for creating many images, at the same time, it can itself take on different roles, depending on the variation of the upholstery and shade..

Striped carpet in front of the brown sofa

Brown and blue interior in a nautical style

Light brown sofa in Moroccan style living room

In the Moroccan style, the brown sofa will be decorated with colorful pillows.

Video: 24 shades of brown

Photo: brown sofas in the interior

Retro sofa with brown upholstery Living room of a country house with brown upholstered furniture Chairs with variegated upholstery and light brown sofas Light pillows on a brown sofa Living room interior in industrial style Armchairs with cream upholstery in the living room of a private house Fresh flowers in a vase on the table in the living room Brown sofa with faux leather upholstery Light brown sofa upholstery Round table in front of a brown sofa Wooden table with curly legs near the brown sofa Dark brown sofa in the interior of the living room of a private house Brown sofa in the interior of a room with gray walls Living room interior in brown tones Bright pillows on the corner sofa Drawings with flowers on the wall above the sofa Living room in minimalist style with brown sofa Glazed veranda of a country house Brown furniture in a bright living room Blue color in the interior of the living room Panoramic windows with brown frames Brown sofa on a background of yellow walls Wood in the interior of the living room of a country house Shades of gray in the design of the living room Beige carpet in front of brown sofa Gray fireplace next to brown sofa Brown sofa on a colorful carpet Brown furniture in the living room Living room interior with floral wallpaper Lamps in the living room with brown sofa Decorating the wall above the sofa using paintings The combination of motley upholstery of armchairs with a brown sofa Provence style living room interior design Brown sofa in the interior of a city apartment Beige curtains on the living room window Living room decoration with fresh flowers Decorating the wall above the sofa with mirrors Painting on the wall above the sofa Living room design project with brown sofa Corner sofa with leatherette upholstery Upholstered furniture with brown leather upholstery Living room interior with high ceiling Brown sofa cushions on black base Rattan coffee table chest Lamps with white shades around the edges of the brown sofa Combination of a brown sofa with a red armchair American style living room with brown sofa Expensive leather furniture in the living room interior Panoramic windows behind the sofa in the living room

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