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Dark furniture in bedroom design is a stylish play on contrast

The furnishing of the bedroom should be conducive to rest, relaxation. Many psychologists recommend decorating this room in gentle, light shades. However, this color scheme does not suit everyone. Many people like cold, dark colors. An unusual bedroom interior in dark colors will not look gloomy, uncomfortable with the right proportions of color. This publication discusses the features of the organization of design with the use of dark furniture..

Bright bedroom with dark furniture and a high window

Bedroom with dark furniture is ideal for sleeping

Benefits of using dark colored furniture

There are a lot of advantages of such an extraordinary solution..

  • Saving space. There is a myth about a significant reduction in space in dark tones. However, in few places it is specified – only with their abundance. The dosed amount of items, decorated in dark colors, helps to save square meters. Gloomy colors visually reduce objects, make them less bulky..
  • Bedroom design with dark furniture will never go out of style. This is a classic solution.
  • With the right proportions, these furniture will have a soothing effect. It promotes healthy sleep.
  • On the upholstery of such items, dirt and dust will be less visible. Housewives don’t have to clean up every day.

Design of a dark bedroom city apartment

The interior of a dark bedroom is considered a traditional option, rooted in past centuries.

Play of shadows from lamps in a dark bedroom

Dark furniture gets less dirty

Dark bedroom design: what can be done, what is undesirable to do?

The gloominess of gray, black, brown does not make these colors inappropriate in the setting of the bedchamber. They will bring a little drama and a sense of coziness to the design. The main thing is not to overdo it. A too dark bedroom is unlikely to leave a good impression, it will contribute to relaxation..

What is possible in such a design? You can safely use black as the main one. In a small room, black should be minimal. In large rooms, you can not be afraid to overdo it. Black will make the empty area more comfortable. Walls can be made plain. They will only serve as a background. The use of a large number of lighting fixtures is not prohibited. With their help, you can correct, highlight functional areas.

Bedroom with dark bed and light bedspread

A bedroom with dark furniture testifies to the refined taste of the owners and their love for comfort

White bedspread on a black bed and pillows in lilac covers

A successful combination of black, white and lilac colors

Shades of brown in the interior of a dark bedroom

In a dark interior, brown tones are appropriate, especially if they are reflected in wooden motives.

It is not recommended to decorate large bedroom surfaces in gloomy colors. Gloomy wall decoration, ceiling will press, negatively affect the mood. It is strictly forbidden to install a lot of furniture. A large number of interior items will deprive the room of useful space. Leave only the essentials.

Playing on contrasts: choosing a color scheme

A successful bedroom design in dark colors will only be in the case of the correct selection of the color palette for arranging the interior space of the room. You need to choose the right finish for the bedroom, its color scheme.

White hoodie on a black bed in a bedroom with gray walls

This bedroom does not look gloomy at all, despite the dark gray walls.

When choosing, adhere to the following recommendations.

  1. It is better to decorate the walls with high-quality wallpaper in light colors. This is a versatile option. On a light background, brown, gray, black looks contrasting. If the walls are perfectly flat, they can be painted. The paint must be environmentally friendly, odorless. If desired, small accents can be made on some walls. Dark blue, gray, purple stripes will look great.
  2. The decor of windows, doors, floors can be done in a bright palette. Bright colors in a dosed amount will cheer up, add variety to the interior..
  3. Ideal for the floor: laminate, parquet, linoleum, carpet. Floor finishes in dark colors can blend in with furniture items. It is better to choose a material of beige, olive, light brown..
  4. It is better to paint the ceiling in small rooms white. Stretch multi-level structures look great in large rooms..

Light walls in the bedroom with a dark gray bed

The main thing is that the bedroom is pleasant and cozy.

Dark gray wallpaper in the bedroom of a country house

Dark wallpaper is appropriate in a large enough room.

Choosing curtains

In the design of a dark bedroom, it is important to choose beautiful curtains. Curtains should be combined with decoration, other interior items, home textiles. When choosing curtains, you need to consider the basic requirements for this thing. Curtains should be light, airy. It is better to choose denser fabrics for making curtains. Curtains will be able to protect from the scorching sun in the summer. Another requirement is that the curtains should be darker than the wall cladding, lighter than the bed, wardrobe. The fabrics used in the production of curtains must be natural. Synthetic fabrics attract dust. The color palette of bedroom curtains should be light; you can buy curtains in a brighter color. Curtains will be decorated with unusual magnets-holders.

Gray translucent curtains in the interior of a dark bedroom

For a dark bedroom, it is better to choose light curtains with beautiful contrasting patterns.

Light walls and beige curtains in bedroom design

It is important that the color of the curtains is combined with the palette of the bedroom set or with the tint of the walls.

Choosing furniture based on style

It is better to select furniture based on the characteristics of the style direction. Consider helpful advice on choosing furniture for the most common styles..

Style name Recommendations for choosing interior items
Classic Differs in the use of natural materials. Wood should be preferred. Carving on objects will emphasize the luxury, exclusivity of the bedroom decor.
Asiatic Black, brown beds, sofas, cabinets with bright, contrasting inserts are suitable for this style..
Modern For this trend, they buy furniture in dark colors with gilded details. Gilding looks luxurious. Gold color can be repeated in curtains, home textiles.
Technostyle Perfect dark bedroom style. Technostyle is highly practical and functional. Suitable for modern young families. Furniture should be purchased in black with chrome details. You can repeat the chrome surfaces in the decor of the lamps..

Dark classic bedroom with solid wood furniture

Bedroom design with dark brown furniture in a classic style

Stylish bedroom with Japanese-style beamed ceilings

Japanese style bedroom

Dark brown bed in the bedroom with yellow walls

Dark furniture made of solid wood for the bedroom in the art nouveau style

Bedroom with dark high-tech furniture

Modern materials in the high-tech bedroom

Bedroom interior with dark furniture in the Gothic style

Dark bedroom in a gothic manner

Dark bedroom design in the style of minimalism

Modern minimalist bedroom


Well-organized lighting will help smooth out the gloom of the bedroom. You will need natural, artificial lighting in the room. For natural light to penetrate into the room, you need not to clutter the windows with thick, heavy curtains. Curtains should be light, translucent. If natural light does not penetrate well, you need to think about central lighting. A multi-lamp ceiling chandelier works well. The design of the chandelier should be chosen based on the overall style of the room. A crystal chandelier will fit perfectly into the classics, English style. Modern style trends will complement the ceiling chandeliers.

Lighting in a dark bedroom with a chandelier and built-in lamps

In a dark bedroom, one chandelier is not enough, it is better to additionally install ceiling lamps around the entire perimeter of the room

Large mirror in the interior of a dark bedroom

The bedroom will become much brighter if you place a large mirror opposite the window.

Central lighting can be dispensed with if there are several windows. You can replace the ceiling chandelier with spotlights, small lamps on the bedside tables. Spot lamps are an actual solution when choosing a stretch ceiling. Spot lighting is very convenient and saves electricity. With its help, you can select functional areas.

Bright natural light in a dark bedroom

In dark interiors, there should be a lot of light, regardless of the area of ​​the room.

Bedroom decoration

A bedroom with black furniture can be decorated in a variety of ways. Let’s take a closer look at the most successful ideas.

  1. Having laid black parquet on the floor (dark brown laminate), you need to play on the contrast of color. A carpet will be an ideal complement to this finish. It should be light, have a long pile..
  2. Home textiles can be a decoration of the room. The bright color of the blanket, bedspreads, pillows diversifies the gloomy environment.
  3. Ordinary vinyl stickers will help you decorate the surface of a plain wall. Their colors should be in contrast to the colors of the walls. Stickers are inexpensive, easy to attach to the surface. They can be dismantled, replaced with new ones after a while..
  4. A beautiful metal, ceramic figurine will allow you to decorate the room. Its theme should be close to the style of the bedchamber.
  5. Family photos, decorated with beautiful frames, will be an excellent wall decoration. Only black and white photos can be selected.

Lilac pillows in the interior of the bedroom with black furniture

Bright pillows and fresh flowers will help to dilute the cold interior.

Yellow rug on wooden floor in dark bedroom

A bright yellow rug can create a rainbow mood in a dark room.

Yellow accents in the black bedroom

Again, the sunny yellow color slightly relaxes the atmosphere and makes the interior softer.

White accents in a dark residential bedroom

There is more black in this bedroom, but it is the white accents that attract the attention.

Wallpaper with a colorful pattern in the design of a bedroom with dark furniture

Two details – colorful ornaments on the wallpaper and a small pillow, and how they changed the whole interior

Video on how to properly use dark colors in the interior

Photos of bedrooms with dark furniture

Black bed with white bedspread in the bedroom of a city apartment Cozy bedroom interior with dark furniture Panoramic window in the bedroom with a dark interior Black bed with a hoodie in a bright bedroom Contrast of white against the background of the black interior of the bedroom Lamps on bedside tables in dark color Lighting in the interior design of a dark bedroom White floor in the bedroom with black furniture Glossy floor in a dark bedroom Black bed and gray and white walls in the bedroom Black wall above the headboard of a dark bed Black bed with white pillows in a light gray room Straight lines in the interior of the bedroom with dark furniture Gray rug on light brown bedroom floor Dark loft style bedroom Red bedspread on a massive bed Gray painted walls in a room with a black bed Light wood in the decoration of the bedroom floor Dark gray shades in the interior of the bedroom Bright bedroom lighting with dark furniture A minimum of black furniture in a white bedroom Black and gray shades in the bedroom of a modern apartment Classic furniture in dark colors in the bedroom Leather poufs in a dark bedroom Bright lighting in a bedroom with a dark bed Dark lilac walls and gray bed Bright light from the window in a bedroom with a dark interior Light paintings in the interior of a dark bedroom The combination of black, white and gray in the bedroom Shades of lilac in the bedroom of a private house Window behind the headboard of a double bed City apartment bedroom lighting Black bed and light gray bedroom walls The abundance of shades of brown in the bedroom Bedroom in gray tones and orange bedspread on the bed Mirror over the head of the bed Low bed and dark rug on the bedroom floor Light bedroom interior with dark furniture Light floor in dark interior design Black bed with white bedspread in a room with light walls Soffit on a tripod in a bedroom with a black bed White walls and black bedspread Glossy cabinet fronts in a classic bedroom Painting on a dark gray bedroom wall Bedroom with a dark bed in oriental style Gray bedspread and dark brown bedroom walls Bright lilac wallpaper in the bedroom White ceiling and brown floor in the bedroom of a country house Original lamps in a dark bedroom Bright curtains on the window in the bedroom with a dark interior

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