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Distinctive features of the neoclassical style

Neoclassicism in the interior spread in the late 18th – early 19th centuries. Many people from all over Europe have become admirers of the style. It differs from the strict classical style in comfort, practicality, luxury, grace and elegance, while following the spirit of modern times. To decorate the interior correctly, without making mistakes, you need to familiarize yourself with all the features of the neoclassical style..

Living room of a country house in the neoclassical style

Neoclassicism is interesting for those who prefer the “golden mean” in interior design

The main differences

First of all, it must be said that the style is suitable for those who respect their home, be it a house or an apartment. For those who realize that the classic interior does not depend on time and is able to look modern and practical.

The interior of the living room of a private house in the neoclassical style

Neoclassicism changes over time, adapting to the pace of modern life

Advice! It should be remembered that when creating this style, you need to scrupulously treat every detail and little thing. Any mistake or minor mistake will be too noticeable and, as a result, spoil the general idea of ​​the interior..

Beige wall in the living room in the neoclassical style

The interior decoration in the spirit of neoclassicism is similar to the color schemes in the classical style – the preference is given to shades of natural origin

Marble fireplace in neoclassical living room

More colorful colors are used as accents to emphasize the geometry of the room.

It differs from other interior styles in the following parameters:

  1. Neatness and a sense of the golden mean. Does not tolerate excessive use of accessories, decor, pretentious furniture and an abundance of flowers.
  2. Natural discreet shades. Implies the use of only a natural palette of colors without the introduction of bright flashy accents.
  3. The obligatory presence of only classic details in addition to other elements: stucco, arches, columns, mirrors, classic patterns.
  4. The presence of high ceilings, spacious rooms, large windows. Such features of an apartment or house will be an advantage when creating a neoclassical interior. Helps to emphasize the elegance, luxury and solidity of your home.
  5. Following clear rules for the placement of furniture and the installation of special elements. It manifests itself in a more restrained form and adapts to the modern needs of society and trends. The laws of symmetry are applied not only in the placement of furniture, but also in the decor. Any elements (moldings, panels, stucco) are muted to look modern.

Wall decoration in a neoclassical room

For wall decoration are used: plaster, moldings, decorative panels, wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern or striped

Ceiling with embossed beams in a neoclassical living room

The ceiling can be bleached, stretch, flat or multi-level

Important! A symmetrical setting is built, which is emphasized by simple objects, textures of natural finishing materials.

Neoclassical dining area in the living room of a private house

An important stylistic effect is symmetry and orderliness affecting furniture and decorative elements

General decoration of the room in neoclassical style

Each part of the room must be decorated, adhering to certain rules that correspond to neoclassicism. A detailed consideration of each element will help you understand how to achieve the desired result..

Ceiling with cornice in the interior of a neoclassical living room

Joints between walls and ceilings are often made with wood or plaster cornices.

Ceiling decoration Ceiling decoration involves the use of only white and natural materials for decoration (wood).
It is acceptable to use molded cornices, sockets for lighting.
It is allowed to install a matte or glossy stretch ceiling.

Advice! Stretch ceiling will help to visually expand the room.

Wall decoration The need to use pastel, light shades will visually increase the space, among such tones: blue, white, beige, cream, pale pink, gold, sand.
This style assumes different finishes at the top and bottom of the wall.. Upper zone An impeccable option would be wallpaper with a classic pattern, plain or with the possibility of coloring..
A wide strip on the wallpaper will give the interior a special nobility.
Lower zone It is appropriate to use wood wall panels or wallpaper with more saturated dark shades..
It is possible to use wallpaper with floral motifs.
Installing a high skirting board will help to add elegance to the interior.
Flooring decor The ideal flooring option is parquet. Other materials that imitate parquet are suitable: laminate, board, ceramic tiles.
It is better to purchase parquet from valuable wood species, the natural floor will contribute to filling the room with warmth and comfort.

Neoclassical room interior with dark brown floor

Parquet board, tile or wood-like laminate are suitable for floor decoration

Advice! It is necessary to avoid the use of linoleum or carpet. Neoclassical style does not accept this.

Wall mirror in a beautiful frame in a neoclassical room

Mirrors in luxurious frames, floor or wall, are suitable for decorating any room in the neoclassical style.

Neoclassicism in the interior of different rooms

Each room implies a certain design, taking into account all the characteristics of the style and wishes of the inhabitants of the house. You should understand this issue in advance so that you do not have to correct errors after the repair is completed. The right approach to business will contribute to getting what you want..

Symmetry in the interior of the living room in the neoclassical style

Neoclassicism allows you to create any interior option depending on your preferences and financial capabilities – from the laconic dwelling of a metropolitan resident to the royal apartments of a rich country house

Living room

The neoclassical style in the interior of the living room is expressed in large-scale transformations of the room, taking into account all the details, because this room is the central, main element of the house. Bas-reliefs, columns, ceilings with patterns, floors from natural materials will be able to highlight the nobility, restraint of the living room. A prerequisite is space (the room should not be cluttered with furniture, decor and other items).

Spacious living room in a neoclassical house

Furniture and decor should not clutter up the living room space

Columns will be able to divide the room into zones, other types of partitions are inappropriate. They will only spoil the whole experience. Glass, mirror surfaces, stained-glass windows will look stylish.

Dining area in the kitchen-living room in the neoclassical style

Moderation in furnishing applies to the design of vertical surfaces.

Important! Lightweight small furniture with miniature legs should be installed so as not to burden the interior and atmosphere in general..

Modern furniture in a neoclassical living room

Furniture can be either solemnly decorated classical or presented by modern laconic models.


The style is characterized by the use of marble, natural stone, decorative objects, ornaments, porcelain with drawings or patterns. It will be possible to create a spacious kitchen by installing an island under the working or dining area, or by making a clear delineation of these zones.

The interior of the kitchen space in the neoclassical style

A neoclassical kitchen is a functional and respectable space

Rich neoclassical kitchen interior

Rigorous layout and natural materials on the one hand, incredibly comfortable and ergonomic environment on the other

The kitchen is decorated in certain colors: gold, black, white. Stone countertops can be dark in color. Such an accent will make the interior interesting..

kitchen island in the design of a non-classical kitchen of a residential building

In a neoclassical kitchen, every detail is important, from chairs and lamps to the appearance of the facades of the headset and the material of the worktops.

Advice! The use of frame facades will help to harmoniously integrate modern technology into neoclassicism.


This style will be most appropriate for medium to large bedrooms. Also, the sleeping place will receive special attention. It is made from natural materials, preferably wood, decorated with textile items and meets all modern standards.

Pink walls in a neoclassical bedroom

Neoclassicism is great for decorating a medium to large bedroom

Neoclassical bedroom interior design

The sleeping place is decorated with natural materials and rich textiles

All items in the bedroom are arranged symmetrically. A massive wooden bed stands in the middle of the room, surrounded by pedestals with floor lamps. Sconces, paintings or a group of them can be installed on the wall at the head..

Light colors are used when decorating walls and ceilings. Furniture of dark shades is selected, which will look favorably on a light background.

Bright bedroom with a dark bed in the neoclassical style

Dark wood furniture looks good against the background of the light finish of the bedroom.

Advice! A massive crystal chandelier located in the center of the ceiling can emphasize the style..

Decor and accessories

Products made of precious metals and genuine leather will be able to emphasize this style. They will complement the interior of any room, bring comfort and coziness..

Piano in the interior of the living room in the neoclassical style

Lighting devices act as decorative elements

Lighting All the nuances and beauty will help to emphasize the soft diffused light. Massive crystal chandeliers with many small elements will do. Can install secondary lights at different heights.

Important! It is better to choose lamps and sconces in pastel colors.

Curtains Curtains are selected from natural dense materials. They are sewn according to the classical canons. The cornice is decorated with carved elements.
Furniture Only furniture that is simple in shape with straight or rounded lines is installed, matching neoclassicism (coffee tables, armchairs, sideboards, secretaries). The color scheme is expressed in light tones.

Living room interior in the spirit of American neoclassicism

An interior with minimal decoration looks respectable, but practical and simple. This trend is typical of American neoclassicism.

Living room in the style of French neoclassicism

French neoclassicism is more “playful”, often with quirks

Wooden furniture in the style of Russian neoclassicism

In the Russian version, there are echoes of the palace past: curved facades, wood carvings and pilasters with a capital

Important! It is worth choosing the minimum amount of furniture so as not to clutter up the rooms and not spoil the impression of the interior as a whole..

Fresh flowers in the interior of a room in the neoclassical style

Natural plants and fresh flowers in graceful vases give a special coziness to a neoclassical room

Video: all the fun about neoclassicism

Photo: 50 best neoclassical interiors

Photo of a bright living room in the neoclassical style White headset with gold moldings Neoclassical embossed ceiling Crystal chandelier on the ceiling of the living room in the neoclassical style Modern living room in the spirit of neoclassicism Mirror table in the middle of the living room Videophone in the hallway of a private house Velvet finishing of upholstered furniture in the living room Window light in cream bedroom Decorative lamps above the head of the bed Neoclassical high ceiling living room design Black velvet armchair in the interior of a neoclassical room Black furniture in a white living room Dining table with curly legs in the dining room Yellow shades in the interior of the living room Wooden coffee table in the living room in pastel colors Backlighting of the apron and cabinets in the kitchen of a private house Grand piano in the interior of the living room of a country house Fresh flowers in the decoration of the living room Plaster molding on the ceiling of the living room Neoclassical design of the spouses' bedroom Dining table and soft chairs in the eating area Long solid wood table in a country house Corridor design in French neoclassicism Mirror in the interior of the living room Table setting in the living room of neoclassicism White bathroom in neoclassical style Mirror above the fireplace in the living room Decorating the walls of the living room with paintings Cozy entrance hall in a private house Modern bedroom in the spirit of neoclassicism Kitchen island with solid wood worktop Wooden staircase with white railing in the foyer of a country house White tiles and lilac ornaments on the bathroom wall Fireplace in the design of the living room of a private house Bar counter in the kitchen-living room of a residential building Rustic living room design in neoclassical style Interior of a country living room with panoramic windows Bathroom with neoclassical interior Natural wood in the decoration of the walls of the living room Decorating the bedroom with paintings Black and white interior of a living room of a private house Round wood table in the living room French windows in the interior of a city apartment Wooden ceiling in the kitchen-living room Table with carved legs in front of the sofa in the living room Modern neoclassical bathroom Stone countertop on kitchen island Black carpet on the steps of an interfloor staircase in a country house Carpet in the interior of the living room of a private house

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