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How to draw a room design yourself

Any start of construction or repair is preceded by a drawing. Without a detailed visual presentation, it is impossible to foresee all possible nuances. The situation is similar with interior design. In order for the choice of style, furniture and decor elements to become possible, you first need to draw the interior of the room. If you want to create a unique design for your cozy nest, then you will have to arm yourself with more than one sheet of paper, a pencil, a sharpener, an eraser, and some patience. A correctly drawn sketch will allow you to “foresee” the interior design of the room. But, as in any science, it has its own rules and subtleties, which you will get acquainted with in this article..

Drawing of the interior of the future living room

The design drawing will allow you to see the situation in the room before the renovation begins.

How to draw a room correctly

When designing the interior of a room, the method of drawing in perspective is used. There is nothing complicated in it. The basic concept here is to bind all elements of space and furniture to a specific point on the sheet, called the vanishing point..

Draw a chair using vanishing point and guide lines

The vanishing point is where the viewer is looking.

Perspective in art is a way of transferring objects of space on paper, while preserving the natural visual effect inherent in the human eye..

Frontal perspective diagram of the room

Frontal, or central perspective is a perspective in which straight lines converge at the main point of the picture P, and the perpendiculars to them are parallel to the edge of the sheet

A promising method allows you to naturally perceive the resulting interior drawing, how it would look in a real room.

Scheme for constructing a central perspective for drawing a room design

For the correct construction of the picture, a perspective scale is used, which is set so that the whole room fits on a piece of paper

A promising construction method has its own subspecies, the main of which are:

  • direct linear (frontal) perspective;
  • angled frontal perspective.

Consider the features of each of them.

Direct perspective method

The main feature of this method is the use of one vanishing point located in the center of the sheet. Before drawing this point, you need to draw a square or rectangle indicating the wall farthest from the observer. Its dimensions should be comparable to the dimensions of the selected sheet, ideally a scale of 1 to 3.

Drawing of the back wall of the room on an A4 sheet

Draw a square and place an anchor point in the center

After that, the corners of the square are connected by diagonals, with the straight lines going beyond its (square) perimeter. It is important that these lines pass through our vanishing point, located inside the square (denote it by point A).

Draw guide lines through the corners and center of the room

Draw diagonal lines

The resulting lines marked the walls, ceiling, and floor. The inner diagonals of the square are no longer needed, so we erase them with an eraser.

Drawing the back wall of a room in linear perspective

Erase the lines inside the square, leaving the center point

Now let’s move on to the designation of windows and doors..

Important! The point of view from which the perspective is observed should be one of the walls of the room, free of furniture, windows and with a minimum of decorative elements. This is how you get a complete picture of the interior furnishings of the room..

It is best to measure the height of the window with a tape measure, and apply an approximate proportion to a sheet of paper. In this case, the edge of the window closest to the observer will appear longer than the far one. We get the window by drawing two horizontal lines from the vanishing point along the wall. Further, we connect these lines together with vertical straight lines parallel to the adjacent straight lines of the far wall. We erase the working lines and get a window.

How to draw a window on a room wall

Draw a window

In the same way we depict the front door to the room..

To indicate the depth of the wall in the doorway, as well as the window, you need to draw in depth, for example, windows, segments from each vertex of the corner. These segments should be parallel to the line of the floor and ceiling of the far wall..

Drawing a staircase in the doorway of a room

In the same way, you can depict a staircase.

It is always worth keeping in mind that all vertical lines when creating an interior drawing should come from the vanishing point. Compliance with this rule guarantees a visual representation of the drawn interior design..

After drawing the window and door, all auxiliary lines are erased with an eraser.

Finished drawing of a room without furniture

The walls are painted in accordance with the light coming from the window.

Next, proceed to drawing the interior decoration of the room, consisting of:

  • furniture;
  • lighting devices (chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp, etc.);
  • small interior elements (paintings, wall shelves and other interior elements).

Furniture and interior elements are drawn in compliance with the general concept of this method (through the selected vanishing point).

An example of a drawn sofa in the design of a room

Apply shadows with a pencil as they look in the real world

At the end of the sketch, all the auxiliary lines are neatly erased with an eraser.

At the final stage, several actions are performed:

  1. Black ink stroke.
  2. Connecting sharp corners and rough shapes with smooth, oval lines (anti-aliasing).
  3. Shading objects with natural shade.
  4. Coloring the interior design.

The last two points deserve separate consideration, since they have a huge number of options. For a novice designer, it will be enough to master the basic principles.

DIY teen room design

Drawing room for a teenager

Drawn design of the hall in a two-room apartment

Drawing of a living room in a city apartment

Angled frontal perspective

This method has a slight difference from the previous one, namely the presence of two vanishing points. In terms of the complexity of execution for a novice designer, it is no different from a direct perspective.

Draw the horizon in angular frontal perspective

Draw a horizontal line and points of departure

How to position the second of the two vanishing points is a purely personal matter for each designer. The general principle here is this: the point should be removed to the left or right side of the main center. Depending on the length of the removal, the viewing angle of this or that interior item will change.

Drawing the wall of a room in an angular projection

Draw a rectangle to represent the wall of the room

Drawing room interior items

Erase the lines inside the rectangle and start drawing the outlines of the interior

Pencil drawing of furniture on a piece of paper

Apply the main pieces of furniture

Drawing the interior of a room using two points of departure

To correctly place objects on the other side of the picture, we use the second point of departure.

Living room design sketch in black and white

Erase the auxiliary lines and get an almost finished sketch of the room

If you choose from the method of direct and angular projection, then the second more clearly represents the interior decoration of the room. For the visual perception of a person, it will be more real than the method of direct projection.

Building a room design on a PC

If you are not eager to become a newly-made designer, or if you are planning a one-time apartment renovation, and spending money on specialist services is inappropriate, then you can use computer programs. With the help of them, you will quickly and easily sketch out a sketch of a room with the arrangement of any design..

An example of a living room design created in a specialized program

You can create a room design in a special program, even if you do not know how to draw at all

The most accessible and popular now are:

  • interior design 3d;
  • google sketchup;
  • ikea home planner;
  • sweet home 3d.

Screenshot of the Sweet Home 3D program window when developing a room design

Sweet Home 3D program is intended mainly for those who need to quickly make interior design without having the skills to work in such applications

Screen of the sweet home 3d program window

The program has an intuitive interface, moreover, it is completely Russified

Creating a home design project in the Sweet Home 3D program

The built-in catalog allows you to add models and textures to the project, which can be changed in accordance with the real dimensions of the room

Design of a dining area with six chairs

Sample dining area design created in Sweet Home 3D

These programs are similar to each other. You can use them completely free of charge. They have several advantages over hand drawing. This is especially true for beginners. The interface of such a program is equipped with intuitive controls. The presence of interior elements, furniture greatly simplifies the drawing process.

For example, with the help of the “Google” program, you can create both the design of one room of an apartment, and a large-scale integrated design of an entire suburban area with a swimming pool, garage, recreation area and all elements of the interior decoration of the house. Convenient visual presentation will allow you to “walk” around your newly built house in a special mode.

Corner kitchen design project

ScetchUp allows you to make any figures visually voluminous

Kitchen project with a bar

The functionality of the free version of ScetchUp is enough to create the design of your room

3D model of children's furniture in the ScetchUp program

In the program, you can model individual pieces of furniture

We should also mention the program from the Ikea company. In addition to the main advantages, it has the function of calculating the cost of furniture and repairs in general. The only drawback is the range of products presented. Naturally, these are only products of this company..

Screenshot of a computer while running IKEA Home Planner

A free program from Ikea will definitely come in handy if you are planning to buy furniture from this company.

Screen of the working window of the IKEA Home Planner program

IKEA Home Planner will save the project in a 3D picture and draw up a list of all selected furniture and interior items

Using the program for drawing up a design will save a lot of your time, and the clarity and objectivity of the resulting drawing will not raise doubts. You just have to print the document and start the repair.

Interior project of a private house with three living rooms

With the help of the considered programs, you can make a design project for an entire apartment or a private house.

Video tutorial on drawing a room

Photo: examples of the design of rooms created on a PC

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