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Cleaning products for coffee machines, rating of the most popular brands

A coffee machine is a convenient technique that allows you to prepare an aromatic drink at home. For long-term use of the device, regular maintenance is required, which will preserve its functionality for a long time. Failure to clean will result in limescale build-up and wear on important parts. To prevent breakage, the heating element should be decalcified..

Decalcifying the coffee machine

Decalcifying the coffee machine – cleaning the ten of the coffee machine with chemicals.

What is decalcification of a coffee machine

Decalcification of a coffee machine is a procedure for cleaning the heating system (heating element, boiler, thermoblock) of the coffee machine from limescale. In other words, this is the process of running a chemical through the hydraulic system of the device..

The use of water with increased hardness leads to the formation of a salt crust on the walls of the device. The resulting sediment impairs not only the performance of the equipment, but also the taste of the coffee. Timely removal of lime prevents clogging of the tubes of the apparatus and the penetration of foreign particles into the cup.

How to decalcify a coffee machine.

To avoid breakage of coffee machines, you need to periodically decalcify the coffee machine..

Important! It is not recommended to clean the coffee machine without precise knowledge and special equipment. Before the procedure, you need to carefully read the instructions for the device.

What is decalcification for?

Over time, coffee oils and limescale build up in the machine. If they are not removed periodically, the uninterrupted operation of the machine may be impaired. The equipment will fail or it will brew a coffee drink with an unpleasant aftertaste. Decalcification helps to remove hard sediment from salts, thereby prolonging the life of the device.

Cleaning the coffee machine.

Professional cleaning of the coffee machine helps to get rid of limescale and coffee oil.

Features of the decalcification of the coffee machine

The procedure is mandatory for all types of coffee machines. Cleaning is required after brewing the set limit of coffee cups. Some modern models themselves notify about the need for cleaning by means of a sound signal..

It is much more difficult to clean professional coffee machines connected to a water supply system. They need to be disassembled, so it is better to use the services of a qualified specialist.

how to clean the coffee machine.

Professional coffee machines should be cleaned only by qualified technicians..

When cleaning is needed

The coffee machine needs cleaning if the following symptoms are present:

  • there is extraneous noise during the operation of the device;
  • the delivery pressure of coffee has decreased;
  • a white precipitate is observed at the bottom of the mug;
  • when drinking the drink, you can feel the “bitterness”;
  • the coffee preparation process is longer.

How often to decalcify

Many modern models are equipped with a counter of the permissible number of cups of coffee, which must be closely monitored. Usually, after the 200th mug, it is recommended to remove salts and limescale from the heating element of the device..

How to clean a coffee machine.

Coffee machine shade before and after decalcification.

If the machine uses very hard water, you will need to decalcify the appliance after every 30 liters of water. When using softer water in the procedure, it will be necessary after 120-140 liters of water.

Advice! For timely cleaning of the coffee machine, it must be adjusted in accordance with the degree of water hardness..

Types of specialized decalcification products

Basically, each manufacturer of automatic coffee machines produces special products for removing calcium deposits only for their own models. However, you should not always adhere to this rule. Other products that come in powder, tablet, or liquid form are also suitable. The main thing in this matter is quality.

Liquid products

The most demanded funds are:

  • Saeco;
  • Delonghi;
  • Magnifica;
  • Jura.

Liquid detergents for the coffee machine.

Selection of liquid products for decalcifying the coffee machine.

Delonghi cleaner is more often used for Delonghi brand appliances. They guarantee a good result. Saeco Thinner is inferior in price, but not in quality. The most budgetary option Magnifica. The product has a less expanded composition of elements that reacts with salts. However, constant use gives good results..

In pill form

The solvents listed above are also available in the form of special tablets. Their active elements work in such a way as to act directly on the desired part, subject to calcium build-up.

Tablets for coffee machines.

Tablets for cleaning coffee machines.

The right tablet formulation is ideal for descaling. You can also find universal tablets on sale..

Reference! NSF certified tablets are completely safe and suitable for cleaning a variety of metals.

How is manual cleansing done?

Before an independent cleaning procedure, you should first study the instructions for the device. Basically, the manual cleaning method is universal for all models:

  • rinse the filter and container from coffee residues;
  • pour liquid solvent into the water container up to the maximum mark;
  • turn on the coffee machine and open the tap;
  • drain the liquid about 150 ml;
  • pour off the product in small portions at intervals of 5 minutes.

If the appliance does not have a pulver, before the cleaning solution runs out, add coffee and start the coffee preparation program. Pour the resulting drink. Carob or pulverized machine does not require adding coffee.

When all the liquid is drained, rinse the reservoir well and fill with cold clean water. Repeat procedure.

Use of pills

Dissolve the tablet completely in clean water before use. Fill the reservoir with liquid and turn on the drink preparation mode. As soon as half of the glass is full, turn off the program. Start the car again after 15 minutes. The rest of the liquid will drain into the glass. Rinse the brewing unit and start cooking twice, but without coffee and tablets.

how to clean a coffee machine with a tablet.

Before using the tablets, you need to dissolve them in water..

Features of automatic cleaning

What is the automatic decalcification procedure in a modern coffee machine? This is a self-descaling function, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process.

Let’s consider how to carry out the decalcification process using the example of a Delonghi model coffee machine:

  • remove coffee from the machine;
  • fill the liquid compartment with the prepared agent;
  • activate the self-cleaning program;
  • wait a while for the completion of the procedure, which the coffee machine will carry out on its own.

How to properly descale a coffee maker with citric acid

Can be used to decalcify coffee machines and folk remedies, one of which is citric acid. The whole process consists of 3 stages and takes no more than half an hour..

Step-by-step instruction:

  • flush the fluid reservoir;
  • prepare and pour the solution (dilute 30 g of citric acid in 1 liter of water);
  • in the device with automatic cleaning, start the program and wait for it to end (in the absence of this function, wait 15 minutes and turn on the cooking mode until all the liquid runs out).

Lemon acid.

Citric acid helps to independently remove limescale in the coffee machine.

Rinse the container, pour clean water and turn on the coffee preparation button. Repeat the procedure two times.

What not to do

During the procedure, it is prohibited:

  • add water to the hopper if there is no requirement from the machine;
  • remove the drip tray, drip tray or brewing unit while the program is running;
  • do not turn off the device during descaling (if this function is not provided by the manufacturer).

If everything is done correctly, the coffee machine will function smoothly..

Helpful hints and tips

Following simple recommendations will increase the service life of the coffee machine:

  • carefully study the conditions of use before using the device;
  • use bottled or filtered water;
  • keep the apparatus clean;
  • enter data on the degree of water hardness in the menu of the coffee machine (when using hard water, decalcification is necessary at least once every 30 days, if the water is soft – once every 4-5 months);
  • regularly remove milk deposits from the cappuccino maker.

caring for the coffee machine.

Proper care will help reduce frequent decalcifications of the coffee machine.


Any heating device, regardless of model and brand, is prone to lime scale formation. Salt deposits can render equipment unusable. In this connection, the decalcification of the coffee machine is mandatory.

The frequency of the procedure depends on several factors, in particular on the hardness of the water. By following the instructions and using high-quality cleaning agents, you can extend the operation of the device for a long time..

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