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Kitchen design and interiors with bay window P44T

In typical buildings P-44T, apartments are quite spacious, most often two or three rooms, with relatively high ceilings, spacious kitchens. The original p44t kitchen design with a bay window looks fresh, this room is always well lit.

Kitchen with bay window.

Interior design of a kitchen with a bay window in the building P44T.

Features of the layout of the kitchen with a bay window

The main advantage of P-44T houses is that the kitchen can be made in almost any room. Part of the space protrudes forward, while being a continuation of the room. In the bay window, it is easy to equip almost any possible area – a working, dining room, for rest and relaxation, a greenhouse. The ledge increases the area of ​​the kitchen by several “squares”, it can be triangular (half-window), trapezoidal, angular.

Kitchen with bay window P44T.

Kitchen with bay window with dining area.

Why is the bay window useful??

The bay window allows you to fill the kitchen space with light, due to the sun, the rays of which come through several large windows located nearby. The bay window area is an interesting architectural element – unlike the balcony, in P-44T houses it is qualitatively insulated. Here, for example, it is easy to make a winter garden by separating such an additional area with sliding glass doors..

Bay window area in the kitchen.

The bay window facilitates the penetration of sunlight through large windows.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other room configuration, a room with an architectural ledge has several advantages:

  • large area compared to an ordinary room;
  • many windows, which saves on electricity;
  • sofa in a spacious bay window to the kitchen p44t – an original and comfortable idea;
  • the layout is very interesting;
  • even a small study with a desk will fit here.

Ideas for decorating a kitchen with a bay window.

The design of the kitchen space with a bay window allows you to bring to life the most original design ideas.

There are also downsides:

  • when placing a working corner here, it is difficult to conduct water, gas, electricity, and the project will have to be coordinated with construction organizations;
  • to decorate the bay window with curtains, a cornice of a special shape is required;
  • a headset for such a room is usually expensive, since it is made to order.

Sofa in the bay window.

Decorating a bay window in the kitchen with a sofa.

Kitchen layout with a bay window P-44T

In any kitchen, there are two main areas – a working and a dining room. The kitchen area in a one-room apartment P-44T is about 7-8 meters, in a “two-room” or “three-ruble” apartment – up to 13 square meters. The latter option allows you to organize not only the cooking and eating areas, but also a sleeping place for one or two people..

Headset in the bay window.

Kitchen sets designed for the bay window are more expensive than usual.

How to best plan your kitchen:

  • Two-row placement of the headset – the bay window remains free here, you can put a sofa in it, plants in tubs, a dining table.
  • L-shaped layout – captures the corner located closer to the door, the dining area is located against the opposite wall or in a ledge, a sideboard or a TV on the console takes up free space.
  • U-shaped – best suited for a bay window kitchen. The dining area here is located behind the bar, on the right or left, most of the working area is in the ledge space.
  • G-shaped – suitable for combined spaces, usually has a small bar counter.

Kitchen with bay window.

U-shaped kitchen layout with a bay window.

Dinner Zone

The eating area consists of a table with chairs or a small sofa, which is built into a ledge, placed near a free wall. You can select space with a podium, screen, bar counter. The room is illuminated with a ceiling chandelier on a long cord, several sconces.

kitchen with bay window decoration.

Kitchen interior with a bay window in the dining area.

Work zone

It is quite difficult to equip a cooking place in the ledge – here you will have to “pull” communications, that is, conduct gas, water, electricity. To ensure that there is enough light in the ledge even in the dark, lamps are used on spots, special rails. A tall refrigerator is not placed in the bay window – it will obscure the window, it is allowed to use the horizontal version.

Kitchen working area.

Kitchen workspace in the bay window.

Choosing a style for the design of a bay window kitchen

The layout of a modern kitchen with a bay window p44t is carried out in very different styles: classic and modern, provence and loft, high-tech and minimalism. Each style is characterized by a certain color scheme, materials, decorative elements.


In a classic kitchen, it is desirable to observe symmetry, the most correct geometry. All furniture is made of natural wood, the handles of the headset are usually metal. There is a small amount of stucco decoration on the walls and ceiling..

Classic kitchen with a bay window.

Classic kitchen design with bay window.


The modernist interior is distinguished by the flowing lines of the headset and other furnishings. There are many glossy surfaces made of lacquered wood, MDF, chipboard. It is better to decorate the walls with photo wallpaper, a kitchen apron – made of plastic.

Modern kitchen with bay window.

Modern kitchen design with bay window.

High tech

High-tech interior decoration is carried out mainly in cold colors. Of the materials, chrome-plated metal, patterned and transparent glass are preferred. Bay windows here are decorated with silver or gray-blue blinds.

High-tech kitchen.

High-tech kitchen with bay window.


The set is made light, usually wooden; it is preferable to place the dining area by the bay window, decorating it with rattan wicker furniture. Short floral curtains, other draperies with this print are also suitable..

Color solution

The bay window always seems spacious enough due to good illumination. The choice of cold or warm colors depends on where the bay windows go out: for the northern, northwestern, “hot” shades are preferable, for the southern, southeast, cool tones are suitable.

Kitchen design with a bay window.

Interior design of a kitchen with a bay window in pastel colors.

The most beautiful color combinations:

  • agate gray with eggplant;
  • sunny yellow with sky blue;
  • olive green with chestnut;
  • amaranth purple with beige;
  • violet-gray with pale pink;
  • pumpkin with mint green;
  • golden brown with coral;
  • creamy with asparagus;
  • reddish orange with pale sapphire.

Kitchen with bay window.

Kitchen with a bay window in shades of green.

Tip: more than two or three colors in one interior are usually not combined – the room will become overly colorful.

Accessories, decor

Practically all small items that are used here in one way or another are considered to be accessories of the kitchen space. These are dishes and cutlery, small kitchen machines and hanging shelves for glasses above the bar, cutting boards and “smart home” control panels..

decoration of the kitchen with a bay window.

Modern kitchen design with bay window.

Photo wallpapers and framed pictures on the walls, fresh flowers in pots and vases, a few figurines and family photos are used as decor..

Tips for arranging a kitchen with a bay window P-44T

Professional interior designers advise, when decorating buildings of the P-44T series, namely their kitchens, to observe an acceptable color scheme, to take into account the size of the room. The finished kitchen should be as convenient and safe as possible. If the kitchen space seems too cramped, it is combined with the living room.

kitchens in buildings P44T.

Kitchen design in P44T buildings.


Structures P-44T are considered difficult to design, due to the presence of an architectural protrusion. Designers continue to develop new, exciting options for any occasion. Photos with descriptions on the Internet, as well as in numerous printed publications, will help create a dream kitchen in a room with a bay window, a half-window.

Video: Kitchen with a bay window in p44t

50 photo ideas of kitchen design with a bay window P44T

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