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Colors in the interior of a modern house or apartment

Looking through the illustrations in catalogs and interior design magazines, many are surprised how harmonious an ordinary house can look when properly designed. Everyone would like to live in such an environment, and the services of a specialist are expensive. But even in the absence of special education, you can create a special atmosphere if the style, shape and color scheme of the interior are used correctly. You will have to learn a few important rules in order to create an inimitable design that will look expensive and sophisticated at the lowest cost..

dark guest room interior

Light room design

bright bedroom room design

Bright green room

bright kitchen room style

Light room

What is important to know about choosing a color for decorating a living space

In order to correctly choose a fashionable image, there is a special circle of colors, where shades are selected according to the principle of neighborhood or opposite, as in the photo.

The same recommendations are also suitable for decorating an apartment, but they will not work if you ignore the specifics of the room. Without the right lighting and the background of the walls, the desired effect will not work..

dark room room style

Light room interior

bright guest room design

Room in blue tones

bright kitchen room interior

Bedroom in warm colors

The prevailing gamma of the spectrum is selected taking into account natural light.

  1. On the north side of the house, yellow and orange hues compensate for the lack of sunlight..
  2. The cold gamut of the spectrum – blue, lilac, green tones will help to visually make the southern living room or bedroom more comfortable.
  3. Excessive lighting on the southwest side absorbs matte wall surfaces in dark shades.
  4. The rooms on the east side leave the sun quickly, but it is compensated by the delicate beige and peach tones of the walls with jacquard wallpaper – a velvety pattern on a glossy base.

These rules will not only help you adjust the lighting, but will also maximize overall comfort. This is no big deal if you choose the right background. The rest of the decor is intended to complement and revive the color palette of the interior. If necessary, it is recommended to renew the upholstery of old furniture. This simple work can be done independently or entrusted to specialists, the main thing is to choose the material for upholstery and curtains in the same range. They do not have to be the same color with the walls, but they must be in harmony.

color bedroom style room

Chic room design

dark kitchen room design

Room design in warm colors

bright kitchen room design

Bright kitchen

Advice. If the wallpaper and all surfaces are monochromatic, it is worthwhile to revive the situation a little with colored textiles. For patterned wallpaper, it is better to choose monochromatic furniture of an elegant configuration, but stylistic correspondence and color balance are important..

Any shade, in addition to visual perception at the “like – dislike” level, has a powerful factor of influence on the subconscious. Psychologists attribute negative and positive properties to each of them, which are important to consider when choosing a palette..

Red – passion and aggression, these sides can be enhanced or muted at the expense of the intensity of the shade. This color is not recommended for hot-tempered and too active people who have problems with insomnia (due to overexcitation of the nervous system). A blue or green palette is recommended for them..

color bedroom room design

Interior of a small bright room

bright bedroom room interior

Pink room

color guest room interior

Light room design

Too bright a range of colors for an interior or individual accents tire, even if it is a favorite color, overload the visual analyzers. But in the bedroom, a large picture with a flower bouquet will help you wake up faster and recharge yourself with a positive before the start of the day..

A graceful black and white outline of erotic content will help you tune in to spousal communication. And pictures of nature, sea elements or waterfalls will help you relax before bed.

dark bedroom room design

Bright bedroom

bright guest room interior

Bedroom in red tones

bright hallway design

Bright room design

The selected image should be in harmony with the overall combination of shades when choosing the color scheme of the interior. It is desirable that there are no more than 5-6 of them, where one is the background, the other is a harmonious contrast..

When it comes to choosing contrasting shades, black and white are not necessarily meant. Great alternative when paired:

  • pink – burgundy;
  • lilac – purple;
  • beige – wenge (dark brown with tints);
  • milk – chocolate;
  • peach – emerald;
  • blue “aquamarine” – deep blue.

Advice. Linear contrasts with horizontal lines will visually expand the space, while vertical ones will visually raise the ceilings. Color blocks and separate walls in a different color – a proven technique for zoning space and identifying accents in the overall concept.

color hallway design

Colorful kitchen

color room room interior

Room interior in green

How to choose the color scheme in the interior, if you need a lot of “free” space? Alternatively, the upholstered furniture should blend in with the color of the walls. Cabinet furniture is replaced with glass tables, shelves or shelves.

Some live greenery and an aquarium will liven up the “cold” room. Filling with positive energy.

White leather furniture (or artificial leather) looks luxurious against the background of light walls and floors with colored decor, as in the photo.

light hallway room style

Light room interior

dark bedroom room interior

Bright light room

Basic rules for choosing a palette

Background (walls, ceiling) – preferably light, and dark shades are compensated by light furniture and textiles. The floors should be darker, psychologically it gives a feeling of stability and stability.

Contrasts are intended to dilute the boring monochromatic environment..

Companion colors provide a harmony of colors for interiors in any style.

Bright accents are designed to draw attention to the functional area, set the mood or emphasize the addictions of the owners.

dark style guest room

Room design

bright room room interior

Large gray room

Balanced gamma is provided by selecting one part of the spectrum. But also in contrasting shades there is the presence of cold or warm shades:

  • “Fuchsia” can have a large proportion of pink or lilac, red, blue or purple;
  • “Mint” – cold light green, light green and anise are considered warmer shades, tone “green apple” – neutral.

Personal preferences are often embodied in the selection of colors in the interior, but this should not be abused. If the spouse is against a pink or lilac bedroom, you can choose a gray-pink or blurred bluish-lilac background of curtains with white walls, adding indoor flowers of your favorite shade.

bright kitchen room style

White room

color room room style

Large bright room

How is the color scheme selected in the interior for a certain style

The choice of style should be dictated by personal comfort, and not by the picture you like, and it will not be possible to completely repeat the entire design.

Each style has its own “trump” color or palette:

  • natural materials and living greens – ecological style;
  • loft, urbanism – all shades of gray;
  • kitsch and eclecticism accept a mixture of incongruous;
  • classic – light pastel colors;
  • vintage and retro – contrasting soft colors;
  • in modern and postmodernism, burgundy, brown and creamy shades are used;
  • high-tech – metallic, silver and chrome details with a contrast of bright plastic surfaces;
  • Provence and Mediterranean style – blue, lavender and olive in priority;
  • the selection of colors in a minimalistic interior is limited to light, discreet tones with minor contrasting accents;
  • Arabic and some oriental styles – bright colors of textiles against the background of a natural palette of sand;
  • ethnic styles take into account the age-old passions of indigenous peoples, but the priority is terracotta, wood and natural colors;
  • historical styles – light pastel shades with the inclusion of blue and gold accents;
  • French grunge, shabby chic and boho chic combine well a calm background and bright accents.

The general mood and sophistication of the furnishings depend on the selection of colors in the interior, regardless of the style. Guests judge the taste of the hosts by the palette in the decoration of the living room and hallway.

In the bathroom and toilet, a blue-blue “water” palette will be natural. But you can do something extravagant.

dark guest room design

Blue light room

colored hallway style

Room interior

The kitchen is a comfort zone for the hostess, and only she can choose in which environment it will be more fun to cook food.

In the nursery, do not overdo it with bright colors, so as not to disturb the psyche of children..

The bedroom is a private space, you can choose your favorite color, but it should soothe before bed and give a feeling of reliability and security.

Even more good illustrations on the selection of colors in the interior – in our photo gallery.

50 photos of room design ideas in various colors:

dark guest room interior photo bright kitchen room style picture bright hallway room design picture color bedroom room interior photo dark room room design picture color kitchen room style photo light hallway room style photo bright guest room design picture bright room room interior photo dark bedroom room design picture color guest room interior picture light kitchen room style photo color bedroom room design picture dark room room style photo bright hallway interior photo bright bedroom room style picture bright kitchen room interior photo color room room design photo dark hallway interior picture dark kitchen room style photo color guest room design picture bright hallway room style picture light room room interior photo bright bedroom room design picture dark room room style picture bright hallway room design photo bright guest room interior picture bright bedroom room style picture dark hallway design photo bright kitchen room interior photo light room room style picture dark bedroom room interior picture bright guest room design photo bright room room design picture bright guest room interior photo dark kitchen room style picture light hallway room design picture color room room interior photo dark bedroom style picture dark guest room interior picture bright kitchen room style picture bright kitchen room design photo bright guest room style photo dark bedroom room interior photo color room room design picture light room room style photo color guest room style picture color kitchen room interior picture bright bedroom room style photo dark room room design photo

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