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Bedroom interior with wallpaper of two types for non-trivial design

A room for sleeping and resting should have a calm and unassuming atmosphere, but it often turns out to be boring and dull. Designers offered many interesting tricks to add a certain variety, including a bedroom interior with two types of wallpaper. However, with all the simplicity of the solution, not everyone can correctly choose harmonious combinations. This is the most economical way to add variety and meaning to your personal space. But there are several important conditions under which an amazing result is guaranteed..

The combination of wallpaper with bedding in a classic bedroom

Combining wallpaper allows you to create an original interior without much cost

How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

Wall decoration in any living space is determined by style and personal preferences. Most of the townspeople have a rather vague idea of ​​the design style. But everyone will be able to say, looking at a certain color, where it is more suitable:

  • for classic or modern interiors;
  • country style (with rural motives);
  • ethnic orientation.

White wardrobe in the bedroom with two types of wallpaper

The choice of wallpaper largely depends on the style direction of the bedroom interior.

Yes, there can be an average, unexpressed design, without an emphasized stylistic orientation. Most often, this is deliberately done for the rest room, choosing white wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom or walls of pale, unobtrusive tones without a clear pattern. This dissipates attention, encouraging relaxation. Especially useful is the absence of a clear ornament on the walls of the bedrooms of creative people, whose subconscious mind generates some ideas when considering chaotic and recognizable lines.

Pictures in black frames on wallpaper with floral print

Restrained colors and patterns are more suitable for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Wooden floor in the bedroom with dark brown wallpaper

Brown shades soothe, create a feeling of warmth and comfort

The design of a bedroom with combined wallpaper is much easier to make original and more attractive. However, it all depends on how much time they spend in this room. If they come to the bedroom after a hard day’s work just to get enough sleep, you should not make expensive repairs. It is enough to choose a simple classic pattern for decorating a bedroom, for example, a weakly pronounced strip with a floral ornament..

How to use two types of wallpaper to correct room defects

If the bedroom is the main place in the apartment where you have to spend a lot of time, then more attention is paid to the design of wallpaper for the bedroom with combined rolls. This is important when combining a break room with a work area – tailors, accountants, skype tutors and coaches have to pay a lot of attention to their environment..

Walls of the same shade look good, but of different textures, where some are with a pattern, others are smooth, monochromatic, favorably shading a noble ornament, as in the photo.

Light wallpaper with blue print over gray bed

A successful combination of plain blue surfaces with delicate ornaments on the accent wall

Advice. When choosing these or those rolls, keep in mind that with the help of wallpaper you can correct some room imperfections and hide wall defects.

Bedroom interior in pastel colors

Pastel shades visually smooth out small irregularities

Combining dark wallpaper in the bedroom interior

Dark saturated wallpapers are not suitable for defective walls

A wide horizontal stripe will visually expand the interior of a small bedroom with a different type of wallpaper, if you stick it on the upper part of the walls, around the entire perimeter at the ceiling.

The vertical pattern will slightly “raise” the ceiling, make the room more spacious. The plant ornament in the form of a diamond-shaped lattice has the same property. However, the bottom of the room will appear smaller than the actual size, so it is important to consider what the bedroom floors will be..

Vertical striped wallpaper with geometric patterns

Vertical stripes will make the ceiling visually higher; it is appropriate to perform them in bright colors if there is little furniture in the room

Wallpaper with large flowers in the design of a bedroom for a girl

Wallpaper with a small pattern reduces the room and, conversely, a large ornament increases the space.

If the walls of an apartment or house shrink, the paper wallpaper can wrinkle and crack. In this case, refuse paper rolls in favor of non-woven and liquid wallpaper. The design of wallpaper for the bedroom varies – combined 2 types, different textures and colors.

The use of photo wallpaper for the bedroom is the latest design find, a large floral 3D print is especially relevant. It will distract attention from many of the room’s imperfections and make one accent wall. Large flowers visually “push apart” the walls of the bedroom.

Wall mural with large leaves in the interior of the bedroom

Bright photomurals will become a highlight of the interior and will draw attention to objects located next to the accent wall

Original spatial illusions open doors to another world or change the configuration of the bedroom. Contrasting striped wallpapers like “zebra” have a similar property, when they run horizontally on a narrow end wall, and vertically on a large wall..

Horizontal stripes on paper wallpaper in the bedroom

You can lengthen the room by horizontal combination

Glossy dark and black wallpapers do not feel “too dark” as they reflect a lot of light. Matte and velvety, on the other hand, absorb light and space, especially black wallpapers. This extravagant reception is only suitable for a large bedroom or studio apartment..

Dark blue wallpaper on the wall behind the bed

If you need to expand a square room, you need to stick wallpaper with a bright saturated ornament on one wall.

Light shades, small plant patterns expand the room, filling it with light. However, this color is not suitable for every style of interiors. This wallpaper design is appropriate for a bedroom in the following style:

  • retro;
  • romanticism;
  • boho;
  • shabby chic;
  • country;
  • provence;
  • vintage.

Wide wallpapers with large elements are an excellent solution for the design of a bedroom with different wallpapers if this pattern is only on one wall.

Zoning the bedroom with wallpaper

Wallpaper darker than the main tone of the walls, great for zoning the bedroom space

Combining wallpaper with different textures and patterns is a good way to draw attention to a specific area of ​​the bedroom. For example, it is easier to accentuate a vanity with makeup or a console with a mirror and hair-care accessories. The original interior with wallpaper for the bedroom will not go unnoticed, which marked the area at the head of the bed..

What is the best wallpaper material for the bedroom

Recently, there has been a tendency to pay special attention to the environmental friendliness of materials. And this is true – everything that surrounds us affects our health, especially if they are allergy sufferers or asthmatics who are sensitive to the chemical components of the bedroom finish. The toxic suspension, especially in the first months after the renovation, invisibly reflects the air we breathe during sleep. Therefore, the design of the bedroom decoration with different wallpapers fades into the background regarding the impact on health..

Bedroom decoration in purple shades

Wallpaper must be of the same type and the same thickness, otherwise it will be difficult to join

The modern building materials market offers a large selection of materials for wallpaper, and this expands the possibilities when choosing the perfect combination of wallpaper in the bedroom. However, not all materials are successfully combined, and the most expressive basis requires a modest background. In a children’s bedroom, another criterion is important – practicality, but the wallpaper must breathe (absorb excess moisture and evaporate it).

In addition to liquid wallpaper, more reminiscent of a solution of paper and cellulose interspersed, rolls of different materials are produced, predominantly on a paper and non-woven backing (base).

Gray and white non-woven wallpaper on the accent wall of the bedroom

Non-woven wallpaper is very durable, elastic and easy to stick

For the interior of a bedroom with wallpaper of two types, only stone wallpaper (a cut of sandstone) is not recommended, all other varieties can be combined with budget paper or practical wallpaper for painting. They are produced from non-woven and fiberglass. The textured drawing can be repainted several times, which pleases the parents of young artists who practice their “art” on the walls of the rooms. However, the volumetric drawing is loved by cats, who periodically try glass fiber wallpaper and a non-woven base for a fortress. It is important to know about this when thinking over the design of wallpapering in the bedroom. Textile wallpaper is also easy to damage.

Wall decoration above the headboard with vinyl wallpaper

Create a clean and attractive look with a combination of paintable plain and patterned vinyl wallpapers.

Non-woven is a viscose non-woven fabric well known to tailors as a lining or technical backing. These wallpapers are also easy to paint with a roller, moreover, they are quite wear-resistant, which reduces the cost of repairs, especially in the nursery, where it has to be done more often than other rooms..

Some wallpapers require careful handling, for example, fabric, others can be washed and cleaned. Bamboo and cork coverings are more likely to be found in small sheets rather than rolls. And wooden, wood or veneer wallpaper does not require special care – it is a cut of expensive types of wood on a paper basis. But they can be opened with varnish, however, after that they lose their ecological component. Yes, and a special varnish is needed, for indoor use – based on natural resinous substances.

Bedroom with textile wallpaper

Fabric wallpaper belongs to the luxury class, is expensive and not easy to clean

All these materials are suitable for a bedroom interior with two types of wallpaper, while expensive rolls can be taken for decorative finishing of one wall, paper rolls – as a base or background.

No. Material Properties disadvantages
1. Paper wallpaper The most popular material available for pasting bedroom walls, rolls are often produced in 2-3 layers, available for self-repair. Short service life, burn out in direct sunlight, soak during wet cleaning and flooding by neighbors.
2. Non-woven Wallpaper is produced on the basis of polymers and cellulose, plastic material, suitable for new buildings at the stage of shrinkage, stronger than paper, breathable, no need for impregnation with glue. Fade quickly, prone to deterioration from claws of pets, can not be washed requires careful preparation of the substrate before pasting.
3. Silkscreen and vinyl Non-woven or paper base with a volumetric pattern (polymers, vinyl), beautiful, practical, durable, imitate different materials.   Polymers do not breathe, the top layer is easily damaged by mechanical means, and it cannot be restored.

Two colors of wallpaper on one bedroom wall

Silk-screen printing in the form of rhombuses, curls and lilies is suitable for a classic style bedroom

Today, many expensive materials successfully imitate beautiful wallpapers in the bedroom interior:

  • leather;
  • Cork;
  • suede leather;
  • jacquard;
  • atlas;
  • brocade;
  • velvet;
  • velours;
  • linen;
  • Japanese silk.

The use of moldings in the interior decoration of the bedroom

You can hide wallpaper joints with moldings and borders

Attention! Thick paper and fabric rolls are considered to be of the highest quality..

How to combine two types of wallpaper

It is difficult to imagine how a combination of different wallpapers will look on the walls of the bedroom, so it is advisable to attach them to each other when buying and present them at home. People who are not afraid of bold experiments can vary and combine the “incongruous”. In the end, this is not brickwork, if you don’t like something, you can always redo it after a while.

Decorating a niche in the bedroom with paper wallpaper

The combination of two types of wallpaper suggests itself when there is a niche in the bedroom.

However, there are undeniable duets that will always look spectacular:

  1. Small and large flowers of the same botanical species, for example, a small rose and large buds on photo wallpapers. This is a win-win option if you can find flowers of the same shade. Pink roses with brown leaves look amazing in the interior of a bedroom with wallpaper of two types and brown furniture.
  2. An abstract drawing looks good with a linear ornament and a monochromatic base, if you choose the right color scheme. Black and white options often appear in the design of luxury interiors, especially in high-tech style..
  3. Ethnic patterns such as “Turkish cucumber” or oriental star polyhedra are the best solution for oriental style. Such variegated wallpaper looks good with a bright monochromatic base (green, pink, crimson, purple).
  4. The strip is considered a purely masculine pattern, but it often goes well with floral patterns and a solid background. Therefore, designers often offer such a combination of wallpaper for a matrimonial bedroom or a men’s study with the function of a rest room..
  5. An inexpressive drawing in the form of a stroke of a pen or a blow with a whip is the “handwriting” of modernity. Such variations look good with wide monochromatic inserts or larger graceful patterns..
  6. Plaid isn’t as common in wallpaper designs, but it looks good in country and vintage settings. They are combined only with a plain base or a slightly pronounced texture of wallpaper for painting..
  7. Ethnic ornament is recommended to be selected for a specific style, tied to a geographic point. For example, red dragons are China, sakura branches are Japan. However, wallpapers with large hieroglyphs are suitable for any Asian style, it is better to shade it with textured and bamboo wallpaper.
  8. Textured wallpaper can mimic decorative plaster, wood cut, stone tiles, or brickwork. This is an excellent solution for an exclusive interior, only they do not harmonize with every background. The general rule is to adhere to stylistic recommendations, for example, combine brickwork with wallpaper for bare plaster or gray concrete.
  9. Seasonal wall murals are not suitable for year-round mood, their use is several months, pasting in the mood. Although a nostalgic landscape reminiscent of a trip to Norway or Sweden is a great wallpaper design in a white Scandinavian bedroom. It is important to choose the right furniture and accessories.

Modern bedroom interior in shades of gray

Stylish combination of background gray wallpaper with a large floral pattern

Advice. When choosing different wallpapers, think about what and how you will process their joint so that it looks organic.

Girl's bedroom interior in gentle pastel colors

There are exceptions to any rule. If you find a color combination that you like – use it.

How to style an accent wall

This design technique has recently found more and more adherents, since this is the main opportunity to diversify the interior of a bedroom with wallpaper. An accent on one wall with the help of a spectacular, memorable design will add some variety to the decor of the rest room. Partial repairs can be started when it is necessary to hide the defect of only one wall, when other surfaces do not require re-gluing.

Wall with red wallpaper in a spacious bedroom

Accent wall will make the interior of the bedroom more dynamic

Most often, a wall at the head of the bed or a free plane, which is decorated at your discretion, is used as an accent vertical. Variety will bring a different shade in one palette or an original ornament.

Spotted bedroom floor with paper wallpaper on the wall

The wall above the headboard is a good place to accent

On the accent wall, you can also make a collage or a panel from the remnants of wallpaper – a great decor when you want to apply your imagination as a wallpaper designer for a creative interior.

For the children’s bedroom, special wallpaper-coloring is sold, on which reasonable parents give their children the opportunity to exercise their children in “wall painting”.

Niche on the bedroom wall, passing to the ceiling

You can select not only the wall, but also the ceiling

The combination of shades and colors depends a lot on personal preference. Keep in mind, however, that white is a versatile background, and textured wallpaper with wood grain should be consistent with furniture, laminate flooring and interior doors. More interesting examples – in our photo gallery.

Video: How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

Photo gallery: various combinations of wallpaper in the bedroom

Classic bedroom lighting Purple paintable wallpaper in the design of the bedroom Striped wallpaper on the wall of the bedroom Children's room with combined wallpaper Gray bedspread on the matrimonial bedroom Horizontal stripes of moldings on the bedroom wall Decorating the bedroom wall with patchwork wallpaper Children's room for two girls School girls bedroom design Brown cabinet furniture Alternating wallpaper of the same color with a different pattern Zoning a room for a girl and a boy Lilac flowers on brown wallpaper Wallpaper in a narrow strip above the head of the bed Red color in the design of the bedroom Lilac bedspread with white ornament Decorative pillows on a baby bed Striped wallpaper in the children's room Gray wallpaper to match the pendant lamp shade Narrow bedroom design with floral wallpaper Dark brown parquet floor Bedroom interior in classic style Girl's bedroom design in delicate shades Men's bedroom in dark colors White natural wood bed Furniture with white leather upholstery Striped bedspread in the bedroom of the spouses Round bed in the bedroom of a young girl Black bedspread on white bed Painting with a natural landscape above the head of the bed Brown color in the interior of the bedroom Vinyl Wallpaper with Horizontal Stripes Modern bedroom design with two types of wallpaper Vertical stripes on non-woven wallpaper in the bedroom Gray bedspread on the bed with a beige sheet Spotlights on a white ceiling Upholstered headboard Classic bedroom with lilac walls bedroom design in gray tones Chipboard TV on the bedside table Gray floor in white bedroom White furniture in a room with green walls Table lamp on the bedside table TV on the wall opposite the bed Bedroom interior decoration in lilac color Striped bedspread in the bedroom with two types of wallpaper Brown bed in the female bedroom Gray wallpaper with white ornament Photo wallpaper with large roses over the bed for a girl

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