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DIY bedroom design – is it possible?

Not everyone can afford to hire a designer to design a bedroom interior. But everyone can afford to create. If there is a need for change – arm yourself with a notebook and a pencil! Simple DIY bedroom design for anyone!

DIY bedroom interior design

Designing your bedroom is not as difficult as it sounds. The presence of taste, a little effort, photos of suitable options – and now an original interior appears before your eyes

Bedroom for spouses in shades of green

The bedroom should be liked by everyone who plans to relax in it.

Design stages

You need to decide on all the intricacies of the interior of the future bedroom before starting the repair. Please note the following:

  1. Style – you can find a suitable option on the Internet.
  2. Functional – a place to sleep and rest, a place of main stay or an office?
  3. Colors – personal space should be designed based on your own preferences.
  4. Illumination – the color scheme, the number of additional light sources depends on how illuminated the room is.
  5. Options – large rooms give room for creativity. Little ones limit our possibilities.
  6. Furniture.

DIY designer bedroom interior

Learn to combine unexpected details and things

DIY bedroom interior in pastel colors

Simple and tasteful

Choosing a style

Everyone has their own personal preferences. We will give only a few recommendations..

  • The classic style is one of the most popular. Stucco moldings on walls, ceilings, patterns, curls, draperies, pillows, gilding. Adult option, atmospheric, cozy.

    Do-it-yourself rich classic-style bedroom

    Classic style matrimonial bedroom

  • Modern is a modern style. Simple shapes, clear, smooth lines, laconic colors. Decorating is discouraged.

    DIY modern bedroom design

    Lounge in Art Nouveau style

  • Hi-tech – bright colors, shiny metallic surfaces, lots of light. Such an atmosphere is not conducive to relaxation. This style is the worst option for a bedroom. But young people might like.

    Do-it-yourself high-tech bedroom interior

    High-tech bedroom

  • Provence is a women’s theme. Lots of textiles, frills, ruffles, floral patterns, soft pastel colors. Very romantic option.

    Do-it-yourself bedroom interior in Provence style

    Provence style bedroom design

  • Minimalism is asceticism. A small set of flowers, furniture, lack of decorations and decor elements.

    Large bedroom in the style of minimalism with your own hands

    Minimalistic style

You can adhere to a single style, or you can combine them with each other..

Color scheme

For a vacation spot, you need to choose colors that will please the eye, help you relax. Avoid flashy, poisonous shades. Always focus on your chosen style.

Do-it-yourself small bedroom interior in white

This room is very small, but due to the white color combined with green and pink shades, the bedroom seems to be quite cozy.

Designers recommend using light, calm colors. If the windows face north, use warm shades to compensate for the lack of sun. In very light rooms, feel free to use cold colors..

DIY bedroom design in cold colors

This cool color design can be easily implemented in a sunny bedroom with south-facing windows.


Finishing materials depend on style and color scheme. It is important for health to use environmentally friendly materials.

Non-woven wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom

Non-woven wallpaper is easy to stick, incredibly beautiful and fade resistant

Bright photomurals with flowering branches in the design of the bedroom

With the help of photo wallpaper, unusual interior solutions are created

Small bedroom interior

In a spacious bedroom, you don’t have to worry about functionality. Little ones shackle our creativity. However, there are loopholes here too..

  • Consider storage space. It can be hidden shelves, storage boxes, mezzanines.
  • Corner furniture takes up less space, frees up the center.
  • Light walls, mirrors, large windows visually increase the space.

Convertible bed with a lifting mechanism in a small bedroom

Multifunctional furniture – an outlet for the design of a small bedroom

DIY repair

You do not have professional skills in painting, wallpapering, laying out parquet, installing doors? You can learn this if you wish. You will get better with practice..

Do-it-yourself painted walls in the bedroom

The advantage of painting walls is that you can easily select the desired shade and quickly change it after a while.

Plan your budget. It is not necessary to furnish the room with expensive items. She won’t get any prettier or cozier from that. A simple bedroom interior is sometimes much more profitable..

Bedroom interiors: simple and tasteful

Simple design without excess looks much nicer than cluttered with unnecessary, but expensive and catchy items..

Bedroom design in gray tones with a window above the bed

The design can be diversified by introducing bright details into the interior

Harmoniously selected colors, topical jewelry, decor, lack of pretentiousness – it will look quite cozy, cute.

DIY bedroom interior in a modern style

Bedroom in beige and brown tones

Expensive does not mean the best.

Decoration and decor for the bedroom

Use two or three muted colors. Focus on the decor. Each style includes its own way of decorating: paintings, tapestries, textiles, pillows, flowers, candles. Choose according to your taste. You can make decor items with your own hands. Photos, figurines or wall murals will add atmosphere to the bedroom, make it individual, finished..

DIY bedroom decoration in pink

The bed is the main decoration of the bedroom, and you need to start decorating with it.

Wooden stairs in the bedroom decor

Use items you can make yourself to decorate your bedroom

Bedroom furniture

If the bedroom is a place to sleep in a minimalist style, a bed and a chest of drawers are enough. If this is a multifunctional room, then in addition to places for storing clothes (wardrobes, dressers), you may need a desk, cabinets or shelves. The lady will need a dressing table.

Built-in wardrobes in a country house bedroom design

Built-in wardrobes built into drywall niches helped to visually “dissolve” the storage systems in the interior.

Make sure the furniture design matches the overall style. You can’t put a pompous four-poster bed with curls in an Art Nouveau bedroom. It will look ridiculous. But some combinations can be very beneficial and interesting. Trust your taste.

Vintage furniture in the bedroom interior

Retro furniture is not cheap, but you can turn your old one into a vintage one: glue it over with a cloth or decorate it with applique

Zoning and Planning

If a room performs several functions, it is logical to zone it. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Color zoning. Sleeping area and work area are designed in different colors.
  2. Zoning with curtains. Curtains attached to the walls separate parts of the room in part or in whole.
  3. Arched zoning or zoning by wardrobes. Visually creates the impression of a passage to another room.
  4. Podium. Discreetly separates part of the room from the rest of the space.

Separating the bedroom from the living room with your own hands using open bookshelves

Zoning with bookshelves

Zoning the bedroom with a homemade partition

Zoning with a decorative plasterboard partition

Before starting work, at the design stage, make a plan. It is not necessary to have the skills of a draftsman. There are a huge number of computer programs that can help you plan your room, zone it and arrange virtual furniture..

Bedroom plan with furniture items

Even a simple drawing will help you determine the size and arrange the furniture correctly.

The design of the future bedroom, drawn with your own hands on paper

Bedroom design sketch

Creativity, diligence and patience will help create your dream bedroom.

Video on how to properly arrange furniture in the bedroom

Photos of interiors of beautiful bedrooms

Rustic bedroom design DIY wooden bed Pastel colors and gray accents in the design of the bedroom Bright spots in the interior of the bedroom Rough brick wall in the interior of the bedroom Do-it-yourself bright bedroom in white tones Photo wallpaper over the head of the bed DIY bedroom design in loft style Bedroom interior in the attic of a country house Bedroom zoning with a sliding partition DIY wall decoration above the bed Children's bedroom in the attic with their own hands Shelving as a space divider in the bedroom Folding bed in the interior of the bedroom Cribs in the matrimonial bedroom DIY bedroom design for a girl High-tech bedroom with author's design Lighting in the bedroom with your own hands Wallpaper with clouds on the walls of the bedroom White bedroom and orange pillow Gray-beige shades in the design of the bedroom Shelf with paintings above the head of the bed Painting and lamps with candles above the bed Three variegated pillows on the bed in the bedroom DIY modern bedroom design DIY bedroom decoration in gentle and calm colors World map above the head of the bed Painted dandelion above the head of the bed Mirrored wardrobe door in the bedroom Do-it-yourself bedroom of a modern girl Illuminated decorative niches in bedroom decor Blackout curtains in the bedroom interior Classic motives in bedroom decoration Stylish bedroom decor with your own hands Dark colors in bedroom design Wooden panels in the interior of the bedroom of a country house DIY bedroom design in modern style Bedroom with your own hands in the style of minimalism Wallpaper in the bedroom opposite the bed Bed on a platform in the interior of the bedroom Round bed in bedroom design Silhouettes of trees on the wallpaper in the bedroom Bedroom zoning with wardrobes on wheels Podium bed in bedroom zoning Swivel partition in bedroom zoning

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