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How to decorate the interior of a kindergarten so that children like it?

Children spend more time in kindergarten than at home. It is important to give them maximum comfort, to comply with the required safety standards, not forgetting the aesthetic component. The correct design of the interior will be ensured by the design project of the kindergarten, which assumes the presence of key zones. They are performed in the same style, which often depends on the name of the institution..

Carpet on the floor of the play area in kindergarten

Children should be brought up in a pleasant environment

A well-executed design of the kindergarten contributes to the rapid adaptation of kids in society, their all-round, harmonious development.

Drawings of insects in the interior of a kindergarten

Kindergarten is a second home for kids

To sleep well

The flow of information to children is enormous. Musical, sports activities and walks alternate. A quality rest is required to relax, escape from vigorous activity.

Beds in the bedroom of the kindergarten

Environmentally friendly materials, mostly natural, are selected for decoration and interior decoration.

Bedroom interior in kindergarten

The bedroom is decorated in calm pastel colors

A special cozy atmosphere traditionally reigns in the bedroom. When creating it, the following rules are followed:

  • soft lighting;
  • use textiles of the same color that does not irritate the eyes;
  • bed linen is chosen in delicate shades; for pupils of older groups, sets with plot pictures are acceptable;
  • there should be no bright images on the walls, ceiling, fairy-tale or cartoon characters may be present (well, if they are getting ready for bed, this will become a kind of positive example for children);
  • when painting walls, calming warm tones are preferred, which will help calm down and quickly fall asleep.

Light brown curtains on the windows of the children's bedroom

Blackout curtains are hung on the windows to darken the room during the daytime.

Light translucent green curtains

The material for the curtains is selected according to the style of the room

Finishing materials in the interior of the kindergarten, textiles, furniture must be environmentally friendly, comply with safety standards. To darken the room, blackout curtains made of natural fabrics are hung and carefully fixed. The walls are decorated with mosaics, stained-glass windows, volumetric applications, removable stickers. There is not much furniture, these are cots that correspond to the age and height of the children. To determine the sleeping place of each child, plot pictures are placed on the headboard..

Dimmed bedroom lighting in kindergarten

A calm atmosphere should reign in the bedroom, conducive to rapid falling asleep.

For active recreation

The interior of the kindergarten is memorable, effective, has a positive effect on the psychophysical state of the pupils. The group room is the main one, the entrance adjusts for a pleasant pastime. When decorating the room, care is taken to create a warm atmosphere that ensures the optimal stay of the child, important functional areas are delimited. The stands contain useful and interesting information for parents, it is constantly updated, there is a menu block. The room contains toys, sofas with soft pillows, bright curtains, pictures with images of fairy-tale characters. Furniture is simple, durable, safe, preferably mobile.

Group room interior in kindergarten

When creating the design of a group room, first of all, the age of the children is taken into account.

When decorating the play area, bright, exciting shades are used that increase the child’s physical activity. The room is divided into zones, taking into account the inclinations of children. One wants to draw, the other prefers to build structures from cubes, the third needs to move.

Design of a play area in a toddler group

For zoning, the group uses furniture, light partitions or curtains.

Advice. It is desirable that decorations, stands, exhibitions can be easily replaced. When developing a room design, attention is paid to safety, comfort of the environment.

Designing a play area in a kindergarten

Corner for board games in the junior nursery group

A place for the development of creativity in kindergarten

Decoration of the thematic corner for drawing

The interior in the kindergarten is designed in accordance with the age characteristics of the pupils. Kids have an active knowledge of the world around them, sensory development prevails, the game becomes an opportunity to learn a lot, therefore they select simple objects that differ in color, texture, material. The middle group will prefer role-playing games, the premises are divided into certain zones: “shop”, “hairdresser’s”, “library”. Preschoolers are offered a more relevant and useful design.

Decorating kindergarten walls with cartoon drawings

Bright design of the corner for creativity

In addition to the game part, there are various “islands” – artistic or literary creativity, experimentation, scientific, physical education, self-service. An island of wildlife becomes an adornment of the group, this is a place for development, instilling love for the world around.

An example of the design of a living corner in a kindergarten

The living corner develops the skills of caring for plants and animals in children

The corner of the attendants helps to cultivate responsibility, to learn the correct attitude to business, the privacy zone allows you to relax and be alone. The correct design of the kindergarten interior creates an amazing microcosm where everyone feels comfortable and protected..

Gazebos: awnings and trains

Staying in the fresh air is important for the health of children, strengthening the immune system, and physical development. Daily walks involve vigorous activity on the site. To protect against aggressive sun, rain, wind and drafts, the interior design of the kindergarten involves the use of gazebos. These can be houses with furniture inside, sheds, trains, cars, huts, fortresses and more..

Flowerbed in the form of a train in kindergarten

There should be a sufficient number of trees, bushes and flowers on the territory of the kindergarten

Wooden gazebo on the territory of the kindergarten

It is better to place the gazebo in shade.

Safe materials are used for the gazebo:

  • wood;
  • polycarbonate;
  • brick;
  • plastic.

Children's arbor-locomotive made of wood

Arbor design in the form of a train

Large gazebo with a polycarbonate roof in a kindergarten

Spacious polycarbonate gazebo

Organization of a play area on the kindergarten site

Wooden gazebos with plank floor

Bright gazebo in kindergarten

DIY colorful canopy design

Inside you can install benches, chairs, a locker for storing toys. After active games, kids can use an easel, preschoolers will need a magnetic board with numbers and letters, abacus. The walls are decorated with bright drawings and stickers. The area where the gazebo is located should be clearly visible so that the pupils are under control. It is good if a tree grows near, giving shade.

Drawing from the popular cartoon on the brick wall of the gazebo

The walls of the gazebo can be decorated with episodes from cartoons

Learning effortlessly

Through the game there is an interaction with each other, knowledge of the new, comprehension of the surrounding world, socialization. Training sessions are particularly challenging. Tables are placed so that the light falls from the left..

Zoning with partitions of a kindergarten group room

Tables and chairs should be suitable for children in age and height, so as not to deteriorate posture

Frameless furniture in the playroom of the kindergarten

Frameless furniture has no sharp corners, therefore it is considered the safest for children.

Bright images are not appropriate in the study room; here it is necessary to concentrate, assimilate information, and consolidate the result obtained. The walls are painted in soothing colors, the furniture is comfortable and stable. The necessary accessories are placed in the cabinets: pencils, albums, notebooks, colored paper, toys that help to establish contact with children. A magnetic board, handouts, and visual aids are placed against the wall. The classroom gradually prepares for the classroom. Its design is laconic, with elements of the game.

Group interior for children of the senior group of kindergarten

An example of a successful study group design

The interior of a kindergarten is an important parameter that influences the preferences of parents when choosing a preschool institution, the desire of children to attend it. The aesthetic, artistic, cognitive development of the child depends on it, it can be decorated in various styles.

The interior of the sports hall in the kindergarten

To conduct full-fledged physical education classes, you need a gym

Round tables for classes for children of middle preschool age

The kindergarten should be cozy so that the children want to return there every day.

The design of the kindergarten allows you to show creativity and imagination, make the preschool institution special and interesting, fully complying with educational standards and requirements.

Video: examples of group design

Photo: ideas for organizing the interior in kindergarten

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