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Office space organization rules: useful guidelines for employers

Creating a supportive work environment is the top priority of every company owner. It is the key to increasing staff productivity, improving the company’s image in the market. All this promises a good profit, rapid prosperity. To create a stylish office interior, it is not necessary to involve designers, whose services cost fabulous money. Anyone can competently equip an office, approaching this issue responsibly. How to create a stylish office design on your own is described in more detail in this publication..

Spacious office space with red chairs

Each visitor entering the office must understand that he has come to the address

The nuances of organizing office space

It is necessary to equip a modern office of the company taking into account the following rules:

  1. Each workplace should have its own boundaries. Separate employees from each other. Let it be a small office, but their own. If the room is tiny, you can divide it into zones using glass, wooden partitions.

    Glass partitions in the office space

    Each employee should have their own workplace

  2. The entire space should be divided into separate areas: work, general use, dining.

    Relaxation area interior in modern office

    It is important that the atmosphere in the relaxation area is conducive to stress relief.

  3. The office should have a small kitchen. This will make the staff feel comfortable. Everyone will have the opportunity to have a snack. On an empty stomach, productivity will be zero.

    Red color in the interior of the office kitchen

    The dining area is calculated in accordance with the number of employees

  4. Work chairs must not be turned with their backs to the visitors.

    Leather armchairs for office visitors

    Visitors should feel comfortable

  5. The entire interior should be designed in a single style direction. This will make the space more harmonious..

    The interior of the office of a large company in an industrial style

    Loft style office interior

How to choose a color scheme for office space

Color in modern office design is important from a psychological point of view. For example, the work area should not be decorated in shades of red – they cause irritation. To create a comfortable atmosphere conducive to stable and productive work, it is worth choosing the right interior design.

If the windows face north, the room should be decorated in peach or herbal tones. If the room is flooded with light most of the day, it is better to dilute the space with color accents from the cold spectrum..

Division of the office interior into work areas

The office interior is divided into a number of functional areas. Each of them requires a special design..


The presentation area creates the first impression of the company. A person should have positive emotions. To make the office environment memorable for visitors, you should avoid partitions at the entrance. Large plants and small round tables can be placed in the reception area. So that waiting visitors do not feel discomfort, a cozy seating area with sofas and a coffee table should be placed next to the counter..


To save space, workstations can be arranged linearly. You can delimit tables with partitions, screens, blinds, sliding panels.

Modern office interior

Office with minimal space zoning

Conference hall

The space for negotiations and meetings should be bright and spacious. There is a round table in the center of the room, and a place for a projector screen on the end wall..

The interior design of a conference room in any office is austerity and elegance of furniture, spaciousness and good lighting..

Chief’s office

In the modern office of the manager, the working area is separated from the negotiation area. To receive important guests while sitting at the computer is bad manners..

We wrote more about the manager’s office in another article..

Rest zone

This part of the office is equipped with upholstered furniture, low tables and decorative elements. This is where employees relax and tune in to work. Bean bags, comfortable chairs, TV fit into the design of the recreation area. It is better if this part of the office has a spacious window with a good view..

Popular styles of office interiors

You can decorate a modern office in different styles. However, there are several of the most popular destinations today. They are discussed in more detail in the table:

Popular office styles Specific traits
American This is a functional solution. In such a room, every square meter will be practical. Typically, the American style is used in large buildings. It is characterized by movable shelving, many workplaces, modern technology.
European This direction is characterized by transparent glass partitions. The color of the walls is usually white. An abundance of color, a minimum of decor create favorable conditions for daily work.
French This office design makes a lasting impression on the visitors. Usually he amazes with an abundance of chic decor. Figurines, framed paintings, small fountains inspire staff to new labor achievements.
Loft The characteristic features of the style are high ceilings, large windows, brick or concrete walls, a minimum of internal partitions.
Scandinavian Simple, elegant style. It is suitable for different sized rooms. The Scandinavian direction is characterized by: a minimum of details, patterned textiles, furniture made from natural raw materials, through racks-partitions.

An example of an American-style office organization

The essence of the American style of office design is the most efficient use of open space. All employees are located in one room – no walls and offices

The use of glass partitions in office premises

European style glass cabinets

Giant glasses as an office decoration

Chic bohemian French office style

Spacious office space in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian version – minimum details, light colors

When developing a design project for an office, you should adhere to a single design. Minimalism and modern style are in trend.

Furniture is an important part of a stylish office

Furniture plays a huge role in the design of the office of any company. Many requirements are put forward to it. Furniture should be functional, comfortable and safe. The office should not be heavily cluttered. The number of items, their functionality must be calculated in advance. It is very important that the purchased items are fully consistent with the chosen style direction..

Office work tables

All office furniture items should be combined with each other and with the surrounding environment.

Office worker workplace

It is important that the employee’s workspace is simple, concise and comfortable.

Important. It is not worth saving on materials. Low-quality raw materials, cheap sofa upholstery will quickly lose their appearance. This will negatively affect the company’s image..

Wooden table in the meeting room

Russians are characterized by solid wooden furniture.

A modern design option for a recreation area in an office is the placement of modular furniture. If necessary, it can be moved to another part of the room. An important rule of furniture arrangement in the office is that there should be no unnecessary elements in the interior..

Office interior in English style

The British are characterized by sophistication, which is carried over to the design of the office and the selection of furniture for it.

You can arrange workplaces in different ways. Linear, angular arrangements are very popular. Many do outside the box – they use furniture as a zoning tool, arranging it in a chaotic manner.

Small office design principles

The small size of the premises is not an obstacle to creating a functional, modern office for a young company. When arranging, you just need to adhere to some recommendations:

  • Complex shapes cannot be used. Unusual furniture, complex, large ornaments on the walls are prohibited.
  • Mirrors, glass will help to visually enlarge the space. The main thing is not to overdo it. Mirror mazes will confuse people who first come to the office.
  • Bright colors should be present in a minimum amount. Only some details, accessories can be decorated in bright colors.
  • Unused space can be used profitably. Space under the ceiling, window sills can be occupied with shelves, shelving.
  • Light walls are a good way to visually enlarge a room. Furniture will look great against their background, and glass partitions will seem to dissolve.

Concrete ceiling in the office of a small firm

Small company office interior with loft elements

Upholstered office chairs on casters

Comfortable chairs for company employees

Office lighting in different interiors

Correctly used light can significantly transform the interior of the office, make it more comfortable, and raise the efficiency of staff. Lack of light leads to quick fatigue. Office lighting should be designed in the same style. You cannot use chandeliers, lamps belonging to different styles at the same time. This is a sign of bad taste. The style of lighting fixtures should be in harmony with the rest of the interior items..

Local light sources are suitable for offices. It is better to choose lamps with a yellow glow spectrum. They are pleasing to the eye and create a favorable psychological background. The best option is bright illumination of each workplace. This arrangement of lamps stimulates the employee to work concentrated..

LED lighting in the office of a large industrial company

The required number and location of lamps must be taken into account when developing an office design.

Advice. Before determining the number of lamps, their location, it is necessary to clearly understand how many employees will work in the building at the same time..

Office room for telephone conversations

Employees should not experience discomfort caused by low light or constant flickering of a burnt out lamp.

Every work area should be well lit. To do this, you can use not only the main light. Work tables can be additionally illuminated with spotlights.

Lamp on the desk of an office worker

The load on vision will be significantly lower when using different types of light sources – direct and diffused, artificial or daylight

Brightly lit meeting room

Research shows bright and spacious offices motivate staff and increase productivity

Also, when choosing a lighting solution, it is important to take into account the color palette of the design. If the palette is warm, don’t use cold light. This is a big mistake of people outside the realm of design. Cold light will be relevant in factories. It will emphasize the industrial interior, give the atmosphere the necessary rigor, because the production process requires discipline. A leader can emphasize the creative atmosphere by using warm light. He will dispose staff to create new projects, develop ideas.

Several creative ideas

Creative idea of ​​organizing office space

Office in the city park

Old wooden boxes on the wall of the office

A workplace with individual character

Office stylized as an old ship

Office ship? Why not if you are a creative person

Orange telephone booth in the interior of the office

Another office option for creative employees

Creative office in cabins from the cable car

One of the most creative office design ideas – the creative zone of Google employees in Switzerland

Video: modern loft-style office

Photos of offices for every taste

Office table for two workplaces Interior of the office of the head of the company Design of the office of the head of the sales department Polished meeting room furniture Office table on a metal frame Large factory office interior Red chairs in a light office Black office chairs with chrome finish Working environment inside the office of a large company Workplace design with brown furniture Small office interior in modern style Office for four employees of the company Yellow chairs in a white office Glass partitions in the corporate office Decoration of the executive's reception in burgundy color The workplace of the company secretary in black Office interior in black and white with orange accents Glass partitions in the offices of corporation employees Scandinavian office decoration Dark brown floor in a light office Green sofa in the recreation area for visitors Yellow in office design Black chairs at white tables Working tables made of laminated chipboard in the office of the company Decorating a spacious office in the American style Gray-green office interior Yellow and white ceramic tile floor Wall mural with the image of the head office of the company Wall with live plants in the office of an industrial corporation Bright stripes on vinyl wallpaper Office with panoramic windows and long tables Built-in shelving in the office of a glossy magazine publishing house Concrete ceiling and brick wall Vertical blinds with multi-colored slats Blue office chair and dark brown desk Suspended ceiling made of square panels in a spacious office Office tables around the supporting column Office interior in classic style Desktop for three employees of the company department Office design in pastel colors Comfortable corner sofa in the recreation area for employees Industrial style office interior Engineering communications on the office ceiling Green chairs to match the wall Yellow and white office of a small organization Area for company visitors waiting for an appointment with the manager High-tech office interior Open wires and pipes on the white wall of the study Upholstered furniture in the interior of the office space Stylish design of the meeting room

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