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Hair and beauty salon design: design principles

A beauty salon is a place where any woman can be transformed. Therefore, the interior design of a hairdressing salon should be special. It is important for the woman to feel comfortable and relaxed in the room. It is recommended to take into account various nuances when choosing a design.

beauty salon design

A beauty salon is a place where women come with hopes for positive improvements and for a wonderful transformation..

beauty salon decor design

Fresh flowers on the desktop will delight your clients.

Remember that a beauty salon is a place to which the regulatory authorities impose a number of specific requirements. Therefore, this should be taken into account when creating an interior. A certain level of lighting in the offices is required, dimensions that meet the standards, suitable finishing material. Otherwise, the salon will not be able to fully function..

beauty salon photo design

The interior of a modern temple of beauty should correspond to such desires, carry a special energy that sets you up for a positive result..

beauty salon design

When creating the interior of beauty salons, designers adhere to certain rules of spatial planning and, at the same time, use non-trivial decoration techniques.

Having determined the budget, it is recommended to select the target audience. The design will also depend on this. For wealthy ladies, a classic that reflects luxury is suitable.

design ideas for beauty salon

We must not forget that for the owners, this is, first of all, an enterprise, to which strict requirements are imposed by the supervisory authorities..

beauty salon design photo

The degree of illumination of treatment rooms, finishing material, standard size indicators, general filling – all this must be taken into account when creating an interior.

It is recommended that a democratic enterprise for young women choose modern. The main thing is that the design is not just beautiful, but practical, functional..

Modern barbershop design

Based on financial capabilities, determine the target audience for which your services will be designed.

functional barbershop design

Luxurious classics for ladies with high income and status in society, down-to-earth ethics or cheerful modern for young and democratic people.

Stylish and practical interior design of a hairdressing salon

It is recommended that you follow a few simple tips to create a tasteful design..

  • Choose a contemporary style. Give up pretentiousness, catchiness. It is not worth following all the rules of a certain design exactly. Not every client understands interiors. Therefore, small deviations are allowed.. 

hairdressing salon design ideas

The main thing is that everything goes well..

  • Wires, pipes worth disguising. 

bright beauty salon design

Then they will not attract the attention of customers..

Economy class hairdressing salons design

Economy class involves the use of materials and elements that do not differ in expensive price or pretentiousness. It is important for clients to be as cozy and comfortable as possible inside. Minimalism is the ideal solution. No more than three colors, minimum decor. 

barbershop design minimalism

All parts and items are only practical and functional.

Economy class beauty salon design

The cornerstones that must form the basis of your interior are comfort, functionality and practicality..

Basic shades and bright accents in the design of a beauty salon

The base can be a beige shade. This is a light and soothing tone. Therefore, you can add several bright accents, such as blue, green. For example, it can be furniture upholstery. This will fill the room with a friendly and cozy atmosphere..

decor in a beauty salon

Whichever style you choose, every detail of it should be aimed at fulfilling key parameters..

beautiful beauty salon decor

There are no significant restrictions on the use of materials for finishing the premises.

Interior design of hairdressing salons

The interior for a hairdressing salon requires an individual approach. After all, the enterprise is designed for a large flow of people. Each of the clients has their own tastes. There are adherents of the classics, and those who like modern trends. Therefore, it is reasonable to try to find a middle ground that would arouse sympathy among the majority of clients.. 

beauty salon decoration

Don’t try to please everyone. Otherwise, it will not work to achieve a uniform style..

beauty salon design

It is important for a floor covering that it is durable and safe..

Beveled mirrors

Such a solution is the most suitable, because mirrors can transform even a simple interior. It is recommended to decorate some of the walls with mirror elements. Shine will appear immediately, and the room will visually become more spacious.

beauty salon mirrors

Please note that a beauty salon is a place with high traffic, which means that regular wet cleaning cannot be avoided..

beauty salon mirrors

Choose for finishing with moisture-resistant paint and washable wallpaper, wood and stone with a special impregnation.

“Carriage” screed in the upholstery of the walls of cabinets

Suitable for small rooms. In the beauty parlor, the screed will improve sound insulation. Its versatility lies in its beautiful decorative effect. Adds coziness, making the room a chamber.

carriage coupler in a beauty salon

Reception desk – face and business card of a beauty salon.

Luxury classic chandeliers

A luxurious chandelier suits almost any style, emphasizing all the advantages of design. If the area of ​​the salon is limited, a bulky chandelier with lights will fit well. It is important to take care of quality lighting.

chandelier in the hairdresser

Light affects the correct workflow, and the visual perception of the room, and the zoning of space..

beauty salon chandelier design

Luminaires are divided into groups: overhead lighting for the hall and reception area, spot lighting at the workplace of craftsmen.

Shiny disco ball chandelier

It reminds you that a chandelier consists of many rhinestones that shimmer and burn, creating a stunning effect. For art deco, a similar element is perfect. It is better to choose a relaxation room for the chandelier where bright lighting is not required..

chandelier balls in the beauty salon

Please note that the light from the lamp must not distort colors..

beauty salon design project

One mistake can ruin everyone’s mood..

The design of a small hairdresser is beautiful, cozy, profitable

It is recommended to follow certain rules when implementing the design. Tips are reflected in the table.

beauty salon design tips

Design is both the mood and the drawing of the space, and the uniqueness and recognition of your salon..

Advice Description
Tip 1 Sewerage, taps with hot and cold water are required.
Tip 2 It takes a lot of professional tools to work. Therefore, prepare the sites in advance for installation, connecting them.
Tip 3 When placing furniture, it is important to adhere to the norms of the distance between them..
Tip 4 Be sure to create and design a waiting area. You will need comfortable pieces of furniture, magazines.

Design of a manicure and pedicure area of ​​a beauty salon

The pedicure area may have special chairs placed on the illuminated podium. This is an original option, complemented by bright lighting on each side. Manicure tables are compact. 

armchairs in a beauty salon

For the client, install soft chairs in which it will be pleasant to sit.

VIDEO: Beauty Salon Design: 44 Styles for Image Formation.

50 design options for beauty salons and hairdressing salons:

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