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We create an original design of a children’s room for a girl

Every child at any age dreams of his own room, furnished according to personal preferences with an original layout. The best way to repair a nursery will be to involve the child in the choice of style and furniture. Even at the age of 2-3 years, children with great pleasure actively participate in such adult...Read More

Renovation of a children’s room: ideas with a photo for a boy

The room is obliged to bring pleasant emotions, delighting the owner with the interior, regardless of the purpose: nursery or living room. Finishing materials in the nursery are used only environmentally friendly and do not cause health problems. Parents who decide to do renovation of a children’s room, are usually held captive by the stereotypes...Read More

Loft-style nursery: an interesting solution for an urban boy

Urban stylist is again on the wave of popularity – in all its manifestations. One of the most original solutions in urban environments will be nursery in the loft style, with characteristic practicality and functionalism. This solution will appeal to schoolchildren and adolescents from megacities, eighteen rivals of technical progress. This style always looks a little...Read More

Scandinavian style nursery – a new trend in fashion

The Scandinavian style – a style that bears the austere beauty of the vastness of the distant northern lands, which does not accept luxury – is unlikely to go unnoticed. Combining simplicity, lightness and naturalness with natural, natural materials, full-length windows and many additional light sources, it will create a cozy and warm atmosphere –...Read More

Features of the layout and design of the children’s room

To provide the child with the correct development, it is advisable to provide him with a separate room where there is a place for games and educational activities. The layout and design of a children’s room must be thought out carefully, taking into account the characteristics of the shape and size of the room, the...Read More