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If the sofa in the interior is gray?

The gray color in the interior is considered ambiguous. Someone is of the opinion that it looks dull, while someone perceives it as a universal neutral shade. A gray sofa in the interior, with the right selection, can transform the interior of the room.. The restraint and elegance of gray will appeal to many Color...Read More

Purple sofa in interior design

Purple is a multifaceted color, perhaps no other color has such a variety of shades as purple. If an ordinary person will tell you 10 shades, no more – lilac, fuchsia, lavender, then designers distinguish more than 100 shades, including not only amethyst, lavender, lilac, but also eggplant and even “gray-brownish” – from the lightest...Read More

Sofa selection: colors, mechanisms, sizes

One of the most important questions when choosing a room’s interior: which sofa will fit best into the decor. Modern manufacturers present a huge variety of upholstered furniture. So what should you look for when buying? How to make the right choice? A green sofa in the interior will look good against a white wall....Read More

Select corner wardrobes in the living room according to the photo

fourteen Having sliding doors, corner wardrobes in the form of a compartment in the living room will help to save useful space. Models are selected from the photo, in order to improve the ergonomics of individual places. A well-thought-out design will help to maintain the neatness, order, harmony of the style of the room being...Read More

Brown sofa in the interior

The most common part of a living room interior is a sofa. You can hardly find a living room without this detail. Today, stores offer many models of sofas, so sometimes you don’t know which one to choose. White and black options are popular. However, the most common and sought-after is the brown sofa in...Read More

White sofa in the interior: photos, advantages

White furniture, like clothes, shoes, are timeless classics. At the same time, the white sofa in the interior stands out noticeably favorably against the background of the rest of the furniture. What you need to know to choose the right one? Some time ago, it was believed that white furniture in general was impractical and...Read More