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Interior design trends in 2021

Each homeowner has their own sense of style and individual views on apartment design. The interior design reflects the collective identity of the family and is an inspirational backdrop for the events that will take place within the walls of your home. However, many apartment owners choose to design their interiors in accordance with the...Read More

Room design: what to look for

Interior design is work aimed at furnishing the interior in order to ensure the most convenient and stylish arrangement of furniture items and accessories. The work of designers can be associated with more than just living quarters. Room design is best done by creative individuals with good aesthetic taste. They develop design projects for spaces...Read More

Design of a two-room apartment 70 sq. m. Where to start?

Apartment 70 sq. m. is a striking representative of a fairly large apartment. Here you can show your imagination and implement the most interesting and original ideas when creating a design. To make the interior beautiful and harmonious, you will need to maintain a single concept and design style. In this case, the apartment can...Read More

White laminate in the interior: materials, photos

White is a classic. White in the interior has long been an indicator of wealth, since everyone is used to the fact that white surfaces are too easily soiled and need constant care. However, this is completely wrong for the modern world: now the market is replete with non-stained surfaces of any color. At the...Read More

Luxurious interior – what should it look like?

Most people try to surround themselves with beautiful and quality things. This also applies to the design of your home. At the word luxury, a certain picture appears in everyone’s head. But in most cases, chic interior design is directly related to expensive things.. The interior of the room with a chic design Light room...Read More

We offer original examples of interiors

Modern options for decorating an apartment are popular. They help not to overload the overall look and add a fashionable touch. Therefore, it is recommended to understand the nuances of modern design.. The interior, created in accordance with the latest trends, will be relevant for several years. Especially if it was created in accordance with...Read More

Futurism in the interior: secrets, accents, layout

Creating such a direction as futurism, the designers focused primarily on non-standard, progressive-minded people. The trend originated in the 20th century in France and Italy. The founder and main developer of the concept is Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. Futurism in the interior is based on “extraterrestrial” ideas: the design of spaceships and stations, as we imagine...Read More

Home theater design. Features of arranging a room for watching movies

Home theaters have become a part of modern life and living space, forever changing design requirements. Now not only comfort and convenience are becoming important requirements for the interior, but also taking into account the specifics of the latest technologies. Many fans of modern films strive to equip a cozy corner for watching movies at...Read More