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Features of the design of a one-room apartment of 45 sq. m.

One of the most significant problems that always arise when decorating the interior of a one-room apartment is the limited area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe living space. Therefore, designers are forced to resort to certain tricks in order to ultimately get the most functional, modern and comfortable housing.. You can use square meters to...Read More

Color “Marsala” in the interior: tips, advantages, photos

The history of the Marsala color is rooted in Italian dessert wine. It is obtained by combining brown, red and burgundy tones. In 2015, this shade was recognized as the color of the year. Quite quickly, he gained popularity, both in clothing and in the interior, he envelops with his warmth, creating a feeling of...Read More

Interesting design ideas for small apartments

Owners of small apartments at home always have something interesting and unusual. The lack of square meters makes people come up with extraordinary solutions that can become original decorations. Let’s visit the owners of small studio apartments. Combining all rooms in one space is a good solution in terms of saving usable space Original layout...Read More

We create a design project for a one-room apartment of 38 sq. m.

Relatively small area of ​​38 sq. m. opens up ample opportunities for creating a convenient and functional layout of the premises. With the right approach, even in one room, you can fully fit all the functions of a three-room apartment. When developing an apartment design, convenience and functionality are in the first place How to...Read More

Apartment design: modern classics

The classics are constantly acquiring new features, and due to this they remain relevant to this day. The interior in the classic style is quite practical, but not stiff and gives the impression of grace. The conciseness inherent in the classics will not allow the room to be piled up with unnecessary objects and decorations....Read More

How to create a castle interior

There are a lot of photos of modern interior design styles on the Internet. Plastic and metal finishing materials, all sorts of substitutes for wood and other artificial elements are integral parts of the interior design of hi-tech, minimalism, and other modern styles. Rarely is there a medieval style in interior design. Antique ceiling vaults,...Read More

Competent approach to the design of a three-room apartment

A three-room apartment is an ideal size and comfort option for a large family. The presence of three recreation areas is a guarantor of good accommodation for each tenant. To decorate a three-room apartment, you can use both standard techniques and extraordinary design ideas. When it comes to the design of a three-room apartment, numerous...Read More