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Art Nouveau style in the interior of a modern house

One of the most recognizable remains the Art Nouveau style in the interior, but the name is often used to refer to some modern solutions. The confusion is connected with the translation of the name “modern”, and it really was “modern” at the time of its formation – at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries....Read More

Shabby chic interior: features, photos

Only talented designers work with the shabby chic style. The term “shabby” itself, when translated from English, means “old”, “aged”. It includes concepts such as shabby and antique. But the room in this style does not look abandoned. One glance is enough to understand that all interior items are expensive, even if the varnished surfaces...Read More

The most common mistakes in interior design

We all want a beautiful and comfortable home. To do this, either we try to find the best ideas ourselves, or we order the services of a professional designer. But the second option does not always guarantee success. Errors occur in both cases. When creating an interior, you should not focus only on your own...Read More

Is modern design possible in a two-room apartment in Khrushchev?

Buildings related to the architecture of functionalism, erected as temporary housing for the working class in the USSR, from the time of their construction began to be referred to as “Khrushchevs”. Most of the apartments in such buildings are one- or two-room. Their key features are the lack of architectural frills and the small area...Read More

Red color in the interior

The choice of colors for wallpaper, ceiling and floor coverings is of particular importance. It determines the mood and future design of the room. Before choosing the material and method of surface cladding, you need to decide on the color. It is necessary to choose a range that suits the design you like, the layout...Read More